Sunday, October 30, 2005 

Another bite at the Apple

Now with the indictment of Scooter Libby the democrates are drooling over a second chance at the administration. The prosecution plans to call Vice President Dick Cheny to testify in open court. How much do you want to bet the line of questioning will somehow go in the direction of Nigerian Yellow Cake, National intelligence and war briefings.

I predict very few questions in the line of who knew who Valerie Plame was but rather or not any intelligence was changed, modified or lied about prior to the Iraqi War.

The Democrates are not interested at all in who may have leaked (VALERIE HERSELF, AND HER HUSBAND) the possible identity of a CIA operative. What they seek is another way in which to discredit and slander the Bush Administration.

Once again there is no justice here but a political adgenda by liberal bleeding heart globalist who do not have the back bone to stand up for America. What they want is to make America look bad in the world arena of respect.


Academic Cowardice

Is the title an eye catcher? Better be. Social engineers have plagued and penetrated, perpitrated, and abused our educational system for far to long. The frauds that pass themselves off as scholars and as the so called intellectual enlightened, are what is teaching the youth of our nation today.

Starting in public elementary school and working their way up into the colleges. These academic frauds are lieing to their students and to themselves. In an order to create a false impression of so called misdeeds and wrongful events, by placeing a moral equivalance into history. History is not morals, nor how do you feel. History is places , times, people and events. Not how someone felt, or their prejudices. That would be social studies. See social studies and history are two different lines of study. NOT THE SAME AS WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT. the fact that social engineers want to bias the truth of history with thewir guilt, blame, and make you feel better facts.

I always hear the same ol argument that there are good teachers being balmed for the bad ones. Well I see a lot more bad then good teachers out there. As well as guilt by association. If you know someone is doing wrong and do nothing about it you are just as guilty. Hence when teachers fall in line with the teachers union and their practices of dumbing down America they are just as guilty for not saying NO.

A prime example of what is going on right now is at Colorado University in Boulder. Look at the collasal fraud of a proffesor in Ward Churchill. YES THATS RIGHT WARD CHURCHHILL IS A FRAUD/ FAKE/ SOCIALIST ACTIVISTS/ ANTI AMERICAN PUSS BUCKET SAKE OF ROAD KILL REMAINS.

Lieing not only about his own heritage but making up facts and distorting them to push an adgenda of the far left to mushheaded ignorant college students. Students and parents who refuse to do their own research and look into what these so called proffesors are saying and not questioning their slant/bias on history and America.

Ward Churchill should be fired! There is no question in it. Lieing about his heritage, his credentials, and published work theft. This man is what passes as enlightened intellectual proffesor? This man is nothing more then SCUM. the board of Regents at C.U. are chicken and afraid to do the right thing seeing how Boulder is a cesspool of liberal lies and thought. By taking a stand and doing what is right the board of regents is afraid of loseing a lawsuit to Ward baby. Any company in the world would have fired this lieing fraud long ago. But the lawsuit threatened by Ward and his socialist buddies scares the Board of Regents to much. Proof, documentation of his frauds are abound and running rampent in the real world however Boulder is far from the real world and so is our judicial system.

By asking this fraud to conmtinue to speak around the nation and spread his lies and hatred, the academics who support him by not speaking out against his presence are just as guilty of spreading his vile themselves. If there are good teachers and proffesors out there speak up and deny Ward his soapbox of hate. Demand that the C.U. board of Regents fire him NOW.



Once again I have too much time on my hands and I think way to much.

Looking at people and the way they act. People are so self absorbed and self centered. i recieved a call yesterday evening from a coworker telling me that the Halloween party was cancelled. I had to ask what party was this. The reply oh wern't you invited? A No!

Truth be told i wouldn't have gone any way just because of the drive ... drinking and driving is not my bag and I would have had several drinks. Bottom line why bother to call and let me know if I wasn't invited in the first place. Well they were covering their basis. This is respectablke and appreciated I suppose. One should if changeing plans be polite enough to let others know what is up.

As for me this wouldn't happen because I would not have a Halloween party. People tend to show their true nature at parties. I already know that people are very self absorbed and i do not need them coming to my house and dogging on my things or causeing problems. I certainly do not want the thought of drunks on the road leaving my place, besides the legal ramifications that could be present.

Over the last 15 years or longer I have become a bit of a loner I suppose. A self protective, yet lonely way. My fellow coworkers, bless their hearts but why did they. on my birthday they went out of their way and decorated my office reminding me I am over the hill. Touching and appreciated but definately not neccessary. I do not celebrate my birthday as it is just another day to me. As a matter of fact most holidays have lost their meaning and special qualities.

New years is just the first day of the year, Valentines well have to have someone to share it with to make it special and for me . Well when I discover a woman who isn't a liar or a cheater, or a player, maybe I will think about it ..... not going to happen women are never going to change. It is in theior nature to be manipulative and players. GUYS YOU NEED TO TAKE LESSONS FROM THEM.

Memorial day, well being a veteran I do take a little time to reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for me.

Labor day, the fourth of July, I end up working anyway so why bother. Halloween, no one ever comes to the door so this year I didn't even decorate. Though a big bowl of candy sits next to the door I figure my teeth will rot out courtesy of Wal-Mart and their awsome prices. Besides last year I decorated work and got my back side chewed out for it. "It offends some of my coworkers and visiters to the radio station by celebrating Satan, and Whitches." (DO NOT WORK AT A HYPOCRITICAL RELIGIOUSE STATION MY READERS).

