Thursday, January 28, 2010 

Obama courts disaster

With a lame State of the Union speech. It is clear that if you are a Democrat in office your job is forfeit. Despite the resistance of the American electorate to the take over of 1/6 Th of the economy with a tyrannical health care proposal, as a good little follower in the progressive movement you are to stay the coarse of disaster. This is Obamas advise to his party. Do not worry about your constiuents , worry about the agenda first.

President Obama neither warned , nor did he command. He hinted and beat around the bush at how the Democrats in office had better ignore the voters and move ahead with the plan of health care and other progressive legislation that will not aid the economy but hurt it for decades. Telling them, looking directly at the Democrats seated in front of him during his speech. That not to worry about this being an election year. That they need to stay the course and move on with an agenda that is wrong. That they are so close to full filling the leftist dream of destruction of this country.

President Obama tried to admonish the Republican party by telling them that leadership is not saying no to things. That he himself is open to listening to the other side, the biggest lie of the evening. Even though the Republican party has been trying for the last year to offer beneficial legislation policies. Not to take any wind out of Obama's sails but saying no is leadership in many cases. Just like a parent saying no to the child who wants more candy. The parent must say no and show the child that too much is often bad.

When the Democrats were not in power with a super majority, it was their policy to obstruct and say no to common sense and moving forward in the best interest of this country. Now that the Republican party finds themselves in the minority position and uses the same TACTICS that the Dem's used previously. Now these tactics are seen as bad and not productive. Does the Hillary quote of "it is patriotic to dissent" mean anything now?

In the same breath Obama says he wants to cut spending and calls for an across the board freeze of spending. However this freeze will not take place for another year. As Speaker of the House wants to cut the Militaries budget, Obama says he will but not for another year.Then he talks about more freebies to be handed out. I referee to his increase in Pell grants, the forgiveness of student loans after ten to twenty years, among other simple hand outs. This is not fiscally responsible at all. Obama went on to indicate that the money loaned to banks in an attempt to help them out from failed policies created by the federal government. Instead of taking this money as promised when it was first loaned out to repay the loans our government made to get the money. Our debt increases with interest every day. Does it not make sense to pay off some of this debt before incurring more?

In other words the federal government will not be responsible and pay off its debt but maintain an increasing debt to be able to give handouts for nothing in return. Disaster in the making. How can the government preach financial responsibility when they are irresponsible?

Obama touched upon a policy that is working and not failing. The don't ask , don't tell homosexual policy in the military. It does not prevent homosexuals from serving. What it does is say you can be homosexual in the military but like everyone else you are military first and will be held to conduct becoming not overt in your indiscretions. Obama would tow the liberal line of allowing radicals to infiltrate the military and destroy the reputation, moral and respectability of the worlds finest Military.

One subject that was hinted at but not touched during his campaign speech was the awarding of Constitutional rights, and a forum to our enemies in our court system. The reading of Miranda rights to terrorist and granting them a civilian trail instead of a military tribunal. This is clear disaster and destruction in not only the short term but the long term of justice. Yet another clear indication of a path to ruin and disaster for America. A topic that is clearly part of the State of the Union.

The biggest spin of the night during the speech and being followed up with more spin this morning, less then ten hours after the campaign speech disguised as a State of the Union speech is the unemployment farce. The claim that jobs saved does not ring true at all and does not even come close to figures that the government releases is amazingly destructive. the fact that these jobs are not being saved nor are they being created is the reality. A quick touch on reality here. In the fall jobs are lost, in the spring jobs are created. These jobs are seasonal and happen every year. The additional jobs from November through the end of December in the retail sector are also seasonal. This administration, along with its allies are trying to spin this as proof that their failing stimulus job packages are working. How insulting to those who lost year round jobs and are floundering to make ends meat.

After listening to this farce of a speech. We have little hope of real change coming in the next three years as long as Obama continues to head down the same road of liberal progressive policy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 

The big day: State of the Union speech

Today is the big day for the President. Today he gives his first State of the Union speech. He will talk and spin his first year in office. It remains to be seen if he will admit how badly his administration has failed.

The fact that he and his cronies still do not get it. That the economy is NOT on the rebound as they claim. That terrorism is on the rise here in this country. The fact that his administration if full of incompetent personnel. Will Obama admit to any of these truths, doubtfully.

The current group of pro open boarders, and justice for all liberals in Washington, still do not understand that awarding Constitutional rights to enemies of this country is not helpful in the persecution of their crimes. That just because we allow them to access the bill of rights in their defense of their crimes, does not make for a more peaceful assailant. It only allows these thugs and punks a pedestal to spew their vile hate filled agenda of propaganda sexism, bias and racism.

Will President Obama admit that our boarders are not secure and ignore the illegal alien vote? Again this is doubtful. Instead we can expect him to continue his push for destabilising the economy by promoting and encouraging more illegals to enter this country and apply for government handouts.

