Tuesday, March 31, 2009 

Napolitano is dyslexic

Our ever wise and vigilant Sec. of Homeland Defense is dyslexic. This is the only possible explanation that would excuse her from being incompetent. There is no other excuse for her thinking of how to protect our border to the south. If she is not dyslexic then she is by no other reason, plain and simply anti American.

Janet Napolitano seems to think as does the incompetent Hillary , Ried, Pelosi, and Obama. That the trouble along the Mexican American border is the fault of America. This is not only laughable but insulting.

These people (the only nice thing I could think of to call them), have this notion that because we have a second amendment that grants us the RIGHT to own and posses firearms. It is now a threat to Mexico's security. I will say that again. Our second amendment has been deemed to be a threat to Mexico's security.

Sen. John "I voted for it before I was against it" Kerry is right now proposing new legislation from his dog and pony research in San Antonio on violence on the border. Legislation to further limit and restrict our rights provided under the second amendment.

Napolitano is directing the border patrol to reverse their policy of inspecting traffic coming into the United States and inspect that which leaves this country. Hence her dyslexic problem. She is doing it backwards. She believes that looking for contraband that leaves this country is the way to solve the border violence. Contraband like cash and guns.

Now the last time I purchased a weapon I filled out the form and the first question was am I a citizen or not. Call your ATF and ask them if a no answer sends up a red flag or not. Once again the liberal enlightened thinkers are looking to punish those who obey the law in favor of protecting those who break the law.

Statistics and facts prove time and time again that those who obey the law are not out committing the crimes. It is those who break the law committing crimes. Hence breaking the law. A criminal is going to get weapons on the black market. Or they will steal them.

If you look at what weapons the drug cartels are using they are not the typical weapons available to the American citizen. As a matter of fact they are either former weapons our government has sold the Mexican military or they are from the far east, eastern Europe, or the new Kalashnikov factory in Venezuela.

To call her plan securing the border is like giving the jail cell keys to the inmates and saying that they are locked up. It doesn't work.

This is the incompetence we are going to have to deal with as long as we have the most inexperienced President in history. A man who has more corruption going on in his administration then any in history.

God help us for the next four years.

Monday, March 30, 2009 

Tax Day Tea Party Denver

City: Denver

When: April 15, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Where: West steps of the Capitol, 200 East Colfax

Contact: EMAIL

Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/DenverTeaPartyFacebook Group: CLICK HERE

Will you come out to the West steps of the Colorado state Capital and demonstrate against the unconstitutional taxation without representation being given by our newly elected open, transparent, full of hope and change elected officials?

Opposition against the Obama administration and the lack of any leadership from Pelosi , Ried, and others in Congress is growing. Unfortunately the MSM still refuses to report the growing dissent in this country.

Local news outlets are located very close to the location of the state Capital. Channel 4 News is only a couple blocks south on Broadway. FOX 31 a couple more blocks down. Then you have Channel 7 on Speer and Lincoln, while Channel 9 another two blocks down speer from Channel 7.

It would be a nice thing to see these local outlets cover this but I do not think that they will. So for those who are coming to this protest bring digital cameras and download as many pictures as you can then flood these outlets with e-mails showing as many people at the protests as you can. Get the word out that We as American Tax Payers are getting tired of Washington and their tax /spend policies.

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Border Sham - Napolitano's sedition

The lies and misdirection coming from yet again the Obamanation is amazing and very dangerous to this country. We have a huge problem with ILLEGALS in this country. At a time when unemployment is on the rise, drug production is increasing, and gang violence is starting to reach mythical proportions. Our government is doing nothing but a song and dance on the issue of securing our Nation from invasion.

The drug cartel wars now going on along the southern border are a direct thereat to the safety of American citizens. SO what is our government doing about it. Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of this country do to the drug trade and human trafficking. People along the border fear fro their lives , walk around their own homes armed to the teeth because our government is not protecting them.

No American should have to walk around in their own home packing heat.

So how does this make Sec. of Homeland Defense Napolitano a seditionist? With the aid of other open border traitors who seek to establish a secondary culture and Hispanic government with in Americas borders. The sham and sedition is in the lack of enforcing THE LAW.

Programs like E-Verify, which has the documented numbers to prove it works in saving American jobs for Americans along with catching identity theft perpetrators. The ending of raids on companies that hire illegals over American Citizens, and the misdirection of man power in enforcement of these programs is what is traitorous.

As a former border state governor, Janet Napolitano knows first hand what is effective and what is not. However she ignores on purpose that which works on favor of curring votes from those who want to open the border wide. This is a violation of her trust by the people she swore to serve. Yet as we see incompetence gets you promoted.

Her fellow American and LEGAL citizens who live in Arizona are being treated as second class citizens when it comes to their safety. Napolitano would rather seek the safety of those who break our laws instead of those who obey the law. This is a travesty of an elected official who's loyalty is in question.


Unions get more aid from the White House

As the economy gets false hope and little change in the way of leadership and help from the Obamanation administration. The unions get another free pass it looks like in the war on class envy. G.M.C. executive and CEO Rick Wagoner gets his walking papers from Washington in a unheard of extortion move.

Barrack Obamanation has passed word that G.M. will not get any more money as long as Rick Wagoner is still in charge. A complete double standard being set as this executive is asked to come up with a business plan and workable theory to save G.M. Yet here we have an administration that favors unions, is stacked with pro union bureaucrats, and is pushing pro union plans on every aspect of the nations work force. So when there is a call for the auto unions to make concessions they don't.

We hear that some concessions have been made but what are they? What have the unions contributed in order to save jobs for Americans and the auto workers? There have been none, while Washington and Obama black mail an executive with leave or no more help for the company action.

Rick Wagoner by no means has been what would be considered a good executive, as for the last eight years G.M. has been falling in its position as world leader in car manufacturing. Yet what have the unions done in this time? They have lined their pockets with absurd wages and regulations that add a minimum of $2,500 dollars per vehicle. A cost that is past on to the consumer.

Why such a high cost? Simple if you are in the union and laid off you still receive your same pay for as long as you are a union member and the public pays for it. Where are the concessions? This is absurd. White collar workers are told that they have to take pay cuts. Former white collar and management are loosing their benefits that they contractually were given. However the union gets to keep all of theirs with the blessing of Obama and his socialist ilk. Some change and hope alright. You hope that your retirement will leave you enough change to pay for the things you worked for and were promised.

The unions are getting a pass on the problems in Michigan. The unions are a huge part of the problems in the auto industry and yet no one in Washington wants to antagonise them and force them into a position where they would have to make moves to aid in the reformulation of the industry.

The unions are getting forced into all aspects of life . Whether you want to be a union member or not. The unions are dictating not only the auto industry but with only 9% of the work force they are dictating how all industries are going to behave.

This is the first step towards major placement of socialism into the work force. When the workers dictate the way business is done. Where workers make more then the owners of the company.

It is backwards, a wrong move on the part of Washington, and one that will hurt this country in not just the short run but the long run.

Sunday, March 29, 2009 

Why America is Falling

Since the election of the Obamanation and the move by the leftist in this country to seize control over our lives. We have seen the acceleration of the downward spiral we call morality and the American way of life. The question posed should be how do we stop and reverse this process. How do we bring morality back and a sense of fair play when those who seek absolute power are corrupt and the power they corrupt is being made absolute?

This country was founded on certain principles of hard work and fair play. Key words hard and fair. Nothing in this life is fair and nothing is free. One has no more expectations out of life then to at one time or another to be cheated in the name of equality. One of the most lied about and twisted ideals there has ever been.

Some like to say that all men are born equal. What a falsehood. We are not. Some like to say that in the name of right and wrong we are all the same. Again this is false. Some people are born bigger , smaller , taller , stronger, smarter, wiser then others. So what. It is not what you are born with but how you use it and adapt it to your benefit.

Do you cultivate your skills and talents for private gain or for the communal good? Do you want to serve or lead your fellow man? What is your "calling"?

These decisions are what sets a community and the morals for this community. The good and evil that is in the hearts of the best and truest of man is no different in the loftiest or the lowest of each one.

When we apply "political correctness" to these truths it is then we see why this country, America is falling from grace and its leading role in the world. We see how the "evil" in man and the lack of serving our fellow is compromised and forgotten.

The biggest oxymoron out there today is the liberal term of "ENLIGHTENED, PROGRESSIVE THINKER". This can not be farther from the truth when applied to those who call themselves this, and they are beginning to realize it. Few are still accepting the term for their ways anymore. When they call them selves ENLIGHTENED, they are in the dark. PROGRESSIVE is a spin on the progress that they refuse to make, when the direction is backwards. THINKER, where do you start on this. If you rationally look at their thinking you find very little to none at all.

What we have is an assault by those who think themselves wise and smarter then the whole. These people we have determined to be on the left, or the extreme right. They are wanting to control their fellow man, all the while reaping the riches of the labor of the whole for their minority.