Thanksgiving, well another day I end up working. Christmas , well it is so politically incorrect to celebrate nodays. The ACLU and other morons are having it abolished and made into winter holiday. They have forgotten the meaning of it.

Schools in Boston are not allowing children to dress up in costumes and have fun on All Hollows Eve. This is just wrong. While California schools are forcing students to participate in Ramadan a Islamic holiday , Christian holidays are just wrong.


Saturday, October 29, 2005 

Colorado Amendments C and D

You MORONS! The Tabor amendment was voted in by Colorado in order to keep government spending and fiscal responsibility in order. By voting for these two amendments and falling for the scare tactics of spend and welfare minded liberals. We the citizens of Colorado will lose baddly. What this is, is an end round of the Taber Law. By spewiong forth the same ol'lies of cutting back school funds, highway repair money and other needed programs . The liberals would like us to believe that they are hurting for money (the state government that is). All LIES. The money is there but being spent on creating more handout welfare programs and increaseing dependancy on local governments. Fact that the school systems are recieving more money then ever before, the highway department is recieving more along with more federal aid. We are to believe that the state will fall to third world status.

Falsehoods!!!!!!!!! The backers of amendments C and D just want more tax base in order to spend more on worthless programs.



All Politics

Now that the grand jury has returned an indictment, the demolibs are celebrating. Inbetween danceing on the graves of the brave who have given their lives for this country and rejoiceing at one strange indictment. They want the average person to vote for them in the next election.

By spreading false inuendo's and simple mistruths we are to believe that we are involved in an illegal war (not true), the current administration lied (facts supported by the United Nations, other world leaders , and leaders even in the democratic party as to intelligence reports being accurate). The new diversion is an old one. Create a false lie and try to condem someone on falsefacts and misleading legalities.

The valerie Plame blame game has sunk to a new low. Well not a new low but low. The initial grand jury was set inplace to find out who leaked a supposedly undercover CIA agents name. Facts on this have been thrown out in order to pursue a political adgenda.It did not matter what was discovered or who did what. The adgenda was and is to create a scandel that involved the current administration. This is why Joe Wilson has never been looked at. Valerie Plame herself has never been looked at , and the real ones who have been irresponsible .... THE PRESS!

Joe Wilson the husband going around introduceing his wife as an CIA employee (hmmm isnt this an outing?). Valerie Plame going around and introducing herself as a CIA employee (hmmm, another outing?) The common knowledge of the beltway as to Valerie's employment status among the social circles. (OH WAIT THIS IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE HER SOCIAL CIRCLES WERE LIBERAL NOT CONSERVATIVE THEREFORE IT ISN'T AN OUTING BUT AN ACCEPTANCE OF A SO CALLED SPOOK ......YEAH RIGHT!)

The fact that Scooter Libby was not indicted as to leaking her name but of lieing about something he did not do. This is enough to reafirm my belief in a broken justice system. The origional intent be damned. An indictment at all costs to create and diverte attention on this administration to dicredit all they do.

Lets look again as to what is at the bottom of this quagmire. It stems back to 2000. An election that was counted, re counted, refused, recounted and determined that the democrate party were the ones cheeting at the ballets and that m ore democrates voted republican in Florida. A miffed Al Gore who had his ego hurt because the vote, not a popularity contest went against him and his socialist, enviromental wacko ideas were not accepted. A schedule of power hungry Clintonites who now had to look for new jobs. This is what after 8 years is at the bottom of the whole contraversy.

Violating surrender terms for 12 years, rebuilding of a military that was to be disassembled, and continued support and tyranny by a madman (Saddam) did not matter as long as we moved closer to Unidted Nation control over our national soverinty is all that matters to these antiAmerican morons.Damn the trith and full speed ahead towards making America a third world back water nation that supports and is subjecated by socialists. This is what is at the bottom of the Valerie Plame game.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Sheehan AGAIN???

With the approach of the 2000 death in the Iraq war. Many antiwar protesters plan to celebrate the death as a milestone to prove their point. Cindy (poor me, boo hoo)Sheehan says that she will chain herself to the whitehouse and give a speach untill they arrest her. Then when released will go back and rechain herself untill all the troops come home. How absurd is this. Is this woman for real? Does she need shrink help?

Her brainwashing by bleeding heart peaceniks is incredable.How far will they stretch their lies in order to force their willover the American government and populance. The claim of "no other war has coast this many lives" just is flabbergasting. As I hear talk around the water cooler. Such a lack of historical knowledge shows how the subversive elemante has corrupted our school systems and created monster eager for the camera like Cindy Sheehan.

A true look at military deaths and ratio's to active service in war zones follows:

Conflict Population Enrolled Ratio
(millions) (thousands)
Revolutionary War 3.5 200.0 5.7%
War of 1812 7.6 286.0 3.8%
Mexican War 21.1 78.7 0.4%
Civil War: Union 26.2 2,803.3 10.7%
: Confederate 8.1 1,064.2 13.1%
: Combined 34.3 3,867.5 11.1%
Spanish-American War 74.6 306.8 0.4%
World War I 102.8 4,743.8 4.6%
World War II 133.5 16,353.7 12.2%
Korean War 151.7 5,764.1 3.8%
Vietnam War 204.9 8,744.0 4.3%
Gulf War 260.0 2,750.0 1.1%

As you can see only 1.1% of 2,750,000 have died in the Gulf war. This is a testiment as to the training and well equipt military we have. A much smaller military then in previouse engagements.

