Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

Credit Crisis, not if you are ILLEGAL

I guess the pro amnesty and open boarder crowds did not get the memo. There is supposed to be a huge credit problem with the failure to pass the bailout bill. However Citi Bank seems to have no problem with giving grants, they have money to spare. Money to spare that is if you support an anti American Law and Order platform.


Grant Supports Ongoing Capacity Building for Local Affiliates

Washington, DC– Citi and the Citi Foundation presented a $1,000,000 grant to the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) in support of its efforts to build the capacity of its almost 300 affiliates across the country working at the state and local level. These affiliates help advance opportunities for individuals and families through the asset building, housing and community development programs.

“The Citi grant helps NCLR and its affiliates increase the impact of education, health, and housing initiatives throughout the nation. Citi’s investment also allowed NCLR to develop innovative ways to leverage other resources at its disposal to increase the impact of local projects. We firmly believe that by working together with Citi we can improve the quality and quantity of asset-building programs as well as deepen the impact of strategic community development initiatives targeted to the Hispanic community,” said Janet Murguia, President & CEO, NCLR.

What Janet Murguia forgets to mention is that the education aspect funds radical , mythical, illusions of false and misrepresented history that distorts the truth and might as well be a Madrassa with the hate for America taught.

The grant will support NCLR initiatives, including:

Expansion of NCLR’s Latino Social Venture Fund which provides pre-development support for affordable housing, community facilities, health care clinics, charter schools, and home ownership counseling.Provide training courses to more than 130 new home ownership counselors in: HUD certification for housing counseling providers; mortgage default and delinquency counseling; predatory lending; financial counseling; and online client tracking.

Non political spin of this is a continuation of failed underhanded policies that have led to a good chunk of the problem we face economically now. Loans and counseling on how to avoid responsibility and the law. A racial bias in HUD sponsored programs that exclude others not of a Hispanic background. The creation of 130 jobs that are racially based on being bilingual, with Spanish first.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S., improving opportunities for millions of Latino Americans in 41 states, Wash, DC and Puerto Rico through its network of 300 nonprofit community-based affiliates. To achieve its mission, NCLR provides a Latino perspective in five key areas: assets/investments, civil rights/immigration, education, employment and economic status, and health.

In truth NCLR is nothing but a hate group full of brown berets who try to intimidate any one who supports law and order along with this countries SOVEREIGNTY! Their idea of civil rights is the oppression of blacks and whites. Denying them of their Constitutional rights and replacing them with a second class citizenship at best. HMMMM, much like sharia law isn't it.

Citi’s major brand names include Citibank, CitiFinancial, Primerica, Smith Barney, Banamex and Nikko. Additional propaganda and discrimination for American Citizens may be found at www.citi.com.



Rep. Alcee Hastings fiegns regret

Alcee Hastings has found the heat of the kitchen just a little to hot for his liberal race baiting. After making one of the stupidest statements of the year, ("anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks."). Now is saying he regrets his poor choice of words.

Seeking acceptance of his fake apology to Gov. Sarah Palin, he does not deny his statement of hidden racism. Instead he just calls it a poor choice of words. In his statement Monday, Hastings said he still backed the sentiment behind his initial remarks. "The point I made, and will continue to make, is that the policies and priorities of a McCain-Palin administration would be anathema to most African Americans and Jews," continuing he said "I regret that I was not clearer and apologize to Governor Palin, my host where I was speaking, and those who my comments may have offended."

Oh, ok Alcee. Your lack of sincerity is not lost. Notice how he stood by his racist rant of Conservatives do not care about others.

The backlash Hastings suffered and heat form those who recognised his lies, innuendo and B.S. forced someone to advise him to make his statements of fake regret. There is no doubt he does not believe in his own apology but wants to curry favor with those he is trying to spin.


Barney Franks spin on piss poor bailout

As more and more analysis comes in from the failed bailout bill. We have to look back at the finger pointing from the left. How they come out and simply lie and spin this debacle, placing it at the feet of the Republicans.

Barney Frank, the poster child for light in the loafers congressmen, claims it was defeated by those who had their feelings hurt. that the Republicans are now playing games and hurting the American people.

Well Barney, you are sooooooooo wrong on this and it looks to me it is your feelings that are hurt. As the truth comes out on you and Chris Dodd, we are learning how your piss poor leadership and inaction on this topic more then any thing helped create this mess.

Ninety plus of your fellow Democrats voted against this bill as well. It was not just defeated by Republicans (who voted as their constituents wanted, something you seem to have forgotten how to do). The people are the ones who took this bill down in flames.

In 2004 as this problem started to develop. Frank, Dodd, and other leading Dems said that Fannie and Freddie were not in any sort of problem, nor would there be a problem from them. Bad, bad, bad decisions were made in giving credit to those who had no business getting credit was made. Home loans are the base to this fact.

However the home loans is just a symptom of the problem. A socialist agenda is what is to blame. Putting those who can not or could not afford an over valued , over priced, cheaply built home. Using a loan that should never have been accepted by any one who read the small print.

I do not feel sorry in the least to this. If you are stupid enough to sign a interest only loan with balloon payments. Then you are not only gambling with your security but not very wise at all.

For years the lease and interest only B.S. has been pushed upon the general public. A way financing that is a very bad practice for the average person who is tight or lacks multiple millions of dollars. A fact that minorities and middle class America does not have.

Evidence is coming forth that the government encouraged Fannie and Freddie to make these loans. So I ask Barney and Frank where were you in this. Why did you not stop this practice? They will not answer as they were behind this socialist practice. Have to put everyone in a home regardless the cost. It was a plan that was set in motion years ago that came to fruition wrongly.

Barney Frank and his cohorts want to spin this and continue to get the help of the MSM on the spin. Lets blame Bush and his poor economic policies. Well this spin when looked at, turned around, fact checked holds no water. It is politics being played with this countries future.

As previously blogged our monetary system is backed by nothing other then the sweat off the working mans brow. A promise that Americans will work their backsides off to pay off debt acquired by the federal government.

Now Nancy Pelooza came out before the vote and ran her mouth on a subject she definitely has shown no leadership on. Leading the lowest approval rated congress in history, she wanted to play party politics. Supporting her with out hesitation was Barney Frank. Right on her heals, admiring her pumps, Frank spouted the same party line politics.

Shift the blame from where it belongs and add fuel to the BDS that is unjustly rampaging through out country. Blame Bush for stubbing your toe as you get out of bed in the morning.

A fact that Frank and his socialist friends want to ignore is this. They have the majority in House and in the Senate. They can push through almost anything they want , having the votes to do so. Yet with all their brilliant leadership (sarcasm), they failed to corral their own parties vote. Remember that 95 Democrats for what ever reason (looks like not enough give aways in the Bill) voted against this. If these Representatives had gone along party lines this bill would have easily passed and be in the senate now, or on its way for Bush to sign.

Barney Frank wants to ignore that the PEOPLE said no to this, much in the same way we said no to amnesty. The American people show hope in understanding national politics. The outcry of no bailout for those who cannot manage their funds.

Another fact that is being over looked by Frank and CO. is that this piss poor bill had loopholes in it that would allow people who have over extended themselves on credit cards walk away form this debt as well. Now this offends me deeply as I spent five years busting my backside to pay off debt. I learned the hard way and was held accountable and was responsible enough to pay these debts off. Will I be reimbursed? Hell no.

So as today gets under way. The fallout spin will heat up and the lies will be bolder and more misleading. Look for Frank and Pelosi along with Reid from the Senate to charge head first and spin in favor of Obama and his lack of initiative on the economy.

Monday, September 29, 2008 

Bailout FAILS! Pelosi spins

Short and sweet. Pelosi comes out and speaks to the American people along with others democratic leaders. They move their mouths but nothing of value comes out except this to note.


Ninety Five (95) democrats did not vote for the bill, therefore it fails. It is the Republicans fault that a majority of democrats fail to pass their bailout bill, under failed Pelosi leadership

A break down of party line vote and 65 Republicans who sold the American worker out by supporting this bailout bill.

