Thursday, February 28, 2008 

McCains a WUSS

Can you believe this. I mean this is absolute kowtowing and submissive behavior. Apologising for useing someones name. Come on you wussy. The mans name is Barrak Hussien Obamma, not Chales James or Frank. To apologise for the use of a mans given name is S T U P I D !!!!!!

Ah people I am very sorry that we have used this mans name. The name his parents gave him at birth. Please forgive us for pointing out what his full legal name is. I am sorry and I will not let my campaign sink to the low level of doing this. I will also turn around and bend over to let the Democrats and defeatists do me now.

Is this the leader we have chosen to take the reins of the conservative movement? HELL NO. It is the man the left leaning media has chosen and the RINOs are backing. This is why I have renounced my membership in the Repugnant Party. McCain is no more a conservative then I am a leftists. The truth be told I am a moderate. Does this tell you how far left this contry has sunk. Hmmmmm. Think about it will you.

You do not have to be a gun toteing flag wearing bible thumper to have conservative beliefs. As a matter of fact I do enjoy the second amendment, the American flag waving in the wind, and I have certain religous beliefs that do not subscribe to kowtowing to mecca or medina. But this does not make me a right wing extremist. All because I love this country and what it stands for.

John McCain is a FRAUD. The repugnant party that supports him is a fraud. The news media claiming he is a conservative is lieing. The democrats are lieing.

John MCCain has no cajones when he apologises for the use of a mans name. If anyone should say they are sorry it is Obama's parents. They are the ones who gave him his name.

Barrak does not seem to have a problem with it seeing how he has not changed it.

Friday, February 22, 2008 

Get well wishes Bill Jones

A late evening phone call came to me last night. Unfortunately it brought some sad news.

Newsradio 710 KNUS in Denver was hit a blow yesterday morning around 10:45. The News Director and afternoon news host was striken with what looks to be a heart attack. Bill a long time figure in the Colorado radio market, has of late been suffering from poor health. Though Bill would really never admit openly.

The liberal leaning news man sometimes can really agitate a person. Always taking the bleeding heart, enlighten progressive thinking side of an argument off air. Bill would and more then likely will continue to say things that simple drop ones jaw. You can always count on Bill to say something off the wall. I often suspected he does this to get one going and throw them off their game for a discussion or argument.

Suffering a personal loss of a family member a few months ago. Bill really did not need this to happen.

I send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Bill.


Liberal Tolerance

Here is a great example of liberal tolerance. The tolerance that conservatives are accused of and blamed for. However if you look at who are the real intolerant bunch, you do ot have to look any further then the nearest liberal.

Yet another nastey letter was sent to Michelle Malkin. The letter was not only writen with poor english and grammer. Something I am often guilty of. It was filled with hate, vile comments, and pure simple hatred.

The letter is not for those young in age for several reasons. One it is inappropriate for them. Two, it demonstrates language and racism at some of its best. Then finally because of its inuendo.

From Michelle's webpage and blog:

Letter from an Obama supporter
By Michelle Malkin • February 20, 2008 09:51 AM

from Brandy Priestess
date Feb 20, 2008 8:44 AM
subject Bitch, you’re retarded and your thoughts on Madame President Obama doesn’t count

Michelle Malkin,
No matter how many white men you fuck and no matter how many white asses you kiss, you will always be “A wanna be white woman”, silly ass Bitch..

Except Bitch,” 2 asians fucking, don’t make a white”. Do you really think Mrs. Obama gives a fuck about what you think about her?

You have a lot to be thankful for Bitch, fucking a white man gave you a good life in America, a life you could never have where your fucking ancestors were born.

Just be thankful that your lack of self decency allowed you to suck the white man’s dick to get where you are in life, you fucking sell out cunt.


Show me the white woman named Ming Lee Malkin, but there’s tons of sell out Asian Bitches like yourself who think nothing of naming your Asian and bi-racial
children white names. Blacks have white names because of Slavery, you have white names and semen in your body because you hate yourself and your slant eyes.
You pray that your bi-racial child by a white man will come out more white than Asian.

No wonder the white man loves Asia to fill out all of his pedophile tendencies, you Bitches will move in with him and let him fuck your children just as long as he’ll give you his credit card and allow you to pretend that you’re an honorary white woman. BITCH PLEASE.

FYI HO: “Fuck you and the Bitch (your mother) that had you.”

Now how’s that for free speech, silly dumb ass HO?

Now someone please tell me where is the tolerance? Tell me why there is no outcry from any of the media? We all know that is something like this was to be sent and posted on a liberal blog the MSM would be all over it and demand something be done.