Has this administration learned that their higher taxes and push for redistribution of wealth is crippling the economy. Not likely. He will announce new policies that will only hinder small businesses and the American worker. The thought of individuals achieving and bettering their lives is still a concept he cannot grasp.

SO what can we really expect from tonight's interruption of our evening television zombie time? Nothing new, only the inconvenience of not seeing regular programming and being assaulted by pundits who will spin the speech to their advantage on both sides.

Sunday, January 24, 2010 

Obama's State of the Union

This week we will hear President Obama give his first State of the Union speech. As today, Sunday January 24TH 2010, the news talk Sunday shows will be undated with rhetoric. The spin already coming out of the White House is old rehashed blame someone else lines.

Once again we hear the tired old stories of how the current administration inherited everything bad. The lack of acknowledging their failures and poor judgement just is not there. The absolute denial of anti American programs and policies just will not be mentioned in President Obama's speech.

The economy though it was floundering. Was created by a Congress of Democrats elected in 2006. Two years prior to Obama's election. Thus a creation mainly by liberals. Policies put into place by the likes of Frank, Dodd, Pelosi and Reid. Forced into action by a lame duck Presidency of the final days of President Bush.

Maybe the overall likability of the United States was lower, this country was respected prior to Obama's election. Now , after the world wind apologetic tour. America is no longer respected as a world power or a source of economic stability. The passing of a stimulus, pork filled bill. The revamped TARP fiasco, and removal of numerous military projects that would be a benefit, not a hindrance to this Nations security. The world laughs at the United States.

Unemployment has increased officially by only 2%, unofficially it hits around 22% not the lower 10 1/2 % claimed by the current, out of touch administration. Even with the governments lower numbers it still is an increase of joblessness under the Obama governorship.

President Obama will spew forth the spin of how this nation is better off under him. How he has mythically pulled us from the abyss of destruction. That our economy, despite the lack of enthusiasm from Wall Street is on the rebound. That despite people seeing less money in their paychecks , and pockets. That people are more financially stable then a year ago.

We will hear how this country is safer then before. With new policies that are preventing, seeking out, and punishing those who want to kill us. Although the truth speaks different. As numbers of attacks that have gone wrong under Obama's watch,versus those prevented under President Bush are completely different. More attacks that have failed , not prevented have happened under the current administration.

In other words we are going to hear another proclaimed work of oratorical magnificence. Another campaign speech of honey dipped promises , and absolute lies. Lies that are more transparent then the policy of transparency we have been promised yet have not seen out of this administration.

What we need to hear in this speech is the truth. Obama needs to say something along these lines.

On the economy:
We have tried to make the American economy the world leader once again , yet we have failed. We have tried socialist polices that the rest of the world is abandoning. Our thinking was wrong. That we could leave Capitalism behind and make a failed socialistic economy viable when it has failed every where else.

On our Security:
Here to we are failing. We have apologised to the rest of the world for transgressions that never happened. In thinking that this would make those who hate us like us. Instead it has lost us the respect of the world. In thinking we would be safer and able to sleep better at night by extending Constitutional rights to those who do not deserve these rights. We would help them (terrorist) have a change of heart. That knowing that we all would be covered by free lawyers and a platform protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. A platform in which to let their twisted and false beliefs be heard. We were and are wrong again in this.

On the political witch hunts of Republicans and those who oppose the policies of the current administration:
In our thinking that we could quiet and subdue those who would not let us change this country from a republic to that of a socialist democracy. We apologise for our transgressions. Though we have not learned the error of our ways . We see that the road we have chosen is not the one the PEOPLE of this country want. That it is the people of this country that hold the true power of government not the government over the people.

On the arrogance of Washington liberals:
We here in Washington and especially my administration, are guilty of thinking that we are smarter and know better then the populace of this country. For years we have worked diligently to dumb down this country . With lower educational standards and revision ed history. We have sought to erase the truth of history from memory. We have failed in this. The "Tea Bag" movement proves this to us all. That even thought the truth may be slow in moving, it will move. That the truth will be heard. We now see that the voice of a free people will not be stifled by arrogance and wrong full prosecution of alternate ideals. That just because we have been elected it does not give us the air of absolute authority, despite our attempts at such authority.

This is what President Obama needs to say. Not blaming President Bush for Congresses and the current Administrations failures.

Friday, January 22, 2010 

Republicans need common sense Economics

As the Republican RINO's and the rest of the party look for something to grab hold of and use from the upset win in Massachusetts by Scott Brown. They need to look closely at common sense economic solutions. In other words take an Economics 101 class and apply its principles.

A reduction in taxes placed on the business sector, the manufacturing sector, and the people of this country. By reducing these taxes you encourage investment and local spending. Bring home manufactures who have moved out of country for a lower tax friendly government. This would create a demand for workers here that are unemployed currently, reducing the unemployment roles.

You would put more money i the pockets of the people who in turn would spend more. It is a fact. One that the progressives refuse to acknowledge. The fact if people have more in their pocket, they spend more. Again this encourages small businesses. More people then would use the service industries. Creating more employment then and a larger tax base.

