Thursday, March 31, 2011 

Obama's Energy Plan?

So what exactly is President Obama's plan for energy in this country. We see that his Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar still is refusing to issue permits for drilling. The excuse of leases are issued does not hold any water. Leases on land are not permits to drill.

A serious stop on nuclear development is in place because Japan proved that they could build a reactor that with stood a catastrophe undreamed of.

We have a lack of funds yet Obama sees it fit to give two billion dollars to develop drilling practices that Obama calls dangerous and environmentally unsafe here but supports in Brazil. A push for green energy development on ideas that are either unpractical or out of reach do to one thing or another. More to the fact that the green push is political then practical.

Wind, solar, hydro, alternative sourced energy is decades away. Fossil fuels are here and much better, cheaper, developed and practical. The lie of "big evil , money grabbing oil companies", just does not cut it when compared to the truth. The truth being that the government brings in four times as much money as the oil companies do per gallon. SO when the spin of record profits are in for these companies this means that the federal government has record income as well. So where is this money going? Is it going to pay for the unconstitutional Tsars?, Michelle's over paid staff? Or is Congress, full of RINO's and liberals spending these funds faster then it comes in?

Answer yes to all of the above. The energy plan for America is far from well thought out and practical. It is over reaching and non existent.As a matter of fact if there is an energy policy it is for third world nations and not America.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 

Need Answers

1) Since when has it become a RIGHT to come to the United States of America?

2) Since when has it become a human right to have a job?

3) When did we (the U.S.A.) become a second world nation? Were we to busy watching the super bowl?

4) Why do we support millionaires (professional athletes) going on strike because they are underpaid?

5) Since when is a million dollars a year under paid?

6) How did a 50k a year job become over paid?

7) When did our culture become so self absorbed that they demand respect before they earn it, and what exactly constitutes respect?

8) How is it more offensive to smoke a cigarette then it is to smoke a joint and blow its offensive second hand fumes in some one elses face? Some people do not believe in getting high artificially.

9) Why is it unpatriotic to question ignorance of fact and not unpatriotic to burn the flag?

Sunday, March 27, 2011 

George Soros and the left loose it

The war on truth and the full court press supporting censorship against the truth is on. George Soros and his leftist agenda is being unmasked daily. The socialist and their destruction of America is being disinfected with each sunrise. So what do they have left to do. Well according to an "interview on the blog politico. George Soros is going to unleash his rabid dogs from media matters. An organization that claims , falsely I may say, to monitor truth in broadcasting. With their spin and denial of the facts. A refusal to tell both sides to a story , omitting most of the truth in order to advance their socialist agenda from George Soros. They plan to attack personally the executives to FOX news and most of their upper echelon. This more then likely will not stop there but anyone who has ever asked a question that was not scripted from the left as well. SO we should in the next month or so be seeing smear stories from the left about anyone associated with FOX news from Sheppard Smith to favorite long gone E.D. Hill. These up coming stories will not be worthy outside of a tabloid rag, however MSNBC will more then likely have them as headlines. A distraction from real news like who has failed to pay their taxes again and is going after American citizens defending their homes from break ins. Media Matters has tried time and time again to discredit Glen Beck , however they fail when confronted with the truth. SO what does the left do. They attempt extortion on the advertisers for the Glen Beck show. This strategy had back fired yet they think it will work against FOX itself. Spreading lies and threatening those who see the truth through the lies. The left and their minions cannot hold any intellectual discussion on facts, so they resort to the base level of threats, lies, and extortion. A simple COWARDLY act that the left has accelerated at. We will see flash mobs in front, around , and in any thing that the right along with all who have common sense hold dear. The goal to destroy the truth by any means available. The left does not care , nor do they understand compassion. These are traits that only people with a brain understand. It is obvious that the left is lacking grey matter as we see their childish behavior multiply daily. The call for riots, unmasked terrorist assaults coming in May on the economy of America. The left will do anything to prevent the people, US, from finding out what they are destroying. Read the "interview" "Media Matters war against fox" Maybe we should think about flash mobs in return?