H R 3997 RECORDED VOTE 29-Sep-2008 2:07 PM

AYES Democratic 140 Republican 65

NOES Democrat 95 Republican 133

NOT VOTING Republican 1


AYES 205 NOES 228


FIAT money = Broken Backs, or Enslavement to the World

A short history lesson here for all those who are in support of this bailout and printing more of the worthless money we call the U.S. Dollar.

The socialist have been screwing us over since FDR was in office. This is when the American dollar first truly became worthless (under the Gold Reserve Act the value of the dollar was fixed at $35 per ounce), and we as a working nation became indebted to the rest of the world. We do not spend the first four months of the year working for the government as many claim before tax time. What we are doing is working for foreign governments and interests. How is this possible. Well it goes back to a time when we were removed from the gold standard.

Three things we need to define here. One is, what is a Fiat dollar. Two what is the Gold standard. Finally what is bimetallism

1) The terms fiat currency and fiat money relate to types of currency or money whose usefulness results, not from any intrinsic value or guarantee that it can be converted into gold or another currency, but instead from a government's order (fiat) that it must be accepted as a means of payment.

2) The Gold Standard made gold the sole legal-tender coinage of the United States, and set the value of the dollar at $20.67 per ounce (66.46 ¢/g) of gold. This made the dollar convertible to 1.5 g (23.2 grains)—the same convertibility into gold that was possible on the bimetallic standard. (note that this was the value of Gold in March of 1900. The3 price of gold has significantly increased since).

3) Bimetallism is a monetary standard in which the value of the monetary unit can be expressed as a certain amount of gold or as a certain amount of silver; the ratio between the two metals is fixed by law

Now the American Dollar is currently a FIAT. As defined above we know that it is backed by nothing other then the governments say so. Well the say so that the Government is using is the muscled back, sweat on the brow, blood and tears of the AMERICAN WORKER. Promising that the American worker will earn a value of something in order to back this currency up. This is, depending on how you look at it. It is either enslavement or indentured servitude of Americans. A more politically correct description is SOCIALISM.

Certain figures I have found place the debt on each American currently as $120.000.00. Nice huh. We are already in debt with this then add mortgages and car loans on top with mandatory auto insurance that only CITIZENS have to pay. (anyone in an accident with an illegal knows what I am talking about.)

How does this enslave the American to the world. Simple!!! We as workers are backing the value of the dollar on estimated production value of OUR LIVES. This makes us born into debt and live in debt. As long as we trade internationally we owe the world money.

The U.S. Dollar has to be back by something other then the working American. I have faith in the American worker but do not feel that he/she should be placed into debt before they have a chance to buy a car or home first.

When the Dollar was on a bimetallism basis, remember silver certificates. There was a recognised value internationally on the paper currency we used. Silver for some and gold for others. This gave a real market value to our monetary funds. Not a projected value. This is the goreconomics that are ruining this country. A false projected value that does not, nor will ever exist. A false premise of value based on production that is being outsourced at a rapid pace. This out sourcing is killing the American worker and placing them further into this sinkhole.

How does this tie into the current bailout bill being shoved down any responsible tax payers throat. Simple. It is increasing the debt we owe the world as the world uses their monies to invest here. Money that they back on a real value, not make believe.

We have to wake up and get a grip on these radical slave peddlers in Washington. Stop them now! Vote for fiscal responsibility in government.


Party Politics with our Economic Future

Get on the phone, e-mail, run out the front door and scream at Washington D.C. now!!!!!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid have the votes to pass this bailout plan but are not. They desperately want to jam this through and get certain little payoffs in place for their leftist agenda. However they are refusing to call for a vote. Why it is politics. They want to blame Republicans for the future mess this bill will create.

By waiting and twisting as many arms as possible. Pelosi and friends are trying to drag down fiscal conservatives with this socialist bailout.

The election is 36 days away and many seats are up for grabs now in this election besides the Presidency. I would like to say that responsible Representatives are against this bill but they are not. They are against it for fear of loosing their jobs. SO we have to keep that threat alive and well. Put the pressure on them and let them know that this bailout is BAD NEWS and will not solve the problem but only put a band aid on a bleeding artery.

Lets force the liberals who are doing the best they can to sink this nation, make them stand up for their beliefs and hold them to it. They want this, we don't. They think it will help, we know it won't. Do not let them fudge and cloud the issues here by giving them an out.

If and when this bailout goes south hold those who supported it to the fire. Make them accept the responsibility of poor management.


Why the Bailout is Bad for America

Well the first reason is simple enough for all to understand.

1) Current elected officials can not even balance their own checkbooks needless to say the federal budget. So why in the hell should we believe that they can manage this bailout. They can't, and this is reason number one.

2) Corporate responsibility is being swept under the rug. No one is being held accountable for bad decisions that lead to this mess. This includes protection for the members of Government and their lack of responsible fiscal responsible oversight. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd.

3) The government is running a deficit now. By assuming more debt in the form of bad credit and piss poor deals, will only lead to more knuckle heads walking away from what the owe. Claiming hardships and other bogus B.S.

4) This bailout despite the spin is nothing but socialism. It nationalises Mortgages, sets limits on executive pay, and moves the government into a position of coming back within the year to ask the tax payer for more and more money.

5) The consideration for and of foreign investors is being placed on a priority level that gives way to much power and credit to foreign powers, in a say as to how we operate our economy. It also opens up the door for more mismanagement of foreign aid being given out. Which increases the national debt and creates moire welfare states around the world.

6) This bill does not address bailouts for other industries who are now feeling that they are being treated unfair and not represented in government. 25Billion for the auto industry.

7) How does this bill address the problem of financial institutes to continue to issue credit. It promises unwritten funds for bad credit on loans not related to the mortgages but this opens yet another door for people to walk away from credit cards , car, and personal loans that they feel are now a burden do to their lack of fiscal understanding of their own situation.

This bill entrenches the socialist ideas on economics. A counter to the way we have operated for over two hundred and thirty years. It punishes those who are fiscally responsible by making them accept responsibility for those who want to dabble in economics and play at being knowledgeable, meaning congress and certain CFO's and CEOs.

Sunday, September 28, 2008 

Comments on Civics or lack of Civics

As we get closer to the election, it is so obvious to see that this country is severely lacking in common sense and that the masses are brainwashed into drinking koolaid from the left and those who do not hold the best intentions for this country at heart. As groups like ACORN commit massive voter fraud. Local country clerks are abetting them by only looking at those signed up as Republicans. From Florida to Ohio. From Colorado to New York and back to Arizona, leftist groups are lining up the lawyers to challenge anyone who is republican.

I myself have been warned that my voter status is in question. Voting in every election since Ronald Reagan's first sweep to office., I have not missed a vote or to make sure I have been registered. Now all of a sudden out of the blue I receive notice that I am not registered and need to mail in my information and receive a mail in ballot.

A mail in ballot? What the hell for? I refuse to have my vote set aside and counted at some later time if at all. Be you republican or democrat, it is not only your right to vote but it is your RESPONSIBILITY to see to it that you vote and it is counted. This self indulgent crap of not having any civic durty is a perpetrated lie by those who want to suppress your opinion.

To question those at the voting both is not fascism but a duty to make sure that those who are LEGAL vote on issues and representative members of our government. This is how the system works. As a REPUBLIC not a democracy. Our say is transferred over to elected Representative who then make policy and law. The judicial branch then is supposed to judge not LEGISLATE the Constitutionality of proposed bills. If we do not put forth our say at the election ballot we allow corrupt and misleading people to abuse their elected positions and either legislate from the bench (a violation of trust and Constitutional authority) or seize power in our name then twist it to oppress us all (members of Congress in the House and Senate).

Personal responsibility in this country has fallen and is on the verge of not existing. In this years election when so much is at stake. Mort then ever before as we have a new President that can either screw us by appointing more activists to SCOTUS, and sell out our sovernty to the United Nations in appeasement to foreign interests. Or we can knuckle under, open our eyes and see the leftist liberal lies that OUR TRULY OPPRESSING individual rights and vote sensibly.