The school system for decades now has been dumbing down our society with their lies and half truths on all matters of learning. Why, so that in their minds we become equal. This is backwards to what should be done. Instead of dumbing down one segment of humanity should not we raise the intelligence of the other segments? This would be progressive would it not? Lowering standards is not creating any sense of equality but massive inequality. Drilling into the grey matter of the youth that they are not good enough to know better or capable of being better, and using their unique qualities to better themselves.

The world is not a better place for this as this breeds hatred and loathing among different groups. The haves versus the have nots. A social economic problem. We see this in the political speech we call class warfare. Posing one group against another by pointing out what one group has achieved versus those who have not successfully earned these benefits or goodies of the other.

Hence we have a welfare state in which those who do not have the get up and go to earn something complaining and demanding that which they have not earned. Thus it is unfair and unequal. A lie and an attempt to separate humanity by the sin of greed.

This is the biggest flaw in communism and socialism. The needs, wants, and desires of man. It leads to the feeling of life not being fair and that someone is cheating someone. Does this happen? Sure, it is part of mans nature to cheat his fellow man. But it is also in mans nature to resist that temptation and help his fellow man. It is called making a choice. Serving and or leading your fellow man.

The left however does not see it this way. They have told us over and over again that achievement over you fellow man is wrong. It is unfair. It leads to inequality. Lies, lies , lies!
What it has done in historical aspect is lead to achievement and creativity. It inspires man to get off his backside and do something. The competitive nature in man drives us to achieve and create. It is not wrong, it is a good thing. Thus we have capitalism. A system in which man can use ingenuity and be creative.

A healthy environment of competition which improves are standard of living. If it was not for competition we would never have a flat screen television with HD and the cable/satellite channels.

Competition between two societies lead to the initial space race which in turn gave us the transistor and then the computer chip and now the micro chip. We have cell phones, black berries, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Schwinn, BMX, a plethora of choices. All of which would never have been if not for competition. Competition which is capitalism.

Another key factor in human nature is the fact man needs to believe. We have an inherent need to keep faith that there is something better, a power, and reason for going on in life. Whether this be in religion or in a philosophy.

However the left and the extremist would have you believe in only what they tell you to believe in. That there is no GOD. That there is only one faith. That man is the root of all evil and can never be good. That forced generosity and Charity is the only thing that will save man and this planet. The do as I say not as I do mentality that is what we cal bureaucracy, or the ruling elite.

America is falling but not do to the lack of its citizens overall. IT is falling because of certain twisted and perverse ideals of inequality and unfairness that do not exist except in the minds of those who who wish to control and dominate their fellow man.

A cap and trade if you will on human nature. Setting a cap on creativity and punishing those who strive to achieve. Then trading human nature for their own selfish wants. This is why America is failing. Not do to a few greedy corporations lead by greedy CEO's. This will correct itself. Man has a strong sense of fair play and will say enough is enough in time. You can not cap and force man to stand up if they choose not to.

Those who for eight years claimed we were being oppressed lied to us. Look at their stance on anything. It is they who are the true oppressors. They are the ones killing this country by trying to stifle mans creativity and nature. Without the rewards of achievement man will wither and die.

This is what is happening to America. It is withering and dying. Restrictions on mans choices are what is wrong. Not mans willingness to strive for a better way of life. The removal of faith and belief in something better denies the soul and removes the hope of change for the better.

Thursday, March 26, 2009 

The economy improves?

Today we here how President Obama is claiming his stimulus package is beginning to work. That the economy is improving. Say what? Hmmmmm, a whole list of new lay offs is out. Jobless claims are still going up, but hey the Obamantion/messiah says it is all better. Go figure.

New details are available about the auto industry and how the Obamanation auto czars are ready to announce new plans for the industry. Yet not included in this is the fact that they still will not allow Ford to build a new engine factory. One that they have only in Europe, because building the factory here will bring baseless legal action from all the activists groups who oppose anything new and better. The news on this factory is that it builds diesel engines. Engines that get 50 miles to the gallon. Now would that not help out the energy problem? You darn tooting it would.

Reports that the economy is better go back to cardboard box sale being on the rise. They say this is a good sign? I say the sales are up because people need the boxes to store and move their possessions as they look for a new place to live.

Just a few things to think about this morning.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 

Charity, why should I give?

Why should I give to any charity now. President Obama has taken away most deductions for a good heart out of my tax filings. Congress has passed the initial forced servitude acts (GIVE/SERVE acts). SO why should I bother to reach further into my pocket in these Washington made economic bad times?

There once was a time in this country when people would stop and give a hand up to those who were in need. As a matter of fact one used to be able to turn to their church for help when things were tough. Now it has changed. Congress is telling us you WILL help the community out. They are telling us it is our obligation to our fellow citizen. Why? It is not my responsibility to be my neighbors keeper. As a matter of fact I AM NOT MY BROTHERS KEEPER EITHER. However if it is family it is my choice to help them out. Why, because it is family and if you can not help family out then there are some issues there.

I am not responsible for my fellow man if he chooses to be homeless and beg on the streets. You can not tell me that every one on the street corner is there because of the economy. I will post pictures of some I have seen on the street corner for several years now later. Many beg on the street because they prey on the good hearts of the good people in this country. But how long will the American have a good heart when they are being forced to do something?

Berried deep in these GIVE/SERVICE acts, read the fine print. Are mandatory hours and acts of service that are to mandated on the populace. This be definition removes charity from the act.

According to the Websters dictionary. Charity is defined as the following:

Main Entry:
\ˈcher-ə-tē, ˈcha-rə-\
Inflected Form(s):
plural char·i·ties
Middle English charite, from Anglo-French charité, from Late Latin caritat-, caritas Christian love, from Latin, dearness, from carus dear; akin to Old Irish carae friend, Sanskrit kāma love
Date: 13th century
1: benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity

2 a: generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering ; also : aid given to those in need b: an institution engaged in relief of the poor c: public provision for the relief of the needy

3 a: a gift for public benevolent purposes b: an institution (as a hospital) founded by such a gift

4: lenient judgment of others
synonyms see mercy

No where does it say a mandatory service by one for another. It is an act of kindness not a forced act of service to another.

So if I am going to be forced into servitude to my fellow citizen why would I want to give freely of my wallet and time. I am already being forced to give up time. Time in which I am being told what to do over what I want or need to do. To me this sounds a little like oppression and fascism.

Charity begins at home. As my dollar travels less and less then it once did. I think I will be my own charity, help my family, take care of my dogs, long before I donate to a charity.


Obama: The War is Over

It has happened. The war is over! The fact no one knows if we won or lost makes no difference. All we need to know is that the war is over. All the minor hostilities that are still occurring is trivial. The war is over. Haven't you heard?

It is no longer a war, it has been renamed an "OVERSEAS CONTINGENCY OPERATION".

What a relief to know that we are ready for contingencies and not open terrorist tactic urban gorilla warfare. One where INNOCENTS are the prime targets of our adversaries. Is not this great news? Washington/ Obama and his enlightened administration along with those ever wise and intelligent (LOL) elected liberals are able to save us with just the renaming of a conflict.

Wonder why President Bush didn't just rename it as well. Think of all the lives it would have saved. Instead of dieing to save us they would only be statistics of accidents brought on by misfortunes of misunderstandings internationally. Just a quirk of fate.

I can not wait till the border problem gets solved with a new name. One like the replacement of displaced migrant unemployed social misfits.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 

Press Conference?

President Obama just finished his second press conference. That is if you can call it that. It was more or less another poorly orated speech. Just like his administration the call for plans that have not been formulated as of yet but trust us we have a plan.

This press conference was terrible. It was full of lies. Plain and simple lies.

Lets start with saving jobs for the police. Yet in Chicago they are turning over and looking at giving the same authority to security companies to patrol and enforce the law. How does that save policemen jobs?

He says that he is for the Veteran and respects the veteran, yet he IS planning on taking away veteran benefits.

Let me clue you all in on his plan for the "legacy" assets. (they want you to call it legacy to OBAMA's mess to Bush). This B.S. that the private investor and the government ( which is you and I , private investors) are going to end up buying homes for those who should not have been approved for mortgages they could not afford in the first place. People we are going to buy these homes and get ZERO return on the purchase.

Obama and his cronies have no plan other then to seize as much power as possible as fast as they can. There is no plan to rescue this country from hard times when they make the times harder for us. Indentured servitude and complete dependency on the government is what they want.

He is asked about the deficit and says we have to spend more to get it under control. Anyone who sits down once a month and balances their personal budget knows you can not spend what you do not have.


Should we connect these dots?

Remember back on the campaign trail. Then Presidential candidate Obama said in Colorado Springs that we need a homeland security force that is just as well funded and trained as the military. To be as well equip and just as funded.

Dot number one: Homeland security force.

