Friday, October 30, 2009 

Some info on the new Health Tax

You have to give Speaker of the House Nancy Peloooza some respect. I mean has there ever been a woman with bigger cajones then her? For her to stand up in front of a hand picked audience, backed by boot licking brown nosers. All of which are parading around patting themselves on the back for putting together the least transparent and secretive jumble of anti American policy that is going to hurt more then help this nations future generations.

Some facts from the CBO and JCT Scores on this debacle:

By far, the largest tax hike will be the 5.4% surtax on millionaires and half-millionaires. Let's also not forget that this should include about half of all small businesses in America. It raises taxes by $461 billion in the first ten years .

When the bill is fully phased-in, it will increase net taxes by approximately $200 billion per year. Put another way, it will add about a percentage point to federal taxes as a portion of the economy. Put yet another way, it will increase the historical federal tax burden by about 5.5 percent.

(b) QUALIFIED CHILD DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘qualified child’’ means, with respect to a principal enrollee in a qualified health benefits plan, an individual who (but for age) would be treated as a dependent
child of the enrollee under such plan and who—
(1) is under 27 years of age; and (2) is not enrolled in a health benefits plan
other than under this section. (c) PREMIUMS.—Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing a qualified health benefits plan from
increasing the premiums otherwise required for coverage
provided under this section consistent with standards established by the Commissioner based upon family size
under section 213(a)(3).

What does this mean is it funded or isn't it?

ING IS PROHIBITED.—The services described in
this subparagraph are abortions for which the
expenditure of Federal funds appropriated for
the Department of Health and Human Services
is not permitted, based on the law as in effect
as of the date that is 6 months before the beginning of the plan year involved.

this subparagraph are abortions for which the
expenditure of Federal funds appropriated for
the Department of Health and Human Services
is permitted, based on the law as in effect as
of the date that is 6 months before the beginning of the plan year involved.

Some serious double talk that says nothing there. A reading of the CBO report at first indicates that there may be federal reductions in the deficit. However that being a shell game the cost to States will increase. An estimated 5% in taxes on individuals and businesses across the board yearly is needed in order to maintain this scam. This increase yearly is averaged at twice the COLA normally given to employees. SO where is the savings? The CBO also indicates that in an estimated look beyond the ten year budget, the savings will dissipate while medicaid expenditures increase and more and more people will end up with less coverage or no coverage at all. Increasing this number from the fabled 11 to 13 million now to over 20 million by 2019 uninsured people.

This is nothing more then government language to take over the health care industry reducing coverage and the quality of services for the American people.

Thursday, October 29, 2009 

City of Denver says " Plow your own streets"

For those who have lived in the Mile High City for more then Twenty years may recall the Mayor McNicholas snow mess in the early 198o's. It was not do to a lack of effort to plow the streets but a lack of personnel and equipment. An inability of not being able to keep up with the snow.

The residence of Denver and the surrounding metro area got mad and McNicholas was gone. Now we fast forward to a few years ago and the putz known as Trickenlooper. A mayor who thought it was to dangerous to plow the streets and sent the snow plow drivers home. Thus creating a real mess that took all winter to recover from on not only the major snow plow routes but all of the side streets and neighborhoods. With areas having over 6 inches of snow pack and ice on the streets.

Now the first major storm of the year has come to town and the city of Denver says hey do not worry the temperatures will be in the fifties next week so we will not plow side streets, or so says Ann Williams, director of communication for Denver Public Works.

Well that is a great attitude coming from a public servant. No big deal if you have to get out to work or to the grocery store. Spring will come eventually and the snow will go away by the summer.

Just what in the hell do we have these civil servants for then. Is it not their job to get out there and plow, take care of the streets with maintenance, that includes plowing? Trickenlooper bought off the numbskull's with hot cocoa and a day of sledding in the parks. What will they do this time. This is not just a lets save money and not do our jobs. this is a lack of doing their jobs!

With policies that do not put plows on the pavement, the city and metro area of Denver is looking for problems. Ask any one who has ever plowed snow what happens with three inches of snow on the ground, let alone a foot. It is called accumulation and creates huge piles of snow that needs to be hauled away then. Three inches is alot of snow when you start adding it together.