Economics applied to the health care reform scam would be a blessing as well. By adding tort reform the only ones you hurt are the scum lawyers who play the system. Those that rob not only the medical profession but their own clients in absurd fees. Remember that no one is denied health care in this country. That is a lie to say people are turned away. What needs to be addressed is a revamping of after care, and the insurance industry, NOT HEALTH CARE.

These simple ideas and basic economic common sense practices will turn the tide back to a more prosperous direction. This is what the Republicans need to look at and grab hold of.


Real Mortgage Reform: No A.P.R. and 25% to 30% interest

If Congress and Paulson want real reform in the lending sector then they would consider getting rid of the annual percentage rate scam that we have been suckered into for years. With an annual percentage rate, the borrower ends up paying WAY to much extra money for a loan.

Just look at the old rule of thumb on a home loan. You pay back over the period of thirty years three and one half times the loaned amount. In other words a $100,000.00 loan costs the borrower $350,000.00 dollars. This is a rip off and scam that needs to be outlawed.

Real reform in the lending practice, one that will benefit the working people who have not so good credit and those who want to improve their credit will come from change to the interest rates and practice of imposing the theft by the banking institutes. The larceny that our government supports. Why do they support this theft? It is all about the money.

As I showed you a profit of $250,000.00 on a loan of $100,000.00 dollars is absurd. Real reform would take the A.P.R, and unmask its lie. If you were to charge a flat interest rate of 25% on the $100,000.00, a profit of $25,000.00 is made. A lot of money still. However not even close to the profit of the low A.P.R. of say 4% to 6% that people of good credit receive.

Let us not even get to the flat out theft of those with bad credit that cannot afford a loan to begin with. In other words those who are getting loans form the BANKRUPT FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC, CONGRESSIONAL BACK mortgages. These people are paying , what 10% to 14% on a thirty year loan. Talk about absurd profits.

If you look at the monthly payments which average around $2000.00 a month. Just compare this to a simple rate of 25% for only 15 years. That's $100,000.00 at 25% = $125,000.00/ 180 months = $694.44 per month. A huge reduction in the monthly payment. A minimum reduction in the length of the loan by 5 years (shorter then a 20 year loan). How many more people could then afford a home? Thousands more.

Let us take the average cost of a home now. A home of $250,000.00. Now we hit it with an interest rate of 25% (for easy figuring) That is a profit of $62,500.00 dollars. Making the loan then total $312,500.00. Now divide that by 15 years or 180 months. You get $1,736.11 as a monthly payment. Make it a 20 year loan and you get, (312500.00/240), a monthly payment of $1302.08. Now I am not saying that the interest rate has to be 25%. It could and should be lower. But look at the monthly payment compared to what is being charged now.

A simple principle of economics is being applied here. Instead of making a retirement profit per each loan. The banks would make more money by making more loans at a lower rate. It is the same thing that makes Wal Mart such a huge retailer. Low profits per item and huger profits from mass sales.

Will anyone in Washington consider this as a viable resolution to aid in the failing plans of the home mortgage industry and floundering housing industry? Absolutely not, again it is all about the money. To many Congressional pimps are receiving some form of kick back from the lenders to keep home buyers under their thumbs. Kickbacks in the form of lower rates on loans, jobs after their terms in government end, and stock bennies as a "consultant/lobbiest" for the lenders.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 

Is there an anti left movement?

During 2007 and the campaign of 2008 we heard this allot. It is time for a change and government is spending too much. So was it any surprise that when a charismatic platform of "Hope and Change" received the winning votes. Not really.

The American people are a fickle lot overall. We have moved to an instant gratification society. Meaning that with all the high tech we have been lead to believe is a must for every day life. That if we do not get instant results we want something better or different. This is a huge factor that needs recognition in politics. After all this is what lead America to have the most Socialist Administration in our history.

Americans no longer have the patients for winning a war. As the left have so entrenched themselves in higher education. The theme of me first over the good of others is prevalent. The idea that government will take care of you and that the world is a rosy utopia of equality. Has turned the grey mush of youth into sniveling underachievers.

So now a year into the current leftist administrations leadership. Or to be more precise. A year into the continued blame every one else for our mistakes and lack of common sense leadership. We see a bit of a backlash mounting.

The shot heard around the world is the nickname for the tremendous upset in the Massachusetts senatorial race. A repeat of over two hundred years ago when the good people of the colony of Massachusetts said enough of oppression and a tyrannical government. Yet if we take a closer look was the first shot fired in Boston again? It would seem that the shot heard is fired here but the beginning of a political stance for individualism and accountability had begun way sooner in 2009.

The "Tea Bag" movement is a grass root movement that based themselves on the patriots of the pre revolution act in Boston. This is when a tax was placed upon tea and several other commodities by England and the people of the American Colonies refused to pay (basically a quick version of the events). The idea of Taxation without Representation was a theme, a major theme. Now we have the same principled idea running across this great land. As those in Washington have taken over inflated ego's and are not listening to the people. A push for higher taxes and the punishment of individual achievement is the result of their socialist goals.