Recent quote from the grass roots effort to win support for President Obama's socialist take over economy plan.

Dot number two:"We're not looking for a fight. That will come later, when we have an army."

Congress vote in favor of the GIVE act.

Dot number three: March 20TH $6 billion funded to the volunteerism bill known as the GIVE act. A mandatory community service act that imposes conscripted service to country.

The new call for firearm control in the name of protecting citizens by disarming them.

Dot Four: H.B. 45

Sec of Homeland Defense Napolitano, A.G. Holder, saying it is Americas fault for the drug cartel murders along the border because we have a Second Amendment.

Dot Five: Drug Cartels have weapons that the American Citizen can not purchase, but we are to blame for their armament.

North Dakota is experiencing massive flooding. Kentucky suffered life taking freezing weather. Where was FEMA and the Obama administration.

Dot Six: Lack of FEMA action in this years two natural disasters to date.

Just a few things that are happening that are of concern and should be noticed. No need in putting down the economic fiasco dots and administration appointee blunders that are happening. Or the cover up being staged by Barney Frank and his ilk on the bailout theft.

Monday, March 23, 2009 

Socialism finds new cover?

The P.R. campaign is in full swing and the distortion/slight of hand is in full swing. Not just from Washington inside supporters for Obama and his socialism but all across the nation. It would seem that the use of new terms in describing the assault on Capitalism is the game plan.

Now we see the use of "unequal pay" as the key term in the redistribution of wealth. Still playing the old class warfare card it takes a new approach in trying to appeal to the meek of mind. By playing on the uneducated and misrepresenting the cost of living in certain areas of the country. The socialist are hoping to create massive support for their redistribution of wealth. The punishment of those who strive to achieve , while rewarding those who don't.

The argument that the left misstate this time around is that people in say New York make so much more then those who live in Forrest City Iowa. While on the surface the argument looks solid, but like all ice covered lakes in spring it is only an illusion and one needs to be ready to tread water when crossing.

The main part left out of the argument is the cost of living in the two places. How they differ. While the economy in Arkansas provides that a person making $70,000.00 a year lives very well yet a person in New York would be hard pressed on this income. This is reality. The cost of living in New York, Chicago, Los Angles is so much higher then Little Rock, Forrest City, DeBuoque, etc.

Part of the cover being used is the myth that stock holders have no say in the salaries of the CEO's of the companies. What Obamantion and his cronies are proposing is the limit in salaries for those executives who receive bailout money, but It does not stop there. The proposal continues on to all companies across the board. Again stating that it is not fair that all executives make money. The supporting arguments are that the stock holders do not make as much as the executives. It is not fair they claim.

Well , DUUUUUHHHHHH! A stock holder may have a supporting interest in a certain company but the stock holder is not working like the executive. The stock holder has only a small piece of the pie here, not the whole pie. What Obamanation hopes to create is a system in which all stock holders make as much as the CEO does. This will eliminate all profit of said companies. It will also increase the class difference in the economic system we have. To use the liberal argument of unequal pay. The workers then are entitled to make as much money as the executives. Even though the job responsibilities are vastly different. This just enhances the march of redistribution and the encroachment of communism.

Again I warn all who are out there to listen to what is being said. Listen closely to the context of the words and not just the sound bites being used to gain support. Our way of life and country is under assault. It is being torn asunder by the left under the guise of equality. The same way that the party started the revolution in Russia. It is the same arguments only the terms are modernised for their benefit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009 

The Tanner Gun Show

Once again the Tanner Gun show came into Denver on its annual trek to provide another source of second amendment for the citizens of Colorado. As I have done for the last four years I went. This time even earlier then before. The show opens at 9 A.M. so I got there at 0930. No place to park. A distinct difference then the last couple of years.

The next thing of notice that was easy to spot was all the people who were leaving with cases of ammo. Something that was not real abundant last year of before. When I say people leaving with cases I mean cases. Two and three men groups all caring boxes and boxes of ammo.

The next item of note was the amount of AR -15's that people had. Sure I have seen many people buy this fun rifle before but not like this. One fellow was sitting out front of the main entrance of the show with two brand new AR's waiting on his friend who came out with two as well. Now the prices on these are somewhat overinflated because of the recent demand for them. This is brought on do to the fact President Obama and his A.G. seem to think that these are real dangerous and a threat to the national security of Mexico.

A new ban on this weapon is expected to go in to play come June. Along with several other 2ND amendment restrictions.

I must admit that as an avid shooter who has not been able to go and do any plinking of late, I wanted to see what the crowd was going to be like and what their thoughts were. I didn't have to ask anyone what was on their mind. It was evident with their actions. By noon there were several vendors closing up their little shops and getting ready to leave. Why, they were sold out of their goods. Now this was Saturday, the first day of the two day show. They were sold out in 1/4 of the time.

Another area that I saw being more heavily trafficked then before was the book sales. Mainly those which dealt with survivalist ideas and self protection of the home. The how to live off the land group. I was interested in a copy of the Anarchist cookbook but the price was in my opinion unreasonable for a book that has been around since at least the seventies.

Yes there were the collector booths , and the skilled leather tanner booths. Some very nice work available at again a higher then normal price. I did notice alot of second hand holsters and the cheap ones being pushed off as the next greatest thing. But what was really buzzing was the shell casings for reloads.

Brass to be used again and again. To the person who has the time and enjoys this. (I did until I lost my reload gear somewhere in a move). Brass is always good to get your hands on. I found it a little funny however. Every year there is a man and I should get his name and card . Mention it here ( a little free advertising for him ). He comes to the show and sells some very nice sports bags, back packs, and tote bags. A lot of people I noticed were purchasing his bags so that they had something to carry the extra ammo and brass out of the show in.

I had hoped to find some ammo for my M-1 Carbine, but I just did not see any there. I did look at some .45 ammo but 100 rounds for $50 dollars was a bit steep to say the least. I had to laugh at that price. I know there was more at a lower price there. Matter of fact I talked to several guys who were counting their ammo to make sure that they had gotten a full case in the ammo cans that they purchased. Still there was a run on the ammo sales. People were more then happy to pay the over inflated prices. Especially when the local Wal Marts and gun shops around Denver just do not have ammo.

In general the mood of the crowd was that of a heard on the verge of stampede. Many looking at each other and waiting for someone to bolt or shout "To Arms Brethren".

Is this attitude justified or is it mere paranoia? Well when you consider the policies that are being pursued in Washington. Then it is not necessarily paranoia. A well armed citizenry is what keeps a government honest, and free of tyrants.

Friday, March 20, 2009 

Is SCOTUS in the tank?

What is happening to our country. When tyrants in Congress screw up and then blame the private citizen for their mistake. To help in covering behind closed door legislation that takes away freedoms and rights once provided by the Constitution.

Pushing laws, rules, and regulations that our founding fathers fought against in order to create the greatest country on the planet. Playing the blame game on corporate America in an angle that hides the culture of corruption being propagated by the liberal socialist hiding under the guise of the Democratic party.

The GIVE act, reduction in military budgets. Removal of key programs that would enhance our military and keep it as the most advanced on the planet (F-22). The blatant ignoring of the Monroe Doctrine concerning foreign powers colonising the Western Hemisphere, ( Russia and China in Central and Southern America).

A President who says the buck stops with him (pretending to be like President Truman, but failing miserably). Should he not be in Washington demonstrating and using his leadership skills in this time of crisis?

Where is SCOTUS in all this? Why are they silent and dismissive of certain legal challenges to what is happening? What will they say to the latest UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill passed by Congress. A clear violation of the bill-of-attainder clause is one of the Constitution. A clause that is seldom used or imposed, but one that is very important in the protection of the individual.

Will SCOTUS stand for the people and the Constitution in which they are sworn to uphold and protect? Or will they bow low to the progressives who seem to think that their position of elected status puts them above the law and the average American?

We are living in some very scary times. When President Obama was nominated for the candidacy of the Democratic party, I and others warned of the dangers he possessed. However could we have imagined the fact that those in Congress would rally to him and blatantly push such an anti American agenda in which enforcement of the law is UN AMERICAN ( Nancy Pelosi on law enforcement and immigration).

Two thirds of our government (legislative and executive branch) is out of control from the people. Will the final third (The Supreme Court) stand up and be counted , or will they knuckle under and betray this country as well?

Thursday, March 19, 2009 

False Advertising: Prison Planet/Obama Deception

I am 48 minutes into a very amusing conspiracy film. It is titled as The Obama Deception. Yet here I sit still waiting to hear something that is of any substance or has factual basis on how Obama is deceiving America.

Now lets face facts. I do believe that he is the WORST PERSON EVER ELECTED to the office. He has no experience or credentials for this position.

Yet all I am hearing out of this conspiracy bunk is that there is a secrete society that is pulling the strings and has been pulling the strings of the American people for a century.

