Saturday, November 27, 2010 

The Liberal Jobs Created Lie

Leftists liberals claim that stimulus has created jobs and is helping the economy. This is a spin on the truth of the matter. Yes I concede that some jobs have been created. However at a cost of $300,000.00 dollars per 1 job created is ridiculous. Talk about mismanaged money. WOW! The jobs created are in government and not the private sector. A growth in government and not in the private sector where long term viable economic growth is located.

The play on figures and re figuring mathematics to adjust the numbers on unemployment and the economy is leftist spin of the truth. Though the stimulus has created a couple jobs, the fact that more jobs have been lost keeping the rate of GDP down and jobless numbers up is proof positive that the the stimulus is not working at all.

When a liberal leftist socialist says it could have been worse. They are actually once in their lives telling the truth it could have been worse. Yet to sit there on a talk show and claim what they are doing is helping the economy is like putting chewing gum on a dam to stop it from cracking further. Sure it helps for a minute but it is not even close to a proper fix of the problem.

This is why the TEA PARTY movement must remain vigilant and keep turning the heat up on transparency and being held accountable by elected officials. It is not only the responsibility of the grass roots movements but of all citizens.

I am still waiting for April 15TH 2011, and the cry from all those who think that health care taxes and fees are saving the economy with these bogus shovel to dirt projects, as they get a dose of reality on their taxes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 

TSA and traveling

So why do I travel? Simple to get to where I am going, duh. So do I travel by Airplane? Hell no, and unless I am paid a good sum of money the chances I will ever fly again are slim. I see no reason to subjugate myself and loved ones to being treated as a third world citizen. If the TSA were actually trained and had some real security in position instead of reactionary intrusive policies then I would reconsider.

I drive. I have driven to several spots this year on vacation and it was well worth the drive. One I got to see the country more. The small towns and the great American landscape. That was worth the drive in itself. Plus I t was fun to camp at several places and not have to worry about the bed bug invasion. Sure there may have been some creepy crawlers and one snake who got a little close to the camp ground ( think he is a pair of boots now). I won't fly again.

Over labor day I drove over 900 miles in two days, hiked the Mesa Verde and had a great time. It was a little rushed but well worth it. I am looking forward to Memorial day and my next trip.

Lets face the truth. The TSA has become a fascist arm of the Obama administration. They are violating the 4Th amendment with impunity. There is no other way to look at this. Flying in a plane is by choice. No one has twisted your arm to do so. It is by choice that Americans are subjecting themselves to this nonsense. I refuse to and will not. So t all those who complain about being touched, get over it. To all those who claim falsely that this is the only safe way to screen for terrorist and their ilk. I say get real and quit lying to the people.

The lie of this detects what the terrorist are doing is sooooooo Obamaish. Look at the facts. The scanners do not see into the cavities of the body (next step cavity searches). The pat downs do not detect the chemical compounds that the terrorist are using. SO what good is the current security procedures? Preventing a handgun from getting on board? Really now the air Marshall's can not even keep the extra clips for their weapons secure. (news story only yesterday of a passenger finding a full clip on board his flight, FOX NEWS)

So if traveling, check your tires, oil, coolent, add a bag of kity litter to the trunk if traveling in winter, make sure you check the DOT road reports. Then load up the car and see America.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 

Time to BOYCOTT California

California's Supreme Court has determined that instate tuition is to be allowed to ILLEGALS over AMERICAN CITIZENS. This is not only a travesty but selected racism. Racism determined on citizenship. If you are an American then you have deep pockets and must pay more while you subsidise those from a foreign country.

It is time for all Americans to boycott California. At the end of the semester transfer to another state for education. Take your pell grants, government student loans, and all money from California and let them try to make up the difference from those who sponge off the system and are literally stealing our future.

With Billions at stake , in today's litigious society hit them where it hurts them the most. In their pocket books. If California looks to bend the law, change the will of the people, and favor internationalism over Americanism, then let someone else besides America bail them out.

