Wednesday, March 30, 2005 

The Eleventh Amendment

The eleventh amendment was ratified by congress on Febuary 7th 1795. This amendment states clearly as I read it,the following, and I qoute.

"The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by a Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foriegn State ". end quote.

This to me says that these friviolus lawsuits by not only detainees of war but by iilegal immerants nd the Tsunami survivors are all in po facto worthless and wasting our time. Under this admendment they have no right to sue us for thier being treated badly as illegals, living in a straw shanty on the beach in thailand, or taking up arms against this nation. But wait aminute, don't we have to give them human rights? Would they give you rights in thier country? Hell no they don't. Would thier governments replace lost items and homes from a natural disaster to you......NOPE. Then if you took up arms against thier military would they even bother to detain you? I think more then likely you would have been shot on site.

It is time we curtail these abusive lawyers to the system and legislative judges and get this great country leading the world again.
But that is my interpretation of Admendment 11.

Sunday, March 27, 2005 

The media still on the Left (out)

After doing my daily reading of Michelle Malkins blog. I researched her artical on the LA Times. Once again the vile spued forth from these utopian, no just simple socialistic pukes, disguised as journelist is amazing. Compareing the trajedy in Sen. Delays life to the trajedy of Terry Shiavo. Amazing how two people (Terry, who suffered a stroke, and Delays father who was in a fatally crippleing accident) who's situations are only similar in the fact they are dead or dieing.
While Mr. Delay suffered critical internal injuries and a brain hemorrage, Terry did not. Mr. Delay needed not only a resirator but surgery to install a breathing tube for constant life support of basic functions to the body he could no longer maintain. Terry on the other hand has slowly deteriated over the period of years to the state she so trajecally is in. The real crime that is being commited is the total misrepresentation by the press on this topic and others.
While reading the foriegn press I came across an articale of the tunnels dug by Iraq prisoners alla the movie "The Great Escape" starring Steve Mc Queen, James Gardner and other fine actors. Any way the foriegn press was questioning the safety of the 600 foot long tunnel and weather or not the American guards are not responsible for the unsafe manner in which the tunnel was constructed. What, should we have supplied them with proper mineing tools to escape? Com'on now.
Further here in Denver at Highlands Ranch a registered sexual offender would like to make a new start after being released from a Florida prison serving a 10 year sentance. The Nieghborhood is in an outroar of indignation. Several families are petitioning to have him physically removed. So where is he going to go.
The liberal mentality that runs rampid in this nieghborhood is sooooo hypocritical as he can start a new life but not here. How dare he move into our community. The local news is reporting on the nieghborhood side, yet at the same time many of the local broadcasters are fighting for the rights of these degenerates. Seems funny to me. I call it the Genese effect, after another local nieghborhood....."The world revolves around me and I am not reponsible for my actions" mentality.
Again here locally in Denver , we have a state law called the Tabor amendment which limits government and what they can do with our hard earned tax money. The people, legal citizens have stated they want a cap on spending, however through misrepresented polls...(hmmm, sound familiar ...aka ABC/ Democrat political surveys?) We the people all of a sudden want more spending for welfare programs and the support of illegal rights. Funny I have worked with many hispanics and those here legally on worker visa's. No one I know wants more handouts to those who do not contribute to society. Yet the press reports it to be so.

To sum it all up for those who read the blogs and follow the news . It is like going to debate. You haver top take what one side says counter it with the other side and then make your own decisions.
ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN, most published papers leaning Left? Fox on the right? Hmmm. They all seem a little social bias to me. Left leaning that is

Saturday, March 26, 2005 

What happened to us

Whats happened to us as a nation? There was a time when we lead the world not only economically but militarily and educational also. Now we are low in education, have a huge trade deficit and well we do know that our military still kicks butt.