The American people are in a tough situation right now as they are not sure as to where to turn and get the truth. The MSM is slanting and lying at every opportunity to further a socialist agenda. That they lack any creditability at all. The blogasphere is corrupted by clicks not just from the left on KOS or the Huffington Post, but from the right as well with groups like TownHall.com. Where if you are not in with these crowds you are either an extremist or a nut job.

The individual freedom of expression is being denied and suppressed by those who would rather you stand in line with your thumb up your back side and drink their KOOLAID rather then think and form any opinion of your own and say so.

As the myths of this country being run by Christian radicals in the Republican party (note I do not say conservative). The left would have you believe that being Republican means you stand for fascism and oppression. Yet it is those on the left who sit and legislate how we should live. In the standard old mantra of if it only benefits one person it is good. The term majority is supplanted by the individual and not the welfare of the masses.

For a society to be healthy and coherent it must look out for the masses over the individual. Yes the individual needs to be protected but at what costs. The costs of freedom for the masses? No the cost of civil liberties for the whole must never be denied for the one.

Life is not fair and no you do not have absolute individual freedom in a Republic. What you do have is what is no longer being taught. Individual RESPONSIBILITY. This my friends on the left means that sure say what you want, but you will be held accountable for it. Not just a one way street either. Those on the right get the same treatment and in the middle too.

Our founding fathers saw that the failure of the Greeks to implement a true Democracy is not possible. They were close but no cigar. As many in Greece were denied a voice.

History is doomed to repeat itself if we do not learn from our mistakes. Another Mussolini is only a non vote away from taking control of the White House with the backing of subversives in Congress.

It may be a feel good thing to vote with your heart and say it is fair to elect this man or this woman over the others. Base the conclusion on false guilt wrapped in racism. But when voting one has to think before acting.

To keep a society well lubricated and working some may not get favor in certain ideas. Others may be favored to a point. To sacrifice the masses in order to obtain one individual right above others in society is wrong and totally unfounded and unfair. Yet this is the path we seem to be walking today, or told we have to walk.

I honestly do not see conservative lining up to emanate domain your property, or remove your firearms. I do not see conservatives removing freedom or religion by saying your beliefs may be offensive to others. What I do see is leftists playing and tugging on heart strings with out any intelligent arguments on how we are to live. Bad SUV's, global warming myths, racism if you do not support our ideas. Playing all the low cards in an attempt dictate mannerisms and thought.

Juan cannot afford a house therefore it is your responsibility to buy him one. How dare you make more money then someone else. It is the village who has to pay for little johnny who broke his arm because his mother is a crackhead and was not watching him play in the street.

Is it societies responsibility to see to it that my family has food and a roof over their heads. Or is it my responsibility to see to this. Should society buy my new luxury car and set a limit on what I can achieve by limiting my income potential to what they deem is fair with others.

In today's electronic world of the Internet and immediate communications. It is far to easy to find out what is happening and going on. To be able to access upcoming legislature and proposals from certain individuals an their followers. To fact check for oneself and compare answers to see who is lying and who is just stretching the truth a little.

There is no reason to stand on the street corner and be spoon fed the lies of one side or the other as so many are apt to do today.

This election boils down to a simple fact. Will informed voters think before the cast a ballot or will uninformed voters vote from the heart without researching what is happening and will happen.

Saturday, September 27, 2008 

Every One Loves Santa Clause

Everyone loves Santa Clause, why? Simple enough. He gives you things! This is the premise for all liberal government programs. Give, Give, Give, but no truth to who is being taken from.

After the Presidential debate last night. Many rubes are saying Obama won on the economy part of the debate. I ask how? Well he understands the economy better is the typical wrong answer. Others just because no matter what the truth or the situation will never vote common sense but use their absolute hate to vote anti Bush, (unfortunately he is not running again dummies).

So how did Obama win on the economy? No one can give a clear defined answer. This is because there is no defined answer per say. What Obama has done is play Santa Clause. I will give you this. I will give you that. This is not an economic plan but a new set of welfare give-a-ways, that will enslave the tax payer even further to government.

Obama claims he will lower taxes on 95% of the people while increasing the taxes on the top 5%. Hey, news flash. IRS stats show that the top 5% pay over 50% of the collected taxes as is. Now he will have to raise this to a staggering 80% to 90% of the tax collected paid for by only 5% of the tax payer base. Is this a fair taxation? EMPHATICALLY NO!!!!!

You want to see how fast loopholes are exploited? Then let Obama do this and watch federal revenue fall faster then rocks on water. See what most people do not understand is the way the tax code is set up now. If you are paid, you are taxed. If you form an LLC and have the LLC pay you a stipend, then have the LLC provide expenditure accounts. you do not pay but a fourth of the taxes normally you would. This is how the jet set of liberals get by on it. Their problem is they push the envelope and abuse it. This brings IRS accountants to look deep into your books.

The LLC owns your house, your car, your jet plane, just about everything. You get a salary at a reduced rate lowering your personal tax rate. The LLC has provided an expense account for you and all is right with the world. (WE NEED A FLAT TAX RATE) Thus loophole 101.

The top 5% paying taxes now are very adept at loopholes. So if Obama raise their burden even higher. Just watch how fast they exploit even more loopholes.

Now for all those small business owners who think voting democrat is going to save them. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!!!!!

What you are over looking is this. Your small business is considered rich. You are considered rich. Unless you pay yourself a salary and hide in loopholes 101 you are going to see your tax burden grow and grow. Your small business makes more then $250,000.00 a year. Remember Obamas definition of rich starts at that number. Unfortunately you have not the ability to hire an accountant who is wise to loophole 101 and can help you out so you will struggle with an increase in taxes. Not to mention payroll because you are now paying an absurd minimum wage. (minimum wages are not to be a living wage but an entry level wage that gets ones foot in the door and started)

Obama's tax scheme sounds good and promises gifts like Santa Clause. Yet it will be more like waking up and finding the Grinch has been to Whoville. It will sink the economy and this country.

Friday, September 26, 2008 

Part 2 Lack of Leadership

What a major disappointment to hear that John McCain is leaving Washington to go and debate Obama this evening. With the economic problem facing this nation today he disappoints me big time.

It looks like he caved to the childish behavior and taunting of those who created this mess from the left side of the isle. Ignoring warnings and compounding the, for lack of a better term, FRAUDULENT loans.

As the left, excuse me. The Democrats play pointy fingers and try to play politics with the mess THEY CREATED. We have people like the deplorable Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, saying such childish things as " THE PRESIDENT MUST GET HIS REPUBLICAN HOUSE IN ORDER BY GETTING THE HOUSE REPUBLICANS IN LINE AND ASKING SENATOR McCAIN RESPECTFULLY TO LEAVE TOWN, BECAUSE WITHOUT REPUBLICAN COOPERATION WE CANNOT PASS THIS BILL. I YIELD THE FLOOR. "

Wow, whats the matter Chuckie? Is someone opposing your socialist bailout plan? Is there a chance a more reliable and sensible plan may be proposed and voted on. A plan that will not screw the taxpayer over.

These simpletons are the ones who made this mess and allowed it to progress to the level it is now. Are we to sit by and think that they will come up with any sort of plan that is in the favor of the tax payer and will solve this problems? HELL NO!!!!

This years election is so important on so many levels. One that it can help start to clean these imbeciles out of Washington and put them in the unemployment line. Two that we get some fiscal conservatives back in Washington that will have our interests at heart. Three that a significant message be delivered to the left that we are tired of them screwing us over and that socialism has failed every where in the world so why in the hell are they trying so fricken hard to turn this country to socialism.

A political revolution is needed. One that cleans the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer and other morons out of power.


Showing a lack of leadership

You know I do not have much tact on most things. Even as I blog. Lots of my thoughts, and that is what this blog is. My thoughts and my opinions. So now when I look at what is happening and happened in Washington yesterday and is going on today. I see a huge difference in leadership, or should I say a lack of leadership coming from one candidate to the other.

Today as we start out there are two major questions. The first is will there be a deal on fiance or not. Then the second is will there be a debate or not. Before I get to the debate, because if there is no deal there is not going to be a debate. Lets look at the bailout question of a deal.