Tea baggers, as the protesters are called. A obvious derivative of the term tea bag moved to name those who support the basic principles of individualism and responsible government. Not the sexually explicit term for a sex act that the left in this country seems to be so preoccupied with. These "Tea Baggers" are not just conservative or independent, republican or democrat. These are the people in this country who look at what is going on and see that it does not match with the ideals and principles that this country was founded upon. A complete and purposefully disregard for the Constitution.

The Tea Bag movement is a political revolution to bring back common sense and responsible government to this nation. The movement started once the first leftist act of oppression began with our presently elected government. So is the election of Scott Brown the first shot?

No it is the shot that is heard however. The real shots across the bow of oppression were fired by the Tea bag movement. Then the first shot to get real attention and raise eyebrows was the one fired off in New York by Doug Hoffman. If you do not recall who he is shame on you. He was an is the man who turned the November elections on their side. A complete unknown two months out from the election for congressional district 23. He fell less then three thousand votes shy of winning a seat as an INDEPENDENT REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE. This was race was over shadowed by the march of Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey.

The anti left movement may be the wrong term used. What is clearly becoming visible is a call for our elected officials to remember who their employers are, the people. It is a call for smaller less intrusive government that supports the individual who strives to achieve and common sense in government. This meaning less tax and spend, less welfare handouts, more hand ups and America First attitudes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

The real story of Browns election

The real news of the election of Scott Brown to the seat of U.S. Senator is not that he won, or that it is the people saying we are not socialist and do not want government run health care. the real news of the day is the that being spewed in a vile and below the belt coverage of the MSM.

The lies, the hate, the vile gossip that the left MSM is calling coverage is the news of the day. MSNBC is nothing more then a joke. I have to admit. I wanted to hear the other side of the news. Or I should say a different angle on the story. So what I did this evening was as soon as the results were announced, and Coakley conceded the election I changed from a real news channel to MSNBC. I at first laughed hard, then I got mad. Then I have to laugh again at the pouting from the left. I want to rub it in on these babies too. After all they call themselves reporters and journalist. Two words and descriptions that can never ever be connected with the truth of their coverage.

The lack of being on this plane of reality is lead by Rachel Maddow. What a joke and biased commentator. Then came the tingly leg of Chris Mathews. Both of these filamentless light bulbs (meaning that lights are on but no one is home) spewed their hatred of any conservative ideas and still tried to spin the truth. Next and last, well more then likely not last as I am sure there are more over there, but I will not watch. My stomach hurts from laughing too much at these morons.

However this blogging is more about the Kieth Obermanerless commentary. Last night this wanna be male had the gaul to make some very disparaging remarks about the man Scott Brown. A tyred of name calling and character bashing. All of which Kieth has himself not backed up with evidence to support. Yet tonight he called for someone to prove him wrong. Well he also had the stones to fake an apology by throwing in a couple more slurs at the elected Senator.

This is the real story here. The story of how those on the left cannot handle being told NO. The story of how they cannot win an argument based on facts, that they will always return to the name calling and accusations of slander to quiet opposing views.

This where the next revolution needs to begin. A calling for responsible reporting and commentary from these sore losers. They are working tirelessly to censor and criminalise opposing views and opinions. To silence the truth. We need to demand that these arrogant S.O.B.'s be held accountable for their slander and low brow tactics.

Olberman interrupted the acceptance speech of Scott Brown with this comment "before we hear about the family chowder recipes". Now tell me what the hell kind of comment and reporting is that?

Note to Kiethy babe, boobala, JACKASS EXTREME. You wonder why you have such low ratings. The answer is closer then you can imagine. Look in the mirror long and hard. You lack any professionalism and integrity. Until you get some your ratings will never even get up to the curb where FOX es worst shows are. The same goes for the rest of those commentators on MSNBC.

Sunday, January 17, 2010 

Election Revolution

Will history repeat itself? It was in Boston Mass. that the shot heard around the world was fired. The start and birth of the greatest nation on the face of the planet. The birth of the United States of America. So this Tuesday the 19Th will the people of Massachusetts once again defy a tyrannical government and opt for freedom.

As the race for U.S. Senator is close and could go either way. Candidate Brown demonstrates that this is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Yet Candidate Coakley demonstrates the self deluded attitude of the Democrats and their pursuit of political power over the people. Now we have President Obama running to the aid of this self appointed better then you candidate. A clear sign that this President would rather have those who will do as he says, when he says, and how he says. That he himself is not interested in the people of this country but in his own self inflated ego and agenda.

We have all the signs here of history repeating itself. A tyrannical government, oppressing the people and tightening the noose around individual freedoms and punishing those who strive to better them selves, in favor of a socialist collective that makes indentured servants at best, and slaves of the people to a ideological failure of government.

Do we see the shot of freedom being once again fired off to defend the people, or do we see the light of liberty being snuffed out with this election?

