Monday, September 10, 2012 

9/11, What are you thinking?

On the eve of 9/11 just what are you thinking and feeling? Are you going to go to bed tonight and sleep sound? Do you still leave your front door unlocked and open to the night air?

As you get up and head to the airport for a business trip, do you have any hair lifting on the back of your neck? No not from the TSA either, com'on now.

DO you look at women wearing head scarves the same way you did eleven years ago? Wonder about where the men are that are supposed to be escorting these women when they are in public?

Knowing that the border is far less secure then it was before 9/11, and that besides the Mexican Drug Cartels crossing the border who else is coming across unimpeded.

As Iranian military leaders are giving world press interviews with veill hatred to the west. Full of claims that they are ready and prepared with prepositioned hit squads waiting for the command to attack. Does this make you feel secure and safe?

Knowing that over three thousand men, women , and children were MURDERED in cold blood. That the hijacking, kidnapping , and destruction of innocent beings in the name of a false prophet and pedophile is being excused by those who claim they seek peace and understanding. How does this make you feel?

Will you bow your head for a moment and pray for the souls of the innocent? Will you ask the Lord for forgiveness of those who know not what they do and claim in his name?

Or will you get up, turn on the propaganda and not even think about the war we are in?

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