If Cindy wants to chain herself to the White house I say let her, but give her something constructive to do while she is there. Have her hold a trash bag for her lies to be put into and thrown out. I say also hold a counter demonstration next to her. Just out of her vile reach set up recruitment booths for our Military.

A more in depth look at war stats envolving Americans.

II. Casualties
[-----Deaths---] <-----Percentages-----> Duration
Conflict Enrolled Combat Other Wounded Total Ratio KIA Dead Casualty Months KIA/Month
Revolutionary War 200.0 4,435 * 6,188 10,623 2.4 2.2% 2.2% 5.3% 80 55
War of 1812 286.0 2,260 * 4,505 6,765 3.0 0.8% 0.8% 2.4% 30 75
Mexican War 78.7 1,733 11,550 4,152 17,435 1.3 2.2% 16.9% 22.2% 20 87
Civil War: Union 2,803.3 110,070 249,458 275,175 634,703 1.8 3.9% 12.8% 22.6% 48 2,293
Confederate 1,064.2 74,524 124,000 137,000 + 335,524 1.7 7.0% 18.7% 31.5% 48 1,553
Combined 3,867.5 184,594 373,458 412,175 + 970,227 1.7 4.8% 14.4% 25.1% 48 3,846
Spanish-American War 306.8 385 2,061 1,662 4,108 1.7 0.1% 0.8% 1.3% 4 96 &
World War I 4,743.8 53,513 63,195 204,002 320,710 2.7 1.1% 2.5% 6.8% 19 2,816
World War II 16,353.7 292,131 115,185 670,846 1,078,162 2.6 1.8% 2.5% 6.6% 44 6,639
Korean War 5,764.1 33,651 * 103,284 136,935 4.1 0.6% 0.6% 2.4% 37 909
Vietnam War 8,744.0 47,369 10,799 153,303 211,471 3.6 0.5% 0.7% 2.4% 90 526
Gulf War 2,750.0 148 145 467 ^ 760 2.6 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 1 148


III. Financial Cost
Conflict Cost in $ Billions Per Capita
Current 1990s (in $1990)
The Revolution (1775-1783) .10 1.2 $ 342.86
War of 1812 (1812-1815) .09 0.7 92.11
Mexican War (1846-1848) .07 1.1 52.13
Civil War (1861-1865): Union 3.20 27.3 1,041.98
: Confederate 2.00 17.1 2,111.11
: Combined 5.20 44.4 1,294.46
Spanish American War (1898) .40 6.3 84.45
World War I (1917-1918) 26.00 196.5 1,911.47
World War II (1941-1945) 288.00 2,091.3 15,655.17
Korea (1950-1953) 54.00 263.9 1,739.62
Vietnam (1964-1972) 111.00 346.7 1,692.04
Gulf War (1990-1991) 61.00 61.1 235.00

The table compares the cost of America's principal wars since 1775 on the basis of then current and 1990s dollars. Current dollars are the actual numbers spent at the time. Thus, a 1775-1783 dollar had the equivalent purchasing power of $10.75 in 1990s terms. Actually this conversion is only a very rough guide, but at least gives some idea of the relative costs of the ten wars on an adjusted basis. However, it is not possible to take into account drastic changes in social structure (most Americans were farmers in 1775, and didn't use much money), and the increasing affluence of American society over the two centuries covered by the table.

Monday, October 24, 2005 

Was only matter of time

A young music colaboration of two white twin girls are emergining in the music scene. Prussian Blue sings of white power and white supremacy. Definatly hate music overall. However how different is it from gangsta rap?

Thirteen-year-old twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede have one album out, another on the way, a music video, and lots of fans.

They may remind you another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate.

Known as "Prussian Blue" — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes — the girls from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since they were nine.

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."

Songs like "Sacrifice" — a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer — clearly show the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."

"It really breaks my heart to see those two girls spewing out that kind of garbage," said Ted Shaw, civil rights advocate and president of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund — though Shaw points out that the girls aren't espousing their own opinions but ones they're being taught.


Saturday, October 22, 2005 

The Dark knight

The Dark Knight better known as Batman. What was or is he. A well intentioned man of justice, a vigilante? But according to liberals and open boarder activists vigilantes are terrible things. Does not Batman give all to protect and to serve the good citizens of Gothem. To avenge the wrong and prevent evil from doing its michief.

Looking at the definition of a vigilante it is the following:

One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.

self-appointed doer of justice

In modern terms, vigilantes are militias or police who attempt law enforcement, in the usual phrase, "by taking the law into their own hands". Vigilantes often operate in secret. The origins of the term Vigilante stems from the name "Vigiles Urbanus" given to the night watchmen of Ancient Rome who were tasked with fighting fires and keeping a look out for run away slaves and burglars.

So if these are the definition of a vigilante the Dark knight most certainly is a vigilante.

What would Bruce Wayne do with the current situation at the boarder today? Or what would he do with terrorists disguiseing themselves among us?
Would he seek them out for justice, prevent them from comitting more atrocities against American citizens. How would Bruce use his influence on elected officials of such low moral fiber as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Bill (Hillary) Clinton.

