Friday, June 29, 2012 

Disgraced Democrats ,liars and cowards

There is no other way to describe or say it. The Democratic party is full of cowards and disgraceful liars. First promises of no new taxes. Now we find out that those of us who make less then $250,000.00 are going to be hit with the brunt of supporting funds for the highly (despite the wrong ruling by SCOTUS) unConstitutional Obamacare. It is we the people in the "middle class" who will now be in the poor class. However the real disgraceful act was a walk out on the copntempt vote for Attorney General Eric Holder. For any elected official to walk out for any reason is a disgrace and should be hailed as a COWARD.

This is not a witch hunt as the LIARS, like Nancy Pelosi claim. This is an investigation and a cover up on who new what and when on how border patrol agent Tery was murdered and why.

The democrats are disgraceful not only in their high and mighty actions but look at the results of what they are doing. Our economy is sinking and now looks to be going under with Obama care and new taxes disguised as benefits for no one. A loss of respect and world position as leaders in the communityof man. National secretes leaked that hurt operatives and the military. A southern border that is in caos with kidnappings on the rise not just in Phoenix but all over the southwest. Drug cartels running Americans out of American parks so that they can traffic not just in drugs but in human slaves for what ever reason.

Small businesses going to go under because of new labor costs disguised as no new taxes. A president who lies out of both sides of his mouth so that he can look like he is sincereley smiling. All the while he is laughing at the American people.

It is time to take our country back. Muslims who riot in Michagan and stone Christians while police turn their backs on it. This another lie from Obama, respect the religion of tolerance? What tolerance.


Thursday, June 28, 2012 

Mandated enslavement, Obamacare supported by political hacks

Ok lets face the truth. It is past time that We the People take back our country. By hook or crook, crook being what is in office now, we have lost our freedoms granted by the founding fathers. Mandating the purchase by either regulation or new taxes is WRONG. Taxation without representation was a major factor in the revolution that this country went through over two hundred years ago.

What we have seen today is not only an avoidance of the Constitution by Congress and the Senate of the Constitution, but support from the Supreme Court in the flaunting of the ignoring of the Constitution. In essance it is the government twelling the people you work for the government aqnd will do what the government dictates. This is tyrannical and not at all a represenative government. It boarders on a dictatorship, socialism and a politburo as in the old Soviet Union.

The supreme court has stated that this government can and may make laws that penalise you for decisions that they do not like. In other words we will tell you what to buy, where to buy, and how much you will pay for something. This is not a free market, nor is it capitolism. It reeks of Bananna Republics and their dictator governmnets.

The people of thisx once great country arebeing told you no longer matter in the way things are done. You are to get up and serve the government and their whims. A clear 180 degrees from what the founding fathers set in motion. War has been declared on the people. Ignoreing the laws of the land by not defending the borders, choosing what laws to enforce and ignore, lying to the people (this is not a tax, yes it isa tax and not a mandate), letting natiuonal secretes out to the press on matters of security. It reeks of hatred to the people.

We were handed a form of government that we weree challenged to porotect and hold on to. We have FAILED in this. Our freedoms are gone. The Bill of Rights is next to be dismissed under this regime. Fast and furious is an attack on the second amendment and the courts do not look to be defending us the people.

If the courts ignore the Constitution and support a taxation/mandate on our income. Telling us what we have to buy in the way of insurancwe what is next? Are they, the government going to dictate what vehicles we drive? Yes they are through EPA regulations. These regulations are onlyu favoring those companies that give money to the elites pockets. No one really wants to drive a golf cart on the highways, yet we are being forced to do so.

Be honest who really has bno pride and wants government handouts on food and money? Some do because they have been so downtroddin by this government that they do not strive to be individuals. The self satisfaction of making it has been denied.

It is time that the Tea Party praise the Lord every where and pass the ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012 

Colorado Wildfires

The recent explosion of fires along the front range is a prime example of how not only State but Federal officials lack leadership and ability to look at potential problems. For over three years now I have been all over my State Representative Cherri Gerou about this problem. After all this time I still get brushed off. Since then we have had several devastating fire including the recent Pudre Canyon disaster.

