Sunday, October 28, 2012 

What scares you?

With the Presidential election just over a week away and Halloween in a few days, what scares you the most? Is it some little trick or treater who pulls a trick because you give him granola bars instead of candy. or is it those unhinged people on the left that support a "progressive" agenda that means taking away what you have worked hard to earn. Could it be those who like in Racine ( ) dump nails in a parking lot because you rally for the republicans. Could it be punks who vandalise your car ( ) again because you support a Pro American candidate.

Might it be the threat of riots from poor spoiled brats who are afraid that they may have to get off their lazy butts and find a job instead of sponging from the hard working family. In these days and times what is it that scares you?

Sunday, October 07, 2012 

So what is the deal?

So what is the deal? As we get closer to the election rumors and conspirocies get bigger and more radical. The latest is from a supposedly annomouse DHS whistle blower about a possible assaination atempt on the President in order to create racial violence and postpone the election.

The next is the rumor that the recent slaying of a Immigration officer was an accident from friendly fire yet rumors and reports south of the border are that there have been two arrests in this shooting incident. So how can there be friendly fire but two arrests for the shooting?

Look at the jump in price and then the lack of fuel in California. Claimed to be from a shortage brought on by the federal guidlines of changing blends from summer to winter mixes. A scheduled maintance shutdown of refineries and no new drilling. People paying 6 dollars a gallon. Hell cigarettes are cheaper.

Detroit police refusing to go on calls into certan parts of town. Punk gangs staking claims to private enterprises and robbing them blind. Black racial violance around the nation and lack of reporting with riots happening in the eastern cities. Why no news?

Then there is this.

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