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G.I.Joe A Real American Hero

On a sad note. A little more Americana dies as hollywood sells out what was based on a TRUE AMERICAN HERO.

VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: G.I. Joe was just a toy, wasn't he?

Hollywood now proposes that in a new live-action movie based on the G.I. Joe toy line, Joe's -- well, "G.I." -- identity needs to be replaced by membership in an "international force based in Brussels." The IGN Entertainment news site reports Paramount is considering replacing our "real American hero" with "Action Man," member of an "international operations team."

Paramount will simply turn Joe's name into an acronym.

The show biz newspaper Variety reports: "G.I. Joe is now a Brussels-based outfit that stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, an international co-ed force of operatives who use hi-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil organization headed by a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer."

Well, thank goodness the villain -- no need to offend anyone by making our villains Arabs, Muslims, or foreign dictators of any stripe these days, though apparently Presbyterians who talk like Scottie on "Star Trek" are still OK -- is a double-crossing arms dealer. Otherwise one might be tempted to conclude the geniuses at Paramount believe arms dealing itself is evil.

(Just for the record, what did the quintessential American hero, Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine in "Casablanca," do before he opened his eponymous cafe? Yep: gun-runner.)

According to reports in Variety and the aforementioned IGN, the producers explain international marketing would simply prove too difficult for a summer, 2009 film about a heroic U.S. soldier. Thus the need to "eliminate Joe's connection to the U.S. military."

Well, who cares. G.I. Joe is just a toy, right? He was never real. Right?

On Nov. 15, 2003, an 85-year-old retired Marine Corps colonel died of congestive heart failure at his home in La Quinta, Calif., southeast of Palm Springs. He was a combat veteran of World War II. His name was Mitchell Paige.

It's hard today to envision -- or, for the dwindling few, to remember -- what the world looked like on Oct. 25, 1942 -- 65 years ago.

The U.S. Navy was not the most powerful fighting force in the Pacific. Not by a long shot. So the Navy basically dumped a few thousand lonely American Marines on the beach at Guadalcanal and high-tailed it out of there.

(You old swabbies can hold the letters. I've written elsewhere about the way Bull Halsey rolled the dice on the night of Nov. 13, 1942, violating the stern War College edict against committing capital ships in restricted waters and instead dispatching into the Slot his last two remaining fast battleships, the South Dakota and the Washington, escorted by the only four destroyers with enough fuel in their bunkers to get them there and back. By 11 p.m., with the fire control systems on the South Dakota malfunctioning, with the crews of those American destroyers cheering her on as they treaded water in an inky sea full of flaming wreckage, "At that moment Washington was the entire U.S. Pacific Fleet," writes naval historian David Lippman. "If this one ship did not stop 14 Japanese ships right then and there, America might lose the war. ..." At midnight precisely, facing those impossible odds, the battleship Washington opened up with her 16-inch guns. If you're reading this in English, you should be able to figure out how she did.)

But the Washington's one-sided battle with the Kirishima was still weeks in the future. On Oct. 25, Mitchell Paige was back on the God-forsaken malarial jungle island of Guadalcanal.

On Guadalcanal, the Marines struggled to complete an airfield that could threaten the Japanese route to Australia. Admiral Yamamoto knew how dangerous that was. Before long, relentless Japanese counterattacks had driven the supporting U.S. Navy from inshore waters. The Marines were on their own.

As Platoon Sgt. Mitchell Paige and his 33 riflemen set about carefully emplacing their four water-cooled .30-caliber Brownings on that hillside, 65 years ago this week -- manning their section of the thin khaki line that was expected to defend Henderson Field against the assault of the night of Oct. 25, 1942 -- it's unlikely anyone thought they were about to provide the definitive answer to that most desperate of questions: How many able-bodied U.S. Marines does it take to hold a hill against 2,000 armed and motivated attackers?

But by the time the night was over, "The 29th (Japanese) Infantry Regiment has lost 553 killed or missing and 479 wounded among its 2,554 men," historian Lippman reports. "The 16th (Japanese) Regiment's losses are uncounted, but the 164th's burial parties handled 975 Japanese bodies. ... The American estimate of 2,200 Japanese dead is probably too low."

You've already figured out where the Japanese focused their attack, haven't you? Among the 90 American dead and seriously wounded that night were all the men in Mitchell Paige's platoon. Every one. As the night of endless attacks wore on, Paige moved up and down his line, pulling his dead and wounded comrades back into their foxholes and firing a few bursts from each of the four Brownings in turn, convincing the Japanese forces down the hill that the positions were still manned.

The citation for Paige's Medal of Honor picks up the tale: "When the enemy broke through the line directly in front of his position, P/Sgt. Paige, commanding a machine gun section with fearless determination, continued to direct the fire of his gunners until all his men were either killed or wounded. Alone, against the deadly hail of Japanese shells, he fought with his gun and when it was destroyed, took over another, moving from gun to gun, never ceasing his withering fire."

In the end, Sgt. Paige picked up the last of the 40-pound, belt-fed Brownings and did something for which the weapon was never designed. Sgt. Paige walked down the hill toward the place where he could hear the last Japanese survivors rallying to move around his flank, the belt-fed gun cradled under his arm, firing as he went.

Coming up at dawn, battalion executive officer Major Odell M. Conoley was the first to discover how many able-bodied United States Marines it takes to hold a hill against two regiments of motivated, combat-hardened infantrymen who have never known defeat.

On a hill where the bodies were piled like cordwood, Mitchell Paige alone sat upright behind his 30-caliber Browning, waiting to see what the dawn would bring.

The hill had held, because on the hill remained the minimum number of able-bodied United States Marines necessary to hold the position.

And that's where the unstoppable wave of Japanese conquest finally crested, broke, and began to recede. On an unnamed jungle ridge on an insignificant island no one ever heard of, called Guadalcanal.

When the Hasbro Toy Co. called some years back, asking permission to put the retired colonel's face on some kid's doll, Mitchell Paige thought they must be joking.

But they weren't. That's his mug, on the little Marine they call "G.I. Joe." At least, it has been up till now.

Mitchell Paige's only condition? That G.I. Joe must always remain a United States Marine.

But don't worry. Far more important for our new movies not to offend anyone in Cairo or Karachi or Paris or Palembang.

After all, it's only a toy. It doesn't mean anything.



Politicians can blame themselves

With an historic low, sub par, not good enough approval rateing by the American people on the ability and competance of the 110th congress, politicians can only blame themselves. With Democrats holding hearings and investigations on the current administration on a minute by minute basis, Republicans lack the leadership to put an end to the red herring, waste money and time agenda.

With self seving, self deluded elected officails in both parties (Pelosi, Kennedy Spector, Bidden, Ron Paul, ect) it is no wonder that the American people are unhappy with this batch of wasted humanity.

Disgraced former Marine Murtha, (bribe taker, liar, and partisian) supports witch hunts on active duty personel. Congressional liberals try to push through tax hikes and spending sprees.

Attaching these welfare and social programs to much needed national security legislation. This in an effort to make the Bush administration look bad. By having needed legislation vetoed because of riders and B.S. pork.

Republicans lack any cajones to stop or publicly critise this joke of a congress that THEY ARE A PART OF!

It is a very important election coming up next fall. The citizens of this country must stand up and be counted. No longer should we, or can we afford to have these putzs in office. It is time we take back this country. A ralling cry the left tries to use. One of the few things they are correct about. This country belongs to American Citizens, not foriegn interests (illegals, open boarder crowd, globalists)or to big buisnesses.

This country is a Republic, not a democracy (read your Constitution people). This means that we elect officials to represent us in the government. They do our bidding. They serve at our liesure not thiers.

In order for the government to work for the Citizenry two things must happen. First the republicans need to get some one who can lead with cajones. Secondly the deomcrats must shrug off the left extremists and represent the average citizen.

Truman and Eisenhower have got to be rolling over in thier graves at the baffoons in office today.


