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Friday, September 26, 2008 

Showing a lack of leadership

You know I do not have much tact on most things. Even as I blog. Lots of my thoughts, and that is what this blog is. My thoughts and my opinions. So now when I look at what is happening and happened in Washington yesterday and is going on today. I see a huge difference in leadership, or should I say a lack of leadership coming from one candidate to the other.

Today as we start out there are two major questions. The first is will there be a deal on fiance or not. Then the second is will there be a debate or not. Before I get to the debate, because if there is no deal there is not going to be a debate. Lets look at the bailout question of a deal.

The economy as I have blogged is having problems. This morning it was announced that Washington Mutual has been bought do to their troubles. HA, HA! I blame that on the fact that they are the leading bank in dealings with ILLEGAL ALIENS. This is something that no one can say has benefited this country at all. In my opinion it has been a major contribution to the current problem. Low interest loans made to those who still could not afford loans all in an attempt to give ILLEGALS more of a legal status in this country and subvert our laws. This for another blog at another time.

We have what they say is a housing lending crisis. It is not a crisis, it is a massive scam that has now come to fruition and as Rev. Wright would say "the chickens have come home to roost."

As to the leadership question o this. Ok now lets look at what Barack Obama and John McCain's job is. They have been hired (elected) to represent the people of their states in Washington. This job means to govern (come up with legislation) that best takes our wishes and concerns and turns them into law. From National Defense issues, to water policies, to and even including the economy. So what are the two candidates doing?

Well Barack Obama is quoted as "call me if you need me." Reluctantly he went to Washington as requested by the President of this country. Sat in on a meeting about this bailout deal and was in front of any camera around yesterday. I think I saw him on television more then during the DNC. Now we still have no idea what the proposal has been for this bailout, nor do we no what the Democrats have proposed. Yet the leadership of the Democratic party has been telling us we have a deal, we have a deal. This being said before the meeting of leaders even happened.

As it stands this morning we are finding out that are conclusions of falsehoods and lies is correct. A deal was never achieved. Pelosi and Reid were trying their best to blow more smoke up our backsides on this.

Now lets look at what John McCain has done in the way of leadership. Despite accusations of being a political ploy to gain support and votes. John McCain has taken in my opinion a leadership role. For months now John has been asking Barack to come and do these town hall meetings and debate / discuss the issues. Barack has dodged and refused to do this until today's debate. A debate that has as a topic national defense. A simple switch of topics should be done and move the economy to tonight's debate (again a topic for another blog).

John McCain has gone and suspended his campaign to go and do his elected job. To work on the problems at hand. Top mention the economy. To be honest is this leadership? No it isn't. It is doing your job! However when it comes to politicians it can be considered leadership. Leadership in doing the right thing.

Complaints and accusations from the left about grandstanding are misleading at best. More of lies and misdirection will be the case on this. An attempt to remove the spotlight from the Democrats and their FAILED leadership and ability to govern this country. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Rangle, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, and on and on. Investigations of the for mentioned is something we the people need to demand in a big time.

Now on to the debate. Should McCain and Obama go ahead with this? No, I do not think so. Why? Simple , there is problems and their job is to solve these problems. The election is not their primary job. No one has forced them or even hired them to run for office. It was a personal choice. Though they may have support in this decision it is not their job. Their job is to be in Washington D.C. Does this make sense to any one else? Or do I just have a work ethic that no longer exists?

You do the job you are hired to do first then you do other things.

Now a side note on leadership and some responsibility from the media to include FOX news. When they get on the air and broadcast the pundits, all of which are portraying doom and gloom. They show ABSOLUTELY NO LEADERSHIP OR RESPONSIBLE MORALS. They are adding to the problem by taking the sheep and leading them done the road to disaster to make their false predictions come true. Predictions we can go back several years and see that the MSM has been trying their best to make come true.

The debate will be nothing but an Obama show. Any real questions will never be asked. Obama is spending as much time as he can prepping his script for a debate on National security. What kind of leadership is this. A scripted program he follows? Life is not a script, it has curves and unexpected events that happen. No leadership here. As well as no inclination of taking the lead by the press or the debate organizers. A little more flexibility is what is called for.

So lets sum this up. McCain is doing his job, trying to help solve the current problem in the economy. Washington standards = Leadership. Barack Obama gets on his plane and heads to Mississippi. No meeting s with other Democratic leaders.

This at best is a LACK OF LEADERSHIP!

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