Any one who was born in the 60's and early 70's can easily see that on the educational front we no longer teach the same subjects nor do we strive to teach. Don't get me wrong I am sure there are some fine teachers out there....somewhere, maybe. I remember my 5th grade teacher. Now there was a teacher. She was strict but fair. At the start of every quarter she sat down and plotted out each students abilities and goals for that student. Talking to a few teachers today they would never dream of this as it may set to high of an expectation for the student. Too high of an expectation? If a young mind is not pushed a little inrto the realm of thinking and striving it becomes jello that falls easily into a social engineered mold of lathargy and compliance. Home schooled students have better test results, better abilities to problem solve, and believe it or not much better social skills then those in public or private schools. How can this be? Simple just check out the Dept. of Education stats on this and several middle of the road watch dog groups...easy to find just google.
Public schools are more concerned with thier image of teaching then of the act of teaching. Look in the Rocky Mountain news archives on CSAP testing taking away from class time.
How can testing a student on what they are supposed to have learned be taking away from class time? Teacher Unions do not want these tests as they reflect the poor job overall teachers are doing . Testing a student is only a way of checking out thier knowlede on basic topics.
When I was in High School I had a teacher who was a monument to what a person can achieve. A master mechanic, degrees in the arts, history and also holding a degree in the martial arts. Doesn't sound that impressive? Try this on for size, he also had no left hand a club foot, was leagally blind and deaf. Mr. K if you or someone who reads this knows him please tell him I thank him for the inspiration and drive he helped me develope to achieve. Any way he flat out told you what the reading assignments were but then lectured in class. Now when test time came what do you think the tests were on? Ok yes a little from the reading material but mostly from his lectures which by the way came from the book you were supposed to be reading. I recall how many of my classmates complained about how hard his tests were....HA!!!! All you had to do was pay attention top what he was saying and the tests were simple......the skill to listen was something he always said you need.

Economically how can we lead the world when we do not have anyone being taught individual accomplishment will be rewarded. Take a close look at Bill Gates. He is incredibally savvy buisness wise. Yes he is smart to , but his buisness sence to see something good and market it is awsome. So here is a man who achieves and we try to punish him for it. Yes he did a few shady marketing deals but nothing to the level he is persecuted for.
The back bone of this country for a long time was the steel industry. How did we reward them....take a drive through Pittsburgh and look more steel factories. Did you know we import over 80% of our steel from overseas. A big chunk comes from Japan a country that does not have the natural resources for making steel. How is this. "We need a global economy where all peoples and nations are the same " except for the good ol USA.

Liberal thinking and utopian thought are killing us a s a people and a nation. This climate of everone is the same and yopu are not better then someone else is a crock. Talk to some of these so called genx ers...(what is a gen x person? who came up with that?) They claim racism , homophobia, and any other excuse when the apply for a job and find out they are not qualified for the position. Why are jobs being out sourced? Because companies want qualified people who have a work ethic to be thier employees. You know typical stero types do fit. EOE works only as it was designed to do not as a quota for making a diverse employee market. As a small buisness owner or a large anyone may apply for a job , but being qualified gets you hired not because of what you are.
Where is the good ol American work ethic? Certainly it is being downplayed with a welfare state of mind. Why should I flip burgers for 9 an hour when I can sit on my butt and get 14 from the government.
Handouts from people does not build charecter nor does it instill a sence of pride. Look it is not worth doing if you do not put a little blood sweat and tears into it. Think about the feeling of self satisfation and pride from a job you did put a little blood sweat and tears into compared to a shabby thrown together job. Quite the differance isnt it. I am not above picking vegetables or flipping burgers if it means a paycheck and a little self respect. Ask a teenager today to do this and they will say "no way I am above that". Well get off your high hoarse and do something because my tax money will not support you for very long.

The military,.....what can be said.? They are better then ever and more determined by those who volunteer and have a respect for the Constitution then before. The last person who wants to ever go to war and take a life is someone serving in the militarty. I know , been there , done it , got the t-shirt. However social elitetist are looking down thier noses at these fine young people and treating them as dirt. If it wasn't for these fine people serving who would protect your freedom to be a clod and a snob? The French? I think not. Will the United Nations step in to protect America? I think not. Hell when was the last time any country came to our aid after a hurricane or flood, or tornado strike?
1989 was when after the earthquake in San Francisco was when andf then it was only Japan and Great Britian that offered any sort of aid. Being Americans we thanked them and said we have it under control. Where was France or the UN or our nieghbors Canada and Mexico? I'll tell you where, Mexico filled suit on the deaths of illegals that may have died in the earthquake (again google this and check out international lawsuits against the USA) and Canada was off playing footsies with France.

America for better or worse is the leader in this little corner of the galexy. We need to take charge and lead not stand stil in a cess pool of socialism. If you want to buy American then buy American, if they don't have the product write them and say "Hey I want this as an American product! I want to drive a Ford , or Chevy , but you don't make an affordable economical car.....(WRITE THEM AND THEY WILL LISTEN!)
Lets pull our collective head out of our bum and get going America.

