Saturday, February 28, 2009 

Friday 27TH February, Stock ride

I was watching the stock market closely yesterday as to see whether my prediction would be right or not. Before the opening bell it looked like I would be way off on the conservative estimate of a drop in the market. Prebell numbers had the market as low as 133 points down. I was shocked a bit. Thinking that oh my it is going to drop 300 plus. Thank goodness though I was wrong on that as the market began to stabilise right at opening.

The bell rang and we were only 30 to 40 points immediately down. This made my prediction way wrong but was a good indicator that things may be settling down somewhat and investors would get into the game.

All day the market seemed to be flat a little rise in the numbers but no real gains or loses. Again a good sign for the market. Then what happened. Well I have talked about this recently. Now even Neil Cavuto has questioned the relationship of President Obama speaking and the market dropping.

Well The market took a dive. It did drop 150 points. (SO I WAS RIGHT TO A POINT). Then it did a little rebound as the President stopped talking about how he will save us all. The market settled down 199.15 points.

Now as to why, this is speculative only. I say it is because the players who are in the market are showing their lack of trust in Obama's plan. Something that anyone who has studied econ 101 would also draw the same conclusion to. It is bad policy to say the least, and to be kind it just is bad.

SO what will the market do next week? I am not sure. I am not an expert. I will have to wait like everyone else to see what the White House has in store for us.

Friday, February 27, 2009 

Gerolado Rivera

I wonder just how long can this man , Geraldo Rivera maintain the illusion of being a journalist. Or actually how long can FOX continue to give this mouth creditability?

Here is a man who did a staged talk show , all for ratings. Then "opened Capone's vault". Anyone else remember that hype and bogus story?

Geraldo is one a a select few reporters that got kicked out of Iraq for his actions AGAINST the U.S. Military. he was live and tried to give away American armed forces positions during a broadcast. All the while acting like he understood what the military was doing and he was a General.

I often think that the only reason FOX news keeps him is to say that they have a Hispanic journalist. Then I remember that they have a real Hispanic journalist in Orlando Salinas. A very good reporter at that. One that reports and not slants op/ed for a story.

Thursday, February 26, 2009 

Budget and Stock Market

Well the out of hand spending budget is out. The spin doctors are in full spin mode. Neil Cavuto took on and hammered the man who wrote this budget for Obamanation. Neil exposed the fantasy accounting that is being used by the Obamanation voodoo economist and leftist. It was scary to see the holes being shot into the voodoo economics. A blind man shooting at a barn and hitting the target on the wall.

Now as more and more people are looking into this fiscal irresponsible fiasco. It becomes more apparent the agenda of socialism being pursued. The next question for us, the little people who are going to have to pay for this, is what will our investments do now.

I think that there will be at least a 150 point drop in the markets tomorrow, Friday the 26TH of February 2009. It may be an even larger drop in the market. As people tear apart this tax and spend , Obama earmark budget. Things do not look to good.


Rights, Entitlments, Mythconceptions: The Obamanation Budget

Where to start, where to begin? Well lets start on page 43 of the budget. No need to go any further then paragraph 5 and 6.

This Budget also reflects the belief that Americans deserve a government that is open, honest,
and accountable. New transparency and program integrity initiatives will be started that will open the doors of the Government to the public and help make sure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and carefully. Moreover, the Budget itself does not use budget gimmicks or accounting sleights-of-hand to hide our plans or the status of our economy. It is forthright in the challenges we face and the sacrifices we must make. It is honest in evaluating what programs work and which do not; shifting resources from the latter to the former.

Overcoming the problems we have inherited will not be completed in one budget, in one
month, or in one year. It will take months and years of ingenuity and innovation, courage and
commitment. It will take all Americans, including those in Washington and beyond living up
to the responsibilities we have to each other as neighbors and citizens. But if we come together
and pull together, there is little doubt that America will be growing, innovating, and creating jobs
for generations to come.

Well there you have it in writing. Its transparent , honest and full of integrity. It contradicts all sound principles of good economics, faith in Americans, and rewarding of those who see fit to strive to accomplish and improve their lives.

President Obama says one thing and does another. Here it is liberals in writing, see for yourselves. The spin doctors can say what they want to but it is in writing. President Obamanation has told us that he does not favor earmarks. This budget and the bills being shoved through congress now are full of them and he is signing away.

President Obamanation has told us there will be no lobbyist in his administration. He signed waver after waiver and now has at least 7 in his administration. Another lie!

He claims in paragraph 3 on page 43 that this budget will get our nation back onto its feet and restore competitiveness. Yet in this budget he punishes those who will compete FAIRLY.

The summary tables start on page 113. DO the math yourself. It is fuzzy at best and shows an optimism that creative mathematics only rewards in theoretical equations. It does not work!


Did any one listen??

President Obama gave a pep speech this morning on his upcoming spending budget. There is no other word for it except another spending. There are many fiscal questions to this budget. Like how in the world does he expect it to really be paid for? The rich are not going to end up paying for it. he knows that. That is why I ask did anyone listen. I also ask has anyone read this travesty of hypocrisy. No earmarks or wasteful programs. Give me an mother loving break here.

You may have turned the television or the radio up, but did you actually listen to what President Obama said? he plans to end tax breaks for corporations that out source jobs overseas. Hey that sounds great, but he refuses to lower the tax on corporations. So what he said was ... If you are an American business. I require you to pay more in taxes, and create jobs. This is dictatorship and hampering of economic growth.

President Obama has also thrown out the old cap and trade plan where if he cuts one tax he must increase another. did you hear that. Cut one but raise another. This is to maintain the same amount of money coming into the budget. There is no reduction with this. None what so ever. So where is the reduction in government spending? It is not there.

The loophole in this is defense and military spending. For decades the liberals have pushed and tried to reduce the military at every turn. So if they are hampered in any way they do not care.
Now pay attention here. When the military budget gets cut there will be an increase in the health care system A system of socialising and removing health care that works for a system that will not.

The new taxes that are coming up, .62 cents per pack of smokes, increase in utilities fees. The $13 dollar a week in wages that Obama has so graciously given us does not begin to cover the amount per week we will now have to spend. Are you listening to him. Check Spelling

President Obama and the liberal establishment has sold the American worker into indentured servitude.

The increase in work visas for immigrants is increased. A promotion to business to hire workers at lower wages then needed. Every thing he says is 180 degrees from what he is implementing. Are you listening America?


Why Obama needs Biden

I was reading Rush Limbaugh's analysis of Joe Biden and the criticism of the Vice President. How Bidens family is tied into the Stanford 8 billion theft and possible connections along with scandal that could or could not be there. At first, when I had heard and read the connection first. My thoughts were well here is how the Obama crowd gets ride of the gaffe master.

Lets face facts. Joe Biden is an embarrassment. Not only a joke as a U.S. Senator with a dismal record. Wrong on foreign policy and wrong on domestic planning. The only thing that Joe Biden has gotten right in the last thirty years is to cash his paychecks on time. Biden was hand picked by liberals, for liberals in order to give some sort of creditability to the most inexperienced candidate ever to run for and win office.

Being not only the king of gaffes, the Vice President has come out and been contrary in support for President Obama's policies and administration choices. The Obama campaign has pushed him time and again into a closet in order to keep his mouth from swallowing his foot. So why should Obama now need Joe Biden as a Vice President? The opportunity is prime to ask him to step down. Corporate greed and theft of investment monies. The public would eat this up as a good will gesture on Obama's part. A sign of leadership in the form of combating corporate corruption that runs rampant in the democratic party.

