Thursday, April 28, 2011 

Why are the republicans scared?

Just what is going on with the Republican party? Are the so into loosing that they really do not want to head the message from the Tea Party?

With the 2012 presidential campaign not even kicked off yet the Republican party is already circling the wagons around two candidates and dismissing any and all who seem to aggravate the liberals.

I quote Hugh Hewitt .... " it is a two candidate race. Tim Pawlenty and Mit Romney". Say what, who, why.

A dismissal of Michelle Backman, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, what is wrong with these people. It appears that those in the "know" of republican insiders are working as hard as they can to cover their tracks if the tea party has been present.

At this time I do not believe other then Romney no one has actually announced their official candidacy for president. That is on the republican side. Obama has been campaigning since 2006 and has not stopped.

What is wrong with Donald Trump? Here is a man who is not afraid of saying it like it is. Despite innuendos he has never filed personally for bankruptcy. He understands the economy better then any candidate republican or democratic. No I am not trowing my support for Trump. All I am saying is why are the republicans so afraid of this man and others that they are dismissing them so out right now.

Ryan, Jindahl, Christie of New Jersey are three more people that a candidacy needs to be looked at. As these also bring to the table COMMON SENSE and leadership. Christie taking on the thugs in the unions, Jindahl working over time to fix a state that the liberal thieving democrats nearly ruined. Ryan proposing a economical fiscal responsible plan to help this country get back on track.

However they are dismissed as being to radical and out there.

It may be time for the tea party to put forth a real candidate that will syphon off all the votes from the two party system and elect someone who can turn things around and put the party first and not country first players on their ear.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 

Applying Obama's Energy Policy to History

"There is no silver bullet Kemosabe" so said Tonto to the Lone Ranger, however any and all who know the Lone Ranger this was not true.

Yes President Obama there is a "Silver Bullet". The problem is YOU REFUSE TO USE IT.

If we were to take the Obama administrations energy policy and apply it to some of the greatest accomplishments in history there would never have been any great accomplishments.

1) If the Pharaohs applied this ignorance there would never have been a pyramid. It wasn't built in a day. Therefore it would have taken too long. No reason to build it then.

2) If Alexander the Great believed in this policy. Would he have taken the time to forge ahead and grow his Kingdom from Greece to India? It did not happen over night there fore with Obama's logic it was not worth doing.

3) How long did it take to build the Great wall of China? No silver bullet there so why build it.

4) If man was meant to fly he would have been born with wings. Tell the Wright brothers to quit wasting their time on such a silly notion of flying.

5) A horse manure problem in the streets? Do not bother on alternative transport, unless you are walking. Forget the street car. It will take to long to build and set up. Besides think of the children. One of them may fall off the car while playing and be hurt.

6) Why make a bigger , faster ship with sails? It will take from three to six months, many man hours, and think of the forest being decimated. No, no reason to build ships to sail the seas.

Yep there is no reason to even look at trying to do anything. It will take to long and the rewards just are not worth it. It is best we accept the policy of our commander and thief. Sell your vehicle, take public transportation while you still can (it runs on fossil fuels too you know). Then maybe in ten to twenty years we can think about rebuilding our country and claiming our place in the first world and move out of the third world we are spiralling into now.


Saturday, April 23, 2011 

Did you see this

Wow President Obama must really care about the average Joe's situation. He cut his 5 year campaign trip short this week. It only used up 53,000 gallons of fuel. How sympathetic of him to our plight.


Racial Violence? Notif it happens to whites.

Once again we see a break down in civility by people. This time in another McDonalds. Two young black woman attack and nearly kill a white woman. The police have to research to see if this is racially motivated or not. Yet if we placed the shoes on the other foot there would be marches by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanding no justice no peace.

What is even more disgusting is the actions of the employees of this franchise. Standing around and then telling the perpetrators to get out of there before the police come. This is aiding and abiding in most books. However in today's society of political correctness this seems to not be the case.

So what is the reason we see violence more often now at fast food restaurants? It can not be because someone got cold fries can it? No in this case the victim wore a shirt that was not in favor of President Obama. So does this give others the right to beat her nearly to death? Absolutely not!!!! We still have free speech in this country, unless you live in a pro union democratic city or town. Then you had best be silent and toe the line.

Do certain individuals think that because Obama is President that they now can run around like a wild pack of dogs? Yes I said it , dirty little cowardly animals, attacking others because they are not liked minded or of the same race.

Now this incident was definitely racial but it does not provide an answer to other violence. That of Black on Black in fast food restaurants. Or that of Black on Hispanic. Nor does it excuse or provide reason for any violence.

What we have here is a generation that lacks any direction or morals. It just happens that those recently are black that are filmed. This is not to say that it is not happening by others.


How Pathetic: Hickenlooper signs bill for exercise

It used tobe that children would get exercise by being allowed to play, followed by some sort of organised physical activity at school. then the social engineers got ahold of things and denied children the right to be a child. All in the name of it may make a child feel bad. This , the conclusion of certain games that by nature pick on those who are not as fast, strong, or simply athletic as others are.

This lead to the removal and banning of kick ball, dodge ball, tag, any sort of child play that by nature is what children do. So what happens. We have certain people invoking the food police because children are larger then they need to be. Why? Because they are not allowed to play.

So is this a step in the right direction? Allowing children to go play? Well sort of, the ban on children's games is still there but we have a movement that is going to "force children into physical activity.

Now Gov. Trickenlooper of Colorado is being heralded as being a champion for children's health. How absurd. When social engineers get involved, things get screwed up. Another way the left is out of touch with reality.

Saturday, April 09, 2011 

Where is the Backbone?

So a threat of a government shutdown at first presented a image of Conservative backbone. Yet as time came to an end, the nerve of Speaker of the House and pressure from RINO's made the conservative movement look spineless.

While the press coverage and political game for public support was played out in the press. Government spending was approximately $54 BILLION dollars. The budget was cut by only $38 Billion. This leaves an over spending of $16 Billion in deficit spending just for this year.

So what was all the fuss about? Absolutely nothing. The government still spent more then they have. Sure a few programs may see a shortage of funds. However absurd spending is still in the budget. Look at $20 million dollars for Sesame Street in Pakistan. Please who gives a rats backside on whether or not Pakistan has Sesame street or not.

The jobless rate is still under reported by close to 8 percent. Fuel prices are way out of hand and only climbing, forcing this country into an economic crisis that will dwarf the housing bubble.

A lack of reigning in the E.P.A. in this agreement is a huge win for the liberals who want to ruin our children's future. While both sides claim little victory the real losers of this drama are the American people.

It is us who will still feel the non reported inflation. At the fuel pumps, at the grocery store, in our smaller pay checks, the monthly energy bill. We lost big time and Washington still does not seem to care.

Was our voice not heard in this last election? I am sure that the Democrats were not listening, but what about the Republicans?

Maybe in 2012 we should not clear our thoats but scream.

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