Well thats my opinion and thoughts about this

Thursday, March 24, 2005 

Terry Shiavo and the Media

It is a sad case for Terry and her condition. But what a gloriouse day for the news media on all sides of the political spectrum. The far left screams a right to die issue while preventing the state execution of a convicted murderer in Texas. Those on the right cry how this is a case of right to life issue.

No matter how you as an individual sum it up this case is being used and becoming a travesty of the news. No one will ever know what exactly Terry's wishes were or are. This is do to her condition and the fact she will probaly be stavered to death........(anyone who has ever had hunger pains knows this is definately not a merciful way to die ). To deny a person of liquid nurishment...( aperson on average can last only three days without water) is a very cruel thing to do. The news is so focused on the frenzy of both sides to this issue they are neglecting what is happening elsewhere.
For instance, oh the little thing known as genocide in Sudan, the illegal immagration into the United States supported and sanctioned by foriegn governments........aka MEXICO/VINCENTA FOX (talk about not loving the good ol USA)
When was the last time that the news ran a story about the local high school boy who went out of his way on his Eagle Scout project and did the community some real good. How about the lady who always takes time to stop and speak to those who look depressed and offer them a cup of coffee or a friendly ear.

NOPE ....we have to be deluted with unsubstanciated arguments about a case in Florida where a woman who may or may not be comotose is being slowly, cruelly deprived of treatment, and nurishment. How the evangelical nuts are forceing thier beliefs on people or how the heartless lefties are killing an inocent.

What should we do? Well if you are as tired of this as I am turn the television off, change the dial on the radio, get on the phone call your loved ones up and let them know you care. Go out to dinner with a friend, talk to them. Or if you must.....WRITE YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRASENATIVE AND DEMAND EITHER A SWIFT END TO TERRY'S PLIGHT OR GIVE HER THE BASIC LIFE NUTRITION SHE NEEDS!!!!!!

As for how do I feel about this. Well I have it written down what to do with me should this fate ever befall me. PULL THE PLUG....PUT MY REMAINS IN A BURLAP BAG AND TOSS THIS MORTAL SHELL IN THE DITCH. I am dead for crying out loud.

Lets just hope that Terry finds peace at the end of her ordeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 

North Korea

Peace niks like to talk about facisim, about the lack of liberties , and human rights. When was the last time that the cried foul over North Korea. This is a complete state of caos and facism /totalitarinism, dictatorship. A cruel and inhuman regime that no one is really saying anything about.
Kim Pong Jon Il suk Knee, or what ever his name is rules with more then an iron fist. This man runs and operates completre slave camps and testing sites that make the Nazi's look like sunday school teachers. Chemical biological mutilations and just plain sick things are being done here and where in God's name is the Unioted nations and ANY HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS? Oh they are in Iraq screeming murder over nothing!

Since 1953 when the cease fire was called for on the 38th parall no one has been really allowed into North korera to look at the oppression that is happening, yet if someone on death row in the United States sneezes they (they being all these bleeding heart liberal peacenik knuckleheads) are at the United nations and in front of the White House in Washinton crying oppression and human rights violations because this mass murderer doesn't have adult cable access in his jail cell. (I work for a living and dont evan have cable).

North Korea is a puppet of China and in my lastr entry I warned you about China..........well North Korea will be the first weapon that China unleashes on the world


Child Molesters and Rapists

To me there seems to be an explosion of rapists and child molesters all of a sudden. Everytime you turn the news on there is another missing child with three suspected child molesters in custody being questioned.
As a society how should we solve this problem. Of course there are those who say remove these individuals from general public or from this world. Others still say they need help and rehabilitation. Mental care and counseling to make a better more productive member to society out of these slime.

If this was your wife, daughter, or son how in the world can you possibly consider rehab and counseling? Such a disgusting and violent selfish act as this can not ever be tolerated and this is what we do by not punishing the perpetrators of these acts. To give them a slap on the wrist , short prison sentence and basically a scarlett letter on the chest with this so called sexual offender registration is not stemming the problem now is it. Perhaps a more direct approach is called for.
Physical castration, punishment by zug zug in San Fransico? Or dare I say it..... CAPITOL PUNISHMENT? I do know that should anything like this happen to a family member of mine the culprit best pray that the law can catch them and keep them from me. I have a few ideas that include the use of rock salt, butterfly stitches, and the splitting of certain anatomically sensitive areas to the body.