With reelection committees and election committees being formed for not only the 2010 cycle but for the Presidential election of 2012 (my God can they not give us a break). Obama and his cronies are setting Biden up for all the blame when this porkulus fails miserably. By shifting the oversight and administration leadership of this faux stimulus to the Vice President . Obama absolves himself and creates a buffer to protect himself when he runs for a second term.

Obama has clearly demonstrated that he will not take responsibility or credit for anything he has done or said. That he can stand in front of the camera with the aid of his pals in the MSM to spin his words, and lie unabashed to the American people.

SO when it comes time to spin the dismal economy and failed policies of the first four failed years to his Carter regurgitated administration. He has someone to shift all the blame to. Joe Biden will become the major fall guy in the lefts march to destroy America. This is why any shame or connection to SCC violations and monetary gains that Vice President Joe Biden may have received from the Stanford scam will be overlooked. Just like all the scandals in the Democratic party will be overlooked. Like not paying taxes. Accepting bribes and kickbacks. Campaign fraud and fund raising violations.

Obama needs Joe Biden to hang around and accept the blame as a fall guy in four years.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 

Helen Thomas, TIME TO RETIRE!!!!!!

OK I will say it then since no one else seems to have the nerve.

Dear Helen,

thanks for your time in writing your opinion pieces. They have been entertaining to say the least. My dear departed Grandparents used to laugh at your writing, so have my parents and now my nieces do. For longer then any one can remember you have been sitting in on the press conferences at the White House. I am surprised that your George Washington press pass still gets you in with the new security and all. A credit to you that you have become a fixture at the White house like the foundation.

But dear it is time for you to hang it up and retire. The bias filth you spew is old and tiresome. After your recent remark towards Gov. Bobby Jindals race and roots. Something in which you need to publicly apologise for. Then personally take the Governor and his family out to a dinner and beg his forgiveness for your racism.

Helen sweetie, you are among the first to bitch and moan cry foul at such comments if they are directed to someone you like. You show your hypocrisy in liberalism and lack of the tolerance you demand of others. So now it is time to stand up and do the right thing.

Admit that you are getting old and that your judgment is limited to the blinders that you wear while you pull that leftist cart. You are not senile, just an old biddy that is a racist and intolerant of others.

What did Helen Thomas say? “Bobby Jindal was ‘pitiful,’ Helen Thomas tells film crew, right before making a ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ crack.”

Monday, February 23, 2009 


It was 9:00 P.M. last night when I said this .... " the market will drop from 200 to 300 points ". Why did I say this. I said it about the B.S. economic plan and hypocrisy that President Obama would come out with today.

What happened with the stocks today? A drop of -250.89 points.

In my post of Obama talks, stocks drop. I give you my credentials on economics. It does not take a genius to figure this out. Simple, sound principles of good economics apply. This is what is needed not some smoke and mirror spending plan.

Well to those nay sayers, you voted for hope and change. Look what you got instead. More of the same times a hundred. you were warned of this but you let a lack of common sense and BDS guide your vote.


Janet Napolitano: Ignorant or Racially Biased

The facts of the reports are in. The violence in Mexico is spilling into America. Phoenix is the kidnapping capitol of America now. The drug violence is rising at an alarming rate. Illegals make up over 80% of the crime this country now suffers from. (although to not be accused of being a racist here. Kudos to the white boys for making up the majority of financial theft, Madoff and Stafford, etc etc.)

The question is simple that I ask. The FBI, national security reports and assessments all say that Mexico is a danger to this country at the moment. So why then does the Sec. of Homeland Defense say this is not true? That the violence has not spilled into this country. Is she simply ignoring the reports or just not listening to the facts?

If one takes a close look at her time as Governor of Arizona one can come to the conclusion that she is racially biased on this and refuses to look at the facts. Why? Because she supports open borders and amnesty for illegals.

Federal authorities say more that $14 billion in illegal drugs are smuggled into the U.S. every year through Mexico. A crime, one that often includes violent acts. Phoenix, the capital city of Napolitano's home state of Arizona, recorded 370 kidnappings last year, placing it only second to Mexico City worldwide, though it wasn't immediately clear how many of the kidnappings can be traced to Mexican drug activity. But the fact that an over whelming amount of victims are Hispanic, and a large portion have connections to the drug and human trafficking problems.

"Right now it has not (crossed the border). But it is a contingency we have in mind because it could," the former Arizona governor told reporters. "We have contingency plans should violence spread into the United States."

Evwen though documented acts of high aggresive violence against border patrol agents, and law enforcemnet along the border has increased, remember that it has not spread yet to this country.

"What we have seen in Mexico is a very sobering trend. ... At the current pace, for 2009 we are looking at something in the area of 8,000 dead. It is a carnage that is alarming already," Ted Carpenter, a Cato Institute foreign policy expert, said at a forum Thursday. "Mexico has already displaced Colombia as the kidnapping capital of the world ... and the violence is spilling across the border into the United States. American citizens, including law enforcement personnel, have been targeted by the drug cartels for assassination."

Even more alarming, the U.S. Joint Forces Command said in recent report. Yet another report that Napolitano does not believe in. That Mexico rivals Pakistan as the country most at risk of collapse. The report said Mexico's "politicians, police and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and pressure by criminal gangs and drug cartels. ... Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone." This is not just reminiscent of Columbia during the 70's and 80's , but a repeat of history with a learning curve by the Mexican drug Cartels.

For their part, Texas authorities are preparing contingency plans for the worst-case scenario -- hundreds of thousands of Mexican refugees attempting to head north to escape the violence. The economic consequences of collapse are immense with trade between the two countries totaling $368 billion last year. Mexico also is the top supplier to the U.S. of crude oil. Something that the current administration does not seem to care about in making us more independent of.

Janet Napolitano's record as a leader is definitely lacking. Her time as Arizona governor shows a band aid attempt to securing and protecting the border. Her attempts were nothing more then a political gesture to appease some and white wash the truth of problems along the border. She continually hindered any attempt to stem the tide of violence along the border and ignored the citizens of Arizona.

Another brilliant appointee to the Obama cabinet of incompetence.


ACORN and the rest of the story

Michelle Malkin has the rest of the story on how ACORN is nothing more then a bunch of criminals who support criminals.

I am referring to the home break in in Baltimore. The one in which they claim a sold home to another owner belongs to the woman who did not want to pay her bills. Donna Hanks claimed that her payment was raised $300.00 a month. This as it turns out is not true. She was court ordered to pay an additional 300 a month. Her wages were garnished by the court to make this payment in which she failed for two years to do so.

Michelle has copies of the court documents and the full story. An interesting read and a clear warning. Once again I ask how long until ACORN decided that YOU are not deserving of the home you worked hard for. Paid your bills on time, and up kept. How long till they decide to kick you out and claim it for someone who does not want to work for it?

Document drop: The truth about ACORN’s foreclosure poster child
By Michelle Malkin • February 23, 2009 10:10 AM

Sunday, February 22, 2009 

Obama talks Stocks fall

A while back I said that the stock market would drop down to a possible low of 4500. In retrospect maybe only down to 55oo now that I look at things. However one cannot deny that the market drops every time President Obama and his administration start talking to the people about their plans.

In the last two weeks it has dropped almost 1000 points. This is something that the left is trying but can not convince anyone of it being President Bush's fault. This recent loss is all President Obama and his alone.

The lie of he had nothing to do with the writing of the stimulus is something else. He was behind all the major ideals of this porkulus appropriations. The lefts agenda is to take over this country, reward those who don't with what those who do have.

I digress and am leaving the point of this blog. What I am looking at is how far will the stock market now drop with President Obama's speech Monday. Then how much further will it go as the hypocritical fiscal responsible summit is going on. This should irk all Americans as fiscal responsibility is something one can not associate with the Obama Administration, or the current House and Senate.