California for years has been influenced by organizations that undermine the Constitution and favor those from south of the border over those born here. Influenced by those who have an agenda contrary to America. Influenced by subversives. Face it Gov Awrnold was only a little better then Gray. Awrnold is a RINO only when he needs conservative support, but otherwise he is a socialist.

California citizens must ask themselves if they are better off now then they were before, and was Brown really a good choice. A hippie from the sixties, and a track record of disaster. Is California really worth it anymore. Forget about the picturesque scenery, look at the fiscal irresponsibility of the state.

Then take a close look at what the higher education system is doing to you. Disalowing the American flag to be flown. BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010 

Immediate cuts in Goverment spending

The government and elected officials are playing a game on what should be cut from governmental spending. It is all a scam. A misdirection to provoke the public and cause unrest in entitlement recipients.

A clear and fast way to reduce governmental spending is simple and something that should seriously be considered. Here are a few that would drop the budget by several billion just this year alone.

1) No more Presidential trips on the extravaganza. The latest was over 400 people not including security at a cost of 2 billion. Reduce the size of personal friends, staff and press corps.

2) a reduction in the first ladies staff and THEIR SALARIES. At a cost of 24 million a year get real. That is more then all the First Ladies previously combined. She does not need this nor does the staff deserve these wages.

3) A reduction in the frivolous dinners at the White House.

4) PUT A CAP ON THE STATE DEPARTMENT AND HILLARY. Yet another 150 million to terrorist in the Gaza. Come on no more money for these criminals!!!!!!!!!!!

5) A removal of the CZARS and the salaries that are not published. Just who the hell are they and why are they being paid to do what the Cabinet is supposed to do and why so much more in salaries. How much wasted money goes to their staffs as well. No Congressional oversight, how do we know that they are not just pocketing tax payer money.

Just those five suggestions could reduce the deficit. Take the wasted money and use it to pay down the debt, not increase it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010 


Thanks to all who have strapped on their 782 gear and slung their rifles.


White House caves? Debt commision

So the top story today is that the White house is now saying that they are willing to extend the current tax levels for another two years. The debt commission is finally throwing out some fiscal responsible ideas in reducing spending. So is this a sign that the current regime is caving into common sense?

No, do not believe this. It is politics as usual with this leftist crowd. They are trying to placate the TEA PARTY. The movement that swept the election. Be careful when they say that they are wiling to reduce spending. Just exactly what programs and governmental departments are they going to cut funds from.

Remember that the Obamacare needs money and it has yet to be fully implemented and there is no repeal currently. Not until after the new year will there even be consideration of this. Nancy Pelosi is not going to allow it until she is removed from her seat as Speaker of the House.

Obama will not go down without a fight in his march towards socialism for this country. Right now he is over seas in the Orient and he is not making friends there. He is upsetting China. China who owns a huge chunk of our debt is not pleased with Obama's rhetoric and economic plans here at home. The feds buying up 6 billion in bonds was not only a bad fiscal move heading towards run a way inflation. But it is sinking the value of the dollar on the world market.

In the past we know that the libs use this as an excuse to spend, spend, spend. Further reducing the value of the dollar. China does not like this as it makes the bonds they purchased less valuable.

Now we must pay close attention to the proposals being thrown out. Like a reduction in Social Security. YES this program is full of fraud and abuse. Not as wide spread as in Medicare. So when they spin the cuts or proposal of cuts be careful of the the fear tactics. All old and retired people will loose what they have etc. Meanwhile pay extreme close attention to what the fee and hikes on other things are. Fuel for instance is going up for no reason. The claim it is the evil oil companies greed is a huge falsehood. The government makes four times a gallon then what the oil companies do. Now just where is that money going.

It is supposed to be used as a road tax, yet States are not receiving these funds to take care of the roads and services of the DOT. They are sucking up stimulus funds to do what is supposed to be paid for out of gasoline taxes.

SO is the White House really caving in to common sense? No not at all it is a shuffle and misdirection to pacify us the CITIZENS.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 

Is this our FUTURE

Is this our future? Riots, protests, slackers throwing fits in the streets because the money has run out. As Margret Thatcher once said "socialism is great till you run out of other peoples money".