What would we the public do if a masked vigilante roamed our streets stopping drug pushers, muggers, rapists, and punks. I for one would seek him out to shake his hand and say thankyou.

Do you think the Dark Knight if located in Texas or Arizona instead of Gothem(thats New York for those who did not know), be out on the boarder helping to stem the drug lords from bringing their filth into this nation. Would he have been present during the L.A.riots. Putting a foot upside those idiots heads who destroyed their own neighborhoods.

A form of vigilanties exists in perfect unity with community service today. It thrives in the Philippeans, these vigilanties are known as Borangi, an active nieghborhood watch so to speak but with a little more authority.

Vigilanties are not bad as long as we do not have hangings in the street, although that isn't such a bad idea for certain individuals.

The Dark Knight is needed if only to allow an escape from reality. Vigilanties are only bad and cruel by definition from the socialists. Those who oppose anything Pro American.



When they hearings on 9/11 began every one could sense it was a political witch hunt on the Bush administration. So many unasked obviouse questions of past administration mistakes. The panel being stacked with people involved, knowledgable , and involved with cover up and direct blocking of information did not seem to matter. We have to get to the truth of why the Bush administration failed us.

Now the truth is bursting out and it is time the people of this country demand some accountability of their elkected officials. The recent excitment on the senate floor provided by a justly pissed off Senator Curt Weldon brought hope to me. Able danger was working and doing its job. However the political hacks and bureocrats in Clintons administration failed the citizens of this country. Placeing walls between intelligent agencies and military. Making it illegal for NSA, CIA, FBI agencies to communicate on threeats to the citizens of this country. All because of the fear that Bill Clinton may get prosecutred for his misdeeds and mishandleing of leadership. Bill Clintons own hatred for the FBI over investigating him on his corrupt ways.

Hillary Clintons agressive protection to hang on to power in the White House. Do as I say not as I do cavalier attitude of these liberal buffoons has put this country in the situation it now is in. Not a support for Isreal or foriegn polocy decisions in the middle east. Didn't Jimmy Carters failed submission to the PLO teach us anything? When are elected officials surround themselves with cronies (Bush appointies?) we the public suffer.

I challenge all who read this blog to read the 9/11 commision report, then read the facts of Able Danger. Conect the dots on this one enlightened intellectuals. the 9/11 report was a fraud in order to misdirect inspection of failed government red tape.

The truth we knew under Bill Clinton that this country was in danger and HE FAILED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!


Star status = Intelligence?

A very disturbing trend is going on in the higher education ranks. It seems that being a guest lecturer on topics not educated in is passay.
Cameron Diaz recently surprised a class at Stanford University when the "Charlie's Angels" star helped lead a lecture on environmentally friendly design.Madonna lectured students at New York's Hunter College.

I can see asking these stars to speak on their experiances in their proffesion, much like asking a police officer to speak on law enforcment. I certainly would not ask a police officer to explain quantum physics. What would be his qualifications? The same for these stars. What exactly is their qualification to speak on topics.Ok so Cameron Diaz is passionate about the enviroment. So what So am I .... to a point with in reason. But does her passion make her qualified to lecture a class of collage students as gospel information.

This is a very disturbing trewnd that is going on. Being passionate but not knowledgable on topics makes you a lecturer. No wonder American school graduates can not get a job. They have learned nothing.

When stars appear at political ralley's to speak. This is justified or acceptable because it is a ralley. Here passion is good ... to a point . ( Don't forget one of the most passionate speakers in history was Adolph Hitler ). A ralley is not school. To pass off and pretend to be an expert of an educated topic is FRAUD. However since the established education system is full of now qualifed educaters who are passionate on topics and not educated on them. I suppose they do not see the fraud they commite on a daily basis and the harm they create in their lack of intelligence on subject matter.
Yes Mary there is global warming, the white man is behind all the world problems, and ocean front property in Arizona is expensive but a good investment.

Monday, October 17, 2005 

PETA the truth

With recent indictments of two PETA activists on animal cruelty charges. 22 charges in Virgina. Here are seven facts you might want to read about the PETA organization.

1) PETA president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk has described her group’s overall goal as “total animal liberation.” This means no meat, no milk, no zoos, no circuses, no wool, no leather, no hunting, no fishing, and no pets (not even seeing-eye dogs). PETA is also against all medical research that requires the use of animals.
2) Despite its constant moralizing about the “unethical” treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers, and countless other Americans, PETA has killed over 10,000 dogs and cats at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. During 2003, PETA put to death over 85 percent of the animals it collected from members of the public.

3) PETA has given tens of thousands of dollars to convicted arsonists and other violent criminals. This includes a 2001 donation of $1,500 to the North American Earth Liberation Front (ELF), an FBI-certified “domestic terrorist” group responsible for dozens of firebombs and death threats. During the 1990s, PETA paid $70,200 to an Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist convicted of burning down a Michigan State University research laboratory. In his sentencing recommendation, a federal prosecutor implicated PETA president Ingrid Newkirk in that crime. And PETA vegetarian campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich told an animal rights convention in 2001 that “blowing stuff up and smashing windows” is “a great way to bring about animal liberation.”