These three reckless bodies of our government our proposing to increase spending at the expense of the achievers all the while rewarding those who refuse to do anything and expect handouts for it.

Now I do not mean to toot my own horn here but I will say this. I blogged a day prior then others about Namaste Solar, the connections of the Boston Tea Party, and a full week on the comparison of Adolf Hitler and the similarities to Obama. Don't believe me look into my achieves and then check date time stamps.

Now about the market and my predictions in relation to the current hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Connect the dots here. Easy to find on a google search, ask Jeeves, or what ever other search engine you want to use.

The market drops an average of 100 points every time an announcements made in relation to the economy by the geniuses in Washington. The ones who got us into this mess are the same ones Obama is listening to, to get us out of this recession. One that is being worsened with poor policies.

Now I am no economist. What I am is a common man. One who runs a small business. I have served in our military, worked most aspects of construction. I have also run several small businesses that did not make it.

My formal education pretty much ended with a high school education. However that did not stop me from learning. Trial and error. Some correspondence courses on certain subjects pertaining to my interests. A few minor business economic classes and business basics. A rather simple approach to how things work from the point of view of having to do it.

Now allot of the selling off of stocks is not do to a poor economy but a response to poor management practices. Something that is not being discussed is the massive withdrawal of monies form the American economy back in September of 2008. This as it turns out may be the main cause to the down turn in the capital assets of the banking and credit problems we face.

Now there is now solid evidence as to this but I would place money on the fact that George Sorros is behind this. He has done this in the past to the Asian market and tried it on the European markets. Now we all know that while enjoying the benefits of a capitalist free market system this man hates to see others be rewarded for their work. He is a prime example of the old reality of socialism and communism as applied to human nature. Keep all you can while making others share.

Sorros is behind many of the false hoods of this being the worst recession and possible depression since the Great Depression of the 30's. A quick look at unaltered history books shows that Ronald Regan inherited a much worse economy then this from Jimmy Carters failed economic policies in the 70's. A much higher inflation rate, higher unemployment, and a higher cost for energy (that is in related values to the times. A 70 dollar versus an 2009 dollar value).

Now the President will speak and tell us we face hard times ahead , but that he has a plan. Well his plan has been leaked and it promises hard times ahead. Not only economically but as a nation as well. President Obama capitulates to our enemies on all fronts, domestically and foreign. The market will not look favorable on this.

If we are entering such a dire financial time then why raise taxes? This is absurd! You raise taxes ON businesses and they inevitably pass it on to the consumer. Te consumer then readjusts his priorities on what they purchase. Causing a slowdown and even a halt in economic growth. this is fact not fiction or theory. When the consumer stops consuming, production slows and stops. This in turn lowers revenue in the form of sales tax. Thus creating problems on the local and state levels.

Corporations along with the small business man look to take their companies elsewhere. Someplace that they can turn a profit. When the government dictates the market and how it operates. The market fails. A note from history, a fact that is as real as the sun coming up in the east every morning.

The response from the market will be a drop of 200 to 300 points. That is my prediction.


Acorn, more criminal activities

Being under investigation in at least 12 states for voting fraud and other dubious acts does not seem to hinder those who think that they are entitled to whatever they want. Acorn is up and running their criminal ways. Only this time it is simple theft on a grand scale.

Trying to spin their ILLEGAL activities a civilian disobedience, Acorn is up to breaking and entering. You can throw in trespassing and destroying private property.

Telling the press and those who have been foreclosed upon for their lack of paying their bills. Acorn spins their ways as civil disobedience by teaching a peaceful ways to remain in homes that are no longer legally the occupants.

Although the old adage of buyer beware, and read the small print does not seem to apply any more. What matters is you do what makes you feel good at someone else expense. In this case the expense is to the American tax payer and to those who are responsible enough to pay their mortgages on time.

Donna Hanks has a story of how she was unable to maintain paying her mortgage and because of this. The rates went up. An expected result of the loan she had signed, a poor ARM and stupid mistake on her part no one else. The additional $300 a month became unaffordable to her. So being unable to pay, the bank foreclosed and told her to get out. A legal act on the banks part.

This last happened in Patterson Park Baltimore. So now here comes the illegal activities. Louis Beverly of Acorn then took up the call to criminality.

"This is our house now," said Beverly as they cut the locks o the doors and started to homestead in Hanks foreclosed home.

“We are actually trespassing, and so this is a way of civil disobedience to try to stay into our house,” said Beverly. “Legally it’s wrong, but homesteading is the only means that she has left to stay into her house. And we feel as though this is the right thing to do at this particular time to save this family.”

Now Acorn is planning to do this in another six cities around the nation. Calling for a moratorium on foreclosures. In other words asking that those who can not afford the homes they want ( not need). Be allowed to stay, while those who bust their chops and pay their bills, being responsible. Are forced to pay not only their mortgage but that of those who can not pay for theirs.

This is not civil disobedience. This is breaking the law! But we are asked and told to ignore the law because it is not fair that some can afford and are responsible enough to own a home, while others just want to keep up with the Jones.

Remember that ACORN is where President Obama started his community activism with. So do you think that they will be arrested or allowed to be prosecuted as well as sued for their law breaking? Doubtful!

Whats next? Will ACORN march into your neioghborhood and throw you out of your home and move in another family. All because you busted your hump and made a beautiful home that someone else wants? Do not be surprised if it happens.

Remember it is all hope and change ... hope you keep your home and change in your pocket.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 

Is it time for a Revolution?

In 1773, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act, which gave the English East India Company a chance to avert bankruptcy by granting a monopoly on the importation of tea into the colonies. These new regulations allowed the company to sell tea to the colonists at a low price, lower than the price of smuggled tea, even including the required duty. The British reasoned that the Americans would willingly pay the tax if they were able to pay a low price for the tea. Thus they subsidised the Tea company to form this monopoly.

Does this sound familiar with today's situation in the private sector concerning auto manufactures, the housing industry?

On November 28 the Dartmouth arrived in Boston harbor with a cargo of Darjeeling tea. Samuel Adams and other radicals were determined that the cargo would not be landed in the city. His mobs roamed the streets in the evenings, threatening violence if challenged by the authorities. Governor Thomas Hutchinson was equally belligerent and vowed not to capitulate in the face of public opposition as had happened in other colonies.

Insert stimulus bill for tea and change Samuel Adams for any fiscally responsible conservative here. Sounding more familiar when applied to public opinion about the stimulus bill. Although we do not have angry mobs roaming the streets presently. We do have responsible parties such as talk radio, most economist, and those who have been responsible with their private fiances being vocal about the heavy handed Democrats pushing their agenda upon us.

Now that this porkulus has been signed. We are getting anywhere from 8 to 12 dollars more a week in our paychecks. However on the other side of this we will spend any where from 20m to thirty dollars more a week because of new state and local proposed taxes. Also there will be an increase in basic fuel charges. As Obama has refused to allow the Bush administrations removal of off shore drilling ban to stay enacted. A jump immediately of 20 cents to the cost per gallon was seen.

So did we really get immediate relief from the signing of this porkulus? No in the least. In fact we have been screwed.

So this brings us to the title of this blog. Is it time for a revolution. Well an armed resistance with shooting in the streets is not what is called for. But a call for resistance to these increases in government spending, welfare increase, and fiscally irresponsible plans is called for.

We know that it was poor business decisions that put us in this mess. Poor decisions that the government policies set forth and pushed upon banking institutes by Representatives like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd brought o this debacle.

A lack of personal responsibility and keeping up with the Jones was the major factor here. By jumping into stupid financial obligations that one could not afford was an issue here.

