Saturday, November 16, 2013 

It has been a while since I last posted anything. I just am so disgusted with this country and the current tyrannical regime that I guess I am depressed. Just look at the rights that have been stripped away from us under the guise of a humane and understanding administration. The right to assemble. Only if you are part of the so called 99% crowd. Other wise you have to get a permit and pay fees along with other B.S. things, like porta potties, security, while the leftists get tax payers to pay for this. The right of free speech. No more. look at the latest at Brown University. Speakers shouted down by mush filled grey matter of the indoctrinated youth. Next is freedom of religion. No longer aloud. If you are a Christian you can no longer display this in public, it may offend some atheist of Muslim. Gun rights? yeah right. Sec. Kerry unlawfully signs an unfinished United Nation treaty that comes after handguns. Unconstitutional laws passed in some states like Colorado that are unconstitutional and come after ownership of all makes and models of firearms. Illegal searches are now legal. No rights for individuals all in the name of animal rights. Did you know that Game Wardens may enter your home at any time and conduct a search for so called poached meat. No warrant to enter , no knocks necessary, just open the door and enter. Now in their guise of looking for signs of poaching if they come across anything else that looks suspicious then the police are able to enter without warrant and confiscate, arrest and destroy what they find. FEMA, now next to the EPA, I am not sure which one is the most dangerous to the American Citizen. Do you know the powers that FEMA is granted in a national emergency? Incredible, over reaching and very oppresive. Look them up. It will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Then look at the unconstitutional executive orders being laid out. Since when does the President have the authority to rewrite law as a convenince for political points. Waivers to some and not others on his healthcare debacle. Post poning implementation of law. Com'on now, it is illegal and unconstitutional. Just like the 48 plus CZARS that we still have no idea of what they do, how much they get paid and where thier authority comes from. Let's face it. This country is in trouble and the vast majority of elected officials are blind to the problems. In a mad dash to score political reelection points , no real attempt is being made to solve the problems. RINO'S going after grass root supporters of the Constitution. The left in full assault of the Constitution, and the millions of hands out for freebies being supported by both political parties. God help us!

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