The economy as I have blogged is having problems. This morning it was announced that Washington Mutual has been bought do to their troubles. HA, HA! I blame that on the fact that they are the leading bank in dealings with ILLEGAL ALIENS. This is something that no one can say has benefited this country at all. In my opinion it has been a major contribution to the current problem. Low interest loans made to those who still could not afford loans all in an attempt to give ILLEGALS more of a legal status in this country and subvert our laws. This for another blog at another time.

We have what they say is a housing lending crisis. It is not a crisis, it is a massive scam that has now come to fruition and as Rev. Wright would say "the chickens have come home to roost."

As to the leadership question o this. Ok now lets look at what Barack Obama and John McCain's job is. They have been hired (elected) to represent the people of their states in Washington. This job means to govern (come up with legislation) that best takes our wishes and concerns and turns them into law. From National Defense issues, to water policies, to and even including the economy. So what are the two candidates doing?

Well Barack Obama is quoted as "call me if you need me." Reluctantly he went to Washington as requested by the President of this country. Sat in on a meeting about this bailout deal and was in front of any camera around yesterday. I think I saw him on television more then during the DNC. Now we still have no idea what the proposal has been for this bailout, nor do we no what the Democrats have proposed. Yet the leadership of the Democratic party has been telling us we have a deal, we have a deal. This being said before the meeting of leaders even happened.

As it stands this morning we are finding out that are conclusions of falsehoods and lies is correct. A deal was never achieved. Pelosi and Reid were trying their best to blow more smoke up our backsides on this.

Now lets look at what John McCain has done in the way of leadership. Despite accusations of being a political ploy to gain support and votes. John McCain has taken in my opinion a leadership role. For months now John has been asking Barack to come and do these town hall meetings and debate / discuss the issues. Barack has dodged and refused to do this until today's debate. A debate that has as a topic national defense. A simple switch of topics should be done and move the economy to tonight's debate (again a topic for another blog).

John McCain has gone and suspended his campaign to go and do his elected job. To work on the problems at hand. Top mention the economy. To be honest is this leadership? No it isn't. It is doing your job! However when it comes to politicians it can be considered leadership. Leadership in doing the right thing.

Complaints and accusations from the left about grandstanding are misleading at best. More of lies and misdirection will be the case on this. An attempt to remove the spotlight from the Democrats and their FAILED leadership and ability to govern this country. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Rangle, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, and on and on. Investigations of the for mentioned is something we the people need to demand in a big time.

Now on to the debate. Should McCain and Obama go ahead with this? No, I do not think so. Why? Simple , there is problems and their job is to solve these problems. The election is not their primary job. No one has forced them or even hired them to run for office. It was a personal choice. Though they may have support in this decision it is not their job. Their job is to be in Washington D.C. Does this make sense to any one else? Or do I just have a work ethic that no longer exists?

You do the job you are hired to do first then you do other things.

Now a side note on leadership and some responsibility from the media to include FOX news. When they get on the air and broadcast the pundits, all of which are portraying doom and gloom. They show ABSOLUTELY NO LEADERSHIP OR RESPONSIBLE MORALS. They are adding to the problem by taking the sheep and leading them done the road to disaster to make their false predictions come true. Predictions we can go back several years and see that the MSM has been trying their best to make come true.

The debate will be nothing but an Obama show. Any real questions will never be asked. Obama is spending as much time as he can prepping his script for a debate on National security. What kind of leadership is this. A scripted program he follows? Life is not a script, it has curves and unexpected events that happen. No leadership here. As well as no inclination of taking the lead by the press or the debate organizers. A little more flexibility is what is called for.

So lets sum this up. McCain is doing his job, trying to help solve the current problem in the economy. Washington standards = Leadership. Barack Obama gets on his plane and heads to Mississippi. No meeting s with other Democratic leaders.

This at best is a LACK OF LEADERSHIP!

Thursday, September 25, 2008 

More Race Baiting from Obama Supporters

While Barack Obama may try to distance himself personally from playing the race card. His campaign and supporters are not. It is a last ditch effort to drum up a hatred and false pretenses against not only conservatives but against Gov. Sarah Palin.


Florida Congressman: Palin 'Don't Care Too Much What They Do With Jews and Blacks'

Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings, is now leading this charge with one of the most asinine statements yet this year.

"If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," said Hastings. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through."

This being said at a rally for Obama, Wednesday, September 24Th.

Now I ask any sane person to explain what hunting moose has to do with racism? Alcee Hasting implies here that if you are white and hunt you must be a racist and do not care about anyone else.

When caught in this blatant attempt to stir up and divide feelings along race lines. A spokesman for Hastings, David Goldenberg told ABC News that he was trying to argue that Palin is an "extremely conservative woman who is out of touch with mainstream America."


This is clearly not what Congressman Hastings implied or said. In order to stifle criticism over the spin needed to be put forth to the press in an attempt to cover Hastings ass.

Now we can not directly link Obama to these racist attacks yet when you connect the dots. Every time Obama says he will not have race play a part in this campaign his supporters come out and start the rhetoric of racism. Just like they did with sexism against Hillary Clinton.

Lets face it. Obama may present a certain stand on things but his actions of not condemning his supporters for this is an act of approval. Obama will do what ever it takes to win and he will say and do whatever it takes. No matter who he stabs in the back, lies about, and slanders. Maybe not directly but definitely indirectly.


Socialism is here

Yes sir, stand up, get in line, head out to work. Work for the government that is. How can I say this you may ask. It is simple. Look at what the government wants to do. Rob the taxpayer more and get into the mortgage business. Joe Biden is blaming the fact we own or should I say our purchasing our own homes. He is blaming the fact that piss poor loans were made to those who should not, could not , and never been allowed to get a home loan had home loans.

It is the tax payers fault and the government will come in now and take care of you. From President Bush down to the lowest Congressman. Do not be fooled the only reason that the politicians are dragging their feet is because they FEAR loosing their offices of power with the vote.

There is this feeling that if we do not do anything that the world economy will collapse and chaos will take over. To prevent this a proposal was first given to give free reign to Sec. Paulson over $700,000,000,000.00 in funds. These funds to go where he thinks it is needed even if it is over seas to another country. How big of a crock of defecation is this? It is a HUGE one my friends.

As I have often said and will continue to say and believe. Charity starts at home. If we do not take care of our own back yard then we have no right or say in others back yards.

So how do I propose to solve the economic problem. Well it is a mess and it would take some radical and simple economic solutions. First we need to go back to economics 101 and realise that this funky way of modern accounting is WRONG. A red flag should be hoisted any time you count money you DO NOT HAVE as money you do.

Investigations are needed and called for. But they should not be limited to the CEO's and CFOs of Freddie and Fannie. Or to any of the financial institutes involved. The investigations need to also be expanded to Congressional members and Senate members as to why they allowed certain QUESTIONABLE practices allowing high risk applicants to get loans.

Next a permanent ban on these absurd interest only loans with exaggerated balloon payments has to be put into place. It is obvious that people do not read the fine print. This is a big part of the problem. Yes many can not handle their own financial status. So a little protection needs to be in placed. To be honest it smacks of BIG BROTHER, but I am tired of my money buying someone elses home or car or boat.

Next the way interest is figured needs to be looked at. This is the most one sided and absurd way of calculating I have ever seen. Why in the hell does any one sign a loan that figures interest on interest on a loan that extends for years. You end up paying any where from two to four times what the price of an item is and then once paid the item is devalued to a point where it is not even close to the value of what it should be. An inherent greed factor is in place and this is in need of a change. Much the way that the tax code needs to be changed. A flat rate is what is fair and WILL WORK.

If you take out a loan for $10,000.00, at a rate of 10% it should cost you a total of $11,000.00 to pay back. Not $ 20,000.00. ( math here is not accurate but you get the point).

These golden parachutes we here about are not a salary package but a benefit package that includes stock options of a highly questionable nature. Where the CEO's are allowed to purchase stocks at a percentage of the value with company money. Revamping the way this is handled will alleviate the obnoxious amounts that executives walk away with. Not allowing these stocks to be purchased at cut rates not available to the average investor and not with company monies. If the CEO has that much faith in the company then he will not mind buying the stock at the rate Wall Street sells it.