Now 51 minutes into this joke. We are touching upon a few details that we all ready know but the MSM refuses to cover. Certain acts, appointments of incompetent crooks. But what makes this a joke is how they tie it all together here. They keep going back to Bush and a secrete society.

Yes it touches upon the truth of the problems and the way our government is failing to handle these problems. Their ineptness and incompetence of action and experience lacking ability of judgment.

Still it is Bush and his father, along with the elite wealthy of the world capitalist who are pulling the strings. This film if anything is full of conjecture and false conclusions. Class envy and those still looking for their full 15 minutes of fame.

I highly suggest that if you are interested in watching this that you DO NOT buy it and contribute to these nut jobs. Just watch it for free. Pop a bowl of popcorn, get your drink , and be ready to laugh.




Buyers remorse

This is a lesson that all, and I mean all who are going to make a purchase of anything that requires you to sign a document to sit down and read the small print. It would not only benefit you, but probably save you some headache and heartache.

How many times have we heard someone say "if only I had read the fine print", or say " I should have read it thoroughly". This is because they , or you were in such a hurry to take possession of the new item, a car, house, boat, vacation etc. You do not bother to look at things. I do not like lawyers , yet in some cases it takes a lawyer to sort out and interpret the language of contracts. Yes contracts because that is what you are signing. A contract stating that you understand the item you are buying and what is involved in the purchase of said object.

So when Congress and our ever vigilant , educated, progressive leaders in Washington rushed to jump on the band wagon and sign the Porkulus polooza. Over a thousand pages of underhanded , tax and spend, poor legislation. They failed to read the small print.

For these jack-n-apes to now come forward and complain is not only hypocritical. It is down right disgusting and fraudulent. It demonstrates their lack of competence. The fact that over 75% of these bone heads are lawyers and should know better, but their rush to stay in favor of a socialist president is sickening.

With each and every day we are finding out more and more of what exactly is in this bill that they failed to vet and debate. This is your hope and change? Is this what Americans need and want? I highly doubt that even the majority of the Bush haters really wanted such incompetence to control Washington D.C.

This would be funny if it was not so sad. These elected officials do not even know what they are doing. SO how do we as Americans know what is going on.

The lesson here is to always read the document before you sign on the dotted line.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 


Barney Frank has to be the second, if not the biggest joke in Washington. It is close though with all the other laughable people in office. However Barney's disdain for the safety of others today during the hearings was not only despicable but disgusting.

When Edward Liddy read of the death threats being sent to the public/private citizens of the AIG corporation, Frank dismissed them as no big deal. Saying that people get those all the time. That they are not that big of a deal.

This is not true, it is a big deal. When someone wants to take piano wire ( like what the Nazi's used in many cases) to lynch those they are mad at. It then becomes something serious.

The fact that Barney Frank would be the first to scream and cry at the top of hi lungs if someone threatened him or his family. More then likely receiving federal agents to not only provide at tax payer expense protection but investigating the threats, then prosecuting them. Frank thinks as long as it is someone else it is no big deal.

This is more proof, evidence of the elitism that prevails among the Democratic party in Washington. Of how they think that only they are important. That they are better then everyone else. It is time for Frank to go.

Barney it is time for you to step down and go to wherever it is that creeps like you disappear to.


AIG, Liddy , Congressional hearing summary

In short. Although the bonuses handed out may have been immoral, unethical, and considered by some to be wrong. They were legal.

The congressional hearings and roasting of Libby CEO of AIG by our esteemed self righteous members of Congress today is nothing more than a witch hunt looking to push the blame on anyone other then Congress and their incompetent lack of oversight and lack of economic business sense.


What would J.F.K. do??

The liberal left elitist like to hold up John F. Kennedy as an example of what they claim they are doing and that they are trying to follow his ideals. Yet if you sit down and take the time to read Kennedy's policies and what he was about, you find that J.F.K. would be considered an extremist on the right in comparison to what we have now in the Democratic party.

It was October 22, 1962. A Monday at approximately 7 p.m. The televisions in homes were turned on and the volume up as many were sitting down to or finishing up with their evening dinner. President Kennedy came on the screen and informed America that the Soviet Union was building up military capabilities in Cuba, including the installation of nuclear missiles, and the facilities to launch them.

On October 16Th President Kennedy was given Intel pictures taken from a U-2 spy plane. These pictures showed that just ninety miles off the coast of Florida in Cuba missile bases being built.

On the 18Th Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrei Gromyko, stated the weapons were for defensive purposes only.

Sunday, October 21, the President spent the entire day conferring with his advisers. Two main military options were under consideration:

1) a surgical air strike against the bases or

2) a naval blockade of Cuba. The President chose the blockade, which would be labeled a "quarantine."

In his address, on October 22ND. The President explained the threat, announced his decision to blockade, and stated the U.S. would consider any missile launched from Cuba as an attack by the U.S.S.R.

The world stood silent and cringed. We were on the edge of a nuclear confrontation.

President Kennedy stood tall and did not waver in his glare back into the eyes of the Soviet war machine.

Fast forward to today and a little further south. Hugo Chavez, a pi on dictator from Venezuela is now the Castro of our times. The Soviet Union is not the powerhouse it once was but it is nothing to poo poo. It is lead by a die hard, casts in wool ex K.G.B. officer. Vlad Putin. The puppet leader, Medvedev is only a mouth piece for Putin.

The Russians are building with e aid of Hugo air bases to refuel , store and service long range bombers that carry nuclear missiles. Hugo has also built a Kalashnikov rifle factory that is supplying Latin America , the drug cartels, and fifth column enemies of Democracy and freedom with weapons.

The threat is as great today as it was in 1962. The safety of American soil, and our way of life is under assault. Not just from within by a socialist demigod like Obama. But it is under threat from Socialist from South America aided by the Socialist of Russia. The threat is real and is growing.

What would John Kennedy do about this?


How to get Congressional action

How do you get Congress, that is the house and the senate to get up and do something? You expose them for the frauds, their inept abilities, and their lies that they commit.

This false outrage over their carefully constructed plan, is a prime example of it. It has been exposed for the underhanded, keep the people in the dark, pass what ever we can get away with actions. AIG came out a year ago and announced these bonuses. Sec of "tax cheats" Geithner, was working wall street during the breakdown and unethical practices. Sen. Dummy Dodd, wrote the amendment that went into the stimulus bill that allowed for legal protection of these bonuses. His denying the fact proves that he either is a LIAR, or that if as he says did not know, proves he is INCOMPETENT and needs to be removed immediately from his position for lack of understanding and oversight .

Now we have a movement under way to write tax law and subject those who received these bonuses to UNCONSTITUTIONAL taxation. The last time we had so m many Representatives and Senators in front of the Camera they were all scrambling for face time to denounce the 9/11 attacks.

People we have an underground movement in our elected officials to either destroy America from within or that they are proof that our educational system has been broken a lot longer then we ever thought. It is a sad state of affairs.

Congress seems to only move and attempt to do anything when they are exposed for the INCOMPETENCE that they are so over qualified with. The only thing sadder then Congress is the people who keep voting these IDIOTS back into office.

If we want Congress to act and do something then we must continue to expose their agenda. We must continue to demonstrate their incompetence. It really is not all that hard. All we need to do is turn the Tivo on and record every time that they go on the air and speak. Then paste it all over you tube.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 

AIG, Contracts, and Government

This happened on Obama's watch not Bush's, so can Obama have the government step in to private business and ignore legal contracts? This is a prime example of Big Brother trying to run private business for the "benefit" of the popular sentiment.

AIG was stupid enough to give out contracts to certain employees guaranteeing them bonuses even if they did not produce profit. This is bad business practice but is it illegal? No it is not! It just means that stock holders need to take a closer look at what the board of directors are doing in their name. Again a little personal responsibility and fact finding for the individual is what this calls for. This does not answer the question though.

Can the government step in and say wait a minute you are not entitled to a legal contract because we do not think that it is fair. Clearly the government was not paying attention in its rush to throw money at a problem that they had no business throwing money at in the first place. Government is not the answer to all problems , despite what the enlightened progressive thinking economist tell us. In a capitalistic system companies have to from time to time fail. Sorry for those who loose money (that would include Congress who have their retirement funds insured through AIG).

Legally the government CANNOT, I say again CANNOT, null and void contracts. Just because our government was once again foolish enough to give money, and reward incompetence. Does not mean that they can come back and change things afterwards. It equates to handing the bum on the street corner who has a sign saying he needs food. You give him a sawbuck and he runs to the liquor store and buys a bottle of Nitetrain. You can not demand the money back. It is too late. If you wanted to get him food then you should have bought it for him.

If government is allowed to rewrite a legal contract because they do not like it. Then we have no Constitution nor any freedom of enterprise left. Just because the government screwed up AGAIN. Does not allow them to null and void a legal contract between two private parties. Sorry but that is what this is. A contract between two private parties. AIG and the person that they hired.