So how did the government respond. They increased and rewarded those who are out of work, lack the means to pay for their obligations, and punish those who have all along been responsible. Put in other terms it was hey we are the government and we will get it for you.

Basic sound economic policies have been thrown out the window in favor of a socialist approach. An approach that takes the private out of the private sector. When the government steps in and loans or buys financial obligations it is a take over and responsibility is removed from the equation. In other words the obligation of risk is removed.

SO how do we fight back against this intrusion of socialism into our lives. How do we stop the rewarding of those who do not produce or contribute to a healthy society? Well we become even more responsible.

The first thing we do is get rid of those credit cards. It was credit that snowballed into this debacle. You either have the cash for it or you don't. If you do not then you do not buy. We tighten our belts up in the civilian sector and stop looking to government to take care of us.

We think before we shop and purchase. We go to retailers that do good business. Ones like Wal Mart that have the customer first before profit. Learn how to get buy with less. This is the biggest blow to big government. When the populace demonstrates that it does not need big brother.

You do not allow government to bully us. Businesses must get money up front on contracts with local , state , and federal agencies. Think about it. In the private sector a smart business man gets the cost of his expenses paid for before he does the job. You never take a job on account. You risk having the funds suddenly disappear and you never get paid. A cash basis is now a must. No more credit or revolving accounts.

Civil discourse, rallies opposing the new spending programs. Get involved in community organizations that are vocal and oppose these projects that do nothing at all.

The most important thing to do is to vote. Vote for true hope and change. Vote for responsibility in the legislature. Make your voice heard.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 

Free Press for Green Socialist Company (Obama Sign Indentured Sevitude)

While President Obama draws out the drama and makes all the liberals drool over anticipation of the biggest pork bill in history. One has to take a look at the company chosen, and the company CEO that spread it thick and deep for the press conference in Denver for the Porkulus bill.

The company is called Namaste Solar, and the President of the Company is a former disgruntled haliburton/oil man. A little back ground on the sound business management of this company. It should provide an inside as to how liberals think corporate America needs to be run.

Namaste Solar is a 45 employee owned company. Based in the Peoples Republic of Boulder, they make decisions, according to The Daily Green, a environmental earth friendly web site, by a "decisions by consensus and a culture of openness and honesty". They also donate generously to nonprofits.

Blake Jones, the main founder and Ceo/president of this company did an interview with Lime. (Lime is a green healthy living with a slant to mother earth being the savior of all type or magazine). Reading the interview one sees the left leaning of Blake and how he views oil, oil companies, politics, and America. Blaming America as the worlds leading polluter. Something that is sooooo false considering he was in part of the world where a brown cloud day would be a change for the better. He notes that America must change their way if the world is to change their way and move from being polluters to living peacefully and in harmony with nature.

The company is four years old and will benefit tremendously under this pork bills green incentives. By being an "alternative energy company", they now under this bill will qualify for massive loans and grants under the departments of energy, commerce labor, and the department of education. Thus making the realisation of expansion much easier and quicker for this single company. A company that has a corner on one fourth of the Colorado market and an inside track with the state government. Telling these different departments of the government that they want to create jobs and expand in the "alternative energy" industry, qualifying for grants and loans will be easy. It is a liberals dream.


With Billions ear marked exclusively to the green movement. Small environmental companies like this will profit from tax dollars over other traditional companies in getting any assistance for expansion.

Namaste bases a lot of their sales success on the myths perpetrated by the global warming crowd. A crowd that is essential to the politics in Boulder and creeping its way into Colorado State policies. By exploiting these myths and capitalising upon governments increase in fees on traditional methods of energy. An unfair market is being created. One in which this company will surely pounce on. Why not take it while you can. Especially if the government is going to show you favoritism. Something that looks to be the case here. As this company already has an inside track to the Colorado government with its past contracts in solar energy panels.

Although they seem to follow through on customer service, one would have to step back and wonder on their internal management. If they base decisions on polls of the employees and a vote to determine what they should do. Then just how long will they stay in business when politics starts to differ and money does not flow equally.

So far this company has technically not done anything unethical or illegal. However it does seem rather funny that with the political leanings of the founder and president of this company getting to speak before President Obama basically made all American working citizens into slaves for his over priced spending plan. One would not have to stretch to connect the left sided dots to see how this is just another step to control the way we live and force the lefts agenda upon us.

Thursday, February 12, 2009 

Stimulus creates jobs for who?

Oh we are all about keeping and creating jobs for Americans, yet their actions speak louder then any words they can come up with.

From Numbers USA. A must read and tell all your friends about this.

The Democratic leadership of our federal government made it clear that there has been no change from eight years of a Republican White House that let the Chamber of Commerce call the shots on immigration.

Pelosi, Reid and Obama gave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce exactly what it wanted -- freedom for unscruplous businesses to continue to hire illegal aliens at the same rate as in the past, and to use the hundreds of billions of Stimulus dollars to do it.

Rep. Calvert (R-Calif.) was the one who inserted E-Verify language into the Stimulus Bill in the House Appropriations Committee. Tonight, he stated the sad betrayal of the American workers. His words take on a partisan tone. As a studiously non-partisan organization, NumbersUSA is uncomfortable when issues are stated in partisan ways. But in this case, there is no question but that the national Democratic leadership sold out the interests of the American working man and woman.

Tonight, behind closed doors with no input from House Republicans, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid crafted the so-called compromise on the stimulus bill. What we now know is that while billions of American taxpayer dollars are going to be spent, there is no assurance that the jobs created will go to American workers. The two amendments that had been accepted by the House Appropriations Committee were stripped without discussion or debate.
-- Rep. Ken Calvert of California

The House of Representatives had included two provisions in its Stimulus bill to make sure that the huge sums of money would create jobs only for legally authorized workers. One provision reauthorized the current voluntary E-Verify program which expires March 6. The other required local government or business receiving stimulus funds to run their new hires through the electronic 99.5%-accurate E-Verify system. There were no publicly stated objections to this.

But the U.S. Senate repeatedly brushed aside Alabama Sen. Sessions' efforts to introduce the same protections into its Stimulus bill.

When the House and Senate negotiators sat down, the leader of the House, Rep. Pelosi, tossed aside the will of the Members of the House of Representatives and did the bidding of the most unscrupulous businesses of America.

The American people have repeatedly voiced their support for employment verification and yet we find that once again special interests win out. The one candle in the darkness of this disastrous bill was the reauthorization and requirements to use E-Verify. Now all we are left is a bill that places illegal immigrant interests above those of hard working American families and leaves the bill at the foot of future generations.
-- Rep. Calvert

Furthermore, Pelosi, Reid and Obama also demanded the stripping of the one protection that had been included by the Senate.

Sen. Sanders of Vermont and Sen. Grassley of Iowa had gotten unanimous approval in the Senate to include language that bailed-out banks could no longer be allowed to fire American workers and replace them with foreign workers.

Pelosi, Reid and Obama made sure that banks can continue to discriminate against Americans in favor of cheaper more compliant foreign workers.

Friends, this is an injustice that will come to plague the perpetrators as time moves on.
But the extent to which the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce can continue to call the shots on using illegal foreign workers and importing additional authorized foreign workers will depend on how hard each of you reading this will work to spread this story in every newspaper, talk show and website.

So lets fire Americans like before, keep on bringing in foreign workers at a lower wage. All you in Unions out there. Think about it hard and long. Your Union is supposed to help protect your job yet they support this. Americans looseing jobs while the Union still collects its dues. Is this what you support and want? I don't think so.