4) PETA activists regularly target children as young as six years old with anti-meat and anti-milk propaganda, often waiting outside their schools to intercept them as they walk to and from class-without notifying parents. One piece of kid-targeted PETA literature tells small children: “Your Mommy Kills Animals!” PETA brags that its messages reach over 2 million children every year, including thousands reached by e-mail without the permission of their parents. One PETA vice president told the Fox News Channel’s audience: “Our campaigns are always geared towards children, and they always will be.”

5) PETA has used a related organization, the PETA Foundation, to fund the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a deceptive animal rights group that promotes itself as an unbiased source of medical and nutritional information. PCRM's president also serves as president of the PETA Foundation.

6) PETA runs campaigns seemingly calculated to offend religious believers. One entire PETA website is devoted to the claim-despite ample evidence to the contrary-that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian. PETA holds protests at houses of worship, even suing one church that tried to protect its members from Sunday-morning harassment. Its billboards taunt Christians with the message that hogs “died for their sins.” PETA insists, contrary to centuries of rabbinical teaching, that the Jewish ritual of kosher slaughter shouldn't be allowed. And its infamous “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign crassly compares the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide with farm animals.

7) PETA has repeatedly attacked research foundations like the March of Dimes, the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the American Cancer Society, because they support animal-based research that might uncover cures for birth defects and life-threatening diseases. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk has said that “even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we would be against it.”

Here is an interseting web site that talks about the hypocracy and bias that PETA has. Copy and paste the following address:

Now go check it out. SOme very interseting articals there.

Saturday, October 15, 2005 

My Birthday

Well it is my birthday .... oh yeeehaw :(

What do i wish for on this occasion that comes around every year and means not a whole lot. Hmmmm, lets see. I guess I would first wish for a leggy blond named Katrina.

Next wow an old stand by from the Miss America padgent ... world peace? Nope Miss America ..... lol.

A superbowl win and Stanley cup coming back to Denver.

An end to illegal immigration

Making English the official language of this country ... you bet.

A politician that actually listens to his contituants, sure.

Money, lots of money, yeah that would do.

A vacation to some exotic place with lots of bikinin clad women who think I walk on water. That would be cool, never walked on water before.

A wish list that won't come true, thats why it is a wish list. I will settle for another year, close to family and good friends, well ok I will throw in a vacation this next year.



I have been doing some thinking and I have the solutions to a lot of the major problems and some minor ones. The first being smack the inventore of computers up side his head because this is the third time I have had to retype this blog because it keeps dissapearing on me.
Remeber this is my blog and I publish my opinions and encourage civilized discourse on the topics I publish. However this time I know I shall recieve a few harsh critisims. Well before you set to type why you think I am right or wrong, bite me!
I have been thinking on these topics for a while and will offer several courses of action to some to others there in my mind is only one plan of action.....MINE =)

The first topic is ....... (jeopardy music)

The easiets way to solve the invasion of illegals is to build a wall and mine field that stretches the full length of the southern and northern boarders. Then place the military on them to patrol and enforce our soviernty. Round up those that are here ILLEGALLY and deport them back home. Then deduct the coast from the aid we give their government. Allow those who legally want to come here enter at Ellis Island, where a doctor can examine them. I know this isn't to the liking of those bleeding heart antiAmerican globalist. However maybe the next solution will be to your liking.
Solution number two:
Disolve the American government , declare the United States defunked and over with. Give control to the thieves in the United Nations. Round up all white european decent citizens , put them in forced labor camps inorder to support the rest of the worthless world. Then anyone of a minority that feels or has loyalties to America ....shoot them. This should please the globalist commies, and socialitic putzes trying to ruin this country.

Again there are two solutions. Both as plane as the nose on Ahkmeds face ....can't miss that beak. Or that italian table cloth he wears on his head.

Meet violance with unmittegated destruction. An eye for an eye? No an eye for a body. You behead one of us we send a thousand of you two Allah. Not with a nuke either, but covered in the innards of slaughtered pigs and mutilated beyond recognition. ( sound harsh? Damn right! They want to kill us and remove our way of life and impose their radical oppressive notions of religion upon us people.)
They commitre an act of violance against us , we respond with the wrath of GOD!. Time to stop coddeling these radicals. This is war and war is not pretty. If they will not play by the Geneva convention then we shouldn't either. Take the damn kid gloves off and "LOOSE THE DAWGS OF WAR". Bring a new meaning to the term seek and destroy. Hunt them and their families down and eliminate then with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!!!!

To radical you say? You mean makes to much sense. Ok then option number two. Everyone convert to Islam, pray to mecca and end western civilization. Ok problem solved next.

Take your psycoanalitic B.S. and park it Freud. You commit a crime and are found guilty you serve the time. You murder someone and get caught, expect THE DEATH PENALTY. Not some easy going shot in the arm either, or electric chair but hang them and hang them high publicly. Put felons back on the chain gang and make them work off their crimes. Prison is a punishment not a reward for bad behavior. End the cable television and game rooms. No more workout sessions except on the chain gang. There are lots of projects that need laborers. Put the felons to work NOW.

Oh no we need to coddle and talk nicely to these poor misunderstood thugs/punks/rapeists, child molestors. It isn't their fault they know right from wrong but still do something wrong. It is societies fault. Ok Freud then lets put these criminals in your house and let the child molestors baby sit your children , and the rapists escort your daughters and wives to the store or to prom. Lets rehabilitate thieves by making them bank tellers alright. makes sense to me. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Build more refineries!!!!!!