So guess what person in Washington is behind grandfathering in the AIG bonuses??

One of the morons that helped create the financial mess this country is experiencing. Yeppers that's right Sen. Christopher Dodd. He wrote in to the bailout that certain bonuses be allowed to be given out. So when he runs his mouth about how this is wrong who in the media is going to ask him then why he allowed it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009 

Obama and the Border

President Obamanation has eluded that there may be a possibility of putting troops on the border. Why, well an acknowledgment of the violence that IS spilling over into America from Mexico. However he said it would be the national Guard and did not give any real details.

He also mentioned that there were other outlets that were being looked at end explored. What possibly could these be? All you ave to do is listen to what he said. He made note of the fact drugs come north from Mexico, but emphasised that we send money and GUNS south. The emphasis being on the guns.

Why is this important? Well being debated is HR45. I have mentioned this bill before. It is an attack on the second and fourth amendments of the Bill of Rights. We know that President Obama favors legislation that would make anyone who defends their home with deadly force the criminal and that the one invading the home the victim. He also favors the restriction of firearm ownership.

What we have to watch out for now is how he plans to approach the question of protecting Americans from a threat along the border. I think he is more apt to hinder and hamstring Americans then protect the sovereignty of this Country. I say look for more proposals to limit the rights of gun ownership and home protection laws to be reviewed.

Then anyone else remember when the National guard was on the border how they were left weaponless and not able to defend the border from invasion. The incidents of Mexican, possibly military coming across and pointing weapons at them on U.S. soil? Look for more of that too before he protects the border for real.

Can we really believe that he wants to protect the border when he has put into his cabinet open border supporters and reconquista activists. No way. The border is going to become a real mess and look for Obama to help lead the way in making it worse.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

United Nations Hear my VOICE!!!

As a so called "citizen of the world", Mr. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. I find your insult of calling Americans deadbeats to be that of the pot calling the kettle black.

For how many years has the United Nations operated only through the good grace of the United States of America Sir? For how many times has the United Nations cowards in fear and come crawling to the United States of America for protection of its personnel? How many times has the United Nations cry ed for the United States to send in its men and women to stop tyranny and oppression Sir? HOW MANY? HOW LONG? Since day ONE Sir, that's Day one.

It is only through the Grace of God and the United States citizens that you Sir even have a job, let alone a failed political podium to hide behind and hurl insults from. It is only by the grace of the American people that you have a place to force your opinion and mythical agenda from.
By mythical I refer to the global warming pseudo science you preach. ignoring those who spend their lives studying this concept and fail to conclude the same earth ending conclusions.

If we are truly all citizens of the world. Then maybe it is high time you call upon some of the other citizens to pick up the slack, the bills, and pay with the lives of their young your ever growing debt.

You might want to consider a change of scenery and permanent residence for your political correctness and hatred for the one group of citizens that have proven them selves over and over again the only ones who play by the rules and defend your pathetic organization. Say like the Middle East.


Meghan McCain: Another RINO

Meghan McCain is the one who does not get it. She sits in her spotlight and calls for the Republican party to be more centrist. Here we go again , yet another wannabe Conservative Republican calling for conservatives to give up their values and no longer stand for principles.

Here is a news flash for Meghan. Your father lost the election do to the fact he abandoned conservative principles and values. It was his choice and his beliefs. Nothing wrong with that if that is what he believes in. However here is fact for her. her father only gained momentum when he brought a Conservative to the game. Gov. Sarah Palin. This helped to bring the "base" back into her fathers corner. However her fathers views still alienated many of the base. Myself included. The only reason I voted Republican this time was do to Gov. Palin.

Meghan and her fellow RINO's need to realise that when they give up their principles and values for popularity that they are no better then those whom they claim to oppose on the left. A shift in their core, moving closer to the left does not solidify the conservative base at all. This is the problem in the Republican party now. Way too many who think that the abandonment of principle for popularity will win elections.

The Republican party is full of "centrists", or moderates. This is not what is needed. These people have demonstrated time and time again that they are willing to give up responsible position and common sense to reach across the isle and capitulate to the left. Then standing up and calling it bipartisanship. What a farce. A joke that is not all that funny in reality as it hurts this country not helping it.

Now some advice to Meghan. If you want to be a "moderate" that is fine but do not try to convince the rest of us that you are a conservative Republican. This is not just lying to yourself but to the rest of us. If it is one thing you should know. The American people really did not care that Clinton fooled around, but we would not accept the fact he tried to lie about it. This is why he is dogged to this day about his interns and his relationships. We can forgive certain transgressions, but not intentional deceit.


Foreign Priorities

Foreign priorities for our country are mounting to a level we have not seen since WWII. Why is this? It is simple. The liberals in office are to busy capitulating to other socialist and fascist world wide.

When you back down from bullies all you do is encourage them to intensify their campaign of oppression. Just take a look at what North Korea is doing and Iran. For the last three years we were told by all those on the left that Iran was years away and that they did not want to develop a nuclear bomb. Now all of a sudden in the last two weeks we find out that not only are they with in the year going to be able to build the bomb. Chances are that they will deploy it against Israel. How did this happen?

Simple the left was on the side of evil in this world and still are. As president Obamanation sells this country out whole sale. Prime example is how he is doing all he can to give away our strategic missile defense in eastern Europe.

North Korea is flexing its military power with threats of retaliation if their missile tests are denied. Launching tests of missiles that could hit the west coast. Now every year at this time N.Korea talks the talk as we hold military exercises with South Korea , Team Spirit is the name of the exercises. It is an annual event with units from Okinawa and those stationed in S.Korea.

Yet this year we have a new twist. North Korea has shut down the hot line and ramped up the rhetoric.To top it off China has loosened the reigns on Pyongyang.

Closer to home we have a much larger and more direct threat to the populace of this country. Mexico is in chaos along the border. The drug cartels are now working together to thwart the Mexican governments attempts at shutting them down. To add to this we have morons in congress both state and federal, who want to legalise mind altering substances. An administration with appointees that deny this threat and want to open the border even further than it already is. Janet Napalitano the Sec. of Homeland Defense is an open border MeCHNA, LaRaza supporter and anti law enforcement lackey of the subversive Reconquista elements that are undermining this countries south west.

Then there is Sec. of Labor Solias, Gov. Richardson, Rahm Emmanuel, among other Obama key players who are in favor of importing and giving citizenship to those who wantonly break the law. There is nothing wrong with the immigration laws now other then they are not enforced.

Credit must be given to Vice President Biden. He was correct in saying that this country would be tested in the first 6months of the new administration. Unfortunately it did not last even thirty days.

President Obama has time and again demonstrated his inexperience and lack of knowledge for good solid policy that will keep this country safe from harm. His wanting to hold talks with those who will not listen unless it is full compilation to their wants (the Taliban). His release of those who wish to kill us for no other reason then we do not fully accept their view on religion, ( Gitmo). President Obama has not only opened the door to disaster but invited it in to dinner while he parties and celebrates his new status in exorbitant fashion on a weekly bases of Wednesday parties.

The alienating of one of our oldest allies , Great Britain, our strongest ally, Israel, and the socialist aspects of failed European policies. President Obama neglects the closest problem. Mexico.

Mexico is a cesspool of corruption. Something that Washington D.C. is closely resembling. (You paying attention Nancy Pelosi?). The border is wide open and American civilians lives are in jeopardy on an minute by minute bases. Why you ask. Well open your eyes and see. The human and drug traffickers have no respect for our laws and our people. If we make a stand against them they have no problem with coming after us. Kidnappings are a huge business in Phoenix.

Mexican drug Cartels are taking over this country with street thugs who intimidate our populace and the populace of the ILLEGAL ALIEN. Through intimidation means (terrorist acts.). This is a concern that needs to be addressed as it boils out of control.

Texas has placed into action plans to call up the National Guard and all police agencies. This to prevent a mass invasion of people crossing the border. All Washington has done has been to criticise this action. Failing themselves to see the growing problems.

Sec. Napolitano has denied that there is any threat or incidents occurring on American soil, yet we have local and F.B.I. stats to prove that this has been happening for several years. Along with confirmed reports of Mexican Military presence on American soil. A clear violation of treaty.

So where do where do we need to place our priorities? Well you must take care of your own yard before you go into the neighbors. This would mean that the Southern border and Mexico is on the top of the list. Enforcement of the law and securing the border must be done. At the same time a clear message must be sent to the worlds little dictators that America , despite having incompetence in the White House will not stand for any bulling and transgressions against us.

This means not selling out the missile defense in eastern Europe. A continuing presence of military in South Korea. Then there must be no capitulation to Taliban and Al Quieda forces anywhere. A return to taking enemy combatants and locking them up under the Geneva convention rules as we have done with Gitmo detainees.