As a society are we becoming to liberal and bleeding heart on violent criminals? How many of these cases are committed by repete offenders? How many times should they be allowed to say "I am sick and need help?" How many times will society allow them to committ such crimes.

Rape is not the act of a sexual urge as much as it is an act of power, a show of who is the boss. Child sexual abuse is , hmmmmm, to phrase this as politely as possible, an act that is vile and has no possible excuse for redemption by the perpetrator. ( Could this be why child molesters are not well recieved in prison?).

I say to help stem the tide of a ever growing volatile situation...........maybe we should do unto them as they have done unto others. Or just make these crimes punishable by DEATH!!


China/growing threat

Well if anyone is paying attention to world events, then they will see history repeating itself once again. The story is the same but the players have changed slightly.
This time instead of pacific/world domination by the Japanese it is the Chinese we need to watch and worry about.
It is of concern to think that there are over a billion Chinese , the worlds largest standing army /even sitting they are large...(thats by numbers folks not size) However any more Yao Mings over there and I will be worried even more....... (thats a big boy there 7' 6")

Any ways China is starting to flex its military and economical muscle. This should raise the hackles on the backs or the western world...(although the Frenchies would never notice until China raises its flag in Paris and renames the city Ping Ping O'Pari). Being the largest consumer of goods in the world.China has wormed its way into the economy of all industrial nations. With a growing trade imbalance for all except for China.

Recently Austrailian news questioned China on its new law that will allow military force to assult Taiwan should Taiwan want to be free and independant. China warned Austrailia to rethink its alliance with the United States and who they deal with. Now I have traveled to Austraila and it is a beautiful country, the people are great. Playful and sometimes boastful......but so are we as Americans. The Austrailians are our greatest friend. From the Arden forrest to the pacific island hoping campaign, Korea , Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Austrailans have fought and stood beside us all the way.
China does not like this as we watch Austrailas back and they ours. Together we get things done.
Now if you look at preworld war two events in the Pacific and in Asia, see the similarities of what China is doing today by suppling arms and economic aid to the Pacific rim just as Japan Imerialism did 70 years ago. Purchasing or aquiring natural resources, behind closed door deals with Opec. Stealing technology from the United States.. (that in which Bill fricken "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton didn't give them).
The parallels are striking and scary. We need to be looking west over the Pacific at the new threat to our way of life. Terrorism is on the run and we can not stop it entirely, however China is moving into our back yard and we can prevent it.
I say beware now or else learn how to pronounce Ho Hing Gao, Shi Ging Dau Knee.

Monday, March 21, 2005 

Homeless People

I observe every morning and during my day. Homeless or should I say apperant homeless people on the street or side of the road begging for money and handouts. Once I went to McDonalds and bought this guy lunch, I took it to him and he was insulted by the fact he was getting a free lunch. The bum wanted only money.
This is when I started to take note of how these people dress and smell. Two very big factors in determining who is really homelss and who is pretending to be. Now several of these people wear shoes I cant afford and I work 50 plus hours a week in one job and another 20 a week at a second job. Air Jordans or what ever they arew called I cant afford nor can I afford a great pair of redwing boots...mine are the 35$ boots from Wal Mart.

Now smell is a big thing if you are homeless.One can not always find a place to be hygenic. So a gruff beard and a little B.O. are a dead give away. Meaning that this person is faking thier plight of bad luck. I can smell just as bad after a trip to the gym and steam room,plus sometimes I dont like to shave either. There is a differance between wanting to look the part and actually being the part.
Guess all I am sayinig is think twice before you let your heart bleed for some of these panhandlers you see on the street ....some driver a nicer car then you will ever afford.

Sunday, March 20, 2005 

Welcome to Tree of Liberty

For those of you who do not know me and are wondering about this blog. Let me tall you about how I think and work. I am a redneck, white man , with a blue collar job. Makes me rather patriotic i think.... RED WHITE and BLUE. Many think I am an extremist on the right, yet there are those who think i am a leftists. Well GET OVER IT I AM NIETHER. What I am and this blog are , are my thoughts on current issuses and events. I am just an American!!!!!!!!!!

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