Friday, March 25, 2011 

Where is the seperation?

Just exactly where is the separation of church and state that the left is always championing? Is it only applicable to Christianity? Look at this recent politically correct case the D.O.J. is taking up on behalf of Islam and their pilgrimage to Mecca. A teacher who is muslim quits her job because the school district she works for can not afford to let her go. She being the only math teacher or something to this effect. So she quits, not fired but quits to because of her religion. The school district did not let her go , nor was it because of her religion.

So then why is Holder and the D.O.J. now suing this school district on discrimination basis? This is political pomp at its worse here. If this is discrimination it would appear to me that the separation of church and state is gone.

I propose that all Catholic teachers and students demand that meat be removed from school cafeterias on Fridays. That any teacher or student who feels it is within their religion to wear the cross be allowed to do so. This is no more offensive then a teacher who would like an additional three weeks paid vacation on top of their already short work year.


Have you heard this: Driving Tax

Here we go, another brilliant idea by the tax and spend morons who are economically killing this country.

Kent Conrad, D-N.D., Senate budget Committee Chairman, held a meeting with Sec of transportation Ray "incompetent no#3" LaHood on funding. This was just earlier this month. In this meeting the idea of more tax on fuel was brought up. Of coarse the idea of more tax on a money grab at the pumps in a time when the current administration is refusing to end dependency on foreign fuels and promote domestic options in fossil fuels. They understand that this would be met with much opposition. SO a proposal to mandate monitoring of how many miles one drives and a system to monitor ones personal vehicles was made.

Looking for an additional 556 million to fiance a mismanaged federal highway system. Where funds have been taken and spent on welfare items and not what it was designated for. The federal government would like to mandate monitoring of vehicles and adding an additional tax to ones paycheck. After all where do we the average American get our money. From our paycheck that represents 50 hours to 60 hours a week of hard work just to get by after the theft of our money to begin with.

The billions of dollars we pay at the pumps now is supposed to go to the upkeep, maintenance, and betterment of the highway system. Now fact is that the federal government makes four times, THAT IS FOUR TIMES more then the big bad oil companies make.

This idea is counter productive to the greeners who are pushing underpowered and questionably over priced hybrid transportation. Vehicles who are supposed to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy. SO the government in their brilliant mind melds are looking to find a new TAX and mandate it at the pumps.

This will be a cash cow for them as our society is dependant on the automobile. The thought by some to add this to truckers , claiming that they are the ones who destroy the highways most is idiocy in its opurest form. Any additional tax to truckers will only be passed on to consumers. There is nothing in this country that is not delivered by a truck. One can claim that air transportation and movement by train brings goods. However what moves the product form the airport or train station. It is a truck. Yes delivery vans like those UPS, FEDEX, and DHL use are considered trucks by the PUC and DOT. SO they will be taxed as well if this is the route used. Either way we the consumer will be nailed by this money grab.

The other absurd idea of installing monitoring devices as a factory mandated device is not just BIG BROTHER with a gps chip installed. The blue collar worker is the one who will be ultimately penalised by this. Construction workers by far drive the most to and from their work sites. Then there are those who drive from one city to another for work. An example is how many people live in San Diego and work in L.A., and vise verse.

Instead of looking at the real problem, which is a complete mismanagement of government. The spend , spend, spend trend of fiscal irresponsible elected officials, and shifting the argument to how do we steal more money from the people is what is wrong.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 

Has the News Forgotten

It has been thirty two days and still counting. The run a way demorats in Wisconsin have come home yet those in Indiana are still hiding in Illinois. Where is the coverage of this. Why is there no major outcry about these babies who run from their jobs and refuse to do the will of the people.

The Demorats fled for one reason. The left to protect the forced dues power of the union leaders to collect dues or "fees" as they call them, from the hard working people of Indiana, or be fired from their jobs.

Indiana's state Constitution allows the ruling party to authorise stiff fines and penalties, much like what the legislature in Wisconsin tried to pass and impose on the chicken demorats. This would force them to do their jobs. The jobs the swore to do when elected.

