Wednesday, December 29, 2010 

2011, the campaign begins

So President Obama is getting geared up for the election in 2012. This time he will start, oooppps! I should say he will continue to campaign from Chicago now. Seeing how he has not stopped campaigning since 2006, the only thing he knows. He will move his headquarters out to Chicago in an atrtempt to try and disguise himself as a beltway outsider. This is a laugh. He is the current beltway. Be it in Washington , Hawaii, overseas, or in Chicago. The beltway is made up of at best a dozen conservatives and the rest leftists who want to aid in the destruction of this Nation.

What a putz!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 

Like a spoiled child, the cry and throw a fit

Once again the truth about what happened is ignored in favor of playing politics and causing fear.
Two Arizona activists go public with disappointment and bogus outrage. Aldemar Cruz says, "this is war,white people watch out". Olivia Perez admits to being illegal and signing fraudulently on documents to stay in this country. Saying that "Latinos need to fight back. We need to march. We need to scream. We need to riot."

This is the typical attitude of the average Latino, pro open border, how dare you question me subversive that has snuck across the southern border into this country. Where is the real outrage at this?

We are inundated with these buffoons and their false madness, yet no one dares to call them on their RACISM. Pure and simple hate crimes, being committed by those who support hate crime legislation to protect one race over another. The implied threat to violence against only whites, all because pressure was placed upon Congress to stop the madness of allowing one group of people to sponge off of another. In this case, being ILLEGALS ALIENS to get a higher education at the expense of CITIZENS who cannot afford to get their own higher education.

So the activists cry foul and like spoiled children who do not get their way when told no. These people want to throw a fit, or in this case riots and violence. With the truth being told. These activists/subversives want to blame Republicans and the "hate filled tea party". Yet at least 7 Democrats stepped up to the plate and voted no on the Dream ACT as well. While several Republicans voted yes on this ridiculous bill.

It is far past time that the free ride for non citizens ends and better care and services for CITIZENS is provided.

Friday, December 17, 2010 

Pelosi, Dems alternate economic reality

Once again as Nancy Pelosi, soon to be former Speaker of the House, runs her spin on economics. We learn that Congress still does not understand that if you do not have the money then you cannot spend it. By still referring to the tax rates currently as tax cuts. One can see that these people believe that the money is and always will be theirs before the American people who work hard to earn it.

The LIE of these tax cuts (once again they are not tax cuts but a continuation of the current rates) will increase the debt by billions. This is economic spin and lies. You cannot take money you do not have and count on it to spend. This is deficit spending and it lands the average American in jail for fraud when we do it.

If taxes are not increased then you do not for the government have an increase of money. Yet Nancy Pelosi and other spenders want to convince us that this will increase the deficit. A lie, a big fat lie. What causes an increase in the debt is the continuation of spending more then we have. This is what Washington is doing. Spending money they do not have.

Once again it is a LIE to say that the extension of current tax rates are a tax cut. It is only a tax cut in "projected" figures of a wishful budget that these socialist want.

Thursday, December 16, 2010 

What is wrong with labels?

We have a new push by the left to remove labeling of political thought and actions. This movement runs 180 to what the left originally pushed. That is labeling everything. The labeling of Conservative, right wing religious bias, war hawks, doves, fascist, buffoons, etc. It was the left who brought us the phobia labels. Remember Islamicphobe? The left wanted to put this label on anyone who realised Islam as a cult not a religion of peace.

So why the all out push now to remove labels? Simple. Labels backfired on the left. As progressives, and socialist are found out. That their political ideology is not what the majority of American people want. The labeling or the actual calling by name who and what these people are, exposed them to the truth. People where able to decide if that is what they support or not.

The election in November resulted in more of the truth in reality being at play. This hurt politically the left. So now a new way to censor the truth is being tried. Remove the labels and hide what and who you are. That is the bottom line to none labeling. The spin and lie of you do not need to deny who you are but do not let anyone label you as to what you are is the current thought and wanted new practice.

What this will do is deny opposing political views from being heard in campaigning in up coming elections , advertisements, and propaganda from all sides. This is a bad thing. It is nothing more then censorship of the truth.