This is totally unacceptable. We pay taxes to the city and the state. part of these taxes are to be used for such things as , oh say snow removal. Its great that Ann Williams can forecast the weather for next week but that does nothing to what is happening today.

This is just another example of the arrogance of city civil servants and the elected bureaucrats who do not take their jobs seriously. It is well past time that the voters and citizens send a clear message. Remove these lazy individuals from office and positions of service. Replace them with those who understand what a work ethic and responsibilities are.


Is the heat getting to Obama?

If the the heat of the stove is too hot , then get out of the kitchen pally. Advice to an inexperienced wannabe leader.

So President Obama does not like the criticism about his date night to New York on the taxpayers dime. Saying "If I weren't president, I would be happy to catch the shuttle with my wife to take her to a Broadway show, as I had promised her during the campaign, and there would be no fuss and no muss and no photographers. That would please me greatly."

Well Mr. President guess what. You wanted to be president and with it comes a few cons. One of them being your life now belongs to the American People. What you do is in the public eye and reflects this country. SO if this country sees you out on the town instead of tending to business. Get ready for the criticism.

A few facts about Obama and his social life. He has already attended more fund raisers then the Prior administration by four times in the first year. He has already spent more time on the golf course in his first ten months then President Bush did in 8 years.

President Obama has already flown over sees more then President Bush in his first year, and Obama's flights have not been just on public business either. We never saw Mrs. Bush get a private Air Force One plane to go to Europe on a vacation.

It would seem that President Obama at first glance and a second look is enjoying the high life while the American Tax Payer is still slaving away and figuring out how to pay for the new rise in taxes that are coming our way.


Jihad is here

********** UPDATE********************
It appears that many of the Ummah may be converts from prison to Islam.

Well many of us have said this and many experts have been warning this country about this for several years now. Jihad has come to our shores in their secrete cowardly ways. Hiding in and among innocents all the while pretending to be a religion of peace.

Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs blog had the info yesterday about this and this morning FOX news reports how a supposedly peaceful , community friendly group of the religion of peace had a shoot out with local and Federal authorities. Resulting in the death of the local Iman. Another leader in the religion of peace.

Seems that this group was involved in selling guns, running guns, and brokering stolen goods. Some religion that sponsors crime eh?

A little back ground info on these "peaceniks".

Their founder: The Ummah (English translation the brotherhood) is ruled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, a 1960s radical and Black Panther who is serving a life sentence for the murder of two police officers in Georgia. Really peaceful there.

Members: mostly African-American converts to Islam, which seeks to establish a separate Sharia-law governed state within the United States. No info as to which country they are from but bets are Somalia. Any one else remember how we are bringing these terrorists in on visa's?

Training: the use of violence against law enforcement, trained members of this group in use of firearms and martial arts in anticipation of some type of action against the government. One must also conclude after finding this out that small unit tactics are also being taught. As the Black Panther radical movement is known to have traitorous ex military personnel in their ranks.

So people there you have the preliminary reports and info. Jihad being preached and actively working against this country in our own communities. how many more such hate groups are getting set to assault this nation from within?

I am glad I am a proud CCW carrier.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 

A few words for Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)

So Rep. Grayson do you really think you are funny? Do you think that you are clever? With your diarrhea of the mouth you do nothing more then shame the once hollowed halls of Washington D.C. Halls that once represented the people of this country and not those who think of themselves better then those they have been elected to work (represent) for.

You have the gaul to say that Republicans, specifically those who oppose your leftist agenda and socialist masters as enemies of this country. You have the nerve to slander a news agency that reports your agenda and questionsit on thier op/ed shows. The vile filth you spew from your mouth deserves no less then a trip out to the wood shed where you would cower at being called out.

Here is a news flash for you buddy boy. There are millions in this great country you are working so hard at ruining that are not enemies. We are those who swore and oath. those who stood up out of free will. Something you have no clue about! We swore an oath to defend this country from enemies both FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. We are the ones who get up every morning and go to work despite the foul weather and EARN our paychecks. We are the ones who take personal responsibility for what we say and do, our families, and thier well being. We do not look for a scape goat to blame for our short comings.

We believe in the Constitution and limited government of the people , by the people and for the people. Not an elitist class of snobs who think they are better then the rest. We believe in a hand up not a hand out. A big difference between socialism and freedom pally.

We restrict our language in the presence of women because we have manners. Something you obviously do not have.