Much to Michelles credit. Her response to this disgusting letter was very adult and very mature. She did not lower herself to the slime level of this Brandy person.

Michelles reply .......

from Michelle Malkin
to Brandy Priestess,
date Feb 20, 2008 9:50 AM
subject Re: Bitch, you’re retarded and your thoughts on Madame President Obama doesn’t count

Do you feel better now?

What an appropriate response. The way all adults should treat children. Firm, yet authoritive, with a hint of sarcasim to the child.


Positive Duke U update

Well for a while now we have known how the accuser has been treated. Jesse Jackson setting her up with a fund for education. Trying to better her life, all the while no apology to the accused or to those who were drug through the mud with them.

Well fortunately now some measure of justice is raiseing its head. The question will be will they actually see justice.

38 lacrosse players sue Duke, Durham
'A horrifying personal nightmare'

Anne Blythe
(Raleigh) News & Observer
Thirty-eight members of the 2006 Duke University lacrosse team say they suffered emotional distress and other injuries when Duke remained silent about evidence that contradicted an escort service dancer's allegations of gang rape.

In a news conference today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the players plan to outline details of a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in North Carolina's Middle District.

"For more then a year, the lacrosse players were caught up in a horrifying personal nightmare," Chuck Cooper, the Washington-based lawyer handling the case, said in a statement. "They were harassed in class by teachers and their fellow students ... They were victimized by a corrupt investigation that ignored or suppressed evidence that would have cleared them. And, all for a crime that never took place."

This is the third lawsuit that Duke University and the city of Durham face tied to the infamous Duke lacrosse case. Duke administrators declined to comment, saying they had not seen the complaint. Durham officials said they also did not know details of the suit.

Only three members of the 47-player 2006 team have not filed suit.

The players' suit does not name former District Attorney Mike Nifong as a defendant because he has filed for bankruptcy and is offered protection by federal bankruptcy law, Cooper said. However, the suit condemns Nifong, saying he hid and fabricated evidence, tampered with and intimidated witnesses, rigged photo lineups and ignored and hid evidence pointing to the players' innocence.

Their suit comes almost five months after Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann -- the three players who were charged and then exonerated -- filed a suit in federal court.

The three exonerated players alleged that Mike Nifong, the city of Durham, the DNA laboratory hired by Nifong and others associated with the case conspired to falsely charge the former Duke students with rape. The charges stemmed from a team party in March 2006 where an escort service dancer alleged that she had been gang raped.

The exonerated players' suit contends that Nifong, Durham police and others conspired to bring charges even though they knew that the allegations were "a total fabrication."

Duke University reached a confidential settlement with those three players shortly after state Attorney General Roy Cooper dropped the charges.

Late last year, Breck Archer, Ryan McFadyen and Matt Wilson, three players not charged in the criminal case, filed a lawsuit against Duke University, Nifong, the city of Durham and numerous others they accused of being part of a vast conspiracy.

Their 400-page complaint, filed by Robert Ekstrand, a Durham lawyer, lists 35 causes of action that include negligent infliction of emotional distress and fraud


I think that the case should also include the accuser and her school fund. After all she was the one who started all this nonsense.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 

Berekely still has to APOLOGISE

The city of Bezerekely may have recinded their initial eviction notice to the United States marine Corps. However an apology is not in the near future.

After a large protest and demonstration by protroop supporters, the city failed to give any sort of protection to the good guys from the violent actions by the cod pinko groups.

Doing a 180 on their call for the Marines to leave their recruiting station and saying that in reality they support the men and women of the military. Only after the realized that the purse strings of the city may be effected. No apology has been issued or hinted at by the left leaning aged drug addicts of the city council.


Mexicans try to decapitate Americans

Here is another one for the books. As our RINOs in washington sell this country out. The drug dealers, cartels and human smugglers are getting more violent along the boarder.

Border Patrol: Smugglers Planting Booby Traps

SAN DIEGO -- Smugglers of drugs and illegal immigrants are using booby traps to try and harm Border Patrol agents, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

Authorities released photos Tuesday of what agents said they found east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry: a thick metal wire tied onto the secondary border fence. The wire stretched across the border road and led into Mexico through a hole in the primary border fence, officials said.

When pulled tight, the wire rises about 4 feet high, or at neck level for an agent patrolling the border on All Terrain Vehicles, according to officials.

According to the agents, their crackdown against smugglers and drug traffickers has led to more violence along the border. Officials said a total of 176 assaults have been reported against agents in San Diego this fiscal year.