Buyer beware

I am sorry for having to laugh out load and giggle constintly, but. Buyer beware is an old adage that definately applies. Especially when you spend the type of money that the over priced houseing market is asking for cheap, shoddy work. In a market where the developer/contractor has tied the hands of the buyer from any recourse to the lack of any workmanship/quality to the product. The buyer definately needs to use a little common sense in the purchase. This means getting a respectable inspector, doing a self inspection, and questioning the contractor on any thing, I mean anything that appears funny.

[from 9 news denver]

Builder going bankrupt, homeowners on their own

WESTMINSTER – Neumann Homes, the builder of the Village at Harmony Park and three other local developments, is going under. People living in those communities are now wondering what will happen to half-built eyesores in their neighborhoods.

Neumann, based in Chicago, is also the builder behind Mountain Shadows in Firestone, NeuTowne in Parker and Serenity Ridge in Aurora.

The company has declared its intention to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

That is a big problem for Lori Hartman who lives at Harmony Park in Westminster.

She recalls the day her problems began.

"We heard water dripping," Hartman said. "It was raw sewage in the light fixtures."

The backup from her plumbing was leaking from the ceiling and soaking into the carpets. Plumbers told her that construction debris was blocking the pipes.

Hartman says Neumann Homes agreed to pay for repairs and then the company stopped answering its phones.

"When you call their corporate office, it tells you to just stay on the line and wait for the next available person. Nobody ever answers," she said.

Even the vice president of the Harmony Park Homeowners Association, Glenn Potter, says he can't get his phone calls returned.

"They all want to build a house and get your money and after that, it's kind of your problem," said Potter.

There are several homes at Harmony Park that are only partially complete.

Jena Sautter pointed at one of the homes across from her own.

"That house doesn't have a roof on it," she said. "Can it last through the winter without falling down completely?"

Sautter says her biggest concern is for her neighbors who just moved into their homes. Neumann Homes offers a comprehensive one-year warranty that Sautter worries is now moot.

"There's no way they're ever going to get any help doing any warranty work," she said. "And there was always a lot of stuff in the houses that needed to be fixed."

[ Sewage leaking in the roof over the living room? Homes unfinished, no warrenty work? LMAO. This is too much. For those who have worked in and around the houseing market have seen this coming and going for over ten years now. State legislation, pushed by developers to keep them off the hook for shoddy work is the law. Watching these homes go up in what seems overnite. One could not help but ask the question .... where is the quality in this? The answer, simple. There was no quality. With developers hireing socalled reputable contractors. Contractors that have been for years laying off or fireing competant skilled laborers in favor of ILLEGALS, (yes thats right illegals) many construction workers had to find new careers as they were being forced out of an industry. Why? Again simple answer ... profiet for the general contractor and developer.

By hireing illegals and letting go American workers, the profiet margin shot up through the roof. Fileing 1099 forms on the illegals and calling them subcontractors, taxes are not paid by the company and shuffled over to those who are ignorant of the law or more then willing to continue to break the law and not file. Not having to carry any insurance plans other then workmans comp, and in many cases not even carring that for the illegals, money just goes straight into the bank and in the pockets of the developers. The developers who are also fighting against enforceing the law on immigration

Now I am not saying that all of these illegals are poor craftsman as I have worked with many over the years and found some of thier work to be excellant, while on the other hand a larger percentage are just going through the motions, collecting wages and not careing if what they do stays standing of falls.

Developers and general contractors who are reputable seem to be easy to find or are they really? Many have large well known names. Have built large and well to do houseing areas. Yet on second inspection left behind lots of problems.

In a rush to purchase a home buyers need only blame themselves for this folly. Taking the word of a slick real estate agent on the quality of the home being looked at. While depending on the inspection of county code inspectors. Many of which are not qualified to inspect your shoe laces to see if they are tied or not.

My advice is simple. If you are planning to buy a home, you have rights and the morgage lender has rights to protect their investment. USE THEM DUMMY! Have an independant inspector look the property over before signing the contract. Also put on a pair of old jeans and a comfy shirt. Then accompany the inspector on his look see.

Start with geting a little dirty and going under the house, look at the foundation. Is it settleing? Is it cracked or falling apart from cheap concrete. Look at the floor. Are the joices straight and set properly. See if the electrical is in conduit or not. Are the electrical outlets attached to the wall studs and not just sitting in the dry wall like so many apartments. Check out the small details. It is as simple as flushing the toilet with a little food coloring in it to see if there are leaks. Drop an amonia/smalling salt down the stool and take a wiff around the house. Do you smell it in the wall somewhere?

Take a shovel with you and dig around the outside of the foundation. Yes a little physical effort but dig down a couple feet. Check to see that there is either a french drain in place and that water proofing has been placed on the foundation.

Get a ladder and look at the soffet and facia on the roof. Is it screwed or nailed in. Is it pulling loose, or not even attached every two feet.

It only cost a couple of dollars to get a small level. See if the window sills are level, is the floor level. Spill a glass of water on the kitchen floor. Does it run somewhere or puddle where spilt (please clean it up though ok).

Do the doors to the house open and close to all the rooms, do they stick at any point. Do they swing closed by themselves. This may indicate that they are not installed properly or that the door frame is not plume.

Simple things like this may seem time consuming and a waste of time. Yet after you sign the contract like those who have bought without checking first. Can become very expensive problems in the near future for a home owner.

Its like buying a car. You drive it first and look under the hood right? So look the home over first, closely and do a simple internet check on the contractor. ASK FOR A LIST OF PRIOR BUILT HOMES AND SATISFIED OWNERS. Any self respecting contractor will be more then happy to provide this. That is if he stands behind his work.]


Thursday, October 25, 2007 

Stupidity, or BDS?

In the previous post I mentioned the enviormental groups tryting to blame President Bush for the wildfires in California. Well here is one of those groups and what angle they are taking.

Before I get into thier out in left field ideas. More information is coming to light about the nature of what started these fires. As I posted, it is more conceivable in a conspirocy theory that ILLEGALS accidently started several of the fires then a government agent or agents starting them as posed by Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy. It does appear that with the shooting of one arsonist and the capture of another that many of the fires are man made but not of a conspirocy nature. Facts in on one fire being started by a downed power line. Any ways lets move on to the nutbags.

Don't Let Bush Burn California

(excerpts from Friends Of Earth diatribe)

President George Bush is playing the hero again as he tours fire-ravaged California this week. Yet his expressions of concern are not likely to be taken well, since he has stood in the way of that state's effort to fight global warming emissions for the last two years!


No one fire can be blamed on global warming, but there is no doubt that changes in our climate are causing more fires that are more severe. The tragic events unfolding in California are yet another stark reminder that action is needed to combat global warming now, and the EPA should not stand in the way of California's lead.


The rest of the artical goes on to talk about the Pavley Act of 2002. A good act that is not being implemented whole heartedly or followed by even these tree huggers. This act is for and about emission control. Now emission control and the wild fires connection is a bit of a stretch. Thgen to blame it on President Bush is nothing more then headline grabbing. This is the BDS (bush derangment syndrome), having nothing better to do then blame the President because of thier hatred for the man and what he stands for.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 

California fires, the left , and black ops

It is an unfortunate thing that once again California is on fire. That the enviormental groups have 59 plus lawsuits tieing up the courts preventing any sort of fire prevention in the state of California.

One thing that the news has not mentioned and more then likely will not is this. There are home fire systems that at first seem a little expensive but compared to rebuilding a whoile house and looseing ones personal items are not. These systems spray the house down with a fire retardent. You can also get systems that have sprinkler heads that water your house. Why this is not being mandatory for these nieghborhoods is mind boggeling. I guess however that the insurance companies do not mind forking out millions of dollars every couple years to rebuild a couple dozen homes.

The left nutbase is in full attack mode. From assinine statments made by harry Reid. Blamming the fires on global warming.
“One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Tuesday.

To radio left talk saying this is all arson. Then implying it is a right wing act to seek vengence on those who oppose them.