The whole issue is a right to work legislation to protect the worker from union tyranny. however this is exactly why in Indiana the demorats fled. They know that there is enough votes to pass a protection for a right to work in their state. So to throw a wrench into things they fled and went into hiding like a middle eastern dictator. Receiving support for their actions by the unions and other socialist.

SO where is the news coverage on this? Why is there no national condemnation of this. The dems in Wisconsin for the most part received a pass for their behavior, and it looks like those from Indiana are going to get a pass as well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 

Wouldn't this suck!

Listening to the breaking news that our State department is in high level talks with Gaddafi's or a few high level members of his government. No real news there but the conspiratorial wheels did begin to move.

OK, so we have, follow me here on this. We know that Louis Fairycon is close friends to Gaddafi's. We also know that Louie pals around with Rev Wright. Rev Wright is Obama's spiritual (try not to laugh OK) leader or mentor since he (claims to have) converted to Christianity.

The multi national coalition is falling apart, England has suggested assassinating Qaddafi's. Our mission is not to kill Qaddafi, but limit him. He has no place to go to. Should he have to flee his home country of Libya.

So Obama ends his Latin vacation early after these talks begin. There is no mission goal and no exit strategy for Qaddafi. So why are we talking to them? Why are we not blowing this scum off the face of the earth? Oh yeah the connections. Fairycon to Wright to President Obama. HMMMMMMMMM,could Qaddafi end up in Chicago?

It is possible, not probable, not moral either. However no one has ever accused this administration of being moral.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 

A lesson from Japan

In the aftermath of what has to be one of the, if not the biggest natural disaster in our life time. There are several lessons to be learned from the Japanese people. I will focus on one. The fact that the Japanese people are behaving themselves in a manner that shames the rest of the world. KUDOS go to the spirit and the sensibility of the Japanese. Even though there is a shortage of electricity, food, water. People are still trapped and the dead are being discovered on a hourly basis. Thousands are missing, yet we see no displays of panic. There are no masses gathered demanding help. The people calmly wait in line for the little supplies that are available in the devastated areas.

What you have here for a lack of better words is a well behaved society taking it square on the chin. Getting back up on their feet and plugging on in this world. This display of self control and discipline is a breath of fresh air to common sense and the human spirit. Here in America we have those who would riot because they failed to pay their cable bill and deem that this was unfair to have it turned off. People here in America who would kill their neighbor for a loaf of bread if they were caught in a disaster.

We already see a run on Potassium Iodine in this country. A run on something we still have no idea if we need yet or not. In California they are running a shortage now on this product. Why? There is no evidence that radioactive fallout is even there yet or will be there. Have they made a run on this product in Japan yet? No they have not and they have a more immediate threat and use for Potassium Iodine then we do.

The Japanese people are standing in line for five hours and more just to get food for one meal. They are not fighting with others in line, nor are they rioting at aid stations. This is a society that demonstrates in adversity we can still be civil.


Obama: Change School Policy Now

Now President Obama wants to change the former administrations policy of "no child left behind". A policy that started to hold accountability of the teachers on the subjects they taught. However we all know this did not work. The teachers union has fought this all the way because it shows the negligence and ineptitude of the teachers and school administrations.

OK so now we know and knowing is half the battle. What is the proposal? Is there going to be accountability? Will the children be taught , or will they be further pushed into the quagmire of propaganda in socialist indoctrination?

If you watch the recent you tube videos out of Wisconsin, it would appear that the teachers union is going for the propaganda and indoctrination technique. Bringing the children who are under the age of 12 to the state capitol and chanting "hey, hey , ho , ho, Scott Walker has to go." This is a last ditch effort by the left. A tactic always used by the left in an argument. What about the children. Making it seem as if the children understand the complications that the teacher union and public service unions have created on a broke states budget.

These children have no clue on this but enjoy the fact that they are front and center of attention. A field trip to the state capitol is a wonderful experience not only for the children but for adults to. Yet the left is totally abusing this. Using children to promote their anger, lies , and side of a socialist agenda.

This brings us back to the question at hand. What is President Obama's new policy and plan for education. Let us hope for change in education. that we will return to the three R's, hold children to a higher standard and teach them not proselytise them in socialism.