Monday, February 11, 2008 

"Get in line"

Wow, sounds like an elementary school teacher speaking to the kids there now doesn't it. This is what the RINO's in the leadership position of the repugnet party are telling all the conservatives these days. The question is why do they want conservatives to fall in step and be like the sheep in the democrat party.

Is it because being republican in name only they are secretly pushing the socialist agenda? Well it is no secret that the agenda today is very socialist in nature. From universal health care to open boarders to cut and run from world affairs. A growing support for a failed United Nations control on the world scene. Failure to curb radical islamofacist, genocide in Africa, murder of Christians around the world (with no major outcry from the Vatican).

Even on the local scene. RINOs are showing their true colors with support for social programs that dig deep into the pockets of the American taxpayer. The question is why this big swing to the left. If conservatives think that in any way this will help the common sense movement then they have no clue at all.

In the short term conservatives will loose their voice. The fairness in broadcasting act will censor conservatives. More liberal policies towards handouts of taxpayer monies will become entitlements. taxes will go up, the economy will definately reach the MSM predictions of gloom and doom. People will tighten their belts do to the higher taxes and spend less while hoarding their hard earned money.

In the long run, of say 30 to 4o years this country will turn into an entitlement camp for the have nots to make a living on the backs of the haves. The haves being those who through blood sweat and tears support the lazy s.o.b.s that have their hands out saying "gimme, gimme, gimme". Being punished for trying to better themselves and their families.

The battle for any fiscal reposibility will be all up hill as this country will sink further into a second and maybe even a third world status.

The race for the presidency is lost. Lets face it McCain is a socialist, and the alternatives are far worse. The ties to the middle east from Obamma, and Hillary's Chinese ties are just way to scary to contemplate. What has to be done is fight for any and all conservatives in any local and federal seats in the houses and senates of this country. We as conservatives have to maintain a presence in a large number there to either control or prevent bad legislation from happening. This means picking up seats in both the House and Senate.

Nancy Pelooza,Harry Ripoff, and Teddy Crookeddy will either fade away like a bad dream or they will invade our homes with their bigger government. Just look at what they support and the bills that they are trying to force through legislation.

Higher taxes, censorship of conservative values. Restrictions on religious beliefs, reduction of the military. Support for the United Nations without any oversight to the criminals there in. A forced living style in their utopian dreams. An example is what is being proposed in Tennesse. A bill that would make it illegal for resturants to serve people who may be considered obese. Forced social medicines with automatic pay garnishes (new tax) to support this.

So when the RINOs say get in line. What they are really telling us is their view of the future where all Americans wait in line for health care, to eat out, what to buy, ect ect. Much the way the Soviet Union was and is returning to.

Friday, February 08, 2008 

Pimped Out, Hillary upset

Hmm, lets see. with todays culture we have Pimp My Ride, Pimp My Truck on television. Kids every day are pimping each other, meaning that they get a friend to do something for them. Of coarse on the streets you have the pimps doing their pimping. The phrase is now a part of Americana. To pimp sopmeone is to con them into doing something for you.

So now over at NBC, we have a young reporter trying to be hiop and now. He uses a phrase and term that is popular culture. What does he get? He gets suspended and can not appear on telly. Dave Shuster, the reporter has apologised but is still being demonized by the Clintons and Obamma campaigns.

I find this to be highly hypocritical when you consider the insults they have come out with towards our President and his family.

I find this a bit funny but mostly absurd. These two candidates are wanting to be hip and grab the youth vote. So when they do something and it is refered to in the hip venacular they get upset. Of coarse the MSM runs to their side and push starts the bandwagon on down hill. All in an effort to make them seem put upon.

I look at what Hillary is doing with her daughter and yeah. She is "PIMPING OUT" her daughter in an effort to get votes. It is simple as that. Barrak is doing the same with is wife. He is pimping her out as well in an effort to get the same vote Hillary wants.

If you look into the policies that both of these candidates have you'll see that they will. If they win the election that is. Pimp out the American tax payer to the rest of the world. As well as pimp out and rewrite the Constitution to further their agenda of socialism.

So the supsension by NBC on reporter Dave Shuster is a sham. Much like McCains amnesty proposal. It is all smoke and mirrors.

Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Romney sells America out

Well I guess one has to call it now. That is the race for this countries essance, heart, soul, and survival, is now over.

I hate to sound all gloom and doom but this is it. It is over. With the last semiconservative left in the race now pulling out. We have handed this country over to socialism and retreat.

