Monday, October 03, 2011 

The ignorant march

Yes I did and will continue to say IGNORANT. By now you should have seen clips of the protests against the "fat cats" and wall street. How many young IGNORANT and uninformed people are on the streets marching and demonstrating against Capitalism.

Three clips stand out above the rest of the absolute stupidity being displayed by the youth and left wingers on the street. All of them are of women and demonstrate a lack of intelligence and common sense about not only how a capitalist system works but how are form of a REPUBLIC Democracy is the best system today.

In the first clip a woman says "if the rich would share we would all live in prosperity." Say what? She clearly would like something for nothing. A lack of self worth and fortitude on her part. That the haves have something she has not achieved herself and is not looking hard to EARN herself.

The next clip was of a younger woman who was asked if a CEO were to come down to the protest and offer her a job would she take it. Her answer was clear, decisive, and immediate. She responded "NO". Why? I guess she is independently wealthy and does not need a job. I am sure that there are several million others who would jump at the chance for employment right now if this opportunity was given to them. A chance to earn their own way and provide for their families clearly is not on this young woman's mind. I guess she more then likely would rather sit on her backside and collect a check from those who produce for society.

The third and last clip was truth telling and the bottom line for the actual reasons for the misguided youth demonstrating on the streets. This young woman spoke "we are here to tear down capitalism and this form of government." The real reason for the protest spoken by a protester. The left, socialist, Marxist, communist, and those who just hate America want to bring down this country.

The left is behind these protest make no doubt about it. George Soros and his ilk along with any and all who believe that the government should be oppressive and that those who have earned and achieved should be punished for working hard and reaping rewards from their sweat and tears are to be punished. This is what is going on here. It is not a protest about inequality or a lack of jobs. This is about class warfare and the American way of life.

A sad state of affairs here that our youth are so stupid, blind , and naive to be used by those who are lazy, lack intestinal fortitude and are manipulative.

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