Randi Rhodes, a left mainstay in the arena of nutroots from the left says this.
"I started just doing Google searches to try and figure out. You know, arson, arson, it was like crazy trying to figure out why is that being downplayed? Why is that, you know, just a small part of the story? And you know, every time I look for it what comes up, believe it or not, is that Blackwater wants to move to San Diego and build this giant complex in San Diego right where most of the evacuations are taking place and you know.

You just know wherever there is fire, this administration will be out there doing what it does best and that is fanning the flames, you know. It just spooks me, I can’t explain to you how creepy this whole thing is that you know, you’ve got these fires. Some of them are thought to be the work of arsonists and in the same breath you’ve got a community that’s on fire that just recently protested Blackwater West.

Just recently said no to Blackwater and apparently you don’t do that. I mean, I don’t even know what to think. You know, nobody is saying Blackwater set the fires, that is nobody that doesn’t want their house burned down. Nobody is saying that, but it is all so bizarre that this is America and you have to sort of sit there and wonder … arson, same place Blackwater West wants to be, people protesting. And then you find out that some of the guys that used to work for Blackwater are now in Schwarzenegger’s administration. It’s all so creepy."

Am I misreading this? Does she actually imply that a private company, one she opposes. Is actually behind these fire. That because a certain town did not want them to set up shop there is burned down as retribution. That possible connections to the Schwazenegger administration is backing the fires? Is she out of her mind? I guess she has to come up with something to take the heat off her poor publicity stunt, blamming right wingers of mugging her. When it looks more like she was over intoxicated yet again and fell down.

Not wanting to be left out of the conspirocy theatre. Mike Malloy, another left wing blowhard goes even further. He actually insinuates that the Bush family is behind the fires in some way.

Mike Malloy stated the following Oct.23rd on air:
It's being manipulated, we're all being manipulated, we are being shifted, refocused, not to minimize what's going on in California at all. But you know, the thought hit me today, God help me for this, or somebody help me, but the thought hit me today, um, all those fires, I had a thought, what the hell is causing the fires? They're all over the place, they're 40, 50, 60, 100, 150 fires, boom boom boom boom, what's causing that?!

They're not having electrical storms out there, they're not having any storms at all. What's causing it? But then the answer popped into my head, as easily as the answer about torture. The fires are being set, the fires are being set by elements of the Bush crime family. It's a great distraction, it's a wonderful distraction. And then I thought to myself, Jesus God! Did you really have that thought?! And the answer came back - yeah, loud and 'effing clear."

This is just plain insanity coming from these morons. For them to actually ever be considered as having any creditablity they must retract these absurdities or else show some sort of proof to thier liable and slander.

If they were to come out with any reasonable theories would be one thing. Yet here it is all Bush bashing and hatred for conservatives. If they had proposed a theory of ILLEGAL aliens accidentally starting some of these fires. Or as I have read on some other blogs, the Mexican drug Cartels in an attempt to move officials from the boarder. These are more plausable then what Rhodes, Malloy insinuate. A camp fire gets out of control from illegals and they flee for fear of being arrested. Drug cartels come up with a diversionary tactic to try and move drugs that would more then likely be caught this time coming across the boarder.

I would even support the idea that a lone, hate filled , moronic, idiot is out there trying to set these fires in order to please some sick internal phycosis that he may have.

Next we have Pelosi, Boxer and even the Lt Govenor from California blamming the deployment of California national guard to Iraq as the reason for the fires. ow this above all else is the most ridiculas thing I have heard. With around only 2000 guard deployed to Iraq, there are more then 17,000 left in state. Camp Pendleton has mobilized several thousand Marines, on standby to go and help with the fires.

Demoicratic strategists are backing away from the "no military or guard left to help" ideas , but still are hinting that the guard needs to be brought back home from Iraq. That the deployment of their equipment may be a factor in the fires being so out of hand.

This is just stupid. Fire officials have said and done this. When the fire starts to blaze and move at a rapid pace they pull men out of harms way and let it burn. It is not a lck of manpower or that of equipment. What they have is a firestorm with winds gusting at 100 miles an hour. Man just has not the technology at this time to stand in front of this and stop it. Man has to wait to for the right moment and then jump on it.

Of course alot of the damage could have been prevented if tree and brush thinning was allowed. If a better code on the use of fire resistant material was in place. Then lastly if enviormentalist would pull their heads out of that dark place they keep them, and use some common sense in land managment.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 

Bill Maher a fraud

It has been several days now, and the video clip of Bill Mahers supposedly get tough stance on a protestor in his show audiance has been out there. I have watched this over and over and over again and again. The more I watch it the more I am convinced he is one of the biggest chickens out there. Alot of tough talk but when iot came down to it he made sure that there were several security gaurds between him and the loud mouth from the audiance. There is no way he was going to actually get involved with the physical ejection of this nut bag.

As you watch the video note his movements. He looks around first to see if security is moving towards the objector. Then he moves foward. As he gets closer he stops then moves again ....only after there is security between him and the ejectee. He then pushes on the back of the black security man who is behind another security guard who is actually touching the ejectee.

Then quickly runs back up to the stage when there appears to be a confrontation of sorts just out of camera site. You will notice a buch of paper flung into the air. This hapopens as Bill is several yards away.

The press handles this as they did Al Franklins attack on a heckler. They are both herolded as tuff and reay to rumble. I say NO WAY. A coward and more then likely staged performance.

Al Franklins case, a case of assault by Franklin that should have been prosecuted.

Thursday, October 18, 2007 

Where is the coverage?

I have been searching for three days here looking for any national coverage of the following story. I have found NONE. This is amazing as this is a national security issue. It demonstrates how the mexican government is not only our enemy but sideing with those who want to harm American Citizens.

---------------- THEY ARE INVADEING THE UNITED STATES -----------------------------

Police face Mexican military, smugglers
Armed standoff along U.S. border
By Sara A. Carter and Kenneth Todd Ruiz, Staff Writers

Mexican soldiers and civilian smugglers had an armed standoff with nearly 30 U.S. law enforcement officials on the Rio Grande in Texas Monday afternoon, according to Texas police and the FBI.

Mexican military Humvees were towing what appeared to be thousands of pounds of marijuana across the border into the United States, said Chief Deputy Mike Doyal, of the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department.

Mexican Army troops had several mounted machine guns on the ground more than 200 yards inside the U.S. border -- near Neely's Crossing, about 50 miles east of El Paso -- when Border Patrol agents called for backup. Hudspeth County deputies and Texas Highway patrol officers arrived shortly afterward, Doyal said.

"It's been so bred into everyone not to start an international incident with Mexico that it's been going on for years," Doyal said. "When you're up against mounted machine guns, what can you do? Who wants to pull the trigger first? Certainly not us."

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed the incident happened at 2:15 p.m. Pacific Time.

"Bad guys in three vehicles ended up on the border," said Andrea Simmons, a spokeswoman with the FBI's El Paso office. "People with Humvees, who appeared to be with the Mexican Army, were involved with the three vehicles in getting them back across."

Simmons said the FBI was not involved and referred inquiries to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE did not return calls seeking comment.

Doyal said deputies captured one vehicle in the incident, a Cadillac Escalade reportedly stolen from El Paso, and found 1,477 pounds of marijuana inside. The Mexican soldiers set fire to one of the Humvees stuck in the river, he said.

Doyal's deputies faced a similar incident on Nov. 17, when agents from the Fort Hancock border patrol station in Texas called the sheriff's department for backup after confronting more than six fully armed men dressed in Mexican military uniforms. The men -- who were carrying machine guns and driving military vehicles -- were trying to bring more than three tons of marijuana across the Rio Grande, Doyal said.

Doyal said such incidents are common at Neely's Crossing, which is near Fort Hancock, Texas, and across from the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

"It happens quite often here," he said.

Deputies and border patrol agents are not equipped for combat, he added.

"Our government has to do something," he said. "It's not the immigrants coming over for jobs we're worried about. It's the smugglers, Mexican military and the national threat to our borders that we're worried about."