Why are we suffering these fire? It is simple, the state refuses to do anything about the problem. Lip service and move along nothing to see here attitude is prevalent. With earth first and other moronic environmentalist running amok and not being prosecuted for their actions, the state of Colorado is suffering a huge pine beetle problem. This problem is a major factor in controlling these wildfires. Beetle kill is nothing more then fuel for a wild fire as it is essentially dead wood and fuel. Major slash piles litter the area and also are bonfires waiting to be lit.

Denver Mountain parks is in bed with those who would rather see the state burn then have a single tree cut. It takes a minimum of thirty days to receive a permit to cut wood from them and then it is a miracle if you get heard in thirty days. In reality the buck is passed and a permit takes closer to ninety days to be issued if it is issued. I am six months in waiting for mine. You apply then it is passed around to another agencies that have nothing to do with the parks waiting for approval from them then back to the parks for an OK or not. All the while Denver Mountain Parks is covered with downed trees from the 2003 winter snow storm that hit.

It is not for a lack of getting people to cut the wood,or a factor of labor costs to remove it. There are organizations that are more then willing to do this and can do this. It is a matter of stepping up to the plate and allowing them to do it.

Those few logging companies that have contracted to clear dead wood are being hindered by tree spikes, equipment sabotage and chaining of roads. Where is the law protecting their legal rights under contracts? No where to be found. A lack of enforcement on the domestic terrorists who have essentially caused and aided the wildfires with their actions.

Now with over two hundred homes gone, families lives ruined and devastated. Animals dead, injured and missing, no one from PETA speaking out. The State is still having a wait and see , move along attitude about all of this. DO not be fooled by the press conference's of Governor Trickenlooper, he is NOT  doing anything about prevention of this problem.

Looks like it will be a rather warm summer, got any smores?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 

When Voting, something to think about.

  There is an outcry of "voter intimidation" now being pushed by our own DOJ. With political appointee and hack of a lawyer Attorney Genereal Eric Holder. Now Holder is not the only one crying fauxfoul on this. The left is in a outpoor of false implications and mas hysteria. Lets look at what is so omportant that you have to show a valed picture identification card and then look at voting.

You have to sow a picture I.D. to buy a movie ticket if you are getting a discount ticket, senior or student. Soometimes just buy the ticket to prove your meet the age requirments of the movie rating. To cash a check or write a check , places ask for a picture I.D. to make sure it is you cashing the check. To buy cigarettes you most definately have to show picture I.D. or to buy alcohol you need that little picture I.D. If you are pulled over in your car , better have that picture driver license or be hispanic , one or the other because the police are going to demand the picture I.D. even if it is for a busted tailight.

You want to go to the bar with your friends and watch the big game? Better be able to prove who you are or go home and watch on a small screen. Picking up mail at the post office? Best show that evil little I.D. there too. The local p[ost master requires identification in order to give you registered mail.

These are minor things when compared to the implications and importance of voting. Think about the vote for a minute. Here you are not only excercising your Constitutional right , but your responsibility as a citizen when voting. No one is saying you can not vote. What is being asked of American citizens is to make sure that no one is falsly voting in your stead. I know when it comes time to vote I am always among the first 10 to vote in my local precinct. I get up early go get in line and wait for the poll to open. Why,m to make sure that my name is correct on the rolls and that it is checked off for me and not some imposter. You say this does not happen. Well goggle yourself. I found in  my state mthat there are 46 people with the exact same name , spelling and birthday as me. Six of these people are of the opposite sex. I can not prove identitiy theft but, I do get a lot of denials for credit cards I have never applied for.

Your vote is not sacred , but itis imporatnat. In our form of a REPUBLIC DEMOCRACY it allows you your voice in the way things are done. You elect represenitives who supposedly represents a like way of thinking on issues. It gives you voice on other issues like tax hikes, levees, and which way the economy may go. Rather we have a strong or weak national defense.

With issues like this at stake is it too much to ask the government to make sure no one is using your name to misrepresent your thinking? To represent you yourself and cancell out your vote on an issue or political hack runniing for office? I think not!

So when you go to the poll to vote whats more important, proving that you ar who you say you are , or buying that next pack of smokes.

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