Now what do we do about those who have foreclosed mortgages now and the banks who have sold off the loans to someone else (this being you and I as the government has stepped in and is wanting to buy these bad markers). Well this may sound harsh but you know what, life is a four letter word, and it isn't always fair. These people rented before hand and they can rent now. The dream of two car garage and a chicken in every pot is not an entitlement as the left wants it to be. You have to work for things in order to appreciate it. When it is handed to you you loose respect and desire for it.

So let the foreclosures go through. Let the banks loose the projected income they have counted on. Sell the homes at a true market value and not an over inflated one. Go one step further and remove this foreclosure and bankruptcy from the records of those who it has happened to.

Let the market take a big hiccup but correct itself. A true value of funds will then come forward. For way to long we have accepted the projected figures and not the real figures. yes this will devalue many banks and their assets, but it will solidify an accurate figure to move from and provide a solid base.

Will people loose money? No, what they will loose is a false projected cash value that never really existed. An accurate account will then replace these figures and move the economy forward.

A big overlooked factor is this projected inaccurate figures being accepted by economist now. Bottom line in economics is this. You either have it or you don't. There are two forms of monetary value. Liquid and asset. Liquid is the cash you can put your hands on right now, and assets are those you need time to liquidate or turn to currency. Holding a piece of paper that says someone owes you money is NOT LIQUID OR AN ASSET.

Now more prevented measures will be needed. Why, well as soon as you cancel these false projected values, gouging will immediately take place in an attempt to regain previous amounts of money. This can not be allowed to happen in a massive grab. A slow and thoughtful, reinvestment process will have to be instated. A cap on inflation will be required so that banks and financial institutions do not rob the consumer blind.

What this will do is shift the burden onto those who deserve the blame and credit for this mess and not the taxpayers pocket book. Yes there are still holes i this plan but it is far more reasonable then pumping money into a broken system. A system that is running wild on pretend, and false conclusions of financial gains.


Rocky Mountain News shows more left bias

Here we go again. Yet another left slanted story out of the RMN. This time it points out a fact of fund raising that the left has been congratulated on and praised. The story in reference is titled
"Palin's coffee chat requires lots of green ."

This story written by Sara Burnett, clearly has an anti republican slant and conservative note. Complaining that because a $1000.00 donation gets you coffee, $2500.00 gets you a coffee and a picture with Gov. Palin , then a donations of $25,000.00 gets breakfast with the candidate.

I will agree that this is ridiculous in the money amount but It is nothing new. Remember that Obama's recent Hollywood dinner with the stars was a $30,000.00 plus contribution to attend with additional charges to listen to Streisand sing.

Comments that followed this story are deplorable and I would call plants for Obama. An example of this is:

Big_D writes:
The GOP doesn’t care about the USA they care about power and greed and their policies have just led to an untimely conclusion that was inevitable. They need to get the heck out of the way so we can lead this country out of their stupidity and back to greatness.

Jack_Durden writes:
25k to have coffee with the VP nominee, yet McCain wants to post-pone the debates due to the wall street financial crisis... Laughable, Republicans.

Billy writes:
And to think, there are fools who will pay for this. Tsk tsk tsk.

MoAnonymous writes:
So what!! I think for the most part people are finally starting to realize that Palin is inexperienced, has no Foreign Policy experience, has lied numerous times to the public and is in HOT WATER with the Trooper Gate Investigation. I think Palin will not be on the VP ticket come October!!! The Republicans are looking very desperate now!!!

Notice the same tired talking points, the hypocrisy of only the left can collect these funds but it is elitism for the republicans too. Now lets look at the story.


Gov. Sarah Palin's private fundraiser next month at Centennial Airport will include a $25,000-per-person "VIP coffee" with the Republican vice presidential candidate.

The McCain-Palin Victory 2008 Breakfast is scheduled for Oct. 4.

It's $1,000 per person for breakfast, according to the invitation.
For $2,500 per person, the donor also will get a photo taken with Palin.
The VIP coffee, scheduled to begin a half-hour before the breakfast, requires the donor to contribute or raise $25,000.

The fundraiser will mark Palin's third trip to Colorado since winning her party's nomination.
She joined Sen. John McCain for a rally in Colorado Springs after the Republican National Convention, and she appeared by herself last week at a rally in Jefferson County.

McCain, who announced Wednesday that he is suspending advertising, fundraising and other campaigning to return to Washington to deal with the country's economic crisis, is not scheduled to appear with Palin next weekend.

So yes it will cost a lot of green for the chance to meet Gov. Palin, yet the title is misleading towards the story. It purposely slants the readers opinion before the story is read. For a fair story there should have been comparisons made to the left and the money tat they charge for their fund raisers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 

Who the hell is BONO?

Why are government officials all lining up to meet with an average to poor singer from Ireland? Just what makes Bono so important for world leaders to schedule in meeting times with this man. Just what has he done for any one other then put screeching lyrics to music and robbing money out of our pockets?

Bono is a world renowned socialist. His redistribution of wealth push charity, Jubilee 2000 exposes this. With another charity, NetAid , being more of a push for redistribution of wealth. Only Warchild , seems to be a worthy cause he pushes.

Work with DATA, (debt, aids and trade for Africa), does nothing to help those in his own home country of Ireland with their problems.

I have to ask the question. What happened to charity begins at home? How can you try and pretend to help the world if you will not help your own?

Now do not get me wrong. It is evident that Bono's misplaced heart is working on what many believe to be a good thing. Helping out third world nations by getting a redistribution of wealth from first world nations. A common mantra of leftists. Punish the haves and reward the have nots.

Bono has worked and supports Amnesty International. A worth while organization that often gets the facts wrong when dealing with nations not under socialist control.

He supports an organization that I would support as well if I had his means. One in Four Ireland, a charity that helps survivors of sexual abuse.

Bono has received 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, and was knighted in 2007. Yet does this make him a person that candidates need to meet with?

No in the least. What Bono is is a man with what seems to be a good heart but not a political advisor in any means. His concerns and interests may rate him a few minutes with elected officials. But to elevate him to the status of must meet and get papal approval from , he is not.

Monday, September 22, 2008 

Signs of fall


Power of Words part 2

As I blogged before. the power of words is tremendous. You can hint and deceive with a poetry of sweet musical lyrics. A mesmerising symphony of coherent , yet misleading and androgynous neutral spin. this can be called creative writing, or it can be defined as today's news reporting. Where important facts are left out in order to draw a false conclusion.

Why blog on this a second time? It is a good question. It is a question that still needs to be answered and responded to. As the left sit down to their keyboards and report false hoods and twist truth on this campaign.

As the left sinks lower into the abyss. Being more and more hateful openly. Look at those who are in the entertainment industry. Woody Allen saying "It would be a disgrace and a humiliation if Barack Obama does not win." As if we should listen to the poster boy for pedophilia. this from a man who left his wife to continue an affair with his adopted 13 year old daughter.

See how he tries to ply guilt to anyone who sees the reality of an inexperienced Obama as a President. Calling it a disgrace and humiliating. The disgrace form him is the fact he is not in jail is disgraceful and humiliating that our justice system did nothing to this sick individual.

The continual misleading speeches of the left tauting Obama's congressional record is so misleading. he has no record to speak of. yet they continue to pass off some mythical legislation. Attaching his name to Bills he was never a part of. To many people today are not thinking for themselves. A little research into the records proves Obama was either absent , or an after thought to these Bills. never sponsoring or cosponsoring legislation that he claims were his ideas.

The power of words.

It is said a lie travels the world several times before the truth gets out of bed. This is a truism.
As the Worlds left backs Obama and the myth of world citizenship prevails to overtake our sovereignty as AMERICANS. Many are swallowing hook line and sinker this false preconceived notion. We are part of humanity, not part of a international collective. Collective being the key word. A socialist word for indentured servitude to the ruling class.

So if a lie can travel the world, and words have power. Should conservatives drop to the same tactics. Place certain rumors out there about the left and its people. We can level the same charges as Saturday Night Live did with the incest notion of Todd Palin and his Daughters , throwing a yellow light on the people of Alaska. hinting at inbreeding and drunken orgies.