Citing a Jan. 15 story in the Daily Bulletin, Reps. David Dreier, R-Glendora, and Duncan Hunter, R-San Diego, last week asked the House Judiciary Committee, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the House Homeland Security Committee and the House International Relations Committee to investigate the incursions. The story focused on a Department of Homeland Security document reporting 216 incursions by Mexican soldiers during the past 10 years and a map with the seal of the president's Office of National Drug Control Policy, both of which were given to the newspaper.

Requests by Dreier, chairman of the House Rules Committee, and Hunter were made in jointly signed letters.

On Wednesday, Chertoff played down the reports of border incursions by the Mexican military. He suggested many of the incursions could have been mistakes, blaming bad navigation by military personnel or attributing the incursions to criminals dressed in military garb.

Mexican officials last week denied any incursions made by their military.

But border agents interviewed over the past year have discussed confrontations those they believe to be Mexican military personnel.

"We're sitting ducks," said a border agent speaking on condition of anonymity. "The government has our hands tied."


Why is this not front headlines or the top story on the evening news? Where is our government?

What does the Mexican government have on our government that prevents them from closeing and secureing the boarder? Why do our officers along the boarder not get the support they need and deserve in thier fight for us.

A clear violation of international law and the treaty of Hildago Guadaloupe. The Mexican government is aiding and supporting drug cartels, as well as actively working on invadeing the United States. All the while our government is saying it is ok we won't stop you.



Maine and Parental Rights

In an unbelievable decision and vote of 10 to 2. The school board in the state of Maine says it does ot ned parental permission to give contraceptives to 11 year olds in school.

In other words to make it simple, if a CHILD age 11 decides they want to have sex. All they have to do is go to the school health office and get birth control.

This just totally undermines any parental rights that may exist. It is absolutely taking away parental responsibility and rights, giving the state the authority to say ok to child sex.

Just what in the hell does a child age 11 need with contraceptives any ways. this is ASSININE.

If you had any doubts about the fact progressive thinkers are socialist this should make you rethink. Your rights to decide what is best for your child no longer counts in the government run schools of Maine. This is not just a problem for Maine but sets precedent for nation wide subversion of family values.

We saw in California where they said with a doctors note kids could smoke weed in school. No the advocate sexual activities for children.

Claims by those who side with this lopsided wrong decision, claim that by provideing contraceptives will not increase sexual behavior in the children. While any one who has or knows children that ifyou leave a candy jar open and available kids put thier hands in it sooner or later.

This should be a huge wakeup call to any one looking to bring thier children up with any morals and values. A push for not only reform in school boards, with thier policies, but freedom of choice as to where you can send your child to school neds to be addressed. Allowing more freedom of choice with the options of charter schools and home schooling must be put up on the voting docket as priorities in the up coming fall elections.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 

The Left Lies Badly

This is just too much. Once again the left proves it will stoop to any level to try and gain sympathy as well as ratings for thier looseing Air America radio network.

Air America host Randi Rhodes wasn't mugged




Tuesday, October 16th 2007, 12:28 PM

Air America radio host Randi Rhodes is temporarily off the air, but claims she was brutally attacked near her Manhattan apartment are bogus, her lawyer and a police source said today.

Fellow host Jon Elliott claimed on the liberal radio network that Rhodes had been mugged while walking her dog, Simon, on Sunday night. Elliot, who said Rhodes lost several teeth in the attack, waxed about a possible conspiracy.

"Is this an attempt by the right-wing, hate machine to silence one of our own?" he asked on the air, according to Talking Radio, a blog. "Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we’re winning? Are they trying to silence intimidate us?"

A police source said Rhodes never filed a report and never claimed to be the victim of a mugging. Cops from Manhattan's 17th Precinct called her attorney, who told them Rhodes was not a victim of a crime, the source said.

Rhodes' lawyer told the Daily News she was injured in a fall while walking her dog. He said she's not sure what happened, and only knows that she fell down and is in a lot of pain. The lawyer said Rhodes expects to be back on the air Thursday. He stressed there is no indication she was targeted or that she was the victim of a "hate crime."


So there was no mugging and no crime yet Jon Elliott still went on the air and claimed so. This is not just slander to anyone with an opposeing view but irresponsible at best by this talk show hack. Talk about propaganda and scandel. I hope that Rhodes at least has enough common sense to come forth when she returns and denounces this poor publicity stunt. I doubt she will however as her track record is less then creditable.


Something Wrong in Maine

Portland Maine, a school district takes up discussion of giving condums to 11 year olds.

You have to be kidding right? Nope it actually is being considered as and argued as a needed preventive measurment.

The proposal for the King Student Health Center's would increase access of condoms as part of its reproductive health program , said Lisa Belanger, a nurse practitioner who oversees the city's student health centers.

Proponents say a small number of King students are sexually active, but those who are need better access to birth control. Active at 11 years old? Makes one wonder about adult supervision in this area.

Of 134 students who visited King's health center during the 2006-07 school year, five students, or 4 percent, reported having sexual intercourse, said Amanda Rowe, lead nurse in Portland's school health centers.

"This is a service that is totally needed," Rowe said. "It's about very few kids, but they are kids who don't have the same opportunities and access as other students."

The percentage of middle school students in Maine who reported having sexual intercourse dropped from 23 percent in 1997 to 13 percent in 2005, according to the Maine Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

"Thirteen percent is still more than one in 10 students,"

Is this another area where nannism is taking a big hold? One in ten students at the age of 11 are having sex? These figures do not indicate childrens behavior, rather indicate a surrender of parental responsibility in the raising of thier children.

Robert O'Brien, who chairs the committee's policy subcommittee, said his panel has yet to discuss the proposal.

"I'm personally fine with it, but I know some parents might not be," said Jennifer Southard, wife of City Councilor Edward Suslovic, who has two daughters at King. "I think information and access are good things. I would hope my children would come to me, but some students might not have that option."

I would hope all children at this age seek some sort of parental advice. Meaning the old bird and bees speach that a parent reponsibly needs to have with thier offspring.
Provideing birth control to children by a state organization is not parental resposibility. Just another step closer to removeing parental rights and instituting a social child care rearing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007 

Utpoian Fanatasy/ A Philosopher?

Surfing the internet I came across some interesting reading. I am sure many others already know of this person and his rambelings. His far left views of equality and lack of understanding of human nature. I am talking about Peter Singer.

He is one of several who write for an utpoian think tank/left wing equality web site.

Reading through someof his writings this morning I am wondering at his credentials and who would take this man serious. I mean he really has no common sense to how things work.

On Oudry, Animal Liberation, and Jailing Animal Activists as Terrorists. One of his writings he compares the activists who were subversives during the 60's antiviet nam campaign to the animal rights activists of today. Two totally different movements.

He equates that animals need and have certain rights like humans. This is his first flaw. One he obviously does not understand that man is on top of the food chain. That yes man has a responsibility to sheppard animals and see that they are not abused nor forced into extinction. However to say that a pet ret is equal under the law to someones child is absurd.

The comparisson to the anti war movement of the 60's to todays animal rights movement is apples to oranges. One the war in Viet Nam was politically based. A lack of understanding the principles of war and the affect on man versus an unrealistic way to wage war. Where as the midnite raids and attacks upon private property and man in order to free an animal makes no sense. The argument that the animals are being mistreated is valed. But to condone the act of terrorism is not. Yes terrorism. As animal rights activists in the past have acted not only like criminals but used terrorist tactics to further thier adgenda.

In his " America the Hypocritical", he touches the subject of human rights and torture. The stories and description of torture according to Peter maens that the average American who is at a stop light is being tortured by the vehical next to them. Bursting out rap music at an octive above ear drum destruction.

Let me clue Mr. Peter Singer in on real torture.

(This may be a bit graphic)

Sitting in a chair , tied up. Arms tied down to the arm rests, legs to the front chair legs. A blindfold on. The victem get sseveral hard fists to the face. One breaking his nose and causing blood to not only run down his face but the back of his throat. This choking him a little and bringing on panic. Not being able to see, the sense of touch becomes the target of torture. A hot iron is placed to the victems skin. As next wire cutters are used to remove one of the victems fingure. The hot iron placed on the spurting bloody joint. Instantly sending waves of pain through the victem and carteriseing the wound.

