Sunday, January 22, 2012 

Romnites hit full court press

Here comes the left moderates attack on any change for the good in the repugnant party. As Mitt Romney was blown out of the water by South Carolina free thinkers. A double digit blow out. Mitt Romney shows yet again his support is loyal but few. Still not breaking above thirty percent in the polls, Mitt Romney fails to win conservatives and independents to his camp.

Look at the facts of electability, or as the RINO's want us to believe, Mitt is the only one who has national support, money, and the grass roots support. Well Here is a fact to go with that. The only one who has been campaigning longer then Mitt is President Obama. Obama started in 2005 while Romney started campaigning in 2006. Neither of which has stopped their campaigning.

The only reason that Mitt is even in the game with his follow what ever catches the peoples support plan is the fact that those RINO's in Washington can control him. The established RINO's do not like Newt for the fact he knows the game and has dirt on them. To Newts credit he has not blasted them yet, but he should. In this time we need the dirt exposed and swept away. This is what the voters of South Carolina have done.

With the MSM and the RINO's in the tank for Romney and Obama we see the attack dogs coming out. First was Ann Coulter this morning on Fox and Friends. Trying to imply Newt is a leftists. Hugh Hewitt, not worth mentioning except he has a national syndicated support Romney radio show. The hits like the left claim and distortion of the 84 ethical charges against Newt.

Claim ethic charges until one sticks was what happened. We saw this repeated against Gov. Palin. An effective attack when the truth is never released or talked about. Newt had 84 charges, 83 of which were bogus and dismissed while the 84Th amounted to less then a slap on the wrist for something so minor and absurd Newt agreed to take the blame for it.

Let us attack Newt's past marriages with lies from a spurned, vindictive woman. Then let roll out a nationally televised interview exposing the lies of this woman but spinning it in her favor.

Look at the candidates left in the Repugnant race.

Ron Paul, LMMFAO!! This man has proven to be a joke of a policy maker. A lack of Domestic sense and common sense. His supporters are either conspiracy theorist of weed smoking bums in the OWS movement.

Rick Santorum, a hell of a nice guy but just does not have the appeal to be a leader of caliber.

Mitt Romney, look at the last three debates. He has to wait to the next day after his handlers have had a chance to find a politically correct response to questions. Mitt is not quick on his feet unless it is to agree with others ideas that the people like. Mitt is a fraud in every sense of the word and a slickster in the image of Obama.

Newt Gingrich, whats to say. Yes he has baggage. Yes he has enemies. A lot of them in Washington. Is he smart? Hell Yes, quick on his feet and sharp in his answers. Not to mention articulate without a teleprompter. Does Americas enemies fear Newt? Yes.

Newt is the candidate for President in 2012!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 

America just does not understand, or do they?

it looks like the RINO's are going to get what they want. I repugnant candidate that will do their bidding and is not conservative at all. Yes that is what I said not conservative at all. Look at Mitt Romney's record. His political life is one of moderation at best. Often leaning way to the left in his programs and proposed bills. Mitt Romney is not in any way a conservative but a dyed in the wool flip flopper that goes where the money is.

The only difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama is that one is a Marxist and the other a socialist. Big spending and hurt the American principles that we are founded on. Mitt may talk a fair game, not a good one at all. This does not change the fact that he is a closet socialist who will not bring about any real hopeful changer to the destruction laid on this country by the Marxist in Chief Obama.

Our country is facing the end of liberty and our way of life. As the Repugnants push forward a Rino ion a candidate the people are rebelling with a wacko far left calling himself a libertarian. Ron Paul is the absolute worse candidate other then Obama in the Democratic party. Ron Paul would in the name of false liberty surrender this country in a heart beat to radical illusions of conspiracy theories and distrust in the Constitution, all the while proclaiming to defend it. His lack of foreign policy will lead to fighting in American streets with foreign soldiers and terrorist. The utter lack of common sense on domestic policy will lead to anarchy and chaos in the streets. Either way with Ron Paul it will be time to lock and load and distrust people outside of your neighborhood.

Mitt Romney may have and pose a more authoritative figure on foreign policy, I doubt his domestic policies will aid in the return of American respect around the world. There is a fine line between respect and fear. Romney does not have the character to pull off either. The Romney domestic schedule may slow down the ruin of the American economy , it will not end wasteful spending by this liberal government. The entitlement programs will still grow, the military will still be cut and nothing will be done to stem the problem of ILLEGALS on the southern border with the cartels moving into America.

This country just does not understand what is at stake this election cycle, or do they. Is it that maybe Americans just do not care anymore?

Thursday, January 05, 2012 

PoPo overreact, claims Father. Get Real!

The father of 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez, an 8 TH grade student of Cummings Middle School in Brownsville Texas, claims that even though his son was brandishing a weapon and has a history of questionable behavior, did not deserve to be shot.

Police responded to a call of a student threatening faculty and other students with a weapon. As it turns out the weapon is just a pellet gun. One that happens to look a lot like a glock 9mm. The student, Jaime, was shot twice in the chest and once in the head. Thus an end to what ever criminal career he may have been looking forward to. In other words the ending came much sooner then intended.

What you cry harsh and lack of sympathy here. To bad!! The question of why was Jaime caring even a pellet gun on school grounds is not even approached by his father. The fact that his son has a history of questionable actions in a violent nature. The fact his son was a behavioral problem is never asked. The only question asked is why did the cops "overreact" and have to shoot Jaime.

Shortly after school started Jaime walked into a classroom and for apparently no reason, there must have been one , just not reported as of yet, he punched another student in the face. then he proceeded to pull out what appeared to be a real gun. This gun having been later identified and a pellet gun looked real enough for teachers to have school administration call a lock down. Forcing them to shut off lights, lock doors and call the police. Once police arrived the student , Jaime was located outside the principles office holding the pistol. Police then gave the boy several chances to drop the said weapon, but he refused. This left police with no other option but to shoot.

Police are trained like the military and any other normal organization. They train to shoot center mass and not to wound or disable. They are trained to bring the target down. Is there any question to this, no. The question that Jaime's mother asks is the third shot to the head that obviously was a coup de grau. A double tap, Mozambique, the kill shot.

I see this as a suspect holding an unidentified weapon refusing to comply with lawful orders and being delt with appropriately. Nothing more , nothing less. Looking back at the whole incident, was it necessary to kill the boy? Probably not. However did the police over react? Not in the least.

What is going to happen now? Simply a pay off by the police is more then likely to the Gonzalaz family in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars. All tax payer money. Why? Because they had a troubled son who looks to have been a menace to society and the father who bought the toy pellet gun more then likely, living a better life then before only minus a troubled son.

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