Friday, March 11, 2011 

The importance of HAMM radio

As today's news is full of coverage about the tsunami that has effected the world. From swallowing towns in Japan to flooding hotels in Hawaii, and sucking four people away in California. It is important to stop for a minute and think about what can happen and what little we can do about it.

The force of nature is grand in the beauty it creates. From the amazing organization out of what is first conceived as chaos. Then there is the fury and devastation it reaps. To unleash primeval forces we cannot even hope to subdue.

One of the key phrases being used is " no communication". A lack of "communication" to areas. A key word that, communication. Many years ago this great country set up a system of radio that was manned by civilians who not only have a love for broadcasting but an interest in radio. This is the MARS system. A way of sending telegrams (telegrams sounds like something out of a black and white movie). I know this as when I was stationed overseas I sent a MARS gram once a month home to my family.

The MARS system is in my understanding an off shoot of the HAM radio groups. These are clubs of men and women who love broadcasting and radio. More of a love of radio and chatting world wide. By the use of relay stations and transmitters one can in essence send a message and talk to Europe, Asia, almost any where.

So how does this all relate to the Tsunami? Well it is communication. In a natural disaster here in the United States Ham radio operators go on the offensive, or alert. Rather called upon or not. Many see it as a personal duty to pay attention and man certain frequencies, passing on information. I have had the privilege of working with a couple of hammies. One who runs communication for fire jumpers in the summer when hey are called out to fight fires. The other through a love of radio and broadcasting. Both these gentlemen introduced me to alternative communication. A way to get in touch, pass on , or find things out.

Ham operators are very important and a highly under appreciated group of individuals. With out any pats on the back they provide a service that in times of catastrophe is under rated. In Japan the areas that are not reachable by road, do to the earthquake. Reports are being made on the situation to authorities by HAM radio operators. This is helping in the routing of supplies and aid to those who need it.

This being said it is not so hard to find one of these hammies. Look at the license plates on many vehicles. The call sign of many are used for custom license plates. A funny looking extra powerful antenna on the rear or top of the vehicle. then the biggest give away a funky looking, outrageously large, what appears to be an outdated television antenna in the yard. That my friend is a hammers life line.

So if you see this in the neighbors yard ask him or her. Then ask them if they could show you their set up. Most would be happy to do this. Then give them a huge thank you. For they will be transmitting when the government is not, and your cell phone is not being heard.


Do not be fooled

It is about budgets, so do not buy into the lefts spin that what is happening not only in Wisconsin, but many other states of breaking the unions. It is a budget matter. By limiting the unions strangle hold on wages and benefits through the argument of striking and screwing those who pay their salaries.

Claiming that the democrats were not given enough time to get back to work in order to place their negative vote on a balancing of state budgets, is also a spin on the truth. To claim it was not legal is yet a stretch of what happened. The cowardly state senators from Wisconsin ran away from their sworn duties and job, enough that in the private sector they would be receiving pink slips for their childish behavior. A three week leave of unauthorised absence, hiding out in another state , receiving funds from the unions to pay for their hotel bills, being in CONTACT the WHOLE TIME with what was going on in the legislature, then to claim they did not know , nor were given enough time to get back to work is inexcusable on their part and not a trick by the Republican party.

Let us face the hard truth of reality. This country, which is made up of 50 states , is broke. An over abundance of frivolous spending on welfare handouts to unions, public employees benefits, and feel good programs has gone way to far. Now the bill has literally come due and it has to be paid. The left want you to continue to pay an above average salary to public employees and unions , while you rob Peter to pay Paul just to keep your own head afloat on bills.

No more, the republican party may just be getting the message sent by a coalition of democrats, republicans, and independents called the Tea Party. A message of enough frivolous spending , live with in your means.

Gov. Walker of Wisconsin, by limiting the collective bargaining of public unions. Specifically the over paid and over benefited Teachers union, will now be able to restructure a more fiscal responsible and FAIR portion of the states budget. We see in Rhode Island, Providence I believe that fired their teachers in order to bring their budget under control and add accountability of a minor factor back into their educational system.