For those pundits who say that this is not a referendum on Presidents Obama's socialist anti American agenda is to deny reality itself. As Harry Reid looks for unconstitutional ways to move a socialistic agenda ahead of the will of the people, by bending the rules of the Senate around and IGNORING the Constitution. The election of Brown to the office of U.S. Senator is a clear mandate being delivered by the people. One that the Democratic party needs to wake up to.

It is the very electing of a more conservative candidate over a brown nosing ideologue that makes it so. The electing of a candidate that represents more of the peoples will over an oppressive administration is a referendum of policy.

The main problem with this election is one we have seen to commonly over this last two years. Voter fraud, and official misconduct of election and state officials in order to move a socialist agenda forward. Minnesota's election fraud in favor of Al Frankin. More votes in districts then registered voters and then counting all the votes which mysteriously are only for Frankin. The allowing of non citizens to vote in National elections. Registered to vote by no other then the fraud filled ACORN organization.

Will Massachusetts allow a legal election or will they be overwhelmed by fraud. This being said we already know that no matter who wins the swearing in of this official is to be postponed for as long as possible. The state secretary has announced this. While Harry Reid has also said he would delay the swearing in in the senate as well. All of which I doubt will ever happen if it should turn out that Coakley wins. Then we will see light speed in putting her into office.

The one lesson that the MSM will surely ignore if Coakley wins. Is the lesson that the change campaigned on is not in favor with the American People. Times are changing politically alright and it is not to the left as the Progressive Liberals want.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 

Antartic Pirates

I guess there is a storm brewing in the Antarctic. The storm is being created by a group of modern day pirates who call themselves the Sea Shepard's. For two seasons there has been a show on cable called whale wars. In this show a off shoot of green peace has radicalised themselves and gone on international acts of piracy on the high seas against Japanese whaling ships. The latest attack on the Japanese has become a news item on FOX and the rest of the MSM.

In an effort to trump up support for their acts of terrorism. The Sea Shepard's once again claim that they were attacked by whaling vessels. In the past these morons have tried to fake attempted assassinating attempts against the Sea Shepard's Captain by using a poorly made squib and bent badge to say the Japanese are aggressors. All the while making physical attacks that are dangerous to the Japanese ships operating legally in the Antarctic waters.

The illegal boarding of a vessel while upon the high seas, throwing dangerous materials that make the ships deck slippery, possibly causing the loss of sailors off deck and into the deathly cold of the Antarctic waters. Basically the attempt to destroy a foreign countries property at sea.

The Sea Shepard's are nothing more then idealistic buffoons who are breaking maritime law. The claim that they are fighting for the lives of whales is absurd. If they truly were doing this they would organise in Japan with the Japanese who oppose whaling and make it illegal there. Instead they attack the Whaling fleet, edit their results in press releases and spin the truth of what they are doing.

To the credit of the Captains of the Whaling vessels, restraint has been the number one priority. By using known and United Nation sanctioned non lethal weapons to prevent the Sea Shepard's crew from assaulting their ships. The Japanese are time and time again portrayed as the villains.

Where is the outcry on these pirates? Why is there no one who looks at the legality of the actions of the Sea Shepard's? Why does the Australian government allow these pirates to port in their country with impunity?

Under treaty and international law. The Japanese are allowed to research the life and habits of whales. They are allowed so many catches a year to study then sell the whale meat. The Japanese do not take one whale more then law allows. Yet the Sea Shepard's who under no authority try to disable and destroy vessels.

The acts of sabotage, by entangling propellers, damaging Rutter's, at sea and in storms. Thus creating potential for the sinking of a ship. All are acts of piracy. All acts endanger the lives of sailors.

The Sea Shepard's need to thank their lucky stars that the Japanese have been kind to them over this. While the Sea Shepard's have rammed their vessel on several occasion into the Japanese whaling ships. No one has been seriously hurt, or killed do to their senseless acts of violence.

The Sea Shepard's are a disgrace to animal rights groups, the environmental movement, and any Captain of a dingy in the world. These people should be arrested and never allowed to set foot on a ship again.

If the Japanese were to accidently sink the Irwin Allen (the Sea Shepard ship). I would not shed a tear or raise an eyebrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010 

Reid: Stay or Go, the question

Should Senator harry Reid stay or should he step down as leader in the Senate? This is the question that is buzzing the Internet and news agencies every where. On face value he should leave. Holding the same equal standards that the liberals apply to everyone else. it is then a no brainer, he must step down, however is this really the right thing to do.

The damage done by Harry Reid and other liberal progressives (that's p.c. for socialist, or incompetent fools), is already decades in the reversal. The good thing about having this incompetent in office and impersonating a leader is this. He exposes all the other incompetent buffoons that are in Washington D.C. just like having Obama elected President is in it's own way a blessing. It has exposed those who truly do not have this countries best interest at heart.

With the polls now showing that the left progressive movement is not the change that many wanted, and certainly not what any one with common sense hoped for. the election of 2008 has put the progressive agenda out in the open for all to see. Those who still believe in it have no sense and cannot be reasoned with. Those who where unsure now see that the progressive label is a disguise for idiocy and backward movement.