Stop giving foriegn aid to countries that don't like us. Mexico, any raghead nation, Half of Europe. Demand repayment of WWII loans form France, Belgium, Norway, ect ..... this could end the deficit there.
Quit making a welfare state. Revamp the welfare system into a hand up not a hand out.
Aid Americans before aiding ILLEGALS with freebee's.

Build more refineries.
Make alternative fuels.
Outlaw enviromentalists from driving those fume puking cars with earth first bumper stickers on them.
Build more nuclear reactors and hydrolic plants.

The political correct answers
Outlaw automobiles and make everyone ride a horse ( but who will clean up after the horses?)
Everone must ride a bicycle when in citiy limits. Even in blizzards and hurricane force rain and wind.
End man kind so that the earth can no longer suffer from global warming.

This is the simpelist answer yet. Make these morons live for a couple years in a third world nation that doesn't allow freedom of speech or any of our Contitutional rights. Then they will see just how good they have it here.

outlaw it and force the rappers to listen 24/7 with head phones they can not remove for a week. Then maybe they will come up with something origional and worth listening to. (to much talent out there wasted on noise.)

Deport this racist and extremist to the middle east where he can live with his so called Islamofacists friends. Seee then if he can run his mouth and preach his tolerance of peace.

Post the ten comandments every where for all to read. It is the basis for all western civilization and law. Teach the truth about the Constitution and its meaning, not some made up version of a ever changing document that does not exisit. Make civics classes mandatory with qualified teachers not hacks collecting a check.

Well these are some answers to some problems. I can solve all the problems but then what do you contribute. I shouldn't have to do all the work. Afterall it takes a village right?

Friday, October 14, 2005 

MSM Bias/Political Terrorist Aid

Now lets take a look at the lack of coverage brought forth by the MSM in its political correctness. This lack of coverage does not do the average American or average western/Christian person any aid at all. By hiding or neglecting what Islamofacist and radicals are doing, covering up the truth in a false act to not antagonise these wacko's is simpley giving aid to their propaganda agenda.

What has happened this week. Well as pointed out on Michelle Malkins blog Chechnian rebels ( Islamic based and radical backed) have launched several massive attacks on not only the government but the citizens of Chechnia. Where is the coverage on this from the American press. Well they are to busy trying to figure out if nomination Miers is qualified, and if Tom Delay is guilty of the same campiagn infractions as Ted (I may be drunk but i didnt murder anyone)Kennedy, or Hillary (I am smarter and better then the average redneck) Clinton.

Time to connect the dots my loyal readers/friends. I can only warn you so many times. Its like telling a child not to touch the stove because it is hot, sooner or later the child will touch the stove and learn. You get burned when you play with fire.

Lets look at the dots that are so easily connected but ignored by the MSM (main stream media).
An intercepted letter of Al( bunch of punks/thugs/murderers)Quaida. In this letter it outlines how Iraq should and plans to be the center of the new Islamofacist world. How Isreal shall be attacked and destroyed. The complete domination of the world and conversion to the so called religion of peace. (side note , this religion of so called peace has been through out history an antagonist, violent and oppressive dominating authoritarian, genocidal regime.)

With the new Oklahoma bomber just outside of a college football game, Hienrichs involvment with the local Islamic movement. The coverup of facts on the explosive, downplay of suicide ( who comites suicide by blowing themselves up unless you want to take others with you?). Sealed search warrents, found radical Islamic movement material in his possesion and roomates of middle eastern background. Now the Big 12 schools are clamping down on newly implaced security issues. (hmmmm, what does this mean?)

A threat of attack on the New York subways. Then the bomb squad in Penn Station wearing haz mat suits. ( you do not wear a haz mat suit for bombs). Possible pharmacists entering this country who have been trained in chemical and biological warfare in the middle east by Islamofacists.


President Bush pushing for government /federal troops , aka the military to have authority to step in and enforce quaritines. The increased time table for the new CDC to be finished here in Colorado. A so called pandemic that may be approaching. The formal request by the government to Phamacuticals to increase and stock pile vaccines. What does this mean.

With parental and ACLU lack of vaccinating the youth of this country against things like polo, chicken pox, measels,something that used to be madatory. (Remember if you are over 35 getting these shots in school, they do not do that now.)

One has to wonder , going back to a young man. A loner, single, somewhat outcast in college. Suddenly getting involved with local Islamic activities, how many others are out there that are being prayed upon by oppertunistic Islamofacists and converted(politically correct term) actually being brainwashed. To do some act of domestic terrorism against this country.

Open boarder groups coming out publically and admiting their affiliations of socialist ideals and communist beliefs/Anti American views. Obstructing the law and restricting citizens rights while provideing you can't touch me laws to ILLEGALS. Lack of control by several governments (ours, Mexico, and Candain) to patrol and watch boarders. Actually support from the Mexican government to keep the boarder wide open and protected for illegals to cross. When I say ILLEGALS in this case I refere to the drug runners, human trafficers, and terrorists that are known to be along the boarder. Not the illegals who jump the boarder to steal jobs for lower wages from American citizens. ( A TOPIC I SHALL SOON BLOG ON ALSO).

When you look at the big picture and connect these dots. Do the research. There is some clear and defineing lines of attack being scene here. I do mean attack for we are at WAR. These dots individually do not pose a major theat. Put them together and you see a major front of opposition to the American way of life, Christianity, and Western Culture genocide.