The left in this country must be curtailed and educated in reality. No longer allowed to take their false concept of fair play that is a sham and disgrace. New leaders, leaders with some experience and knowledge of the issues and what they are in charge of have to be placed into office.

Americans must put the pressure on elected officials to get their act together and not only pay attention to what is happening domestically but foreign as well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 

Annoying Phonecalls?

Annoying phone calls from schemers and from bill collectors trying to bully you or get information from you? Well I have the way you should answer the phone from now on. Yes it is legal and it does make them think and wonder when you hang up on them. Not to mention it is fun to do it to them as well.

When I get these annoying calls I used to just use a simple thing like an OZONE SAFE air horn with a 5 second blast. But it became a little bothersome to my pet dogs as they would run and hide from the noise. Not to mention it was hard on my ears as well. Although I did enjoy knowing that the person bothering me on the other end was more then likely wearing a head set and couldn't hang up as fast as I could and that for the next ten to fifteen minutes they probably could not hear the jerk in the next cubicle next to them making the same bothersome phone calls.

So now what I do is answer the phone with the following recorded message.

" Hello, be advised that all calls to this number are being recorded. Therefore any expectation of privacy is now null and void as you have been informed. While I keep talking to you I also will let you know that this number is VIOP (that is voice over internet provider). I am tracing this call legally as I have the legal right to know who is calling me and where they are calling from. Now that I have kept you on the line for the required time, I know where you are and if you are legit. I am required by law to inform you that since this is a solicited call and I am on the no call list you number and address is being forwarded to law enforcement. If you want to leave a message go right ahead. I probably will not listen to it, but go ahead."

This is when I hang up on them.


Citibank Profitable??

Is today's rally on the stock market for real or is it a false rally? With Citibank coming out and saying even though it would have gone out of business without federal bailout money it has turned a profit. Bail me out, I am profitable?

Does this smell to anyone else? I do not understand this at all. How can a bank be on the verge of collapse and desperately needing federal bailout money then at the same time they are receiving this money claim that they are profitable. If profitable then why did they need this money in the first place? It is a circle that seems to not even make it around with out stinking up the place.

Lets look at the normal person who may be in need of a monetary loan. If this person is in a pinch for money and goes in to take a loan out. This person has to show the lending institute financial records that it can pay back this loan. It has to show a reasonable foundation that it will be able to make the payments on said loan.

Now if this person goes into a lending institute and says I am going to go bankrupt and am not profitable at this time. Will the lender give them this loan. When the person demonstrates that they are financially sinking and can not pay this loan back. No they will not , do to sound financial reason receive this loan. It is bad business to make such a loan for the lender.

This all being said, we have Citibank (the person) claiming that they are going to go bankrupt without an infusion of monies to keep it afloat. Why, they have made very bad financial decisions. The government ( the lending institute) says sure we will help bail you out. We will give you the money to stay afloat because we see that there is a need to do so. We have a theoretical unlimited supply of tax payer money to do this with. Here is the loan (45 billion dollars worth).

So today Citibank says hey guess what. We were not in as bad of shape as we portrait. We made a profit over the time we said that we were going under. RED FLAGS HERE.

At the very least this is fraudulent to the shareholders and an SCC investigation along with a civil lawsuit needs to begin. On the other hand it smells of some sort of monetary payback and under the table dealings.

This whole things stinks. It requires an earmark of its own to reduce the stench. Something is just not right with this at all. Anyone else see this?

Then the claims that this is what is leading the rally on the market today makes me wonder just what, or WHO is behind this financial string pulling on our economy.


Is there really any doubt?

Job stimulus, new jobs, who will be employed? With the pro union and pro open border appointees in the Obama administration is there any doubt who will benefit first from government jobs created by this debacle? Lets be real here and look at what the hope and change candidate is really trying to do here.

He definitely is not looking out for the American worker as he claims. The pro union bill that is to be voted on today does not favor any worker at all. It promotes a strong arm tactic that will force workers to join a union. Punish any company that does not want a union or support a union. Making the company go into arbitration that will favor the formation of a union against many who do not want it.

Anyone who thinks that under this new bill a company and workers will be able to choose workers right to work over forced membership. If a company has just one employee who wants a union but the company does not agree. The single individual can force after so many days the company into a forced arbitration and the arbitrator in order to make things right is going to force the company into unionising. Some choice isn't it.

Now lets look at these shovel to pavement porkulus packages. Many of which have been on the planning table for several years, but not funded by certain states because they miss managed their budgets. However now that the federal government is going to pay for it. Amazingly all these projects are set to go.

With a no fairness in the bidding clause removed from the guidelines on who gets these contracts for work. We have solidified the good 'ol boy system in awarding the work. Something that many states are entrenched in. This is not fair to honest companies who, in most cases do a higher quality of work.

Contracts will be awarded to companies that have questionable practices not only in the quality of the work they do but in hiring practices that they follow. One thing that many of these construction companies do is to hire ILLEGAL ALIENS. They either ignore working status or they 1099 the employee at a much lower rate then that of an American worker. This practice allows the company to not pay for any benefits for the employee and not pay F.I.C.A. Leaving this to the so called up and up 1099 contractor. That of which we know do not pay their taxes or F.I.C.A. in most cases.

Essentially this locks out the honest hard working LEGAL American from having a job. Now is that fair? Is that hope for the American worker, especially the construction worker needing to make ends meat? Is this any change from what has happened in the past on the system of awarding state contracts? No it is not. What we have is a continuation of the same old entrenched unsavory practices.

Estimates run form a low 10,000 to upwards of over 300,000 of these jobs will go to ILLEGAL ALIENS. If this does not call for the continuation f the E-Verify program. A program that Solias , Napolitano, and Obama do not like. Then nothing does.

Face it we have in place, officials who have an anti American agenda. They are not looking out for those that they have sworn to protect, but a clear heading to the destruction of this country and its people. By putting first those who are not citizens and citizens in a second place status.

Monday, March 09, 2009 

The Blame Game for Obama

We all know that President Obama has a creditability issue. During his campaign and the vetting process of the majority of his cabinet and administration. He threw many under the bus , then backed up and ran over them a second time.

Now he is feeling the heat from his poor policy decisions. So what does he do? He plays the blame game. Not being man enough to have even a dialog with any conservative on any issue that has relevance to today's economy and world situations. Barrack Obama is distancing himself from the economic problems he is only making worse.

In his weekly press call he disputes that anything is his fault.

"I did think it might be useful to point out that it wasn’t under me that we started buying a bunch of shares of banks. It wasn’t on my watch. And it wasn’t on my watch that we passed a massive new entitlement -– the prescription drug plan -- without a source of funding. And so I think it’s important just to note when you start hearing folks throw these words around that we’ve actually been operating in a way that has been entirely consistent with free-market principles and that some of the same folks who are throwing the word 'socialist' around can’t say the same."

So when the New York Times reporter asked whose watch it did happen on, Obama had this to say.

"Well, I just think it’s clear by the time we got here, there already had been an enormous infusion of taxpayer money into the financial system. And the thing I constantly try to emphasize to people if that coming in, the market was doing fine, nobody would be happier than me to stay out of it. I have more than enough to do without having to worry the financial system. The fact that we’ve had to take these extraordinary measures and intervene is not an indication of my ideological preference, but an indication of the degree to which lax regulation and extravagant risk taking has precipitated a crisis."

Then when confronted with the Socialist question of are you or aren't you. His response tried to dodge the facts. A simple yes would have sufficed.

"You know, let’s take a look at the budget – the answer would be no."

Yet anyone who does look at the budget would conclude differently on this.

"Let’s just take a look at what we’ve done.If you look on the revenue side what we’re proposing, what we’re looking at is essentially to go back to the tax rates that existed during the 1990s when, as I recall, rich people were doing very well. In fact everybody was doing very well. . . . We said that we’d give a tax cut to 95 percent of working Americans. That’s exactly what we have done."

Well a simple examination of the truth and the facts would show that. I have to say it. Obama is lieing. His proposals are higher taxes, a redistribution of wealth. Taking and punishing achievement and rewarding laziness and slackers. The return of higher tax rates that DID exist in the 1990 is a move to socialism not freedom from government oppression.

The return of the welfare state that a Conservative legislature forced President Clinton to reduce is the reward for those who work. The theft of their hard earned monies to pay those who lack initiative.

Yep , Obama is not man enough to stand up and admit who he is or take responsibility for his actions.


Obama White wash in effect

We have seen it begin with the removal of the anointed ones name from any legislation submitted that would raise an eyebrow with those who look at pork. President Obama has had his staffers and other supporters go in and take from the rolls any bill that he help cosponsor or sponsored directly from the Washington rolls. Now we have a complete elimination of anything that may shed a red light upon his high and mighty record.

The inept and lack of factual information found on Wikipedia should always be questioned as to how factual and truthful it is. Especially now that it is being scrubbed clean of any criticism or taint to Obama and his questionable beginning of a legacy.