You call me an enemy because I do not support your socialist plan on health care. A plan that will send this country spiraling into debt we can never get out of. I submit it is YOU, not I that is an enemy of this country. It is you who do not have the best interest of this nation at heart but a personal stake at personal gain upon the misery of you will create for this country. It is you who are an enemy, a loud mouth, and a disgrace to the elected halls of government.

Sunday, October 25, 2009 


This song rocks. I saw it over on Atlas Shrugs and have to share it.


A three front asault

Is The United States under attack? One can definitely, without too much of a stretch of the imagination think so. Just where are these attacks coming from? They are not what one would think of as a conventional attack, or war fronts. They are subversive and in the shadows. A cultural, economical, ideological, and moral war is being fought.

Just who is attacking this country? Well the obvious characters come to the front of the list. The leftist who are in elected control and demonstrating the arrogance of the old saying power corrupts. The Obamanation has and continues to overstep the Constitutional powers in which the FOUNDING Fathers, in detail mind you. Prescribed for the leading of this country.

Czars who with absolutely no authority are making and administrating policy that not only is contrary to our way of life, but harmful to the to democracy itself. Redistribution of wealth in an attempt to make people feel better while sponging off the backs of those who strive to achieve a better life.

An example is the current pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg ( who is now , without authority rewriting the conditions of the failed stimulus bill in order to dictate income. Not just for those who accepted under deres the funds but companies that refused the bailout monies.

Another Czar, (Kevin Jennings, ), who is an avid supporter of one of the most perverted and disgusting abomination groups that has ever been allowed to exist, NAMBLA. What is NAMBLA? NAMBLA is the North American Man Boy Love Association. In other words they are not just a gay organization but a child sex abuse group. A group that thinks sex with children and babies is a good thing. How sick are these freaks?

The assault on the laws of this nation and the sovereignty of its integral boarders is being lead not only by Obama and his lack of immigration and security negligence. Secretary Janet Napolitano ( is in bed with radical anti American groups that are seeking an active break up of this nations geography and rule. LaRaza ( who openly and actively work to destroy and redistribute the wealth and sovereignty of hard working AMERICANS.

While Janet , Obamanation , and their ilk refuse to enforce the law other more dangerous organizations are infiltrating, corrupting and actively working to destroy this country. A political bust of the cartel La Familia is just the icing on the cake. As this group of criminals make, sell, and distribute methanphetemines to the youth and poor of this country. They seek the destruction of the the American way of life. This through false religious beliefs and aid from groups like MS-13. A group that is nothing more then psychotic murderers.

Let us not forget the third front being waged. A stealth jihad by a cult not a religion of peace as the Obamanation would have us believe. A cult that wants to oppress, subjugate and dominate those who are not members of their fascist medieval ways.

All of these groups and elected officials are waging a war of sorts against a Constitutional Republic that supports freedom and democracy. The two things that they fear the most. The two things that bring prosperity and advancement to the world. With out Freedom and and Democracy, individual achievement is nonexistent and humanity suffers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 

So where is the coverage?

First World Management, a meat packing facility in Kinsman Illinois, was raided by the F.B.I. Local reports say that over 100 agents were involved. This was not an illegal alien raid either. This plant provides goat, beef and lamb meat which is prepared in the Halal way in accordance with Muslim custom, (interesting).

Witnesses who saw the raid on Sunday told CBS 2 it was a huge operation, involving more than 100 agents, police officers and even what one believed to be possible National Guard troops.

Witnesses say during the raid, the driveway was filled with more than 50 government vehicles. That there was a helicopter flying overhead and a command center set up. Then on top of it were government sharpshooters with rifles at the ready, overseeing the area.

SO why has this not made national news. Why is there no information then local Channel 2 on this incident. What were the feds looking for?

Sunday, October 18, 2009 

Tell me not to Fly the American Flag

An assault against America is from within. A lack of respect for the country that gives one the freedom of religion, speech, protection against illegal searches and seizes. It is now politically incorrect to display and fly the American Flag, Old Glory herself.

We have for several years now heard about how some are offended by the Flying of Old Glory in certain residential areas. Now in the Northwest apartment complexes are denying the right o display the flag. Back east a Fire Fighter is suspended for displaying the American flag on his locker. Just what madness is this. This is the United States of America for God's sake. If you cannot display or fly the countries colors then just what country are we living in? I cannot find a single country any where in the world that denies the flying and displaying of their national colors, except in The Untied States.