So much for compromise

Well it is out and the liberals are in agreement. The appropriations/porkulus bill is ready for the House and Senate to vote on. Will all the Republicans stand firm for fiscal responsibility or will the cave again to the monster of pokula that seems to be alive and growing in Washington?

The work done by the three sell out "moderate" Republicans looks to be scraped by Pelosi and Reid in favor of replacing all that was removed from the Senate version. An increase in spending but a decrease in tax relief is what is on the table now.

So once again we are looking at liberal welfare programs being shoved down our throats to stimulate the government while the private sector gets the shaft. Lets remember where the money is going o this no earmark or special interest bill.

$30 million to begin with for Nancy Pelosi's save the mouse campaign.
$600 million for new buildings for the State department
$23 million for habitat restoration
$75 million for national Parks
$200 million for the renovation of the USDA South Building.

That's just without even looking into this waste of paper.

While the liberals must be rejoicing now. Like little children who have gotten their way over their parents. How long before they stand up and complain on how their own pockets are being robbed. Oh they won't because they are on the dole.

Apparently all that the sell out Republican lead by Specter is for not as the spending has been increased , tax cuts and credits reduced. All that they supposedly worked on has been removed form the final write up.

Again bipartisanship at work.


How to invest $13 dollars

I am saved. My financial worries are now over. All hail to Obama for giving me $13 more dollars a week, while taking another $20 a week from me.

Lets see how do I make my nest egg grow and retire in comfort on thirteen dollars a week. I guess the question is what should I spend this excess money on first. I am so rich now I do not know.

Thirteen dollars buys me what. One meal a week at McDonald's or Burger King. It buys me one third a tank of gas or roughly 6.87 gallons of gas. Wow almost enough gas to get me to and from work for two days or travel 144 miles (ave 21 mpg at $1.89 a gallon, saying that a person drives 35 miles one way to work or 70 miles a day).

Lets see if I take the afternoon of from work I still can not afford a matinee movie ticket so that's is out. Hmmm, $13 does not buy me a ticket for a major league baseball game.

It does get me a mocha latte, Carmel soy milk with whip cream coffee at Starbucks .... whoopee!

Penny stocks are still an option as they are only a penny a share (?).

I can invest in a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in my trucks tires. Got to do my part right?

I can still buy one pack of cigarettes, and a lighter for that.

Hey I can get two DVD's from the bargin bin at Wal Mart. They are only 5 bucks. I picked up Fiddler on the Roof last week.

Oh so much extra money, so much to spend it on, what to do, what to do.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 

News Flash: Obama's Shovel to Pavement stimulus

This is just in. Obama's new plan that will, stimulate the economy. More government workers on the job. Notice how top heavy the new government is getting. But hey they are employed right?

Monday, February 09, 2009 

You might want to read this

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Then click on the following link. This is a comparison between the House appropriation bill , the Senate bill , and the new sellout bill by the RINO's in the Senate. Read it and get on the phone. This has got to be stopped NOW!!!!

PDF File: COMPARISON of House stimulus vs. Nelson-Collins compromise


Ritter and Obama = same speech writers?

The Avenger has an interesting take on Governor Ritters State of the State speech for Colorado.


Harry Reid, a thought

For those of us who are old enough to remember the small town life . Growing up there was wonderful. Small towns had characters. There was the female crowd that was always at the hair salon gossiping. The younger men hung out at the feed store or the hardware store. Then there was the biweekly trip to the Barber shop.

The Barber shop was the center for the men and the news. Lively debates on the local softball team and the junior baseball league. Politics and life in general. The older men would sit in side and drink coffee with the radio playing softly in the background. There was no buzz buzz of the electric clipper but the snip snip of scissors.The characters there were time tested and true. All had their role to play.

I was over on Michelle Malkins web page checking out what she has exposed today when I saw a picture. This picture she has used many times before and will again. It is a picture of Harry Reid. His grumpy face made my mind flash back to a simpler time. The small town and the Barber shop. There was always the self inflated , more important then anyone else snob who would come in and demand to get his hair cut in front of every one else. He would jump the line , be demanding and complain the whole time. He would not limit it to the man cutting his hair, or to those he insulted with his every word. He would justify his lack of self fulfillment on any and everything else.

Well Michelle Malkins picture of Harry Reid is that man. I can see old Harry busting in, jumping in the one seat that is open in the three chair shop. The reason it is open is that there are only two barbers and the third seat is broken. Having never been fixed out of respect for the one man who sat there. A huge jolly man. A Tip O'Neil type.

But old Harry he thinks he is better and deserving of such earned respect. Then he snaps his fingers and begins his demanding , obnoxious ways. That is what I see in the picture of Harry Reid.

Very few will remember him after he is gone. At the moment he is tolerated because he does pay his bills on time, at least we think he does. He has raised the flag for the Veterans day Memorial. SO most folk will tolerate his better then thou attitude. Conversation slides and is much quieter while he is in. No one really listens to him, the men turn to their papers or several get up and walk across the street to the dinner for a cup of coffee.

All know that one day he will be gone and not missed. Yet the respect for the man who sat in the chair before him will remain. The talk of how the man before was wise and caring, yet had a streak of common sense in him. They won't talk about Harry unless it is to make a joke about the man who thought he was important. A few will go out of their way to point out his failings. Many of which will take hours to explain through the laughter.

No, Harry Reid is definitely not a remember able man other then the fact he bullies and spins things. Twists them into favoring his opinion, no matter how wrong he is. Once he is gone the men at the barber shop will say: "yep ol Harry would say it is going to rain today, and the sky is grey, but if you looked outside you needed shades and the sky was a perfect blue."

Sunday, February 08, 2009 

Simple Question

This is just a simple train of thought that needs and answer. if the Senate was charged with taking the Houses bill, refining it and reducing the amount of money for it. Then how is it a success if they increased the overall spending by 100 billion then reduced it, yet still leaving it more expensive by 40 to 50 billion dollars from the House version. How is this helping the American Tax Payer?

House Bill 800 plus billion dollars.

Senate version 840 plus billion dollars.


Senate proposes 778 pages of waste

Well it is out and not any better then the Houses version of waste. With much more money set aside not to be spent in the economy till later years.

I just got my hands on a pdf file and am in the process or reading it. Not much time to do so as it is 778 pages long and full of double talk, back speak, and political hogwash (hogwash is for the pork in this bill).

The Senate is supposed to vote on this tomorrow. Of coarse they have had a few more hours to go over it. Still this is not reasonable to think that even they , in their omnipotent wisdom can digest this so fast. So why the rush to pass this one as well as the rush to pass the Houses wasted version? Obama must cram this down the American throat before he looses any support for his failing administration.

Failing you say? Why he is just starting week three of his four year term. How can it be failing already? Good questions , easy answers. The reality and truth behind it is that the liberal agenda , with each day that these pork ridden bills are delayed. The American people are becoming aware of and denying. The fact he has vetted and supported cheats, lies, and former failed cabinet makers is obvious. The lack of respect is growing in the world for this man as V.P. Bidden opens his mouth and capitulates to the Islamic fascists representatives in Munich. This is how President "transparency" Obama is failing.

Now back to this travesty of legislation called stimulus.

For an additional amount for ‘‘Watershed and Flood
Prevention Operations’’, $275,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010.

For an additional amount for the ‘‘Watershed Rehabilitation Program’’, $65,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010.

(note the key words remain available. government speak for do not spend)
More programs that do nothing for the economy of create jobs fast. Government bureaucracy that will waste the money before spending it. Watershed projects are already over budgeted and not being worked on. So why do we add money to this when they do nothing to begin with.

Child nutrition act? This is not a stimulus, again has merit but does not to be in this bill. Another $100,000,000.00 that can be left out of this bill.