When Gerbils, as propaganda minister of Nazi Germany did this. The truth of what was being done in the name of the German people was denied to them.

It is nothing more then another ploy to censor the truth.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 

The Dream Act comes to Colorado

With the sanctuary pro new administration under Governor elect Trickenlooper, Colorado looks to become another California. Where taxes and tax payer monies will go to support, educate, and help those who are not U.S.A. CITIZENS, or ILLEGAL ALIENS over Americans.

Freshman State Senator Angela Giron (D) Pueblo, is pushing legislation that in the past has been turned down, yet she hopes to resurrect and pass under the ILLEGAL ALIEN sympathisers of the Hickenlooper admin. This "Dream Act" once again wants to give a pass on fees for education by illegal aliens. While at the same time proposing an increase for fees to legal residents to collages. Yes this is correct. You cannot give free education without making someone else pay for it.

Giron says "This issue is about young people and the opportunities that young people should have." Nice sentiments except she ignores the young LEGAL Americans in favor of those who are breaking the law.

"We need all the talent we can get, and it is walking right out the door." Giron says. Yet she does not mean the talented young American Citizens who this bill will deny a chance to improve themselves. She favors lower fees for those of a singular ethnicity over everyone. A racially based program that hinders Blacks, Orientals, and yes Whites too. All in favor of those who enter this country illegally and sponge off hard working LEGAL RESIDENTS of this country. Denying them a chance to send their children to higher education and a chance to improve their lives.

The lack of wanting to help Americans first is a huge problem today. Especially in California and now Colorado. With pro open border groups demanding handouts, not hand ups. The support of elected officials who want to win favor in one voting block, while keeping hard working American businesses down. The chance that Colorado will soon become another California drowning in debt do to tsunami of ILLEGALS getting consideration over citizens is more of a reality then ever before.

Unfortunately we only have ourselves to blame. By allowing these subversive people to be elected to office without proper vetting or common sense. Only we can take the blame for the problems that they are producing and will continue to create.

Thursday, December 09, 2010 

Geraldo = Anti American

Once again Geraldo Rivera shows his distaste, hatred for America, and his own racism. Last night on the O'Rielly Factor on Fox News he was asked about yet another wanna be bomber. This one the newly converted Hispanic to Islam who wanted to blow up a military recruiter station in Baltimore.

Gerald said and I quote "this was entrapment and this kid never wanted to bomb or hurt anyone until the FBI got ah old of him" end quote.

So here we have another convert who readily plans an attack and is whole heartily willing to pull the trigger, push the button, make the call and kill innocent American lives in the name of a FALSE PEDOPHILE PROPHET. The only reason Geraldo says that this new terrorist is innocent is the fact he is hispanic. Geraldo even claimed that this man was not musilm. Yet all the facts in this case point the other way and show that there was more then intent to kill in the name of Islam.

So when this all comes to court and the truth comes out. Will the sensationalist Geraldo apologise and say he was wrong? Not a chance.

Friday, December 03, 2010 

More Census. American Community Survey

So the 2010 census is over? Nope here comes the second part to the intrusive government. I hold in my hands right now. A letter threatening me to answer questions under penalty of law on this American Community Survey.

It comes from the U.S. Dept of Commerce. What are the questions inside?

Page 5 question 9 How many automobiles, vans,and trucks of a one ton capacity or less are kept at home for use by members of this household?

This is public info look it up!

Page 7 question 19 part c Does the regular monthly mortgage payment include payment for real estate on this property?

Again public info go to the county assayers office and read it!

Page 13 asks about insurance and disabilities.
Page 19 wants to know if I work , how often , where, how much paid, supplemental retirement payments, disability payments. THIS IS ALREADY AT THE I.R.S. OFFICE AND NOT FOR PUBLIC NOTIFICATION.

It goes on to ask my citizenship status. If I SPEAK ENGLISH OR NOT. Maybe they should have printed this damn thing in Spanish huh.

This is not a survey , it is intrusive and shows that if they wanted this info for any real purpose they could contact local state and federal agencies to get it.

However asking me if I am married or not. COM"ON what is that about.

More government intrusion on the spin of we need to know.

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