The victems hearing comes into play as it sounds like a small engine at high rpm is fired up. Yes it is. A drill with a long bit is being placed on the immobile knee cap. Something the IRA made good use if. The bit drills easily into the knee cap, perminately ruinning the joint and crippeling for life the victem.

Forceing open the undamaged hand, plyers are used to remove several finger nails. Completely and slowly.

Now after hours of this comes salt to the wounds. Instant pain as the salt enters the open bloody wounds.

A skinning knife is now used to remove chunks from the back and chest of our poor victem.

Is this torture? Yes now this is torture. Compareing this to forceing someone to listen to rap music, or wear undies on thier head seems trivial does it not? Is it over for the victem, no not yet.

Before the poor victem can find release they must convert to islam and denounce America as tortures. Hmmmm, pretty Ironic isnt it. Compareing the two styles of torture.

As the confession is video taped the victem begging for his life, his head is cut off slowly and deliberatly.

A big differance in what we do and what the Islamofacist do.

However Peter thinks we are the ones in the wrong. So tell me Peter which is torture and which is a political adgenda by those who hate America?

Another writing is "a fair deal on climate change". In this artical he concludes that only America needs to sign on and follow the Kyoto accord. No mention of China, or Indias vast growing pollution problems and enviormental indiscretions. Only that America is at fault. He also neglects to mantion that Al Gore is a scare mongerer in his global warming passion. The truth be known and is coming to light about the myth of man made global warming as the only cause for this phenomon. It is all about the lefts adgenda and thier wanting to live in an utpian fantasy land.

I guess this is why Peter Singer is a leading philosopher and not a person of substance.


Association speaks volumns about a cause.

Be it right or wrong, who you associate with speaks loudly about a cause.

Vernon Bellecourt, a longtime leader of the American Indian Movement who fought against the use of American Indian nicknames for sports teams, has died at the age of 75.

You may recall Vernons actions in the 70's. Vernon Bellecourt took part in the 1973 occupation of the town of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. He was present only briefly during the 71-day standoff with federal agents, serving mostly as a spokesman and fundraiser.

He was active in the campaign to free AIM activist Leonard Peltier, who was convicted of killing two FBI agents during a shootout in 1975 on the Pine Ridge reservation.

He was also involved as a negotiator in AIM's 1972 occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters in Washington as part of the Trail of Broken Treaties caravan.

As President of the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media, Bellecourt had been active in the fight against American Indian nicknames for sports teams. Arrested in Cleveland during the 1997 World Series and again in 1998 during protests against the Cleveland Indians' mascot, Chief Wahoo. Charges were dropped the first time and he was never charged in the second case.

Here is where Vernon starts to loose any creditability in his causes. After Wounded Knee, Vernon Bellecourt became a leader of AIM's work abroad, meeting with presidents such as Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, his brother Clyde Bellecourt said. He said they plan to list them as honorary pallbearersat the funeral.

Vernon had been in Venezuela about a month ago to meet with President Hugo Chavez to discuss Chavez's program for providing heating assistance to American Indian tribes. He fell ill around the time of his return. Just before he was put on the respirator, Vernon Bellecourt joked that the CIA had finally gotten him.

Vernon Bellecourt had good intentions, though many misguided in effort. Being militant and seeking advice and help from known dictators and genocidal maniacs. Vernon lost creditability in his movement.

You cannot associate with criminals and expect to be considerd an angel. It does not matter what you think. The appearance of association ruins all leverage and consideration. If it walks like a duck, sqawks like a duck, then it must be a duck.


Denver Nanny Schools

Debate, after debate on Denver schools will be happening between now and election time. The teachers want more pay, the school district needs money. Closeing of 8 local schools in an attempt to sway voters. Just a few of the topics for consideration by voters this fall.

Something Denver voters and all Colorado voters ned to consider is the ever enlargeing nanny statre that is developing. Asmany school districts are removing recess and playtime for children. Afraid they may fall down and scrape a knee, then asking and teaching children propaganda and calling it a convenant truth. Now the DPS has once again overstepped its authority.

School sends home obesity notices with students. What you ask, obesity notices? Yeppers obesity notices. Centennial K-8 School on Monday 8 October sent home with student a health notice. It listed her height, weight and body mass index – a measure of body fat. Underneath the listing it had a marking next to the status "overweight."

DPS issued this statement Thursday afternoon: "In an effort to help ensure our students' health, Denver Public Schools provides parents with their child's hearing, vision, and body mass index (BMI) results in a sealed envelope that is sent home with the students.(why is the school district playing medical advisor?). DPS feels compelled to inform parents about these very important health screening results and provide information about making healthier choices.(Whos idea of healthier? We know of a push to make cafeterias vegitarian with no choice in other parts of this country.So whos idea are they following?)The health of our students is very important to us and we wish to be part of the solution, given the nation's childhood obesity epidemic."

So if there is this epidemic of obesity why is there such a push to keep physical education out of the school. With emphisis being placed on increaseing arts and humanity studies? Does it not make sense to have phys ed and allow games of tag and dodge ball during recess? Activities that keep the youth moving and busy.

How much nannism will the voters take in the raiseing of thier children? As it stands, alot. If the health of the students is such a huge concearn from DPS, why are they not cracking down on drugs and gangs in the schools? Why are they so afraid of letting kids be kids at play?

Just another progressive thinking, social engineering stunt by social engineers calling themselves teachers.

Saturday, October 13, 2007 

Nobull Putz Political

There are many things going on that require comment. But I seem to be having a hard time finding the time to comment. Mainly because I am to disgusted with the world leftist adgenda.

The MSM and Internet is all a buzz over Al "I am all knowlegdable" Gore and the Nobel peace Prize.

This year we seem to move upwards a little in the award reciepant catagory. in the past we have had such sham reciepants as Koffi Annon, Yassir Arafat, and Jimmy Carter.

What did they do to recieve this award ..... NOTHING. Jimmy Carter, according to his reality beought peace to the middle east by negotiating a treaty between Palistien and Isreal. Hmmmm, in the real world all he did was host a farce of a meeting that tried to tie Isreals hands in defending themselves from Arafat as he attempted genocide against Jews in the middle east.

Yassir .... hmm he recieved the prize for talking to the Isreal. Never negotiating or offering any sort of settlement only more death and destruction. This all in the name of "Allah", oh I mean peace.

Koffi ... no here is a real joke of an award winner. Under his leadership at the United Nations we had more people murderd in ethnic cleansing then at any other time in history. Stalin would be proud. The civil war in Rowanda. The freeing of a racist and dictator in South Africa, (Nelson Mandela), the food for oil scandel. Koffi also had more scandels in his administration other then the food for oil. He let French Peace Keepers commit sex crimes against children in Africa. Massive violations of U.N. treaties by facist parties, (mostly Arab or Islamic oppressors). The Darfur problem started under his leadership.

Now we have the ultimate political presentation of what once was a prestigouse award. Al Gore, for peace? Just what exactly has he done for peace in his career. NOTHING at all. He made a movie that is full of inacurate propaganda. Actually , plain and simple ... FULL OF LIES. Even the left leaning courts of the United Kingdom have come out and said so. Read the decision the court came up with. A disclaimer that has to be read before showing innacurate (lies) truth.

I have to admit though. Al is a step up from the past receipants. Despite the blocking of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies investigating into his political career as Vice President. His deals with the Chinese in funding political campaigns seems mild compared to the others. The voter fraud committed by Democrates during the 2000 election, with the military vote being surpressed also pales, (but hey Jimmy Carter oversaw the election results, and deemed them only crooked on the republican side. Remember Jimmy also calims Hugo Chavez, Castro, and North Koreas leaders are fairly and justly elected. Some creditablitity there huh).