As the Canadian wannabe columnist Heather Mallick proves my point. her condescending attitude to America and the fact she has absolutely no say in our election bothers her. Her cheap insults and choice of words in describing Alaska, could easily be turned around and describe herself and the Canadian Northwest.

Mallick comment ... "Palin has a toned-down version of the porn actress look favoured by this decade's woman, the over treated hair, puffy lips and permanently alarmed expression. Bristol has what is known in Britain as the look of the teen mum, the "pramface." Husband Todd looks like a roughneck; Track, heading off to Iraq, appears terrified."

To answer this jealous tyred by a scorned woman. Gov. Palins look is not that of a porn actress. Her hair is well kept and not having the bed head look, nor the I can not do anything with my hair so I will comb it over that Heather Mallick has. For Bristol Palin she has the glow of a mother to be for the first time. A proud yet worried about her child look that all first time mothers have. Todd Palin has a roughneck look? Well could this be do to the enviorment he is in. I understand many women like this look. As for the obvious comment and cheep attempt at a low blow to Gov. Palins son Track. Well DUUUUUUUHHHHH. There are very few who do not get a terrified look of the unknown when leaving to go to war. Those who do not are either foolish, or better get their head into the game.

For those on the left Mallicks words are a comfort and say what the conceive to be truth. For those in reality they are insulting and disgusting.

As Obama senior staff talked about and eluded to McCain's age at the start of this campaign. It could be reversed and said that McCain's age is a plus as experience and wisdom comes from age. Ronald Reagan said " I won't hold my opponents youth and inexperience against him."

Is age a bad thing? No. Is age bad? No. The way it is eluded to creates the misgiving of being good or bad.

The power of words.

What has to be accepted is a little nonbais writing. A listing of fact over fiction. Only in this way do words maintain a neutrality. Until journalist get back to reporting facts over their bias, pundits do a little fact checking for truth, and the reader demands accountability. Words will maintain the power of propaganda and keep people ignorant of reality.


Last card to play

Well it is official. The last card to play for the progressive liberals is the race card and they are playing it now. Sending out their surrogates to the pollsters, hoping to find some dirt and condemnation of the American voter. They now hope to ply guilt on those who vote in order to elected an unqualified candidate.

Siting all the different polls it comes down to white America is racist and this is why Obama can not win or is losing in the national polls. Not a SINGLE poll however asks the question of how many African Americans are voting for Obama on the only basis he is black.

You can line up where each candidate stands on the issues. You can line up the experience, heavily on McCain's side. Take into account the V.P. nominees. One who is embedded in the system and one who is an outsider taking on the culture of corruption.

These don't matter to the Liberals and Progressives. All that matters now is going for the obvious low blow! A false accusation to create a divide in the American constituent.

A time old tactic that runs as an ace up the sleeve for the democratic party. yet this year will it fly as it has in the past?

In some areas it does seem to be taking hold in others It seems to be creating exactly what it hopes, RACISM. A false feeling that if you don' vote for Obama you will be labeled. A label that was false in the beginning but true seeing how you voted against an inexperienced candidate.

A sad, sad call by the leftists. As they claim to be anti racist and open minded. Yet by their very actions prove they are truly the ones who are bigoted.


Disgusting Sandra Bernhard

Well I waited all weekend to see what other fall out may have come from the gutter trash in support of the wannabe comic Sandra Bernhard.

Not a whole lot really. Actually it has been very disappointing. The lack of condemnation of her foul mouth comedy, of which it sounds like a canned laugh track was used and inserted into her you tube video. Something that is very plausible as she is not funny.

Having reached her pinnacle of success riding the skirt tail of Rosanne Barr. She never made it into movies or television. Hudson Hawk is definitely something that one would keep off their resume. A lack of any thing that the average person would watch or allow their children to see, Sandra has now turned to the easiest denominator. Attack Sarah Palin and get the left to put money in her pocket. Talk about a ponsi scheme. Thinking the common person will buy into her derangement act.

When this story first broke and I read then watched her unhinged tirade. I wanted to immediately respond with a blog letter to her. I was going to put a warning on the top of the blog and then sink to her depths and answer her charges of absurdities.

Her statements of Blacks raping Gov. Palin should she visit New York, then going off on a tirade about the old testament. Sandra shows her hypocrisy. She claims, or gives the impression she has religious values and supports the bible. Something that in the past she and Roseanne have spoken against.

All that Bernhard has done is demonstrate how the liberal progressives are running scared of a woman who is doing what they cannot accomplish. By being self assertive and practical. Maintaining family values, and a sense of fair play. Gov. Sarah Palin is achieving the feminist movements dream and ideals. Here is a woman who not only is successful in a career, but as a mother too. Sure the left now want to berate the fact a 17 year old daughter is pregnant. How ever if you look at many of those on the left. What of their families and of their own dates to their pregnancies?

Inside the CBS good ol boy network it is common knowledge that Barbara Walters used her illegitimate pregnancy to black mail her way to the top. Oprah Winfrey used the race card to go from a nothing to a someone. Gloria Steinem, who swore that there was no purpose for men now is married. How many of the working female editorialist on the nightly news have families but are never questioned on their motherhood. Several of which have teens in trouble with drugs and alcohol. Does the fact they are working mothers make then a bad parent. No, not at all. It just means they are seeking a balance in the feminist ideals. A career and family life.

Sandra Bernhard shrews her own jealousy in her poor performance of comedy. Lets be blunt and to the point here. Sandra Bernhard is at best a case of beer coyote lay. (a coyote lay being where you chew your arm off the next morning rather then wake her up.) Looking like the rear end of a dog with a severe case of hemorrhoids, she is jealous of Gov. Palin. Not being able to find any one willing to conceive a child with, she attacks the fact Gov. Palin has a successful marriage.

Going further she attacks Gov. Palins personal religious beliefs. Claiming a support of the old testament. If Sandra Bernhard were a devote believer in the old testament she sure doesn't show it in her life. As a matter of fact she acts and behaves as if Sodom and Gomorrah were falsely destroyed by a neocon vengeful God who let his homophobic and racism get the better of him. Something any novice scholar of religion can dismiss with out thinking about the argument.

Critics rave about this act she is putting on. Claiming it is hard hitting and says what the average person is afraid to. Now these critics are also the ones who have BDS and PDS, along with any common sense. By that I ref ere to past statements I have made about insulting humor. A fine line for sure that only a very few comics can pull off without looking stupid and being insulting.
Out of which Sandra Bernhard is definitely not one of.

So to those who enjoy this and get a kick out of school yard bulling go ahead and waste your money on a poor performance and political biased show full of jealously. All you are doing is putting money into the pockets of a no talent hack.

Friday, September 19, 2008 

Where is my bailout money?

I would like to know where my check is. When do I get some bailout money? Seeing how the common thought on bad fiscal decisions comes down to "go ahead we will pick up the tab" policy.

I have bills too. Some private, some related to business. Seeing how i am a small business owner don't I rate any help? So what if my personal and business run tied together, a bill is still a bill. To keep from going under should I not rate a bailout check from the government? I mean after all it would only cost say $50,000.00 at best. A cheap ticket compared to the 1 trillion the government is going to spend on bailing out the banks who knowingly have made bad decisions.

Seeing how we have moved to a socialist approach of everyone pay the loss and only the individual keep the gains. I want my money as well. Print some more of that worthless paper and send me some will you.

Why do I have to be held accountable for bad decisions any more. After all doesn't it take a village to keep the economy growing and moving along?

I too want to walk away and vacation in the Bahamas or Cancun, but shouldn't someone else pay for my play time. After all its socialism. Hold others responsible for my decisions not me.

These bailouts are wrong , wrong, wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008 

Andrew Hallam, another educational wannabe hack

Here we go again. Another leftist who is disguising themselves as a teacher and professor of higher learning. All the while spreading their ideology and hatred to young impressionable minds. Minds that do not yet have experience or a true working knowledge of how the world works.

Colorado has more then its share of left wing revisionist, hacks, false intellectuals, and one sided biased filled academics. So what happens we have yet another one to join their ranks.