So back to Harry Reid and his statements. Is the term Negro really what he said? I whole heartily do not think so. I think Harry used the other N word and the book has sugar coated the remarks to make Harry look not as bad as he really is. Lets face the truth here. There is more racism in the Democratic party then in the south a hundred years ago. It is the Democratic party that is working over time to keep minorities helpless and illiterate. Reducing standards and lowering qualifications. Making handouts a way of life instead of a temporary hand up. Promoting a pipe dream version of equality that is opposite of human nature. Instead of rewarding individual accomplishment , punishing those who strive to achieve.

Senator Harry Reid is a fine example of the progressive lies and movement. His tone of do as I say not as I do, and I am above the pi on mass constituents, shows exactly the direction the left want to go. A direction of control, oppression, bias, racism, and plain old stupidity.

As long as Harry remains in his position , until the election . We know what the left is up to. If he steps down or is removed we may find a better actor has taken his place. If it is one thing we have seen in 2009, it is that the left adapt and propagandise better then the truth can be recognised.

Sunday, January 10, 2010 

What is wrong with Jesse Ventura?

What has happened to Jesse "the Body" Ventura? At age 18 he joined the United States Navy and became part of an elite unit. A UDT, underwater demolition team. This was the for runner to the Navy Seals. Or one could conclude that the Navy Seals undertook the job of demolition as part of their operations.

Jesse served with a excellent record and loved it dearly. No one can really find anything that would say contrary to this. Although this being said I will dispel right now the idea he has something to hide. Anyone who does anything can rub someone the wrong way. Thus you create those who no matter what will say something not nice about said person.

Jesse went on after the military to be a famous and fan loved villain. On his own and with the East West Coast Connection, a tag team unit that held the belts for a while. After this he faded from the public for a time to reemerge as the Mayor of Brooklyn Park Minnesota. As an independent candidate Jesse over came the 18 year incumbent.

In late 1997, Ventura ran for governor of Minnesota as a Reform Party candidate. The off the wall platform of, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and pro-gun—and somewhat unorthodox background caused many observers to completely dismiss Ventura as a serious candidate. His promises to lower taxes and improve education appealed to Minnesota voters, along with his performances in the gubernatorial debates showcased his down-to-earth style and plain-spoken, "Everyman" politics. On November 3, 1998, Jesse "The Body" Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota.

From there Jesse has seemed to move in a radical left turn. Hard to imagine any further left from his platform for Governor. Yet now Jesse supports the theory of 9/11 being an inside job, that an evil government is behind door.

Does Jesse really believe this or does he crave the limelight still. Let us face the fact. Since his time as a wrestler on to present. Jesse Ventura has been able to capture the public attention in front of the cameras. His support for alternative life styles and absurd conspiracy theories, along with a deep support for the second amendment makes for strange bed fellows.

His cable show of Conspiracy Theory tales hits some real off the wall topics. Yet he comes right back on to investigating some real conspiracies.

So what is wrong with Jesse? Is it his love for being in the lime light? Is it he likes to perform for people? Could it be he generally wants to inform people of a danger that may exist? I think it may be a combination of all the above. In any case he is laughing all the way to the bank.

Saturday, January 09, 2010 

Trickenlooper for Gov?

So President Obama would like to see the Mile High State governed by yet another incompetent. As the rumors of Gov. Ritter and a possible affair with Stephanie Villafuerte and the scandal of miss use of government files to protect a dismal prosecution and plea bargains for ILLEGAL ALIENS, comes to light. Ritter has announced that he will not seek another term. YIPPPEE!!

The Washington favorite now for Governor of Colorado is a man who employees illegal aliens in his private businesses. A man who as Mayor of Denver thought that it was to bad out in a snow storm for snow plows to do their job. Sending the snow removal crews home to wait until a better weather day. Thus he created a real mess on the streets of Denver. Something that Denverites removed Mayor McNicholas for less in the early eighties.

At that time we had a severe blizzard that sat in. The problem was that there was not enough snow plows or personnel to handle the removal of snow. People were upset and in the following election they showed their displeasure.

Hickenlooper on the other hand, like many democrats. Seem to get a pass on blunders, incompetence, and lack of leadership. Hickenloopers apology for sending snow removal crews home cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time, do to snow packed streets and a hot cocoa party with sledding. this was the apology to the people of Denver.

Let us not forget as well the cold blooded murder of a Denver police officer by an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Hickenlooper supported the dropping of capitol punishment for this thug. Appeasement to Mexico in order to extradite the murderer back to Colorado for trial.

We know for fact, that the current administration is full of tax cheats, Giettner top of the list. So rewarding improper behavior is good? I do not think so. Rewarding incompetence, Janet Napolitano as Sec. of Homeland Defense. I could go on and on, on those who are far from qualified to be in Washington. Obama on down.

One has to think, and it should not take long. That here in Colorado do we want to reward incompetence, poor judgement, and tax spend policies. or do we want to put the people back in charge of the Government.