I guess next year George Soros will win. Seeing how he has made no contributions to world peace. Why not?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 

Vincente Fox propaganda tour

Just how stupid does Vincente Fox, (former President of Mexico)think the American is? This man has writen a book talking about his life and family.A good read. Yet instead of doing a book tour he is spreading propaganda around this country. Of course the open boarder, and liberal progressive thinkers are all brainwashed with this.

On several cable shows, CNN with Larry King, The Factor with Bill O'Rielly, and Cnn with Lou Dobbs. Vincente Fox has said in so many words the Mexicos economic problems are Americas fault. That the northern boarder needs to be open , while the Mexican Military is armed and shooting on Mexicos southern boarder.

This man has no shame. He talked about 70 plus years of a corrupt government in Mexico, but would not mention the fact he himself is under investigation. His own government , the Mexican government is looking into his miss use and possible illegal acuireing of monies used to purchase hisa million dollar ranch and increase his bank accounts.

Vincente Fox denies the fact that the American taxpayer is picking up the tab for free medical to ILLEGAL ALIENS. He says this is not so. Dispite factual figures, (2004, over 2.2 billion spent on illegal adults, and another 2.3 billion for medicair to chidren of ILEGALS), news articals, and actual bankrupt Hospitals in Texas and Southern California.

Then to top of his pro-illegal, open boarder campaign. He attacks the Minutemen Project. Claiming violance and terrorist acts by these people. To date not one criminal arrest has been attributed to the minutemen. Fox just doesn't like the idea of people watching his citizens invade this country.

What really pissed me of about this baffoon, was when he was on the factor and he blamed the increase of Mexican youth useing drugs on America. Because we are enforceing drug laws and illegal crossings of the boarder by his criminals. He blames the United States for the drug problem in Mexico.

Maybe, just maybe instead of letting the Mexican military provide security for the drug lords. He could put them to use in erradicating these pieces of slime. Also maybe institute the death penalty for drug lords in Mexico.

Those who side with Vincente Fox are only doing themselves a disservice. It will cost you litteraly down the road. With inceased crime, more taxes, lack of services for U.S. citizens in needed areas (medical an emergency services).

In all honesty we need to weigh the facts. With news estimates of over 35 million ILLEGAL ALIENS now in this country. The papers are full of murder, rape, and drunk drivers. Not to mention that identity theft is on the rise. Here in Colorado a morgage sceem has hurt the houseing market by giving a lower then market rate for an over market price of homes. Allen Greenspan touches on this but like the socialist he politicaly is, he left out the ILLEGAL factor.

This is what Vincente Fox is promoting. Law breakers from his country reaking havoc on American citizens. All the while denying immigration to his country from other Latin Countries.

Monday, October 08, 2007 

CBS, The Boss, and Kinky Freidman

I was just watching a wrap up of the CBS 60 minutes interview of Bruce,"The Boss",Springsteen. I should not be surprised that 60 minutes didn't bother to ask the boss to back up any of his statments about the war in Iraq, or his tales of lost civil rights. 60 Minutes has no creditablity other then being a televised version of the National Inquirer. No longer bothering to double check thier story facts. They push an adgenda of the left and spin the reporting to represent or I should say misrepresent the facts.

Bruce sat there and spewed his antiBush sentiment wrapped up in false claims of rights violations that ARE NOT HAPPENING. Trying to portray the current administration as war criminals, (something the left has been trying to do from the time we first bombed back the Islamofacists who attacked us). A man who recently spent over $800,000.00 on a horse, telling us we waste our money and our facists. A man who has millions of dollars but thinks we need higher taxes. (isnt it funny how all these left wingers who have millions support tax increases on the middle/working class).

The boss needs to listen to a good portion of his fans who in the words of Laura Ingram say "SHUT UP AND SING".

Where does Kinky Friedman come into this? Well he was on The Factor with Bill O'Rielly this evening. He did not come out and tell the full truth about Bruce. As it sounded to me he actually seemed to support the radical views of Bruce. I was throughly dissapointed in Kinky for this as up untill this time he seemed to have some common sense. However his eluded support for a left winger and conspirocy theorist has cost him my respect. It earns him a spot in the hall of shame.

Sunday, October 07, 2007 

Oppresive Hypocracy from Islam

This story comes right out of the laughable column. Saudi Arabia complaigns that its citizens are not given enough freedom in Europe to practice Islam. Yet at the same time they oppress and discourage any religion other then Islam in thier own country.

From Jihad Watch:

Saudi Arabia complains that Muslims can't practice their faith freely in Europe

Beyond parody.

"HRC to Address Muslim Rights Issues in Europe," by Raid Qusti for Arab News (thanks to Twostellas):

RIYADH, 4 October 2007 — Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) will urge its counterparts in the European Union to ask their governments not to link terrorism to Islam and also to issue regulations to protect Muslims from prejudice and discrimination because of their faith.
According to a source at HRC, the government-funded rights body will also address various human rights issues in Europe: when Muslims are unjustly interrogated, treated with disrespect, physically or mentally abused, or not allowed to practice their faith freely such as Muslim girls being prevented from wearing the hijab (head cover) in some schools.

The points are expected to be addressed during HRC’s official participation in the Second Arab-European Dialogue on Human Rights and Terrorism, which will take place in Copenhagen on Oct.21-23. “The dialogue is significant because it is being held in Denmark, where the controversy started over the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cartoons,” the source told Arab News.




Saudis launch official fatwa website!
"The move is apparently an attempt to ensure that fatwas issued by authorised scholars are given prominence." Yes, no more crackpottery, eh wot? The site will feature rulings from the late Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, whose fair and responsible rulings have gained him worldwide posthumous respect.

Witness this Toronto Muslim website (thanks to Kathy Shaidle) which reproduces the great Sheikh's ruling on this question: "Is it allowed for a father to force his daughter to marry a specific man that she does not want to mary [sic]?" Sheikh bin Baz responds:

...The father must seek her permission if she is nine years of age or above. Similarly, her other guardians may not marry her off except by her permission. This is obligatory upon all of them. If o­ne is married without permission, then the marriage is not valid. This is because o­ne of the conditions of the marriage is that both partners accept the marriage. If she is married without her permission, by threat or coercion, then the marriage is not valid. The o­nly exception is in the case of the father and his daughter who is less than nine years of age. There is no harm if he gets her married while she is less than nine years old, according to the correct opinion. This is based o­n the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) marrying Aisha without her consent when she was less than nine years old, as is stated in authentic Hadith. However, if she is nine years old or more, she cannot be married, even by her father, except with her consent....
Wait a minute. I thought only venomous Islamophobes believed that Aisha was six when Muhammad married her and nine when he consummated the marriage. Is the House of Saud aware that it is featuring an Islamophobe on its fatwa website?

"Official Saudi website for fatwas," from the BBC (thanks to all who sent this in):

Saudi Arabia has launched an official website to publish Islamic legal rulings, or fatwas.
The move is apparently an attempt to ensure that fatwas issued by authorised scholars are given prominence.

Visitors to the new website will be able to ask questions on various topics and get replies from the Council of Senior Ulema (Islamic scholars).

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy governed according to a conservative interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.

'Fatwa chaos'

A section of the Saudi site is devoted to the former head of the council, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz.

Sheikh bin Baz, who died in 1999, was known for issuing controversial religious rulings.

In 1991, he issued a fatwa prohibiting women from driving cars.


Invaders or Immigigants

Everyday there are more and more examples, or I should say arrests of invaders coming into this country and breaking not only the law but morality.

Associated Press
El Salvador fugitive arrested in California
A former lawmaker from El Salvador wanted in his country on money laundering charges was arrested Friday in Southern California, authorities said. -- Roberto Carlos Silva-Pereira, who has been sought since he was charged in March in the Central American country, was arrested at a home in Anaheim.

Brenda Walker --
Mexicans are eating American horses (after cruelly slaughtering them)
As I wrote in "They Kill Horses, Don't They? (Mexicans, That Is.)", 10 percent of Mexico's stock of horses are slaughtered for food. In America, all horse slaughterhouses have been closed, but business is booming in Mexico. -- The photo shows how horses being slaughtered in Juarez are stabbed in the back. (the French influance in Mexico, eating horses .... yummy).
Invader guilty of sex assault on girl, 6
A former worker at the Metropolitan Plant Exchange in Paramus was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting a 6- year- old girl who briefly wandered away from her mother. -- The verdict, which came after three hours of deliberation, will put Silas Quixal in prison for at least 20 years and clears the way for a civil case.