The false claim of Reverend Jesse "the hustler" Jackson, that these people are out of work and loosing their homes is to play upon your heart strings. However it is a LIE. Yes Jesse you are a LI ER! The average salary of the teachers , who like their democrat senators, are playing possum and failing to do their jobs by showing up to work, make a six digit income , while the average Wisconsin makes around $60k for a full year of work, not 9 months.

Who is really the ones being shoved around and threatened? It is the responsible tax paying , hard working Wisconsin citizen., and all around this nation. The union thugs have for years enjoyed the wealth of those who work. Forcing dues to be paid for the union, preventing people from getting jobs, because they are not in the union. Taking food out of the union workers mouth by telling them when and where they will work. Any one been on strike lately? Not the same income is it when on strike. However the union still collects the same in dues from you rather you work or not.

For those of you who support those democrats who ran from their job. I want you to think long and hard. If it were your business and your employees came to you and said "you make to much money. we will not work until you give us more." I think you would fire them and look for other employees. When you elect someone to represent you in a state or federal legislature, is it not their job to be there and argue, debate, and work for you by representing your beliefs? Not hiding out in another state or closet to keep the business from operating. Yes business because that is what government is. A piss poorly run business that extorts money from its customers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011 

The Left shows their true colors AGAIN

Once again the left i this country are showing their true colors. An attitude of "GIMME, GIMME, GIMME NOW". The new civility of a peaceful discourse on discussion of issues. HA HA HA HA HA. What a joke. We knew when the call came out for civility that it was a sham. We knew that if we did not agree with their progressive agenda we would be threatened. So here we have it. The left is coming out of the closet on this. As America wakes up to the socialist agenda and ignoring of the Constitution by the left. We see the left throw tantrums like little spoiled children.

Yeah that is correct. LITTLE SPOILED CHILDREN, who throw tantrums when they do not get their way. That is exactly what is happening nation wide. A call for unrest, protests and possible riots by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Micheal "I am rich " Moore, and their ilk. All in the false name of the people. What they are doing is not in the name of the people but in their own greed and self promotion to grab power over the people.

Death threats that the MSM barely covers when made against a person on the right which would be talked about 24/7 if made against anyone on the left. The vile laanguage used by the left that they said they distaste. HA there is another laughable topic. The left and their use of decent language.

The big spin of lies by the left , like AFL CIO leader thug in chief Trumpka, calling this a lack of democracy and lack of leadership. When the democratic party throws their weight around and ram through their agenda against the peoples will it is all in the name of humanity and civil rights. However if the common sense and responsible elected officials try to put through moral and fiscal responsible bills it is called anti democratic. What a joke. The left and the socialist. Better yet I should say the lazy, do nothing , make a living off of others are upset because they see the American people waking up and saying enough is enough.

The free ride is over for the unions and the socialists. This is what they fear, and it is time to make them sleep a little less at night. Let fear creep into the lives of the socialist and handout grabbers. With any luck at all common sense is returning to this country.

Sunday, March 06, 2011 

Micheal Moore has money

Once again the wannabe documentary film maker Micheal Moore opens his mouth and proves he is out of touch with reality. Earlier this week Mikey came out and said that we need to tax the rich even more. That the rich have money to burn. Though I point out that he had yet to volunteer any of his millions. Instead he is suing for more money on his lies about 9/11.

Now Micheal Moore is in Wisconsin stirring up the flames at the union protests. Claiming that America is not financially broke but morally bankrupt. Well yes I have to agree that America is corrupt. An administration that is definitely going to go down as the most secretive, cowardly, and wasteful we have ever seen. A lack of responsible fiscal sense and respect for this country is what we have in Washington. However to say America is not broke financially and that state governments along with the working class family can continue to afford to pay unions above average wages , retirement plans and health care that are Cadillac in nature compared to not having any at for the non union working families is ridiculous.