We have an outline for crop insurance. This is a hedge against what? Natural disaster, lack of international purchases, just what is not said. It does outline how and when not to pay it back and for what reasons. In short we are already paying farmers not to grow now we will give them more money when the crops they are not supposed to grow fail.

Some double speak about fiscal years 2011 and 2012, again not the here and now. All this is within the first 27 pages. No plan for stimulus or job creation as of yet. Hope holds on as there are 751 more pages to read.

(page 30, lack of proof to get monetary assistance)
do not qualify for a written agreement because 1 or more farming practices, which the Secretary has determined are good farming practices

Basically what it says is that certain state secretaries have the authority to hand out money without any written proof that assistance is warranted by said farmers. A way to skirt the process and hand out tax payer money without justification.

They want to pass this without debate and any real transparency to the American tax payer. The one who has to pay the bill on this. Contact your Senators now and tell them to debate not just vote. This has to be looked at closely and the removal of amendments and articles that do not stimulate or create jobs.

Saturday, February 07, 2009 

Where is Obama and FEMA

Where is our messiah and his handling of FEMA in the current problems being found in Kentucky? For that where in the world is the media covering this disaster? They are no where to be found.

An exception to this is Michelle Malkin, who always seems to have her heart there for those in need. Other then her I have seen no coverage other then a minor 10 second blip on the news saying that Kentucky is still without power.

Yes Kentuckians are getting their act together but it is without federal assistance. FEMA still has to respond in any true measure. All the while we hear about the people in New Orleans , who by the way have received billions them selves in the form of aid and monetary payoffs for their lack of action in a crisis.

The contrast of the two disasters is tremendous. While in New Orleans the Governor and the Mayor were absent from relief aid and actual hands on aid. Their abandonment of their constituents and neighbors was remarkable . All the while the MSM attacked President Bush for not being there before the Hurricane to prevent it. Now that we have the anointed one in office. It would appear that disasters take a back seat to pork, taxpayer paid for retreats, and Kobi steak dinners.

In Kentucky the Governor and local authorities are there helping out. Doing their jobs, either administering, delegating, or giving hands on aid. They are not holding press conferences condemning President Obama. ( It was Bush during Katrina that they attacked for their own lack of action)

Eleven days without water and power is most of western Kentucky. This is the midst of freezing and sub freezing temperatures. Peoples lives are more at steak here then several years after the fact of poor leadership and responsibility of Hurricane Katrina. So what is President "Messiah" Obama doing?

President Obama is sending the Vice President to Munich. Where he is supposed to instill trust and favor in our allies. While he s doing that he is stabbing the western world in the back with a diplomatic knife shaped as a crescent moon. The knife of coarse provided by Obama and his pro Muslim stance. Something that was untouchable during the campaign but now he freely talks about to foreign interviewers as a proud part of his heritage. The fact he once was a Muslim.

Obama would rather stand in front of the cameras, spinning his concept of bipartisanship.
Giving speeches full of fear about how if this porkapoluza is not passed this country is doomed.
That the more we spend the better off we will be. Neglecting the fact you can not spend what you do not have. Something that democrats do not understand. As their pockets always are full, full of tax payer dollars.

So what are the people in Kentucky doing? Clinging to their religion and their guns. Going out and helping their redneck neighbors. As many wait for power to be restored, they are not idly sitting by. The true American way is in full effect here, despite the lack of government interference or aid. Checking in on, giving shelter to, and doing the right thing is in abundance in Kentucky.

Obama has demonstrated greatly his lack of respect and understanding of the office of President. A fact that Liberals try but cannot deny is this. Although some things may have been handled a little better. President Bush, or someone in his administration was always there for the people in their times of trouble. Be it a tornado or a Hurricane they were there.

Kentucky has taken the ball from Mississippi when it comes to a disaster. They are not waiting for government to solve their problems. They are attending to business now. Looking to themselves, pulling up their own boot straps and getting it done.

Friday, February 06, 2009 

Indentured Servitude for the American Worker

Indentured servitude was what many once upon a time had to look forward to in order to start a new life. Since the election we as Americans are faced with this UGLY prospect being forced upon us by an uncaring electorate.

Nancy Pelosi, claimed in a huge press conference that she was all about working and reaching across the isle. Now she reveals her true intent.

Speaking at the Congressional get away, paid for by the American tax payer. The same tax payer who cannot afford their own vacation this year.

“Washington seems consumed in the process argument of bipartisanship, when the rest of the country says they need this bill,” the California Democrat said, seeming to sweep aside the Obama administration initial ruse to have a broad GOP support for the porkapoloza.

Another leading Democrat when asked about this pork had the following contempt for the American people.

U.S. Rep. David Obey (D-WI), the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, helped write the bill and says he doesn't like being asked about earmarks.

"We simply made a decision, which took about three seconds, not to have earmarks in the bill," he says. "And with all due respect, that's the least important question facing us on putting together this package."

Leaving out the earmarks does mean Congress will have less control over how the money is spent. But, Obey says, "So what? This is an emergency.

Some emergency. We have elected officials who think that the American worker can afford this travesty of pork being rammed at light speed down upon us. Forced without any real debate on what is in it and how it will really stimulate and create jobs in the economy.

The Democratic party is so drunk on their positions of power that they are showing their no real contempt for those who placed them in power. By coming up with the largest wasteful bill ever in American History. This is the government forcing the American worker into indentured servitude in order to pay for their pork.

These IDIOTS, and MORONS have got to be removed from office NOW. Before they sell this country to line their pockets.


No Jobs Here: Lead Hazard

Yet another good program but no creation of jobs are stimulus for the economy. This time it comes on page 229. It will cost $100,000,000.00, 100 million but has nothing to do with the economy.

For an additional amount for ‘‘Lead Hazard Reduction’’, for the Lead Hazard Reduction Program as authorized by section 1011 of the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, $100,000,000: Provided, That for purposes of environmental review, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.) and other provisions of law that further the purposes of such Act, a grant under the Healthy Homes Initiative, Operation Lead Elimination Action Plan (LEAP), or the Lead Technical Studies program under this heading or under prior appropriations Acts for such purposes under this heading, shall be considered to be funds for a special project for purposes of section 305(e)
of the Multifamily Housing Property Disposition Reform Act of 1994: Provided further, That of the total amount made available under this heading, $30,000,000 shall be made available on a competitive basis for areas with the highest lead paint abatement needs.

Not necessarily pork but definitely not stimulus.


Say What? Is not this what we are changing from?

President Obama has made it clear time and time again that we must have change. That the failed policies of the Bush Administration and the Republican party do not work. OK then explain this thinking in the porkapoluza bill.

Page 221: lines 6 through 16

For an additional amount for ‘‘Community Development Fund’’ $1,000,000,000, to carry out the community development block grant program under title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. 5301 et seq.): Provided, That the amount appropriated in this paragraph shall be distributed according to the same funding formula used in fiscal year 2008: Provided further, That in allocating the funds appropriated in this paragraph, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development shall not require an additional action plan from grantees:

Note that the funding is to be distributed using the "failed method" of 2008. Why, if it didn't work then . According to Obama and other Democrats, would they still use that formula? Also note that they will not require any additional action plan. So this means that if a plan is submitted no further scrutiny or questions of it will be made. Some change.


More hidden GREEN agenda: Stimulus?

Here is some more of the hidden agenda and stimulus that this pork bill has hidden inside of it. Again WAKE UP AND CALL YOUR SENATOR . This bill must be stopped.