Does the MSM talk about any of this? NO! They may give a blurp here and there but no real reporting of the facts and the interlinking of these topics. The evidance is out there on this. DO THE RESEARCH!!!!!!! I am no conspirocy theory nut. I do not believe in the government hiding space aliens at area 51 ( we all know they moved the evidance to Utah)but look at what is going on. Who is envolved, and the so called reasons for the actions.

Has the MSM reported on the increase in Muslims in south America? NO! That Islam is on the rise in Latin America. Catholosim is being not only preached against but having violent acts thrust upon them in traditinally Cathlic regions. Groups of murderouse thugs and punks like MS - 13 conducting murderers and terrorism not only in Central America but from coast to coast here in America. Who is backing these punks. Islamofacists from the middle east.

Where is the MSM on this? Out to lunch because it is not politically correct to point out that a minority of people (who happen to be racist and oppressive in nature) might be offeneded by the truth of their actions. A media controled by ideologs and socialist who do not believe in Truth , Justice, and the American way. A way that for over one hundred years has had the fortitude to do the right thing and protect the "citizens" of the world against oppression and aggression.

By not reporting the truth the media is giving aid to terrorism and human rights violaters.

Thats how i see things . If you disagree, prove to me where I am wrong. If not get to your local gunstore and load up. The war for our way of life will soon be in our streets, and in your homes.


Remodel Thankyou

For those who are somewhat loyal readers of this site, you notice certain changes on board. I havent blog much this week as I have been researching alot of MSN lack of coverage on Islamofacists, and well work has been a bit hectic too. (When will work come to the conclusion that they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work) anyways I did have a few things to do this week. But I digress, or digest, just at breakfast. Back to topic.

You will notice that there are a few changes appearing on this blog. Trying to bring it into a more appealing look and attract more readers ( although liberals really do not read but look at pictures). A good friend has offered his services/help in revamping this site . Over the next week or two you will see several changes to the site. Better graphics, links, and who knows what else we can come up with.



Monday, October 10, 2005 

Colorado Sports

What a weekend for the sports lover in Colorado. Unfortunately once again the vast majority of so called reporters for Colorado did not report the games. I often after a weekend like this honestly think that a law should be passed here in this state. This law should say that unless you are a native to Colorado you can not report on the sports scene.

In Hockey the Avalance won 3 to 2 in an exciting game on saturday. Then in football the C.U. Buffaloes creamed Texas, 41 to 20, and not untill the Buffs put in their second string did Texas do anything. Thats two weeks in a row that the C.U. Buffaloes went wild. Does any of this make the news. Just a little blip here. The Broncos defeted the Washington Redskins, 21 to 18. In a very poorly, biased one sided officiatd game. I do not know what game that several local wantabe reporters watched but the referring was pro Washington. What do they say? That the Broncos were aided by the officials and were lucky to win. What game did they watch again?

If you love Colorado you love sports , especially the home teams from Air Force to even the C.S.U. Rams ( of which I am not a big fan).What do we get Baseball and Golf. COM"ON for crying out loud. It is Fall and that means Football, Hockey, and Basketball in a couple weeks. Not BASEBALL. Over paid millionares who stand around and scratch themselves in public and act like spoiled brats. WHO CARES! Colorado has not had any baseball since they got rid of our minor leauge Bears.The out of towners forced us to bring in the majors and it has been a dissapointment ever since. I say to all these out of towners .... GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!

I want to hear about the local teams from high school to pro. Not some other city and what they are doing. Take your Yankees, your Giants , the Tiger woods and Nicks with you this is Colorado. That means the Broncos, the Avalance, the Nuggets, C.U. Buffs, Rams, Smokey Hill, George Washington, and Thorton High Schools, even Evergreen High. Not California, New York, or Minnesota. I just have to change the station when sports come on. Good thing I follow the home teams myself.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

Its Here, Watch Farrakahn

Very interesting news not being reported by the mainstream media. The so called suicide bomber in Oklahoma, Joel Hinrichs. A supposed loner and deprssed individual. This is contrary to the evidance now coming out from the blogs. Reports from KOCO, channel 5 in OKC say a second bomb possible a pipebomb was located and detonated by the local bomb squad. Also and more scary the reports of two men of middle eastern decent were seen runnning away from the explosion and into the stadium.

Connections of Hinrich being in and visiting the local Islamic center. A center with known ties to Zacarias Moussaoui. In case you forgot who he was, one of the highjackers from 9/11 people. Photos of Hinrich show him in the early stages of conversion to Islam. I say this because if you have ever paid attention to what happens with young men who convert the first thing they do is start to change their appearance. Women start to cover up.

A roommate of middle eastern desent. Terrorist training parafanalia, and bomb making info found in his apartment. HMMm, a possible connection? DUUUUHHHH!

I think as time goes on the blogs will reviel the truth in the connections to Islam and Hinrichs, how he became a dupe for their sick motives by praying on his deprseeion and sense of lonliness.

What does Louis Farrakahn have to do with this? Simple as the leader of the American Muslim community and subversion. Instead of making the easy comment of "We denounce these acts even for suicide upon ones own self" he plans to start a bogus campiagn on Bill Bennett for misrepresented remarks he made. Instead of condoneing any Islamic center in America that supports jihads he remains silent. Why? I will tell you my thoughts. I think it is simple because in his own warped mind he wants a jihad to come to America. He supports any act that may harm or embarish America. I would venture to say he has the connections to Al Queda insurgents in America right now.