Rioting in the United kingdom because they are contemplating a hike in school fees. A rise that amounts to a total of maybe $15,000.00 USD a year for education. Sheeeesh , come take a semester at a local community college here in the United States.

Is this what we are teaching the younger generations of Americans. An attitude of gimme gimme gimme, but do not dare make me work for it. A society of slackers and entitlement demanders?

I say no, HELL NO. America was founded and is kept thriving on the blood , sweat and tears of those who look to achieve and produce. Those who seek a better life through self satisfaction, determination, and self reliance.

America does not need a hand out but it could use a hand up in these times of social empathy for the have nots not willing to work for what the haves have earned. It is a time to turn the clock back. Yes the same thing the liberal left is afraid of. A resurgence of nose to the grind stone and achievement. The self satisfaction of saying I am doing fine and am making it without your hand outs. I have self pride and after my day is done I do not mind going over and helping my neighbor. He does it for me.

It is a time to remember to tip your hat to a lady and say No Sir, and thank you Ma'am. That the American flag is not just a bumper sticker on some bone heads Subaru but the colors of the GREATEST NATION IN HISTORY.

By Gawd it is time to remember that respect is earned and not a right. That if you like that kids tennis shoes then get a job and earn the money to get you some.

Ahh it is only a pipe dream. So much easier to sit on your ass and throw a rock through someone elses window. Make them work and pay for your xbox.

Friday, November 05, 2010 

What to do now?

A poignant question, " What to do now". The election is over so campaigning should be at a lull for a month or two. Colorado has moved further left into the state of ignorance, yet nationally there seems to be a glimmer of light upon the hill.

So what should we do then? Well the "Tea Party" needs to keep the heat on. Hold the newly elected officials to what we put them in office to do. A smaller Government, repeal Obamacare, bring pride back to this country and international respect.

The work is not completed nor is it close. As long as the established elite in Washington are still not listening to us. A sense of accomplishment is not justified.

Here in Colorado we MUST take a long look at the repugnant leadership of the party. When a candidate like Maes is put forth , then says when he is not even close to being competitive, "I am not in this to win". We must seek a new chairman for the party. Dick Wadhams has to go. I have said this before and will continue until we get a NON RINO in charge.

On the local level a closer examination of those we elected must be conducted. Just what has Cheri Gerou done? Will Tim Leonard be conservative or another RINO?

These are important questions. The heat has got to be turned up on the pro amnesty Governor elect, Trickenlooper. We cannot afford to accept more of his amnesty policies on a state wide basis. Denver has been run into the ground under his leadership and now I fear so will the state. He has to be kept in check on his leftist agenda.

With more repugnants in state legislature the chances are better but unless we hold these officials true to what the people want . We may just get more Washington crap shoved onto our plates.

Political correctness MUST BE SQUASHED, and return of common sense to government. This is what we must do now.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 

Higher Taxes, Higher Debt, Irresponsibility, Colorado's vote

In a stunning show of ignorance on the issues Colorado shows it has no sense of being responsible. That is supports the liberal tax and spend idea of getting out of a recession. As amendments that would have forced the state to be responsible in the budget and reign in excessive spending. The Colorado voter voted in many counties to increase the tax burden on them selves. Amazingly no one has really said anything about this so far.

As the Colorado voter has placed the do nothing except spend Hickenlooper into the Governors office one has to wonder what will happen this spring. When we get a large wet heavy snow. Will Hickenlooper close all the state roads and send CDOT drivers home because the weather is foul, or will he perhaps use his ever so wise hiring experience and hire more illegals under his amnesty plans for this state to remove snow.

Colorado has shown that it has learned nothing from the over reach of the Obama liberals into our pocket books and personal lives. That they want to be drones who have no say in their lives and how they will live. The election of big labor union beliefs, and support for irresponsible economic policy, demonstrates that Colorado is another California in the making. A land of fruits and nuts.

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