Monday, June 14, 2010 

Rep Bob Etheridge(D N.C.) apology NO, resignation YES

This is appalling, the fact a public official would dare lay hands on someone NOT IN SELF DEFENSE! For Congressman Etheridge we get a closer look at how politics in this country has brought to positions of power the worst in this nation. Those who think that they are above the law. Where is the complete outrage on this. Where are the calls by the MSM for Etheridge to step down.

NOWHERE, that is where. No one is shouting for his pink slip. No one is calling for his actions to be punished by law. For it was breaking the law when he ASSAULTED the student in the video.
That is what he did. He assaulted a person on the street. He physically grabbed and restrained a person against their will. This is a CRIME, not a misunderstanding.

We still have rights granted by our Constitution and by GOD in this country. The Obamanation has not taken them away yet. Bob Etheridge is a punk and thug. Just another of the left who think that they are entitled and above the law that the rest of us have to obediently obey. Obey without question and without opening our eyes to those who flaunt their given power in abusive ways.

Well I have news for you on the left. Under the law I have the right to defend my self. This is not a threat but fact. I will defend myself. Be it a politician or a common punk on the street. I will not be laid hands upon against my will. If a thug or a CONGRESSMAN think that they have the right to grab or touch my person be warned. IT WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU DO SO, until you get out of the hospital. Then if you did not learn your lesson by all means do it again. I will not be the last person to teach you a lesson.

How arrogant are our elected officials? Just what do they think "We the People " are? DO they actually think that their assaulting and breaking the law is forgivable? It is not and it is even more horrendous because they are entrusted with given authority by our trust.

For an elected official to act and do what Rep Bob Etheridge has done is tantamount to a coup. To physically stop and demand of a PRIVATE CITIZEN is unmentionable.

Now if Rep Etheridge had been physically stopped and laid hands upon, then he has every right to defend himself and prevent harm to his person. This is just typical of liberal leftists. DO as I say not as I do, I am the authority and you are a peon.

Bob do the right thing and resign, NOW.

Friday, June 11, 2010 

Mexico wants conflict

Mexico would love to have a conflict with the United States again. It is a win win situation for them. Seeing how they do not respect the treaties signed by their corrupt government over the years. That they demand we give their citizens special privileges over not just AMERICAN citizens but those of others around the world who would like an opportunity to improve their lives as well.

The Mexican military continues to cross the boarder on a regular basis. A violation of treaties that state that their military is to remain three miles south of the boarder. Instead the come across and hold American officials at gun point. (The National Guard in 2006, most recent the FBI team investigating the justifiable shooting of a fifteen year old subversive.)

The guarding of drug cartels with arms supplied to the Mexican military and military personnel trained by The United States is another sore spot that Mexico is exploiting to start trouble.

As Mexico enables , promotes, and aids in the violation of OUR SOUTHERN BOARDER. Our government is turning yellow and kowtowing to a menace from the south. If Mexico cracks down on its own America will give them money to fiance this. If Mexico does not crack down and change its policies, again America will give them money to supposedly help them out.

So what is the positive for Mexico to do anything to stop its people from Illegally entering this country? NOTHING. If there is conflict , bleeding heart open boarder supporters at not only the U.N will demand America aid Mexico, but condemn America for protecting its sovereignty. It will also add to the ignorance of previous treaties and laws in favor of the mythical stolen/occupied land lies being spread.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 

BooHoo, another shooting on the boarder

Here we go again. Boarder patrol agents being pummeled by rocks from both sides of the boarder defend themselves and unfortunately this time a 15 year old is shot and killed. So what do we hear? Demands for justice and promises by Calderon (Mexico's thug in chief) promising to protect the rights of law breakers entering this country illegally.

I do not feel particularly sad that this 15 year old died. Nor am I upset that American Boarder Patrol fired their weapons in self defense. Yes it is tragic that this happened. However if the Mexican government was not encouraging their citizens to enter this country illegally, by aiding them with maps and subversive consulate offices in every major city in this nation. If the Mexican government was not so full of crooks and those on the take. If the Mexican government was not so supportive of the drug cartels and the refusal to stop the crime along the boarder none of this would have happened.

The blame falls squarely on Mexico and not America, especially not on the Boarder Patrol agents defending themselves. When Mexico starts to depend on domestic funds and not those sent under the table by ILLEGAL ALIENS on the wire back to their country, and starts to put an end to the corruption in their own government. When Mexico stops the invasion of its people, their military and the cartels into the sovereign territory of the United States. Then maybe I will feel bad about accidents like this along the boarder.

Until Mexico recognises American Laws, properties, and our NATION. I will cheer for anyone, being Boarder Patrol or private citizen who protects their own LIVES from the thugs south of the boarder.

Monday, June 07, 2010 

Good Bye and Good Riddance Helen

After the dirt finally turned to dust and blew away, Helen Thomas was still there until today. A long and biased career came to an end with the broadcasting of an interview that finally exposed without remorse the leftist bigot journalist we knew as Helen Thomas.