Washington Times
Fired illegal indicted in crimes
An illegal alien who lost his job because of Arizona's still-pending employer-sanctions law has been indicted by a grand jury in Phoenix on charges of armed robbery, theft and aggravated assault. -- Ruben Aragon Parra told Phoenix police he needed money because he and two others were fired from a landscaping job.

Danbury (Connecticut) News Times
Police arrest illegal alien on sexual assault charges
Police charged an Ecuadorean native with first-degree sexual assault and three counts of risk of injury to a minor following a complaint of a sexual assault dating back to May. -- Police said the victim is under 16 years old. The suspect, Efren Guallpa, is not a relative of the minor.

KVIA-TV -- El Paso
More than 5,000 lbs. of marijuana seized by Border Patrol
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers performing anti-terror inspections at border ports of entry in El Paso, West Texas, and New Mexico made a total of 40 drug seizures during the past seven days. -- They seized 5,405 pounds of marijuana in 39 busts and small quantities of cocaine and heroin in one additional bust.



Columbus Day Arrests

Once again Denver shows the country its moronic side. Before the Columbus Day parade even got a chance to start this year 83 people were arrested. Now this initially is not to bad. Those who oppose the oldest (100 years) Columbus Day celebration/parade, have this right. A right no matter how wrong they are to do. However in the manner of which they protested this time was rather sick.

The biggest shame again is in those who lead the way in the arrests. Russell Means, American Indian Movement activist, and Glenn Morris, an associate professor of political science at the University of Colorado. Both who get thier historical stature from the credited Ward Churchill (sarcasim intended). The Protesters blocked the Columbus Day Parade route in Denver Saturday and poured a bucket filled with fake blood and dismembered baby dolls onto the street. For what purpose really does not make sense.

I am guessing the baby dolls are to represent dead natives? The fake blood is just a graphic effect that makes city workers jobs a little more harder as they have to clean it up.

Every year these two bone heads Morris, and Means launch thier propaganda against historical fact and try to smear Italian Americans. Once again the logical conclusion is their arrest in an attempt to stiffle, and force their views onto the general public.

Saturday, October 06, 2007 

Denver Columbus Day Parade

Here we go again. Denver will once again be the scene for activist to act up and be scene as dissidents. Startig this morning at around 7 am, Aim (American Indian Movement) asks for protestors to assemble and converge on the State Capitol. Trying to block and disrupt a legal and permitted celebration of the man who is credited in discovering the Western hemisphere. (after the Vimkings and the Chinese)

Although Denver has celebrated Columbus Day since 1907, the 100th anniversary of Columbus Day this year. It will be marked by those who want to stiffle celebrations and disrupt family events.

Once again failing to prevent the parade organizers from getting permits to celebrate
this event. AIM, among others plan to pack the streets and block the parade.

The official parade begins at 10 a.m. at 15th Street and Court Place, and ends at 14th Avenue and Broadway.

Protesters involved with the AIM-Colorado will begin assembling at 7 a.m. for the All Nations/Four Directions March. They hope to converge at the state Capitol at 8 a.m., walking from the Mercury Cafe, Governor's Park, West Fifth Avenue and Bannock Street, and the Auraria campus.

Personally I would advoid going downtown to the event. Not insupport of the protestors but to advoid being hasseled by them and thier misguided political views. Good luck to those who go in finding parking and a safe place to enjoy the event.


Churchills back

Our favorite left wing revisionist is back at Boulder. Despite being fired for his lack of credentials, plagerism, and just simple inaccuraces in his thought process. he is back and lecturing at the university of Boulder.

In a lecture tuesday October 2nd the mush brains in Boulder, good ol Ward has informed students that he will began what he told students would become a series of classes held at the school despite being fired from his position in July.

Eliciting applause and handshakes from the majority of the 30 (my what a big crowd, phhht) or so CU students and area residents who came to hear Churchills lecture, which he titled “ReVisioning American History: (appropriate title considering his spin and lack of truth presented) Colonization, Genocide and Formation of the U.S. Settler State.”

Churchill, who did not allow the Camera to attend the class, said the group would come up with various topics to discuss. (no cameras? I wonder why. Not wanting anyone to be able to question his questionable facts perhaps).

“I’ve been invited by people who are concerned with content of the mind,” Churchill said.

Content of the mind? Now does this elicit questioning or not? What content is he trying to credit? Facts he has distorted and twisted in his mind to be able to support his "revisioned" history.

Supposedly big supporters of the 1st Amendment, two organisers useing thug tactics, refused several other C.U. students from listening or even entering the event to listen to Churchill. Claiming that those turned away were agitators and not needed in this forum.

So it is ok for Ward and his followers to go to other events and possibly dissrupt and distort these events and speakers. However it is not ok for anyone to question his or thier lectures? A more then valid reason that the fairness doctrine needs to be defeated.

If as Churchill claims that there needs to be a free and open discussion on University grounds. Then both sides must have accss to the gray matter of the mush brains attending. You cannot form a reliable and informed opinion on a topic if you are not allowed to hear the opposite side of the argument.

Friday, October 05, 2007 

Well said Captian. Semper Fi


Code Pink defaces Berkeley military recruitment office
By Michelle Malkin • October 5, 2007 10:03 AM Your daily dose of Bay Area troop hatred is brought to you this morning by Code Pink in Berkeley (via CBS 5; hat tip: Jim Hoft):

The least they could do is spellcheck their slander.


Like the Democrats, the Code Pinkos are doing all they can to squelch free speech. Via STACLU from the Berkeley Planet:

“If there are to be no wars, there can be no warriors,” said Dianne Budd, one of the organizers.

“We found out a few days ago and decided to make their lives miserable,” she said, pinning up “RECRUITERS LIE, CHILDREN DIE” posters on the office windows. “We want people to know that it’s here and we want to shut them down. If people had been in there we were ready to hand out information about GI rights. We just want to speak the truth.”
They can’t handle the truth.

The brave recruiter, Capt. Richard Lund, who has to put up with this unhinged abuse, wrote an open letter to Berkeley:

While the protest that you staged in front of my office on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, was an exercise of your constitutional rights, the messages that you left behind were insulting, untrue, and ultimately misdirected. Additionally, from the comments quoted in the Berkeley Daily Planet article, it is clear that you have no idea what it is that I do here. Given that I was unaware of your planned protest, I was unable to contest your claims in person, so I will therefore address them here.

First, a little bit about who I am: I am a Marine captain with over eight years of service as a commissioned officer. I flew transport helicopters for most of my time in the Marine Corps before requesting orders to come here. Currently, I am the officer selection officer for the northern Bay Area. My job is to recruit, interview, screen, and evaluate college students and college graduates that show an interest in becoming officers in the Marine Corps. Once they’ve committed to pursuing this program, I help them apply, and if selected, I help them prepare for the rigors of Officer Candidate School and for the challenges of life as a Marine officer. To be eligible for my programs, you have to be either a full-time college student or a college graduate. I don’t pull anyone out of school, and high school students are not eligible.

I moved my office to Berkeley in December of last year. Previously, it was located in an old federal building in Alameda. That building was due to be torn down and I had to find a new location. I choose our new site because of its proximity to UC Berkeley and to the BART station. Most of the candidates in my program either go to Cal or to one of the schools in San Francisco, the East Bay, or the North Bay. Logistically, the Shattuck Square location was the most convenient for them.

Next, you claim that I lie. I have never, and will never, lie to any individual that shows an interest in my programs. I am upfront with everything that is involved at every step of the way and I go out of my way to ensure that they know what to expect when they apply. I tell them that this is not an easy path. I tell them that leading Marines requires a great deal of self-sacrifice. I tell them that, should they succeed in their quest to become a Marine officer, they will almost certainly go to Iraq. In the future, if you plan to attack my integrity, please have the courtesy to explain to me specifically the instances in which you think that I lied.