Bad enough that Ward Churchill, Paul Campos, Glenn Morris, the list goes on. Now we have Andrew Hallam to add to this list.

So what makes Andrew so bad? Well we can start with his lack of edicate. His favorite word is the f-bomb.(http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=75426, http://slapstickpolitics.blogspot.com/2008/09/bds-suffering-metro-state-instructor.html, http://cbs4denver.com/politics/palin.essay.denver.2.820285.html ) Does it take an educated person to drop this word in every sentence? No, it does not. As a matter of fact by cursing you show or demonstrate the lack of education.

The lack of having enough gray matter to articulate verbal communication of a said thought. The lack of command of the English language and its structure to use proper verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and literate structure. This demonstrates a lack of education and projects the wrong image that a professor of higher learning should be held to and creating.

As a matter of fact it creates the image of an ill mannered, unqualified representation of teaching. Clearly not what a professor should be.

The next thing this hack needs to have looked at is the fact he is supposed to be in the English department, not poly sci. Why would an English Professor be spouting politics in an English class? What are his credentials? Well there really is not much on his Denver university page, https://portfolio.du.edu/pc/port?portfolio=ahallam, and as of today there is no information provided on the Metro State Affiliate Faculty page http://www.mscd.edu/~english/index_files/affiliate.htm.
So if he has credentials to teach why does he have to delve into a lack of verbal response and vernacular in talking to his students. Because he is a hack, that is why.


Matt Barber understands.

Matt Barber, the older brother of Janna Barber, a student at Metro State here in Denver. One of several students who are questioning the bias of their professor (if you can call this person a professor).


Here is what Matt has to say about the politics being played out this year since the RNC Convention:

Referring to the professor and the class assignment of an obvious left leaning hack. "People who irrationally lash out in such a way do so for a reason. In this case, I believe the reason is fear," Matt Barber told WND. "Sarah Palin has connected with a majority percentage of Americans and the polls reflect that connection. She poses a direct threat to Barack Obama's candidacy and they know it. She's about to upset the applecart. She's about to undo much of what they've accomplished. Imagine Sarah Palin as a role model for millions upon millions of young girls. Imagine those young girls embracing life over death on the abortion issue, embracing true feminism over radical feminism. They absolutely can't allow that to happen and will stop at nothing to destroy her. We expect liberal bias from the media and those in academia. But this time around, the bias is off the charts. It's exposed the left for who they truly are, and we have Sarah Palin to thank for it."

Exactly what is happening. A fear of the truth by those who are informed and thinking for themselves and not drinking the koolaid of the left.


Some Change, your spare change please

Talk about being out of touch with the American people. I sure hope the liberals are listening hard and long to their candidates. It is they who will be hot hardest under this tax and spend proposal being pushed by Obama and Biden.

Biden: Wealthy Americans Must Pay More Taxes to Show Patriotism

With one of the most stupidest and asinine statements to date from the gaffe machine of Joe Biden comes the comment that it is Patriotic to pay more in taxes. Taking the statement of John F. Kennedy: " Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country." This takes on a whole new meaning here. A complete socialist if not communist twist. Work for the government and we will take care of you with more hand outs.

How absurd is this. This is not change but a continuation of bad policy that the Democratic liberals have been pushing since FDR. More taxes and more spending. Unrestricted spending and planning.

More social welfare to make more and more dependant upon the government for survival. A hard left turn from capitalism and freedom.

By increasing taxes on capitol gains and those who make over $250,000.00 a year is a slap in the face of hard working Americans who will be punished for trying to better their lives and standing economically.

The small business owner will be hardest hit by this. A blow that will in no way help the economy but not only stifle it. It will be a shot in the heart for it. It is the small business owners who keep this country going with the blue collar man who works 60 plus hours a week in order to put a roof over their families. These are the ones who are going to be hardest hit by this reckless plan.

While middle America (geographically) does not make this type of money. A majority of so called middle class Americans on the coasts do. The liberals in middle class, white collar jobs are going to suffer. Think about no more Christmas bonuses and pay raises. Look at daily expenses going up. Be prepared for much harder times. A return to the 70's and a Carter policy ("We will oppose any further reduction in Federal income taxes until we have convincing prospects that inflation will be controlled." Jimmy Carter 24 October, 1978.) that almost ruined this country.

In no way does paying more in taxes equate to being Patriotic. It equates to being enslaved. Indentured servitude to an ungrateful Politburo who are only thinking of their power and pocket books.

On the coasts it is not uncommon to find people earning a six digit income, where as in middle America they are in the middle 5 digits. By increasing taxes you hinder advancement and growth. As a small business owner, why would I want to expand any, knowing that it will cost me more in taxes. Therefore I will do the work myself. Maybe even taking a percentage under the table then to keep it off the books. Smart business thinkers will then 1099 more and contract labor as a result. Let the contract worker find his own insurance and benefits instead of providing them. Something that definitely hinders the Country and its GDP. I will look for cheaper labor then, keep my overhead down. Putting a cap on income for the working class.

Is this what Biden and Obama think is Patriotic? Families spending less time together, working between to adults four, possibly five jobs. Just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Will the answer from the Democrats then be more taxes to provide food subsidies for the middle class?

As the Social Security funds are raided for welfare programs and handouts, a larger burden placed upon future generations in order to maintain the funds being given away in handouts and bailouts. This is not change. This is what the Democrats have been proposing for years.

We see a total lack of leadership right now. It is coming from the Democrats in office.

Democratic Congress May Adjourn, Leave Crisis to Fed, Treasury:

This is the dems plan. just like the proposed for Iraq and the war on terror. Cut and run. Walk away and let someone else deal with it. Pelosi: Dems bear no responsibility for economic crisis.

A total lack of representation from the left. They want to be in charge but when things get tough. They RUN AWAY. Play the blame game. Instead of trying to fix things they let it alone and HOPE it will solve itself, and that things will CHANGE for the better.

Yes the economy is hurting at the moment. Is it in as bad a shape as the media and democrats claim? Absolutely NOT. If you look at the overall picture, it is in the throws of massive hiccups. Not in a state of the Great Depression: http://www.todaysteacher.com/TheGreatDepressionWebQuest/BriefOverview.htm

If you want to be Patriotic in the economy, now is not the time to raise taxes but lower them. Create an enviorment that encourages investment, not one that forces people to hoard.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 

History and todays Youth

Have you ever stood and tried to argue with a brick wall? Kind of dumb, and does not much of a dialog.

Well i would like to share my observations of today's misguided youth and their take on history, well what they think is history.

The last couple days I have been out and about in Denver on the streets. my purpose, well my job. Hustling up some business prospects and making some money. On the streets of downtown you can not help but be inundated with young idealistic youth out trying to register people for the vote.

Kudos to them for taking an active part in the political process. I recall my generation and that age. Very few were involved, and if they were they were protesting nuclear energy and the bomb., Ronald Reagan and the evil war mongering conservative notion of being an American and proud. (sound familiar, history does repeat)

I couldn't walk even half a block without a young impressionable person asking me if I was registered to vote. Well yes was my answer. But in several cases that was not a good enough answer.

Several wanted to know which party I was registered for and if i wanted to register for change and support the best man for the Presidency. Astonished at this approach I had to ask who that would be.

Well it was really no surprise when I was looked down upon and spoken to as if I had just woken from years in a dram infested coma.

Why Barack Obama, one young man said. He represents and has the experience needed to make this country a leader again.

"A leader again, when was this country not a leader? I asked. I was unaware that we were not a leader in the world.

Now this is where the history gets a bit distorted in this young mans mind. I wonder if he was really as student or had dropped out of school sometime in elementary school.

"This country has not been a leader since we attacked Japan and murdered millions of Japanese. This country has been war mongering ever since we invaded Korea and then continued on into Viet Nam." he tried to lecture me.

At this point I could not help but be intrigued as to what he was trying to tell me. The leap from murder of millions of Japanese to making it sound as if we left Korea and went directly into Viet Nam. He couldn't have said that could he have?

I had to ask the obvious follow up. When did we murder millions of Japanese?