Through ten Presidents she sat in the front row of the White House Press room and dogged on any one with common sense on domestic and international policy. Her pro Palestinian anti Israeli views were asked to leave and retire. So with some credit she has.

After a long and one sided career in the press she has said good bye and retired. So with that we say good bye to her and ask her not to let the door hit her on the way out.


Congrats Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A happy and wishful marriage congrats to Rush Limbaugh. Getting married this last weekend Rush is on his honeymoon and we shall not interrupt him and his lovely bride.

We do wish them a long and joy filled marriage. Many DITTO's to them!


MTV, Hollywood, and lack of morals

So MTV has either risen to new heights of disgusting behavior, or they once again have dropped the bar of standards just in order to be first at the bottom. In the annual movie award event held by MTV, over 100 censurable words, phrases and acts were evoked in 122 minutes of worthless television pomposity.

The use of the f bomb s bomb and other gutter mouth tripe were exalted and praised by the low character and lack of talent actors and actresses along with just plain porn stature performances broadcasted in the name of entertainment. Once again proving that the left coast lacks talent and sensibility. The FACT that there are no talented hacks being praised along side of real talented performers is amusing. However there are only a handful of true actors with the ability and talent to act under the age of 50 left in Hollywood.

It is sad to realise that true actors like Charlton Heston, Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, Lauren Becall, Catherine Hepburn are no longer. That these true acting talents have been replaced by the likes of Kuenna Reeves, Kate Hudson etc.

MTV has lost all creditability if it ever had any with this final broadcast of smut. However it has been on a serious downward spiral since it began televising reality shows and calling them entertainment.

Saturday, June 05, 2010 

Obama "nickle and dimming", the pot calling the kettle black

President Obama once again opens his mouth with out the aid of his teleprompter or writers. Open mouth insert foot is the result. As his jet setting party plans are once again interrupted by his job as President, he now 4o plus days later begins to claim he is upset about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The spin of BP being stingy and "nickle and dimming " those effected the worst by this spill is outrageous. Obama is sitting on his back side looking for photo ops in order to make himself and his administration look good.The facts are that it is Obama and his cronies who are nickle and dimming things. Not only on our paychecks being nickles and dim ed, but in the way that they (Washington) is handling this problem.

The resources are to battle this are being trickled out. Permission is being slow and lacking in aid decisions for clean up and capping of the well. Authorization for BP to do what must be done is not just slow or lacking in coming, but it is being politicised for a leftist agenda that is anti oil.

Just look even the environmental groups are now getting active in calling for a change. They even see that Obama has hand picked incompetence for his cabinet over leadership and action. Sec. Salazar is a joke and has no clue other then to recommend that we stop drilling.

So when Obama says that BP is slow and needs to be more realistic on the pay out for the local companies hurt. He needs to pull his head out of where ever he has it hidden and look at his stinginess on providing aid, resources , and authorization.

Friday, June 04, 2010 

The market, Job report, and the private sector

Why did the market drop over 300 points today? We received a supposedly promising jobs report on the unemployed. A showing of 400,000 new jobs created. This should be good news, on the first glance that is.

What we have seen today is the private sector, the non government run businesses that is. The public owners are waking up and reading beyond the first sentence. The real truth is in the meat of the reports. This is what caused a drop in the market today. A good dose of reality about what Obamanation is doing.

As only 41,000 new jobs were created in the private sector, over four times that was created by the government in temporary positions. A clear act in order to skew the numbers and make the average person think that Obamanation is doing a good job.

Well people are looking beyond the spin and see that this government temporary job placement is not really doing the economy any good. The private sector is not going to be hiring any time soon as they are unsure of what to expect in the way of new taxes and regulations.

With the possibility of a VAT tax and the cap and trade coming. Green carbon restrictions and environmental fascism. Small businesses are not about to consider expansion or replacement of laid off workers. The health care regulations still are uncertain as to how badly the will effect small businesses in the way of more money going out. It is a wonder as to how 41,000 jobs were created in the first place.

One needs to look no further then their local municipality or at the State level. All sorts of new money grabbing ideas are being pushed forth and voted on. Why, so that they can make up the short fall of funds they will have under the new economy being shoved down our throats.

A small business is going to be slammed into non existence. New Federal regulations taking a cut into profits. New State taxes. Then new local rises in money theft from the government. What this will do is raise the pricing of products and services up to a rate that people will either stop buying or hiring these products and services.

Why pay grease monkey 50 bucks to change your oil when you can do it yourself for under 20. Why hire a contractor to fix the porch railing, many smashed fingers from hammers later. The home owners are going to learn to do home repairs themselves. Something that they should be able to do in the first place but many lack common sense and aptitude to be able to do.

As each week we get the governments spin on the job numbers. It is vastly imperative that we look past the headline and see what is really happening. It is not going to be a clear sunny picture for a while. Not until we get the liberals out of office and into the unemployment line.

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