It is clearly a no brainer as Hickenlooper is just another yes man for the left and oppressor of the people. A no vote for him is a MUST come November

Friday, January 08, 2010 

Reality comes to Washington D.C.

Now we are once again in a war? I did not know we had ever declared a truce or that the war with Islamic Extremist was over. With President Obama trying to be Presidential and looking authorities (LOL). The reality of the world has come home to Washington D.C. The dangerous attitude of thinking apologies for nothing would keep us safe is not working.

Many of those political appointees who thought that they could cruise into their cushy jobs without taking any responsibility that the job comes with, are seeing the fallout out of their lack of qualifications. The truth of their inability to handle their jobs is the real news story that should have been focused upon , not the attempt to win the public trust in feel good metaphors and phrases.

As Janet Napolitano tells us that the system worked as the truth clearly pointed out it did not. She had to come out and say she was taken out of context and did a one eighty of her previous comments. John Bremen told us we have no smoking gun when the room was full of gun powder.

Leon Panetta goes on vacation, as does the chief of counter terrorism. President Obama for the first time in his young presidency is quiet for 72 hours, he too was on vacation. Vice President Biden has not been heard from in weeks. Must be to busy checking into the fraud being committed with miss appropriated stimulus funds, or the lack of looking into it. Is he on vacation to?

When 2009 started we saw a new lack of thinking in the action taken to protect this country. It still prevails. We went from being at war. Finishing a successful front in Iraq and reopening the one in Afghanistan. To trying to come up with reaction forces and plans for man made disasters. Now we are back at war with Al Qaeda who use terrorist tactics.

This thinking demonstrates and shows a clear turning in the acceptance of what is going on in world events. The fact that this current administration still does not want to pursue a strategy of winning. If we are as they say at war with Al Qaeda, then why are we not handling their combatants as enemy soldiers and letting the military handle them. A prosecution, gifting of Constitutional rights, and lack of interrogation of these prisoners, is still mind boggling.

President Obama wants us to believe that the buck stops with him and he is not interested in the blame game. I on the other hand believe that reality prevented Obama from once again trying to blame the past administration of President Bush for Obama's continued lack of judgment and ability to lead.

With a cabinet full of tax dodgers, back room thugs and unaccountable to the public newly created Czars. This administration faces reality and it is not looking to good for them.

Now President Obama wants to re stream the system and claim that they will fix the problems. Does this mean that he is going to move back to the direction of the Bush policies that were effective? Will we see someone being held accountable for their lack of job performance, or will we get more " I let you down" ( John Bremen) speeches from those who did not want to do their jobs in the first place?

Reality with accountability is coming to Washington. The truth hurts, especially when you hide from it like the left in power has tried to do. What remains to be seen is if they are truly going to change and do their jobs, uphold the oaths they swore, or if this is all more white wash to appease the disgruntled public.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010 

So where is the Global Warming?

So where is this global warming that we here so much about?
Here are the top links from todays Drudge Report.

Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years for USA...


Britain's big snow shuts cities...


Elderly burn books for warmth?

Army drafted to rescue 1,000 snow stranded motorists...

Vermont sets 'all-time record for one snowstorm'...

Iowa temps 'a solid 30 degrees below normal'...

Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years...

3 die in fire at Detroit home; power was cut...

Midwest Sees Near-Record Lows, Snow By The Foot...

Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade; Florida Gov Signs Emergency Order ...,2933,582103,00.html

Cold snap spurs power rationing in China...

Monday, January 04, 2010 

Islamic Cartoon Contest

Atlas Shurgs has information on the second Islamic Cartoon Contest. Great news for those who are not thinned skin.

Announcing the Second International Islamic Cartoon Contest

Cartoons in Celebration of Free Speech & the Worldwide Resistance to Islamist Terrorism
January 4th, 2010, USA. --

In celebration of free speech and in response to the latest Islamist assault on freedom of expression, has announced the Second International Islamic Cartoon Contest.

"In light of the latest attempted murder of Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, it is vital at the outset of a new decade that artists, writers, and citizens in all free nations renew our commitment to a free press and freedom of expression," said Walter Skold, of
"We are urging cartoonists, journalists, and all supporters of artistic and political liberty to submit cartoons or just promote the contest," he said.

In 2006, the US-based launched the 1st Islamic cartoon competition in order to support those editors, artists and political figures who defended artistic and press freedoms against the growing chorus of those who supported some form of censorship for publications and artworks deemed "offensive."

The winning cartoon in the 2006 contest was a satire suggesting that Danish people learn the Koran by printing it onto toilet paper, but Skold said that lighthearted entries are most welcome.
“Besides those who send in sarcastic cartoons, I urge Muslims to send in their own positive cartoons related to Islam so that non-Muslims can learn to appreciate their humor,” said Skold, referring to a long history of humor in Islam.