Any mention to the fact his eligibility to run for President has been removed and anyone who is posting it on the bio page as being banned from posting for three days. The fact that there are still many questions out there concerning Obama's eligibility is not disputed , except on any official site.

Wikipedia , which is the most use source of information supposedly on the Internet in the form of encyclopedia text. Has always raised concerns on many topics. Being a user post for information many of the topics are filled with falsehoods and lack of factual evidence. It contains more opinion and conjecture then real evidence to any topic.

Many postings on conservatives or American history are factually wrong and show a major liberal bias, and innuendo.

However what is more disturbing in all of this is the defensive position that is being taken not just on Wikipedia but all over the Internet when it comes to any criticism of Obama. It is rather scary to see that anyone or anything that is questioning Obama's past or present handling of the Presidency is being cleansed.

Sunday, March 08, 2009 

Legalize Drugs?

So the push is on for the legalization of drugs. Why, economics is why. A cash cow or so they think. California and another state are seriously looking at the legalization of mind altering , long term deterioration of the human brain substances. All in the name of raising cash for the state budget.

This would be hilarious if it was not so sad in fact. The health care in this country is second to none. Our problem is in the insurance companies who decide the procedures that we are allowed to get. So certain government agencies and elected officials want to create another medical problem in this country. Sure funds will come in fast and furious at first but when these stoners and new wastoids start to drop out of the work force and cause work related injuries and disastrous. What cost will this create?

It is a fact that the stoners refuse to see, or in many cases cannot see do to their own altered state of being. Mental retardation and loss of faculties. How many thousands of drug users do we support as it is? Now lets legalise this and increase the numbers of those who end up getting stoned and not participating in life. They drop out of the work force in favor of altered states of the mind. They turn to robbery in order to score the next doobie.

Oh yes this is true. We here the argument all the time that the jails are full of drug users and it is not fair. They are imprisoned because they only wanted to alter their conscience. It is a victimless crime. No one is hurt. Fine go with that belief. Again I ask who will take care of these losers then once they drop out?

We will create a larger welfare dependant state. An over taxed health care system now will be swamped with idiots that went a little to far to get that high.

If it is legalised then there has to be restrictions placed upon it so that we do not make society responsible for more irresponsible behavior. I say if they want to drop out then they do not get any benefits from the rest of us. They have to take care of themselves. If they committee a crime to get the funds to ruin their lives then jail time has to be in place. No B.S. defense of they are dependant and not in control of their faculties. They must be held responsible. If they cannot buy their own drugs, no special programs to aid them in their quest to get high. If they can not function in their jobs then no special protection in the prevention of them getting fired from their jobs. An end to rehab programs.

They must be forced to grow up and see the that their actions have consequences. That you can not be a fireman, policeman, elected official, or hold any respectable job if you are stoned. I am serious. Imagine you need an operation and the doctor, or the anaesthesiologist is high. Oops made the incision in the wrong spot, or oops I forgot to turn off the anaesthetic. Sorry bout that , hope the pain wasn't to much for you.

When they drop out from life from the legalization of drugs then lets put them out in the middle of no where. Society has no responsibility to take care of those who choose a self destructive path. Put them out in the Nevada desert near Harry Reids home. Let them fend for themselves and not sit around expecting more handouts from those who are responsible. After all Obama gave them a mortgage and a car and indentured servitude. What else do they expect.

Thursday, March 05, 2009 

Will Obama step up to the plate?

The challenge is there. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The question remains will President Obama , who many believe is the messiah returned. has all the answers to make life better and put the evil of common sense and responsibility back into the caves where it came from.

The man, Rush Limbaugh has laid it out very simple and plain. An elementary school child can pick up on this., Step up to the plate and be heard. Prove your point. Stand for your convictions and debate the issues.

This is what the "evil, vile"conservative leader Rush Limbaugh has asked for. A simple on air debate. No cue cards, no teleprompter, no notes, just straight from the hip as one knows the topic.

President Obama called Rush out earlier when he told people in this country not to listen to the voice of conservatism. Rush has answered back. Obama claims to have said "bring it". So Rush did.

The question remains to be answered. Does President Obama have the cajoles, and belief in his policies and knowledge of issues to step up to the plate and debate?

I would not hold my breath on this. I doubt President Obama is MAN enough to answer this challenge.


Crakerjack Investigative Reporting

Wow I am stunned and you should be to. The MSM and its crackerjack investigating reporting is bringing us such wonderful newsworthy reports like:

NYT INVESTIGATION, PAGE ONE THURSDAY: President Barack Obama is going gray... Developing...

CNN INVESTIGATES: How to get Michelle Obama's toned arms...

BOTTOM REACHED: 'Natural living' advocates unveil 'reusable toilet wipes'...

Just a couple of the top investigative reports that have hit the wire in the last week. How important and earth shattering these reports are. I can not imagine that there are any other stories out there that have such important life threatening and improvement angles as these.

Gosh my hat is off to these investigators. Maybe next time they are down getting a cup of Starbucks coffee they may be able to stop the presses and let us know how the frapachino and whip cream is doing.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 

Rush, Conservatives, and the Liberal Lies

What a massive misdirection and diversion of attention to the truth and reality of what is going on. The left in this country is in the spotlight and they do not like it. As more and more of their absurd poor plans of fiscal irresponsibility is being highlighted. Their lack of America first and grab for power is bringing down their poll numbers and they are sweating, profusely.

With the porkulus and now omnigrabulus bills people are tasking a second look at those they elected. People who may have been on the fence and called themselves moderates are beginning to realise that the change they voted for was not the change they are getting. This is perplexing to the leftist elite. As they see a chance to grab power and money from hard working Americans and redistribute it to their strung out money junkies, who have a craving for cash and handouts that rivals that of a heroin addict needing another hit.

The left and its strategist are playing their last card here. It is nothing more then an attempt to get the moderates and anyone on the left who is losing faith in the socialist agenda to come back into the fold. If they can demonise Rush Limbaugh. Connect the Republican party to Rush and anyone who is conservative to the lies that they are going to spin. Then they may be able to keep the mindless grey matter of the ill informed voting for socialist candidates and preserve their power.

It is a simple plan, but a failed one. They tried it during the Clinton Presidency and it did not work. It lead to the Republican party becoming the controlling party in the House, the Senate, and eventually the White House. A trifecta of conservatism, or the illusion of it.

Now if the Paul Begala, James Carville, Rahm Emanual, and Greenberg can make the false connection of racism , bigotry and phobias to Rush stick (which of coarse they can't because it is not true) they may have a chance then of tying the Republican party to the smears. However they would be better off trying to go after the number three syndicated talk show host Micheal Savage in this matter. Even though these smears would not work there either.

What is being attempted is to try and smear Rush with false labels, spun sound bites and misleading quotes that are catch phrases of the left. An attempt to show a mean spirited and heartless image towards the "average American".

This is all to divert the attention of a corrupt administration and the secretive back door attempts by President Obama to dismantle the United States Constitution. With efforts of fairness in broadcasting censorship, anti second amendment legislation, executive reversal of sound energy and defense policies.

Presidente, Sheik Hussein Obama betrays the oath of office with the selling out of traditional allies. The snubbing if Britain. The 180 degree in policy towards Israel and the pro support of terrorist organizations like Hamas. The dismantling of strategic defenses (the removal of the missile defense system, protection of eastern Europe) in order to win favor with Putin and the resurgence of the old Soviet Union.

The attempts to hide the lack of leadership on the southern border with the violence from Mexico and the illegal alien situation. A cabinet that is more entrenched with lobbyist and special interest then any in history. Corrupt and deceitful appointees to office by a culture of corruption in power of our legislature. These are all issues that the left are attempting to hide be making Rush Limbaugh the main news story of the day.

The problem with this strategy is that the vast majority of the Conservatives in this country no longer look to the MSM for their news. The alternative outlets are to many to list but are so much better and informative. Not only is there Sean Hanniety and Michael Savage on the radio, but there is FOX news and FOX business. Both on cable, radio, and the Internet. The speaking of the Internet. There are way to many blogs, news outlets, Internet radio, Internet video, and sources that get the word and the truth out on issues we face.

Some of these sources are the government itself. As we now have an almost immediate access to the inner workings of the government. CSPAN 1,2,3, to watch. The websites for almost every single branch of the government. Postings of policies and budgets are now much more accessible to the public. This makes it much harder for the left to hide their corrupt and lack of leadership ways.

As long as Americans begin to take responsibility for what is happening and do NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT make decisions for us. The left will have a nothing but uphill battle before them.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009 

The Peoples house? Obama Wednesday Parties

President Obama has said that the White House is still the peoples house. Yet it would appear that every Wednesday a party to entertain the elite of Washington and political hacks are brought to a a music festival. So far Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire are two of the big names that have entertained.