His absurd statments about mythical conspiracies during Hurricane Katrina and secrete plans to commite genocide upon the poor black man/race are a cover to divert attention form his criminal activities of being a traitor to a country which allows him the oppertunity to be THE BIGGEST RACIST IN AMERICA.

History I feel will validate my assertions. Unfortunately by the time these facts become public we will all be converted to Islam or dead.

What can we do about this. Simple enough is enough . When these morons make their assertions that are so absurd and shout loud about fantasied oppression we shout them down with the truth and facts that they cannot deny. The old saying of the squeeky wheel gets the greese. Well lets greese it so it shuts up. Stop listenning to this maniac. Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton, and Charlie Rangle are the same way. Time to quit listening to their lies and bring forth the truth.

We also and more importantly better take a long look at the so called religion of peace and what they are up to. As for me anytime I get neer one of these italian table cloth wearing camel jockies. I get nervouse. I statr to look for quick exits from where I am at. I keep an eye on them untill they leave or I leave. And my exit is pretty quick because I do not want to fall victem to a bomb attack or shooting by some wantabe martyer. I did a tour in the middle east. These people have no repect or care for anyone not of their persuasion or religion. It makes no differance to them if it is man, woman , or child. They hate us all.

So called tolerance being called for by certain leaders is appalling when this religion commits genocide on groups of people world wide and murders most foul upon certain indivciduals who speak the truth about them.


Saturday, October 01, 2005 

Go Minutemen Go

October is here and the launch of civil defense along the boarder with Mexico takes on a new phase. This time in Texas. With increaseing threats of violance from antiAmerican thugs and proopen boarder sympathisers heats up. The Minutemen project moves into new but familiar territory in the war on ILLEGAlS entering the United States.

Promises of violance and threats to the safety of these American patriots who only want to help the government stem the flow of drug pushers, human trafficers, and thugs into this country are still being called racists. I still fail to see how a group of people with mixed ethniticity can be called racists. However the spin placed on the Minutemen is they are racists because they want the law enforced.

The Mexican government calls the Minutemen hunters of migrants. Hunters perhaps in the fact they sit and watch then report locations of ILLEGAL Aliens coming over the boarder, but not even close to racists. You want to see racism look at the so called militant group known as the brown berrets. Here is a group of hispanic thugs who for no other reason will assualt elderly and young alike because they are nonhispanic. Now this is a racist organization. Calling for violance against American citizens who do not believe in a mythical culture and country called Aztlan.

I want to know from these punks, if they should succeed in their dream of a mythical Aztlan how will they p[rotect their boarders then from illegal entry by nonAztlan citizens. Will they great them with open arms as they want done now with people of hispanic decent or will they do as the Mexican government does on its southern boarder. Great "migrants" with armed force and shoot at them? I suspect they will shoot anyone who tries to enter their little impoverished by lack of leadership and fortitude country with violance.

These hypicritical subversive groups are nothing more then a form of terrorism , home grown through a lack of lawenforcment on the United States governments part. Crying and whinning for hard earned tax money to support their adgenda and destroy this country to create a nation they fled from or their forfathers fled. It is sickening that they scream for law enforcement on one hand. Antihate crime legislation and special interest protection for themselves but no one else.

The Minuteman project is a mixture of all races and people from all walks of life who want to uphold the law and protect this nation. They offer aid to those who need it from smugglers. Report the criminal activity of human trafficers and drug runners. Does this sound like racist? Hell no, sounds like a well organized neighborhood watch organization to me. Politicians to scared of a small portion of the populance want to play politics in protecting the majority of their constituants.




Cheap Shot

What a low blow the anti gun crowd is now sinking to. They would cut off their nose to spite their face I bet. With the recent passing of a new/rewriten law on the use of handguns in order to protect ones self in Florida, the anti gun lobby swings into backstabbing action. Taking out full page adds and passing out fliers to potential tourists tellinf them they would be shot if they visit Florida. The fact the people of Florida want to be able to defend themselves form drug pushers , carjackers and other criminals does not matter to the antigun crowd. In their eyes you must kowtow to anyone anytime anywhere. Defense of ones person and property in their eyes is unconstitutional and wrong.

Florida tourists warned that locals could shoot them


IT IS Britain's most popular transatlantic holiday destination, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors a year with its sun-drenched beaches, theme parks and wildlife.

But Florida's £30 billion tourism industry is under threat from a campaign launched by a gun-control group which warns visitors they could be killed.

A series of alarming adverts, to be placed in British newspapers, warns potential tourists about a new law allowing gun owners to shoot anyone they believe threatens their safety.

The Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence, based in Washington DC, has pledged to "educate" tourists by placing adverts in US cities, and in key overseas markets such as Britain.

"Warning: Florida residents can use deadly force," says one of the adverts. Another reads: "Thinking about a Florida vacation? Please ensure your family is safe. In Florida, avoid disputes. Use special caution in arguing with motorists on Florida roads."

The Brady Campaign - named after Jim Brady, the spokesman for Ronald Reagan who was paralysed by a gunshot during the 1981 assassination attempt on the then-president - promises to also run adverts in French, German and Japanese newspapers. The campaign officers also plan to hand out leaflets on roads leading into the state.



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