Skold points out that the original cartoons which prompted such violent actions were not written with the intent to offend Muslims, but rather to satirize Danish artists who gave into pressure to not draw pictures of Mohammed for a children's book.
"On the other hand, Islamic Hadiths teach that Mohammed had poets killed, and modern Islamists have killed filmmakers, authors, and journalists in his name," said Skold, who is a poet and former journalist.

"Because of persistent attempts by Islamists to intimidate and terrorize, and also because of the continuing efforts by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to regulate free expression," he added, "Individuals as well as governments need to keep making it clear that commitments to liberty of speech and expression are essential and non-negotiable tenets."

Skold feels that most citizens in Western nations are probably not aware that most Islamic nations have never signed onto the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which states (in Article 19) that "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression..."


No surprise here, lack of transparency

Does the fact that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried are planning and having secretive talks and negotiations on the health care bill. Back room and behind closed door sessions with key members of the left to push through their idea of control over the people of this country. A passing of legislation that will seal the fate of millions and doom the economy to debt for decades to come.

Peter Roff of U.S.News reports on these meetings about to begin.

Democratic Leaders Plan Secret Health Reform Deliberations

In this report, Harry Waxman, the living cross breed of a rat and human, leaks the truth of how the left are moving to not only cut out Republican concerns and objections, but those in their own party. Any one who may object and slow down the unconstitutional power grab of our freedoms and one sixth of the economy. By holding secrete meetings and by passing normal procedures. The left are trying to put together a bill that they like and the American people will be ignorant of until it is too late.

As Congressmen and Senators alike sealed their political careers to a false hope of improved health care. A reality that exists only i their minds as the result is far from an improvement but a direct attack and dismantling of health care in this country. A fact that seems to be lost, people do not leave the United States for health care but flock here for it. Here to where it is working and better then any where else in the world.

The only true hope for change is the upcoming November elections. A hope that better Representatives can be elected and change the downward spiral we seem to be headed in.

Sunday, January 03, 2010 

Sorry day in Denver Football

Well one can say let us hope that next fall the Donkeys do better. How can they do that? Well in the same political theme, one can hope for change. As the Broncos demonstrated all year long they had glimpses of brilliance and talent. Yet for some reason they fell short. One reason is an inexperienced coach. A coach that it looks like placed his ego over that of the team in which he is supposed to lead and guide.

As number ten Gaffney showed huge talent today offensively why was he not used all season with number 15 Marshall? We know that Brandon Marshall and the head coach have personality differences. This is why Marshall was not in today's last game against Kansas City.

The defense with Ty Law and Champ Bailey in the backfield, and a line backing crew that is one of the best. A league leading Elvis Dumervile sack attack, the Broncos should have had a record of 10 and 6 at the least.

Falling short in a couple of games made the season long and hard to watch. As a fan of the Orange Crush of Randy Gradishaw and Tom Jackson, Rubin Carter and Lyle Alzado on into the John Elway era into the last days of Mike Shanahan. The new team under a McDaniel's coaching style looks to be a return to the early seventies of mediocrity.

Maybe it was time to let Mike Shanahan go and try something different. Lord knows that Denver fans are demanding, not just in football. Yet the move to a coach who seems to lack the respect for and from the players is not a good move. A coach who before even taking a first hand look at the starting quarterback from last year was trying to trade him before he met him. A coach who had talent on his team but cannot bring it together is a coach who needs to go.

So ends the 2009 season and a loss to start 2010. Let us wait and see how the preseason of the fall of 2010 goes and if we can hope for something better in 2011.


2010, 1ST stupid statement of the year

We are not even 72 hours into the new year and this current administration has released stupidity.

The real credit goes to White House aide John Brennan, who said U.S. intelligence agencies did not miss a "smoking gun". This in reference to the Christmas day plot to blow up a CIVILIAN AIRLINER IN DETROIT.

The facts, remember no smoking gun.

1) The Bomber's father reported to CIA officials his son had left a note and is believed to be getting ready to attempt jihad.

2) Britain revokes the bombers visa

3) The bomber is documented in Yemen with known Al Quieda extremists (political term for murdering Islamic terrorist)

4) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab AKA the Nigerian bomber,attempted and successfully boarded a plane with no passport or documentation.

5) Purchase of a one way ticket from part of the world known to hate America, with cash.


OK so there is no smoking gun YET. However none of these warning bells were listened to. So what does our entrusted government do. After Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab sets fire to his pants. This which an alert Dutchman puts out. He is arrested, mirandised and will stand trial as an average criminal. Not as a TERRORIST, or an enemy combatant. A combatant soldier in a war against the west and Christianity.

The stupidity of all this is the choice of words used by John Brennan. For him to imply that there was no smoking gun is absurd. As more and more information comes forth from different intelligence agencies, including the C.I.A., clearly shows a gun in hand. It had not been fired until the plane was over North America, the United States specifically. Is a clear sign that those who are in charge are taking a pre 9/11 attitude in defending this country. That they do not take their oaths seriously.

2010 does not look to bring any real change for the better to this country but there is hope. Hope that in November we elect responsible Representatives with a little common sense.

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