Page 186: Green School requirement

GREEN SCHOOL REQUIREMENT.—An institution of higher education receiving a subgrant
under this section shall use not less than 25 percent of such subgrant to carry out projects for modernization, renovation, or repair that are certified, verified, or consistent with the applicable provisions of—(A) the LEED Green Building Rating Sys12
tem; (B) Energy Star; (C) the CHPS Criteria;(D) Green Globes; or (E) an equivalent program adopted by the State or the State higher education agency.

(more job creation, or economic stimulus?)

PROHIBITED USES OF FUNDS.—No funds awarded under this section may be used for—
(C) modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities—(i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity; or (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission; or (D) construction of new facilities.

(page 187)

Section 401(b)(9)(A) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1070a(b)(9)(A)) is amended— (1) in clause (ii), by striking ‘‘$2,090,000,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$2,733,000,000’’; and (2) in clause (iii), by striking ‘‘$3,030,000,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$3,861,000,000’’
(page 192: Pell grants a good program but no jobs created or stimulus to the economy.)

That is an increase of $6,594,000,000.00 .. .... 6 and 1/2 billion in grants that do nothing for the economy.

Tell me someone please explain the economic plan of creating jobs with the green agenda and Pell grants. This does absolutely nothing for the immediate problem. The vast meltdown and looming catastrophe that President Obama claims will happen if this bill is not passed.

Thursday, February 05, 2009 

Obama Spins Dramatically

Breaking on the boob tube right now President Obama is pleading to get his porkapoluza passed immediately. Throwing the blame on President Bush and his administration for the in actions of his party members who were in office like he was in the federal Legislature.

Now why is 800 billion such a key number. Why does this bill have to have so much money to stimulate the economy? Because Obama wants it to be. If one sits down and actually looks at this pork laden bill you will see that half the monies ear marked for pork programs of social welfare are not to be released for at least one year from now.

So if we are in such dire straights why will it take a year to release this money?

Obama claims that a stimulus bill is supposed to be a spending bill. To stimulate one has to spend money. OK that makes sense. However YOU CAN NOT SPEND WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE MR. PRESIDENT. HOW IS IT THAT YOU FAIL; TO SEE THIS OR UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT YOU CANNOT SPEND IT. Oh wait you are the government so like tax payments by your fellow democrats it does not matter now does it.

Spending on schools does not stimulate the economy. It is a BUDGET PROPOSAL. This bill is miss named. If one sits down to read it in full, something I am still doing as it is a quagmire of pompous welfare and feel good crap. This bill is more of a budget proposal and not a stimulus proposal.

The version passed by the House has 647 pages of double talk, double spending, and lack of stimulus. It has on the other hand fringe theories and support for false science ...

That not less than $140,000,000 shall be available for climate data modeling. (page 52 line 14 &15)

Subtitle C—Science
For an additional amount for ‘‘Science’’,$400,000,000, of which not less than $250,000,000 shall be solely for accelerating the development of the tier 1 set of Earth science climate research missions recommended by the National Academies Decadal Survey. (page 53, lines 16 through 24)

This is double allocations for the same thing. Just writing it in differently to get more monies for climate studies that are favorable to the myth of global warming. That's $390,000,000.00 , 390 million people. For environmental studies by already employed people. How does this stimulate and create new jobs?

A continuing theme in this package is the allocation of $500,000,000.00 million dollars for implementation of programs. I want to know how this figure was formulated. How did 500 million become the accepted amount for implementing programs.

In this pork bill it is not until one is 94 pages into it do we get to any talk of ECONOMIC RECOVERY. It is not until page 100 that we get to lending procedures and refinancing.

Now a good program is FEMA. However FEMA has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy. It has no reason to be in this bill. It needs to be debated and looked at another time. Yet on page 105 we have an allotment of $200,000,000.00 million for FEMA proposed.

Another good thing but has nothing to do with stimulus is found on page 105 as well.

Section 401(b) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1324a note) is amended by striking ‘‘11-year period’’ and inserting ‘‘16-year period’’.

How is this a job Creator or an economic stimulator? It isn't but just another example of the things that are being included in this bill that have nothing to do with what President Obama, Speaker of the House Pelosi, or Sen. Harry Reid are telling us is included in this bill or what this bill is about.

Pages 108 through 111 talk about homeland security and the continuing of Pilot training and the prevention of ILLEGALS and unwanted people from obtaining a license to pilot small aircraft. Yet another good program that has nothing to do with stimulus. So why is it in this bill? There is no mention of allocated funds or of job creation here. more wasted time by the Senate and the House on debate that does not deal with the economy.

For an additional amount for ‘‘Construction’’, $300,000,000, for priority road and bridge repair and replacement, and critical deferred maintenance and improvement projects on National Wildlife Refuges, National Fish Hatcheries, and other Service properties: Provided, That funds may be transferred to ‘‘Resource Management’’: Provided further, That the amount set aside from this appropriation pursuant to section 1106 of this Act shall be not more than 5 percent instead of the percentage specified in such section.

(page 112)

OK, money to shovel to pavement application here. But absolutely no numbers on jobs created for this and for how long will any of the jobs created by this $300 million will last. More then likely not longer then 18 months, as these types of jobs are seasonal and not long in endurance.

Page 114 allocates money for equipment but not jobs. $200,000,00.00 million for repair and restoration of Geological equipment. All good and well but again not much in the way of stimulus.

I'm tired and this bill has another 532 pages of pork to look at. Just go to the Speaker of the House web site and click on the reinvestment icon and download this fiasco yourself. It is published and in that a waste to the environment. How many trees died to print this out for congressional members?

If the economy is in such a dire situation as President Obama is claiming. Why is he pushing this on to the American Taxpayer. He claims that we need to move and act now on the economy yet he and his pals are placing pork over real stimulus. Socialism over Capitalism in the market place. If this bill is an example of how he plans to change things then we are in for a long four years. This bill is a prime example of Washington doing what it always does. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL!


Senate Beware

As President Obama and the leading Democrats in Congress and the Senate are ramming down our throats their spending bill. A bill that has BILLIONS in wasteful non stimulating proposals. More and more truth is coming out as to what this money is going for.

Billions for pet projects that will not go into effect for several years. Program increases in financial spending, and simple pork. Boulder Colorado for instance wanted 6 million to convert hybrid automobiles to full electric capability. Creating a massive increase of new jobs at ZERO. not a single new job created. This does not stimulate but waste. If Boulder wants to do this then let them find the money in their liberal bastion socialist. They have a rather high level of income in Boulder so they can pay to convert their own cars.

We have Billions set aside for refurbishing buildings and replacing office furniture. Again creating ZERO jobs. yes Mr. Biden that is a four letter word that this country needs J-O-B-S.
Instead we are being left out on this porkapoluza. The Conservative line seems to be caving.

Although the some fiscally responsible elected officials are standing up to this wasteful bill. Obama is putting the pressure on. He has agreed to sign a reduction in the spending as long as the total is still around 800 BILLION. Clue here. Still around 800 billion. That should be setting off alarms bells and whistles. How much more can be cut out of this pork bill.

If Obama and Reid would allow a true transparent look at this bill. Give the Senate a chance to really evaluate the projects and pork in this. I am betting that at least another 500 BILLION could be cut.

So what are we to do? If this theft of our hard earned tax money is passed. I am calling for the recall, the rebuke , and the non re election of ALL THOSE WHO VOTE FOR THIS.

As certain members of the Democratic party like to stand up and play the fear card. We see many companies that once held their hands out now pulling that hand back. The economy is spurting but moving along. So the truth is the fear card is to scare the American populace into support of pork by the government.