Moore seems to think that Americans are stupid and will continue to be pushed around by union thugs. That we do not notice the hypocrisy he himself lives by. A rich man Moore is , with a lot more money then most. Portraying himself like a baseball player, working class with a modest means of living no longer cuts the mustard when you have millions in the bank and more on the way.

Moore seems to think it is a fundamental right for unions to have their lives paid for by those with less. If this is the case why does he not reach into his pocket and pay for it himself. If he is so concerned about the unions retirements then why does he not subsidise the millions needed for the exempted from Obama care Unions to continue their lifestyles? Micheal Moore is nothing but a hypocritical, pompous ass. A leftist who does not have a clue on what is financially happening to our economy with these bloated union benefits.

Some one has to say it so I will. When Micheal Moore stands up and asks us to reach into our pockets to pay for those who have more, I say YOU FIRST! Pry open your pocket book and lead by example. Dig deep into your own fiances and start to reduce your life style to that of a real working family.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 

Why Unions are Obsolete

Unions are obsolete for one reason or another. The long held story of they protect the worker from poor working conditions is old hat and no longer applies. Since President Nixon signed into life OSHA (occupation safety & health administration) Dec 29TH 1970, and began operation on April 28TH 1971. The unions have become redundant.

OSHA takes care of all the work place problems. Massive laws have been passed on workers compensation. Hell there is a board that determines with workers compensation if you were terminated (fired) illegally. So what does the union do now for its members?

1) mandatory theft of pay to union coffers that pay six digit salaries to union officials

2) political payouts to political agendas that do not necessarily represent the union members.

3) dictate to members when and where they will work and for how much which includes how much theft of pay will result for this.

These are just the top three things the unions do for its members. Again I ask what do unions really do for their members?

The only ones who are getting rich with a union are its leadership, or the group of thugs in charge. Look around at the rank and file members of any union. Are they really getting rich. Compare the rank and file to the leadership of a union. Who has the nicer car, home, lifestyle? It certainly is not the member of the union.

Unions have played a large part in improving the work conditions in many occupations. However the time of the union is OVER. Now we have way too many governmental agencies that look out for the safety and well being of the worker to have a union steal a workers pay and taxpayer funds any more. OOPS did I say steal tax payers monies? YES I DID.

When I have to place away my own retirement funds at around 15% on top of all else that is removed on my paycheck. Then why the hell does a union member not have to. Instead a huge chunk of my taxes are going to retirement funds and health care payments so that a union member who makes more then I do does not have to pay into their benefit programs.

Seeing how the Teachers union is the one making the news right now let us look at a few things. A few facts that is.

1) Teachers do not work a full year. Fact, teachers have in most states and districts a minimum of four months a year off that they do not work. This is summer vacation, holidays, and different breaks during the "hectic and stressful " school year.

That is four months off with pay. Nice job if you can get it. Any other union out there get that benefit? Carpenter trades, mechanics, teamsters even?

2) Teachers get a job for life. When was the last time a teacher was fired for incompetence? I can not find on a google search any. Make it through in most districts the first year and become tenured. Meaning no firing possible. Some districts it takes three years but still. Wonder if any heavy equipment operators get that?

3) Double dipping. Teachers are allowed to double dip and face no repercussions. Many hold down a second job during the summer and off school day days. On top of that many get a year paid off called a sabbatical. This is usually for more education on their part or to write in higher education papers for publish on their field of "knowledge". In the education area this means three or four weekend lectures. A whole year off with pay for that? Shouldn't this be done on their own time with certain expenses reimbursement. Do engineers get this to upgrade their skills on new CAD programs? NOPE!

Remember teachers say that they are in it for the children. SO then why are there no uniformed national levels of education that help bring the kids up. Instead they are left to local or state levels where the children are taught to pass a test and not learn the subjects taught.

We see teachers out acting like the elementary kids in protests with needed adult supervision on their deviant behavior. They are not in it for the kids they are in it for their greedy selves.

When a person is paid for a service and then does not provide this service then pay must be withheld. If not then it is a waste of money. This is the situation we face and are in today. Paying for a service that is not being received.

A thankyou to unions for their past history is in order. Yet no thanks and loyalty or support is earned for todays unions.

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