Mitt gave his speach all lovey dovey on how McCan't is right on the war. How we need and must hunt down terrorist and kill them before they kill us la de da. This is great on the foriegn policy front but the problems we face are much closer to home. We have the raghead terrorist on the run world wide. What we do not have is control of this tax and spend government.

The domestic issues we face are grave in essance and dire in need. The economy is hiccuping, but now that the socialist will get control the economy will do more then hiccup. It is going to fall into a full blown recesion. Something we could very well have advoided.

On the domestic front we face invasion from Mexico. This is FACT! Not some conjecture. McCain is leading the way with his shamnesty support. Just look at the sympathetic pro Mexican people he has in his campaign. These people (socialist and liberals) care nothing for this country. You have to understand that they want power and care nothing for you or I.

McCain is going to sell out this country in a heart beat and smile at us as he does it. Look how fast he went after free speach with his campaign finace reform. Supported by lefties who want to shut up any opposition to their agenda.

Speaking of going after anyone who disagres with them. Look at the fairness in broadcasting that McCain will aid in bringing back. This is not fairness but censorship. For those of you who like to share you opinions and thoughts. Or for those who like to now the truth about what is going on and not what the MSM tells us. People like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malking, Mike Rosen, they will be quieted, or worse yet forced to read the propaganda that the government of the left only wants us to hear. No longer will we get the opposite point of view.

A dangerous time we have now moved into. The waters are deep and murky with storms on the horizon.

It is imparitive that we as informed citizens get out the vote and support the conservative and not RINO's that are running for election this year. In both the national and state Houses and Senates. If we loose what little control we have with the common sense vote of the minority and more sell out RINOs get elected or worse yet more of these redistribute wealth, cut and run surrender, tax the middle class and claim it is the rich, punish the achiever, social engineering putzs of the left we are definately screwed. Well we are screwed as far as presidential chioces go.

Just look at Tennesse. More of these morons in office now want to make it illegal for fat people, ooops I mean obese people,got to be P.C. To make it illegal for them to eat in public.

Instead of stream lineing and straightening out the social security mess. We are going to have an even bigger mess. More money into a welfare system that supports noncitizens.

Well I am rambeling now . Just simply disgusted with the socalled repuglikens. The party is so full of RINOs it makes my stomache hurt. I need some tums.

Oh yeah on question. This is for Hugh Hewitt. Hey Hugh, since day one you have pushed and supported Mitt. How does it feel to know your boy has sold out to the left?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 

How the Republicans have lost me

I oficially announce that as of 2000 hours (thats 8 p.m. )o the 4th of Febuary 2008. I am no longer a republican but am an independant. Of coarse I will have to go and change this affiliation with the county this week ...blah blah blah.

I attended my local precint caucas this evening but didnt even bother to stay after thirty minutes. I was totally disalussioned with te process. This is the grass roots of American politics. The beginning for the average Joe to have his or her say. The input ion the coarse of the nation and policies that will effect them, their children, their grandchildren ...yadda yadda yadda.

This is where the republicans have lost me. Instead of seeing the political process take hold and sprout ideas and discussion. What I saw was a click. Now in all fairness I do not base this just on my precinct. I base it on the addition of the two other precincts that were there as well.

I am a people watcher. Be it good or bad I observe people and listen. A habit I picked up while on my very first leave in the military from a very wise friend. Being in a foriegn country ( the Philippeans) one neds to watch and see what is going on around them. A habit I keep today. One that has kept me out of shall we say trouble.

Anyways what I saw was three groups of people. Each group, though suposedly ideologically the same, vastly different and leary of each other. What I heard was three groups of people poseing as conservative. More proof in my mind that this country has swung so far to the left that they have no idea or concept of what conservatism is.

There of coarse were those there who were still supporting Ron Paul, and convinced of the insider theory on 9/11. Thos who were dissapointed Fred Thompson had dropped out. Others clinging on to the notion that Newt will rise from obscurity and save the republican party. then there was a majority that talked of Mc Cain. How he is the only true conservative and American in the race. Give me a fricken break. Not even close. Where are these people getting their information and better yet what rock are they living under.

I guess what upset me the most was a conversation that was leaning and gaining support. This was that our economy and country needs and must have an open boarder. HOGWASH, BOULDERDASH, BULLSH$%!!!!

This is not conservatism. The support of conspirocy therorist, globalization, the destruction of a nations soveriegnty. How different are these views from socialism? Not different are they. If this is just in my local area how far spread is it?

You do not have to look very far. You see it every morning on the telly. Fox news reports the growing support of McCain and his socialism. The MSM is always celebrating the lefts agenda. This country needs a wake up/shake up badly. A new political party. One that represents those of us who are looseing our voice to these leftists. No they are not moderates they are leftisits. Not as far as say Obamma and Stalin perhaps but still to the left of center.