As if I was stupid he looked at me and said, "When we dropped the bomb on them unprovoked in the early fifties at the start of the World War."

At the start, unprovoked, on the fifties. Where did he get his information I wondered. he can't be for real and has be pulling my leg.

I asked him if he heard about a thing called December 7Th, Pearl Harbor, the Bataan death march. Did any of these things ring a bell from any history class he had ever had.

Well according to him Pearl Harbor was after we nuked Japan, the death march is propaganda to inflame a hatred of the oriental race, and that we started the war by secretly making deals with Hitler to divide Europe.

WOW, is this kid a load of conspiracy theories or what.

I had to inquire now as to how he was going to connect Korea and Viet Nam.

Well trying as hard as I could not to bust out laughing. I mean this kid was so sincere in his wrongful belief of history. He informed me that China was trying to put down an ethnic cleansing in Korea when we invaded. Informing me of how we had used LCACs ( the hovering boats the Navy has) to put brainwashed Marines in at a place called Pusan. That if it hadn't been for the Vietnamese sending troops to aid China Korea would now be another oppressed country under American fascism. This is why we sent troops into Viet Nam at a place called the bay of pigs. Named by the Vietnamese for the Americans who landed there.

Standing there totally stunned and almost as confused as this young man obviously was. I gawked at him and then asked "Have you ever read a book on history, or even googled what you just told me?"

"Do you actually believe anything you just told me? You have to be pulling my leg, right?" I asked.

"Its all true, this is what happened and it is so important we do not allow any thing like this to happen again. look we are engaged in an illegal war again and if McCain gets elected we are going to all get drafted for another illegal imperialistic expansion of America." was his retort.

Looking around I was trying to see if anyone else had heard this drivel and impossible interpretation of history. Unfortunately there was no one.

Shaking my head I said to this confused and naive kid. "You have to be kidding me. Your speech is so full of inaccuracies and noncoesive facts it makes no sense at all."

Now we enter a topic that many say is one of my short comings. Tact. I began to inform this young man of historical facts. First I said Pearl harbor was not in retaliation it was what happened on December 7Th and brought this country into the second World War. That is happened almost four years before we dropped a bomb on Japan. Secondly we did not murder millions of Japanese. That having been to the Philippines I have seen first hand the Bataan Death March and what is left of the Fortress at Corrigador.

That the Chinese did not enter into Korea until 52, after we and an international military force was already in country preventing North Korea from taking over South Korea, a country that was divided in two after WWII along the 38Th Parallel

That Viet Nam was not until the sixties and that they never sent troops to Korea. Our first troops did not go to Viet Nam until 62 as observers under John Kennedy's presidency.

Then informing the young man that his LCACs were not in use during the fifties by any military force in the world. That our Navy did not develop and adopt these vehicles until the mid to late 80's.

Staring at me as if I had just spun a Grimm's fairly tail the young man shook his head and said "You are part of the problem. Your brainwashed."

How could I reply to that. The liberal mindset of Denver's youth, like beating your head against a wall. If this is what is out there collecting names to register for this election. I wonder if voter fraud will not be rampant. Even if this kid was pulling my leg, and he had to be. The bias of his beliefs have no place in getting people to vote. A process that should be neutral.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 

CEO's, CFO's to blame?

Should the ultimate responsibility of blame on the poor economy be put on the CEO's and the CFO's who have capitolized on their positions and their ability to get golden parachutes from companies?

NO, sure they are he ones who either did not manage or made the bad decisions that have led to the problems we now have. However there are things called board of supervisors, stock/shareholder meetings and votes. There are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. Do not under estimate the power of the stock holder. The cop out excuse of well thats whyn I have a stock broker to eliminate any personal blame here.

As a stock holder you have the responsibility to check on your investment yourself. If you place this on someone else it is your fault. Not all theirs.

Ok so you only one a few stocks in a company. You think that this does not give you a voice right? WRONG. As a stock holder you have the right to know what the company is doing with your money. Ask the questions. If you do not like the direction it is going then say so. You can contact other stock holders and see what they think.

You can call a quorum and have the board rethink the employment status of the CEO's and CFO's.

So don't throw the blame and pass he buck on this. take a little personal responsibility here. It is your fault too.

Monday, September 15, 2008 

The Economy, crash, burn , yadda, yadda, yadda.

You know I can not say this enough. I know I have blogged some where here before about this.

Obama wants to raise your taxes to get us out of this mess. McCain wants to lower taxes, while restricting the free market.

Both candidates and parties want to get their hands on your money one way or another. That's the bottom line.

Right now both parties in congress are taking your money and giving it in aid to bailout poor decisions made by so called economist and bankers/mortgage companies. This is SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

There are so many things here that contribute to this fiasco that the economy is in. We can blame the piss poor loans. The lack of integrity and morals on mortgages. The devious credit cards that people have way to many of. We can talk about foreign investors, or lack of. How the markets are interconnected.

In other words we can we can make as many excuses as you can imagine. Guess what? THEY ARE MAKING THESE EXCUSES. Blame Bush. Blame the democrats for being on control for the last two years.

Look economics 101 ------- either you have the money in hand or you don't! It is that simple. We have PhD economists counting their chickens before they hatch here. They call it economics but in reality it is false reporting of assets and a misrepresentation of funds. You can not loan someone money then count it as your own assets. It is plane and simple. You no longer have these funds, and there is no guarantee that you will get the money back. Default, bankruptcy, foreclosures? Do these ring a bell. This is why you can not count on the money until you have it in hand.

When you count this money you are lieing about your assets. This is what banks do and loan companies. They lie about the money they have. They are counting on everyone being able to make their payments and making them on time. Hope and dreams is what that is. Reality is different.

We are in this mess because of this practice. People are counting on projected funds instead of on hand funds. Or a gross versus a net value.

Look banks are out to screw you and so are loan companies. If they weren't then they would allow you to value yourself like they do. With a potential value of worth. Meaning that everyone has the ability to earn millions therefore you are worth millions. Instead they do a high intense rectal exam of your fiances (or they are supposed to) to determine your net worth.

Then they skew it just enough to lock you into a loan that is slanted in their favor for the next 5 to 30 years. Think about it.

On a car loan, it is annual percentage rate, figured annually. In other words they figure interest on the interest to make them selves money. How stupid are we for signing a contract on that. You are paying them money on money you are supposed to pay in the first place. kind of a bad viscous circle no?

So then the company you have the loan with takes this loan. On money or assets no longer in their possession and values it as income for them. Its fake, does not exists. The money or property is no longer in their possession and therefore should not be counted as hard value. It is nonexistent.

But they count it, add it into their quarterlies and say they have a worth of x instead of the real y value.

Wouldn't it be great if the average person could run their fiances like that. Write a check on something that is not there. You can't! Its called fraud. This is how the economy works in real life. However in the world of banking and corporate fiance they can write checks on nothing based on something that is not there.

This brings us back around to why the financial world is having problems. Over inflation of their financial worth. Writing checks on monies that they do not have, and claiming it as income.

So what do we as the average citizen and tax payer do. Well if I were you, get rid of those credit cards. Look at what you have on hand, not in stocks or in bonds. Invest in tangible items you can get your grubby hands on. Jewelery, gold, silver, items that have a value you can touch and feel.

Do not, do not buy things on credit. Do a cash only business. Credit is bad, cash is good!!

Do not put your savings into stocks. Look if a company goes under and you invest in it kiss your money goodbye.

Do not count on retirement accounts. If you have $100,000.00 in the bank and it goes under. FDIC will not cover the account if you are a penny over. Then its cents on the dollar in return. Now does this mean make a run on the bank? NO, NO, NO! What it does mean is get to the bank and diversify your money. Open several new accounts. So what if you have ten accounts all with a balance of $90,000.00. At least this way you have your money insured then, ( well if the government doesn't spend all the tax money it has reserved for insurance on more stupid bailouts).

You want someone to blame, look at you neighbor who just bought the over valued $500,000.00 dollar home and can not afford it. Now do not be mad at them for wanting the American dream. There is nothing wrong with that. Be mad at them for not being fiscally smart enough to afford it and are making you pay for it.

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