This is not the change and hope that was promised was it? Is this really what moderates who rode the fence during the election wanted. More wasteful spending? I do not think so.

many Bloggers will and are going to expose this and plaster the names of all who support this theft. An election year is coming and this will not be forgotten. All who support this better be ready to explain to their constituents why they should be elected back to office when they stole our money.

Senate get ready for the tidal wave of truth about your lack of leadership when it comes time to be elected.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 

Sec. of Energy or Climate Control?

Not very long ago we had the appointment of Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. Chu the recipient of a Nobel prise for his work on trapping atoms with a laser light is promoting the GLOBAL WARMING MYTH.

Instead of knuckling down to his job of Sec. of Energy, and trying to help get this country to be energy in dependant. I guess this is an easy thing to do seeing how he is not spending any time doing this. Chu is out lecturing and promoting scare tactics of the global warming crowd.

Chu is not, I repeat IS NOT A CLIMATE SCIENTIST. Yet he is being treated and greeted as if he is a leading authority on the topic. It would seem that he has plenty of time to give speeches that scare people on this myth. instead of trying to examine the viability of Nuclear, Wind, Solar, or even Coal and natural gas alternatives. Sec. Chu is out and about talking about how California is soon to be desolate and void of produce and the ability to grow produce.

Siting two recent studies by left wing environmentalist, one, published in January in the journal Science, raised the specter of worldwide crop shortages as temperatures rise. The other, penned by UC Berkeley researchers last year, estimated California has about $2.5 trillion in real estate assets -- including agriculture -- endangered by warming.Both of these studies do not take into account a lack of impact by poor farming management.

Chu states, 'We're looking at a scenario where there's no more agriculture in California.'

In Washington, the top political man who deals and leads the Environmental and Public works Committee had this to say.

"I am hopeful Secretary Chu will take note of the real-world data, new studies and the growing chorus of international scientists that question his climate claims," Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), "Computer model predictions of the year 2100 are simply not evidence of a looming climate catastrophe."

As mounting evidence increases to the climate fraud and exaggerations being told and sold by the environmentalist. Chu is clearly pushing an agenda that he has little knowledge of and that is not his job. It would appear that we have yet another member in this new cabinet who is not doing his job.


Corporate Compensation

Corporate compensation is a hot topic right now. It leads some of this mornings headlines on the boob tube. As strange as this sounds in a way I have to agree with President Obama on this. If a corporation accepts and takes federal bailout money then yes the compensation needs to be limited. After all the company has accepted our money and is using it to stay out of bankruptcy. This then opens the door to federal regulation and control.Nationalization of the company and federal interference in its daily operations.

Now that is ONLY for those who accept the money. For those companies that make the needed changes and adaptations to stay afloat. There , by no means is deserving of restricting their pay scale for executives. This is the way of socialist and the redistribution of wealth. The rewarding of those who don't by those who do.

If a corporations board of directors feels that a huge salary and compensation package is deserved by the CEO and that the company does not take tax payers money then who is the government to tell them that they have to change their ways. The government as it stands now has no right, no moral authority , or standing to limit the pay of such people.

yes there are many who think that all executives are evil and corrupt. That they do not deserve any compensation or a wage above minimum wage. The envious of those who have not over those who have. This is a key factor that the Liberal Democrats are going to, and are playing up. Class envy in the worst way. Promote the welfare state by all means.

We have to be very watchful and careful now as the Legislature is pursuing the most radical and expensive welfare bill in history. Having faced fiscal responsibility for years, there is no front of any note now against these tax and spend, handout liberals. So with no resistance to speak of the liberals are trying their best to jam down our throats a change in not only our way of life but in our economic system.

Facts show that liberals in key positions of our government have failed to do their jobs and having no oversight and leadership on their part, contributed immensely to the financial breakdown we are seeing now. One cannot deny that Barney Frank's lack of oversight , either by design or ability, Rangle, and Dodd as well. Did contribute to the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle. So instead of disclosing the files on these corporations frauds. The government is going after Banks that are private in operation being regulated to accept and make bad business decisions and loans.

If left alone these financial institutes would have never made these mortgages and hence we would not have a mortgage failure/bailout.

Moral to this story is this. If a company accepts federal money then they need to be subject to certain restrictions on wages. if the company is left alone and not hindered by social engineering programs and mandates. Then the government has no right or authority to limit salaries.

Monday, February 02, 2009 

Liberals to Candidates: Move left or do not get elected

The message was very clear during this last election cycle. The MSM even aided in this political shift of ideology. As more and more liberals came out and were credited as being informed and knowledgeable in politics. Despite the fact they never looked at a topic unless it was "progressive, enlightened and socialistic".

Move to the left side of the political isle or do not get elected. The blackmailing of candidates by denying funds and support. Offering nothing less then bad press and a full out assault of conservative notions.

Here we go again some may think. A vast left wing conspiracy theory of how there are commies under your bed and jihadist in the closet. No I am not promoting any such notion. What I am pointing out is fact. Reports from those who claim to have their finger on the pulse of the American people. Claims that they know what is best and wanted by the American voter and what is in their best interest.

The latest target of these socialist thinkers is the recently appointed Senator for New York, Kirsten Gillibrand. Now here is a woman who has been elected by the people of up state New York. Her stance on ILLEGAL ALIENS, and anti gun control legislation lead the way to her being elected. Now the pundits are saying she has to change her opinion and stance specifically on these topics if she wishes to be reelected to office.

Now lets look at fact. She ran for Congressional office on moderate to conservative principles. This is what put her into office. Gov. Patterson new this when he selected her to replace Hillary Clinton as U.S. Senator. Moderate to conservative values put her in the position of having support from the conservative upstate New Yorkers.

"She has to reposition herself geographically and ideologically," said pollster Lee M. Miringoff of Marist College. "Being pro-gun and anti-immigrant is not the way to go."

Assemb. Peter Rivera (D-Bronx) said Gillibrand's position "borders on xenophobia ... it is clear to me that Gillibrand will face a primary and create splits among New York Democrats that will only serve to damage our party."

Her opposition to curbing the flow of illegal guns has drawn fire from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others. Hispanic officials have criticized her rejection of amnesty for illegal immigrants and support for a guest worker program and more border security.

To be elected, experts said, the Democrat from upstate Hudson must discard her opposition to gun control and illegal immigration, both supported by large segments of her party. She also has to become known and seen to be working on behalf of Long Island, New York City and its other suburbs, home to nearly 60 percent of the population, they said.

(quotes in red are from,0,1297042.story )

Notice how all the advice is for her to abandon any responsible outlook on gun control and immigration matters. Two key hot topics of the left who want to remove the second amendment and open our borders wide for any who want to come here at any time with no restrictions to do so. In other words take the liberal stance on topics and we will get you elected. Stay under the evil influence of moderate thinking or conservatism responsibility and we will not support or elect you.

Sunday, February 01, 2009 

America needs a Hero

In the last five years we have seen the decline of American society. The death of Captain America, Batman , are among the icons no longer for us to look to. On the political scene Ronald Regan (may he rest in peace) is no longer with us. A uniter not a divider. John Wayne has passed on years ago. A love for his country was greater to no man in Hollywood.

So what are we to do? As national Monuments are vandalised. Those who gave their all for you and I are desecrated. A complete lack of respect for fellow Americans and emphasis placed on foreign entities before our own. Corporations have no morals or ethical standards. Those in government think that they are truely above the law. Non payment of taxes, skirting rules and regulations , bending them in order to benefit themselves over their constituents.

America now more then ever needs someone to grab the reigns and pull this out of control galloping stallion back onto the trail. Who will stand up for America?

There are a few that are still standing under the onslaught of socialism and anti American bigotry. They are holding the American line, but they need help. Who will come forth to lead the cause of TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE?

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