Next, scrawled across the doorway to my office, you wrote, “Recruiters are Traitors.” Please explain this one. How exactly am I a traitor? Was I a traitor when I joined the Marine Corps all those years ago? Is every Marine, therefore, a traitor? Was I a traitor during my two stints in Iraq? Was I a traitor when I was delivering humanitarian aid to the victims of the tsunami in Sumatra? Or do you only consider me a traitor while I am on this job? The fact is, recruitment is and always has been a part of maintaining any military organization. In fact, recruitment is a necessity of any large organization. Large corporations have employees that recruit full-time. Even you, I’m sure, must expend some effort to recruit for Code Pink. So what, exactly, is it that makes me a traitor?

The fact is this: any independent nation must maintain a military (or be allied with those who do) to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Regardless of what your opinions are of the current administration or the current conflict in Iraq, the U.S. military will be needed again in the future. If your counter-recruitment efforts are ultimately successful, who will defend us if we are directly attacked again as we were at Pearl Harbor? Who would respond if a future terrorist attack targets the Golden Gate Bridge, the BART system, or the UC Berkeley clock tower? And, to address the most hypocritical stance that your organization takes on its website, where would the peace keeping force come from that you advocate sending to Darfur?

It would be nice if folks in the Bay Area could show up and counter-protest the Code Pinkos and show Capt. Lund some support. As they say: Eagles Up!


Liberals and ACLU beware

It is about time that those who defend the Constitution and its amendments faught back. S.C.O.T.U.S., is getting ready to take a look at the UnConstitutionality of the Washington D.C. antigun laws.

D.C. law effectively bars the ownership of handguns for most citizens and places restrictions on other firearms.

The District's law bars all handguns unless they were registered before 1976; it was passed that year to try to curb gun violence. However as we all know and statistics clearly show. Washington D.C. is one of if not the most crime ridden place in the United States. (do not include the bribbery and graft of elected officials , as they are not gun related)

A federal appeals court ruled March 9th that the District's longtime ban on keeping handguns in homes is unconstitutional.

The 2 to 1 decision by an appellate panel outraged D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and other city leaders, who said that they will appeal and that gun-related crimes could rise if the ruling takes effect. The outcome elated opponents of strict gun controls because it knocked down one of the toughest laws in the country and vindicated their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution's language on the right to bear arms.

This is far from the end of the story.

The panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit became the nation's first federal appeals court to overturn a gun-control law by declaring that the Second Amendment grants a person the right to possess firearms. One other circuit shares that viewpoint on individual rights, but others across the country say the protection that the Second Amendment offers relates to states being able to maintain a militia. Legal experts said the conflict could lead to the first Supreme Court review of the issue in nearly 70 years.

In the eyes of those who claim a militia. Thier idea of gun ownership goes to an armory in which all weapons are kept. In other words access to defend ones self from oppression, and criminals is a controled object. By keeping the handguns out of the hands of legal law abidding citizens they can control and force thier way or opinion on others. A fine line to be sure as some do not see the oppression or Orwellian aspect of preventing citizens the right to own or posses handguns.

D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) said the city is committed to pursuing additional appeals, adding: "I am personally deeply disappointed and frankly outraged by this decision. It flies in the face of laws that have helped decrease gun violence in the District of Columbia." Although once again the statistics clearly point in the opposite direction.

Fenty said city officials will "do everything in our power to work to get the decision overturned, and we will vigorously enforce our handgun laws during that time."

City attorneys said that it would take at least 30 days for the court's decision to go into effect, during which time the District probably will file its appeal. During an appeal, which could last more than a year, the current law would remain in effect, the lawyers said.

Senior Judge Laurence H. Silberman wrote the majority opinion, also signed by Thomas B. Griffith. Karen LeCraft Henderson dissented. All three were appointed by Republican presidents. Demostrating that common sense on the bench is a must. WHile Democrats have appointed legislatures to the bench who make law and not interpret law. (a topic for another posting)

"We conclude that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms," Silberman said in the 58-page majority ruling.

The residents filed their lawsuit -- Parker v. the District of Columbia-- months after then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft declared that gun bans violate the Second Amendment. They were aided by the Cato Institute, a nonprofit group that advocates personal liberties.

The suit said the ban on handgun ownership violates the Second Amendment, which states: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Yesterday's majority opinion said that the District has a right to regulate and require the registration of firearms but not to ban them in homes. The ruling also struck down a section of the D.C. law that required owners of registered guns, including shotguns, to disassemble them or use trigger locks, saying that would render the weapons useless.

In her dissent, Henderson wrote that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms relates to those Militia whose continued vitality is required to safeguard the individual States." She also said that because the District is not a state, the Second Amendment does not apply.

So in Hendersons opinion the U.S.Constitution is not in effect in the district of Columbia. Hence then any and all rights, services, and governenment services paid by taxpayers should then be stopped? If the second amendment does not apply then none of the Bill of Rights should apply. You can not selectively decide on which amendments you will support and use and those you won't.

Critics have long said that the D.C. law is ineffective, noting that the city has had hundreds of homicides in recent years, most of which were committed with handguns. Of last year's 169 homicides, 137 were committed with firearms, D.C. police said. Enforcing the strict handgun ban is difficult with so many guns on the streets, but police recovered more than 2,600 guns last year.

This was not lost on the Court of Appeals. In a footnote, Silberman noted that "the black market for handguns in the District is so strong that handguns are readily available (probably at little premium) to criminals. It is asserted, therefore, that the D.C. gun control laws irrationally prevent only law abiding citizens from owning handguns."

Now the case moves on to S.C.O.T.U.S., that sthe Supreme Court of the United States. In cases of District of Columbia v. Heller and Parker v. District of Columbia. It is likely that with the recent appointee on the court it will remain a court of interpretation and not of legislation. this court should uphold that the District of Columbia is entitled to the rights of under the Constitution , but that the antigun laws are UnConstitutional.

Though referance is clearly made in the second amendment to a militia. It is writen just like the first amendment. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The Second Amendment does not alter the fact that an individual right is created. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is stated in the same way as the right to free speech or free press. The wording is interchangable as to the creation of an individual right.

So now that this case looks to be upheld in the Supreme Court, the question is ... what other legislated laws from the bench can we now correct and bring back into line with the Constitution?

Thursday, October 04, 2007 

Hello, I am back I think

Hello readers and friends. It has been to long since I was able to log on. Some different things going on here. A change in daytime jobs, difficulties and unforseen problems in martial arts. ( A shout out to my Guru and Lead Instructor. I hope all is well after your surgery and recovery comes quick and easy to you).

So much to comment on and so much lack of common sense and political intrigue.

Lies, lies, lies from the far left moonbats and their bought and paid for elected officials. The smear campaign against any and all who do not fall in line and goose step with the liberal progressive train of thought.

Sen. Ken Salazar and his lack of understanding of the Constitution and what he can and can not do against a private citizen.

San Fransico goes after the United States Marines and restricts them from filming any where in thier city if a uniformed person is in the shot. Slander from the city council against the number three talk show host in the nation Michael Savage.

Unfounded left wing attacks against Rush Limbaugh. Leftist Democrates up in false arms over make believe insults. All the while nothing said about thier complete insults and slander of the military.

Closer to home here in Denver a local station that was talk radio gets set to turn spanish only. In an attempt to make money it calls itself spainish christian. KBJD or as they like to call themselves KNUS2 was supposed to go spainish October 1st, however unable to meet this date they have pushed it off till October 29th.

The Colorado Rockies make the playoffs in baseball and this town acts as if it is the first time a proffesional team in Denver has ever done this. Am I going to jump on this band wagon? Definately not. Baseball lost me as a fan in the 94 strike when millionare players told the owners that the owners made to much money and the players demanded more. If i were a owner I would have sent them pink slips as i had security escort them off my property.

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