Thursday, June 30, 2011 

Dick Durbin , dismiss the Constitution

Moron Dick Durbin thinks that one day an ILLEGAL ALIEN may become President of the United States. Is this another coded message that the Constitution no longer matters? What the hell is wrong with these morons on the left. Do they not understand that it is the Constitution that separates this country from CAOS and tyranny? That the Constitution is one of the greatest documents in human history. A masterpiece in the formation of human freedoms and rights.

No they do not understand this and are doing all they can to dismantle and utterly destroy it.
Dick Durbin is another useless idiot that needs to be given a pink slip and sent packing out of Washington.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 

The Left FEARS Gov. Perry (R) Tx.

Yep that is right. the left are shaking in their loafers with the thought that a leader like Gov. Perry may enter the Presidential race. Just look at how they are pushing RINO's instead and already trying to connect Perry to former President Bush. Calling him a cowboy and even suggesting he has no experience. Talk about a spin. Obama was Senator for only a few months when he started to campaign for President. Never even have holding a real job.

Continue to listen as Romney and now Huntsman ( a leftist) is being touted as a good candidate by the left for conservatives. The MSM are trying to hand pick the Republican candidate.

Sunday, June 19, 2011 

What is the real unemployment rate?

So what exactly is the real numbers? How many people are really out of work? For that mater how much money is not going to help get AMERICANS back onto their feet and going overseas to bribe some government official who will not really help us finding terrorist but just line his pockets with American tax money?

How many people are not being counted as unemployed because they are in a transition period from step one to step two or tier two or whatever unemployment is calling it. A way for them to hold up unemployment benefits for several weeks while supposedly reviewing the claim. In layman's terms it is a way for them to cheat the unemployed out of several weeks of benefits while they take extended lunches.

The government is claiming that they have stopped/slowed down the layoff/fire rate and that the economy is getting better. So then tell me why I see many more retirees working at McDonald's. Is it because the baby boomer generation can't sit still? I don't think so. As the foreclosure rates go up on homes, local taxes rise as local municipalities look to augment their budgets for their out of control spending and padding of government union pensions/benefits, are we to believe that things are better now under the Obama administration domestically then they were under previous administrations.

It does not take a brainiac to see more people panhandling then before. Sure a quick way to determine if they are truly in need is look at the shoes they wear. If they are nice, in good shape, or brand new , I would think about giving them any money. Yet the old unshaven, ripped jeans and will work for food signs are always a heart string puller. You can bet that they do not work for the government in any capacity.

It seems that as the government grows, the private sector is shrinking. A tit for tat thing? The problem is that as the private sector shrinks the income of oppresive taxation to pay for the goverment growth shrinks as well. Thus leading to stagnation, inflation, and the eventual fall of the government from their own stupidity.

This is why the free market must be allowed to expand and flurish. It promotes employment and inginuety.

So what is the actuall unemployment numbers? Is it one out of six? One out of four even? Look around and ask. You know if your neighbor or friends are working or not

Saturday, June 18, 2011 

MSM, Love for Romney Rino, A no VOTE

In case no one has been paying attention, Mitt Romney has been leading the polls as the "Republican" candidate of choice for some time now. I question this BIG BIG time. The field of possible candidates is extremely fertile in conservatism. Yet the MSM is and has been pushing Romney since day one. Why is this?

As a matter of fact why are certain pundits like so called conservative Hugh Hewitt playing up Romney?

I have a several theories on this but not for now on disclosure. The fact that this country has swung so far left they have no clue as to what the right side of the political discourse was, makes a candidate like Romney seem plausible. A situation we need to pay attention to. Romney may be a nice guy, former Governor, yet he is at best a RINO.

Massachusetts is in a mess and "Romneycare" is yet another social experiment that is bankrupting the people. Yes the communist use of a word. THE PEOPLE.

Romney is not what this country needs nor is he what can be described as a savior to the Union.

If you do not believe what I have written then believe this. Romney is a believer in the myth of man made Global Warming and has the endorsement of Al "Greenie Weenie" Gore. That should be all there is needed to convince you not to support Mitt Romney.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 

More to think about

As the Repugnants start to organise and push forth a candidate, hopefully not one chosen by the media, or another Washington RINO. Here are a few things to think about, mostly what the leftist and liberals would like you to believe.

1) The Dems claim they have saved the economy. (truth .... higher unemployment then the Bush years, and a four time higher debt then before)

2) everything that is wrong is Bush's fault.

3) an open southern border that is armed on the south with weapons ILLEGALLY sold by our Obama government to the drug cartels.

4) Obama has played more golf then both Bush's and Clinton combined in his first two years in office then the others during their terms. (who is minding the store? )

5) We are at war on three different fronts, so the Democrats look to cut the budget in the Defense department before they look at their irresponsible spending plans.

Just a couple things to think about when the campaign gets more active.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 

Time to take care of our own

It is time that we start to take care of our own, meaning enough subsidising the rest of the world. Until Congress and the Senate can real in their spending sprees, we have to consider stopping the waste of giving away billions that we do not have.

I may sound heartless, but we have to take care of our selves before we can save the world. Take any African country as an example. Millions of U.S.dollars have been given to them to improve their nation economically and manufacturing, along with living standards. Has this been achieved? Not even close. These countries still live in squallier and could care less for the most part on improvement for their people. Their governments are living high on the U.S. hog but the people are not. So why are we giving them more and more money?

In the middle east we are hated. So why in the hell are we giving them money, especially when the money goes into the hands of those who would like to see us dead? Stupid is as stupid does I suppose.

All the while the average American family is going down in living standards. More and more are having to go on the welfare rolls in one way or another. The increase of food stamps, increase in unemployment extensions. The lists go on and on. Yet the current administration and those in the federal legislature want to give away money to foreign governments. Why? It does not make any sense.

At least a step in the right direction was made with the vote on not increasing the debt ceiling last night. This is a move in the correct direction of fiscal responsibility. Now it is time to examine where the money is going and to make cuts in wasteful spending.

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