I ask if the White House and President Obama is so much a part of the people then why is he not entertaining the people? I would think it would be of a little effort on the Obama administrations part to simply stop and invite 50 or 60 of the tourist that visit the White House on a daily basis to dinner. Would this not show the country that this is the peoples house. Maybe the people would like KOBE steak dinners once in their lives. A chance to see some of the musical entertainers that Michelle Obama seems to conjure up at a whim.

If it is the peoples house then should not the people be allowed a chance to have dinner and listen to the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps entertain them? Of coarse thius will not happen as Obama is an ELITIST and thinks himself above the people.

While the rest of the country has to turn =down the theromstats, put on a sweater, walk to work, or car pool. While America has to tighten our belts, Obama is on a spending spree.

Monday, March 02, 2009 

Hollywood, Iran, Foreign Policy???

Once again the liberal progressive thinkers out in Hollywood go forth to spread love and peace. In an attempt to kowtow to Iranian tyranny the Hollywood crowd traveled to Iran in hopes of improving relations with Islamic fundamentalist fascist.

So what happens when they arrive? A very cold and demanding shoulder. Criticism of Hollywood's portrayal of historical accuracy. How it has insulted the pride of Islamic liars and their position of how they like to see themselves in history.

Although there may be some truth to a few movies like the Wrestler and Mickey O'Rourke treatment of the Iranian flag in one scene. The fact still remains that historically the Persians, Iranian ancestors were aggressive and did try to oppress the rest of the known world at one time. The fact that they still want to has not changed. The problem is that the Islamofascist in Iran do not like being reminded that a corp group of 300 Spartans and several thousand other Greeks handed a major demoralising defeat to the Persian empire at a little place known as Thermopylae.

A false feeling of injury and insult over the accurate portrayal to the Iranian revolution were in fact extremists and terrorist held hostage for 444 days American citizens in the American Embassy. As they pillaged and tortured Americans. Is yet another one of the examples the Iranians are demanding apologise for.

So why Hollywood's feel good, liberal, progressive thinkers try to make an offering of a olive branch, it is thrown away by false bravado on the Iranian side.

So I ask if the Iranians decide to take the passports of these enlightened thinkers. Then hold them for crimes and insults to the Iranian and Islamic peoples. Should we as a country, using common sense in not traveling to that despicable country. Should we have to send in a military unit, one of which the Hollywood types despise, to go in and rescue these fools.


Colorado set to screw the taxpayer

As the MSM continues to tell us just how grateful we should be for having a liberal legislature. The Governor of Colorado shows his appreciation by signing into law a new fee hike on the Colorado tax payer.

After several years of bypassing and circumventing the TABOR amendment, Colorado liberal democrats have found yet a new way to stick it to those who work hard and try to make a living.
Colorado State tax on gasoline is supposed to go to the funding of repair and maintenance of the States highways, bridges and other roads. Yet mismanagement of state funds has left the allocation for these projects short. So instead of doing the right and correct thing. A look at the budget and a cutting of programs that are black holes. Colorado democratic lawmakers have proposed a new tax to grab money from the pockets of the people.

A raise in the fees to register ones vehicle is to be signed into law today by Gov. Bill "money grabber" Ritter. In a big p.r. move to try and raise support for yet another money grab . Ritter will sign this raise in fees at a bridge in Thorton. This bridge is one of 126 that are in need of repair. The claim by Democrats is that it will create thousands of jobs, a claim that the left make on all new taxes this year. Is yet another misleading lie. Money for these projects is already earmarked in budgets from the state and from the federal porkulus spending bill. While Colorado expects to get $500 million from Washington for transportation funding as part of the massive stimulus package. So why are we raising fees to register vehicles?

It is simple. More income for the state means more welfare spending for the state. More mismanaged budgets. In this new era of fiscal irresponsibility by our Federal Government the states are jumping on board with their own poor judgment. All of it at the expense of the honest hard working tax payer. This plan, known as faster (Funding Advancement for Surface Development and Economic Recovery), proposes to raise over $250 million additional dollars.
AN increase of $31 dollars the first year and then an additional increase up to $42 dollars in the immediate years to follow.

Speaking in defense of the bill, Rep. Joe Rice, D-Littleton, maintained that with the state's existing budgetary constraints, fees are the only way to ensure the safety of Colorado’s transportation infrastructure.

On a side note to this fee increase. Governor Ritter and liberal Representatives fail to realise that they are also doing the tourist industry of Colorado a disservice. A $2 day fee is being placed on the rental of vehicles. Now knowing that you are going to face higher gas prices and an increase in daily expenses, top that off with an additional fee for renting a vehicle. Why in the world would you travel to Colorado now?


The Left is running Scared

The left in this country are running scared, and it has only been thirty days into their latest attack on this country. Last weeks CPAC has them in a full out panic. The drive by MSM is out to spin and distort the truth as never before. With the exposing of their liberal social agenda in disguise of their porkulus and budget passage in Washington. The truth is out as to their real identities of tax and spend policy. Something that they try with all their might to deny but cannot.

Tonight's attempt by one of the lefts media darlings, Geraldo on FOX. Was one of the poorest attempts made. With the rest of the left entrenched in their make believe world of journalism, Geraldo demonstrated his lack of even simple understanding of making any sort of argument that had a chance of holding water.

Others would point out that Rush Limbaugh is only a radio host, yet Geraldo went beyond this and declared Rush as the leader of the Republican party. A complete miss on the target and a lack of any credible spin. While Rush is a republican he is not the leader of the Republican Party. What Rush is , is a voice for conservatism and common sense. Something that the left and Geraldo have no understanding of.

For twenty plus years Rush Limbaugh has pointed out and voiced a conservative view. The left lead by an unqualified and possibly ineligible President Obama. Are specifically going after the most out spoken conservative voice left in this country. While there are still many conservative voices out there. Michael Savage, Mike Gallegher, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannety, more notable nationally. The left is focusing on Rush. Why? Simple he speaks the truth and has the largest audience of the conservative movement.

While Rush spoke this weekend and rallied the conservative movement. He pointed out the many fallacies of the left and their agenda. Most poignant the fact that Socialism has failed world wide. He pointed out the bigotry and the lack of tolerance the present every time that they propose legislation of even open their mouths to speak.

This is something that the left cringe at. The fact that there are still some out there that are smart enough to listen to what is said and not fall for the smoke and mirror policy of feel good bad legislation. Legislation that in the long run will not help but hinder the American way of life. Yes the American way of life. Something that the left have been trying to do for decades. The dumbing down of our educational system. The systematic reduction of our personal liberties, through so called "if it only saves one" policies.

While the left work hard at spinning the truth on the culture of corruption and ignore the monetary kickbacks, favors, and abuse of office on the lefts behalf. Only pointing out mostly shame and false accusations against those who show qualities of Americanism. Something in which the left hate.

We are at war. A war on the very essence of what this country was founded on. Our founding fathers knew that to make this country unique and prosperous we needed to reward hard work and those who strive to achieve a better way of life. While our founding fathers knew that it was the responsibility of the majority to look out for the minority. They knew that it was the individual who was responsible to provide for themselves on a day to day level and that certain desires and wants were not entitlements or a guarantee.

That the majority would from time to time have to give some a hand up, not a hand out. This philosophy has been perverted into a hand out and no sign of a hand up. A radical concept of rewarding personal achievement was in placed into our countries founding. The Constitution outlined a set of regulations that limited the government in its use of power over that of the individual. This was called the Bill of Rights. An outline in black and white of what can and can not be done by the government. The founding fathers also saw that each state needed to govern themselves but have a set of commerce regulations that superseded the state to benefit the nation as a whole without punishing or showing favoritism to any one state.

Examples of this is the way that the census aligns voting representation in congress. IT also set up a neutral district in which neither political party would have an advantage over the other. This was the District of Columbia or as we know it Washington D.C.

Now the left in a full court press is saying that the Constitution does not matter and that they can realign and do what ever they want to. Giving the District of Columbia a vote. They have had representation but now a vote to go with it. A Constitutional transgression that would require a national 2/3 vote. Something the left is denying the country.

As little abuses of power like this are pointed out. The left is getting scared. Not only from breaking the law but scared that they will lose their power in Washington. Something that is going to happen with the next election cycle. That is if they are continued to be exposed for their fraud, law breaking, and favoritism to political lobbyist of the left.

The movement to silence the right and freedom of speech is underway through a back door process. By circumventing the Fairness in Broadcasting principle of direct censorship. The left in their panic are trying to backdoor into policy ownership and policies of local broadcasting that will not only hurt but hinder communications as a business in this country. Dictating when and what we are allowed to watch and listen to. A clear act of the desperate despot to maintain control of the masses.

Yes the left is in a state of panic and it is showing with each and every day that passes. The aid of those in the MSM is evident in their lack of understanding of what they inadvertently are doing. Their own ignorance of the agenda that they are propagandising and advocating is only the first in this multi front blitz against this country.

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