One needs to do some research and see that dispite Ronald Reagons great leadership, and the way he made you fel proud to be an American. He was still only a moderate and not this right wing ultra conservative so many people tout.

Since my party is now such a sham. I feel I have no other choice but to support a third party. A party that represents my beliefs. A conservative party.

Saturday, February 02, 2008 

Where is the Berkeley Police

Where in the world are the Berkeley police/ I can not imagine that they are real busy fighting any massive crime waves in this liberal cesspool of a city. A city run by the looney left wing frindge.

Why do I ask, you ask. Well it is simple. In most towns and cities if some wierdos chain themselves to the front door of any establishment. The police would be there and arrest made in under 7 and 1/2 hours. however in Berkeley this seems to be the timwe table for the police to have lunch, get their doughnuts and coffee. Take that long needed nap then enforce the law.

Why am I pointing this all out. Simple, if you have not been in tune to the blogeshpere, more then likely you are unaware of what the loonies are up to. Again the MSM is not giving this the coverage it deserves.

The city of Berkeley is trying to evict the United States Marine Corps. This in a nut shell.

Now after Berkeley has granted code pink and other lefties a prefered parking spot in front of the recruiters office at 64 Shattuck Square. They have also granted them an unlimited noise and protest permit. So what do these loonies do. Three of them chain themselves to the front door and block it for 7 and 1/2 hours.

Seven and half hours, this is amaaaaazing. Can you imagine if someone were to chain and block the mayors office for this length of time. It wouldn't happen. But in leftistville it seems to be okay to block a GOVERNMENT OFFICE as long as it is Military and you don't like them.

Over on the Gateway Pundit, you can see pictures of the morons in chains.

To bad the chains these leftist are wearing are not the ones taking them away. Speaking of taking them away. My goodness this is absurd. Two of the three were cited for blocking a business and released, and the third was booked into jail on an unrelated traffic warrant. Blocking a buisness. Since when is the Military a buisness? Can someone out thwere please tell me when the military became a buisness.

Well I shouldn't be to upset, after all here in Denver the loonies who spilled fake blood all over themselves and delayed the start of the Columbus day parade got off with slaps on their hands as well for being repete offenders. ($200.00 dollar fines.)

Now the mayor of Bezerksville wants to portray his city as poor little ol'me. We are being picked on thanks to Michelle Malkin. (GOT NEWS FOR YOU FELLA. SINCE YOU ARE A FORMER CAPT. IN THE ARMY YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PICKED ON. BUT YOU WILL BE SINGLED OUT FOR BEING THE DISGRACE TO THE MILITARY UNIFORM YOU ONCE SWORE AN OATH TO WEAR.)

"I spoke with the landlord, who is a very nice friend of mine, and the Marines have a year and a half to go. I'm sure if they wanted we could work it out (so they can leave) without penalty. The situation there has disrupted the whole block." blustered Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates.

The situation has disrupted the whole block because you Tommy are responsible for letting this looniness happen in the first place. It is not the marine Corps fault but yours. You are directly reponsible because you let your selflothing of the military get in the way of managing a city.


Palestinians screw Egyptians

LMFAO!!!! For all those out there who say Palestinians represent the best of Islam and are only peace lovers. This not only is a crock of you know what but look what they are doing to their Eygptian friends. But then again look what the Muslims in Egypt are doing to theri Muslim Palewstinian brothers.

If this isnt a story out of Cain and Able. LOL.

Palestinians, Egyptians cheat one another in Rafah

Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper reported on Tuesday that, far from providing real relief to the residents of Gaza, the breach of the Gaza-Egypt border last week provided an opportunity for Palestinians and Egyptians to cheat one another.

According to the newspaper, many of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who poured across the border into Egypt to buy non-essential goods that Israel has placed an embargo on used counterfeit Israeli money to make their purchases.

Phony Israeli currency has reportedly been printed in Gaza since Israel withdrew from the territory in 2005.

But the Egyptians also failed to play fair, reportedly selling food and other perishable goods to the Palestinians that were past their expiration dates.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Bedouins on Monday violently confronted and turned away Palestinian shoppers. Bedouins interviewed by Reuters complained that the Palestinians had exhausted nearly all supplies in the border town of Rafah, and had driven up the prices on remaining goods to a level that local Egyptians can no longer afford.

What is even funnier is that the money counterfieted is Isreali. With all the hatred in the middle east towards Isreal, they still accept the good ol'dollar. Be it American or Isreali.

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