If you are offended by the American flag, I highly suggest you MOVE to another country where you do not have the freedoms and liberties that this flag represents.

My grandfather flew the American flag, my father flies the American flag, and so do I. Come tell me you are offended by this and I will pull a Toby Kieth on you and put a boot up your backside.

Tell me to lower these colors and I will tell you just where to go and help you along the way!


Secrete Service over whelmed?

So according to new reports the U.S. Secrete Service is over whelmed with threats against president Obama and his life. I find this a little hard to believe after all the hatred towards former President Bush. Yet on the other hand the legitimacy of the new threats may be more real then the left nut roots and their lack of respect for those who have a different opinion and idea.

The fact the President Obama lacks any experience or true leadership abilities. That he is traveling the world apologising for the United States and its acts of saving Democracy and the world from oppression. That instead of listening to the people he is supposed to represent and is pushing a radical agenda that is not only ruining our economy but is bringing this country to a second world nation status. All facts look at the current economy with an open mind. The stimulus is not working , unemployment is on the rise and the stock market is a glass house not backed by the average worker.

The dollar is no longer the currency of choice in Latin America ( Hugo Chavez and other leftist are working hard to undermine this country with the aid of an American government that has gone far left). Europe is listening to China on changing the world choice of the dollar to something else.

Our allies no longer have faith in America and wonder how long they can survive without an American military to protect them. Russia threatens not only eastern Europe but the west and the middle east as Vladimir Putin flexes his unrestricted military might. Again thanks to a lack of confrontation by American leftists Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

So does this make the average American upset. I think so. So it can be possible that the threats to President Obama's life are more credible then those to former President Bush. Then with Obama jetting across the globe and not remaining in the Oval Office doing the job he was elected to. The secrete service has its hands full.

Thursday, October 15, 2009 

Rush and the NFL

This is blatant fascism in deciding in a free market as to who can invest and buy interest in a business. Yes a business. That is all professional sports are is a business. A business that I think in which many of the employees are way over paid. Another topic for another time.

So why is Rush out and while true race baiters are allowed in? Simple political correctness and the wave of leftist thuggery that is sweeping over this nation. As race baiters like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, are flat out slandering Rush Limbaugh. The move of being politically correct is applied only to those who are on the conservative side. A complete white wash and refusal to look at those on the left and their illegal or incorrect political behavior is ignored.

Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to invest and enjoy the fruits of his hard earned monies. Just like J Zee, Fergie, and others who are on the left and have invested in the sports industry. Then if members of the sports industry do not want to play (that is work) for an employer like Rush. Well then there is always the door and the so called college education that they have. Up date your resume and get a new job.

For those who are using the race baiting to prevent Rush from investing, and look to have succeeded. Better cya yourselves. As I understand it you may have bitten off more then you can chew this time. Slander and libel are still punishable under the law even for leftist still.


The DOW at 10,000, so what

So the DOW has reached the 10,000 mark again. Is this significant? No not really. Does this show that the economy is improving? Nope, not even close to it. Many say that this is a sure sign that the stimulus is working, but how can it be when we are over 10% by unemployment filing records. A short count on the real number of unemployed, which is closer to 17%. Is the American family seeing their saving s increasing? No it is going down while the so called inflation remains stagnant. A falsehood as anyone who does their own shopping sees on the receipt at the store.

More taxes in the works coming from our ever wise spend thrift elected socialist in office. Businesses are not hiring , small businesses are in cutthroat mode in getting jobs just to stay afloat. the economy is not improving it is closing in on chaos.

Now seniors are looking for their COLA (coat of living allowance) yet are being told by the rich elected socialist that there is no need for for it. All the while the elected are getting their pay raises and COLA. Hmmm if it is not needed then why are they receiving a raise and increase? Sounds funny and smells like dead fish to me. It STINKS.

SO who is investing in the stock market? Is it the average Joe and his family that is trying to recoup losses from the housing debacle? No it is not. The average American family no longer has the money to do so. It is foreign investors and company execs who are investing and propping up stocks.

As Barney Frank and Chris Dodd call for more restrictions to be removed from home lending policies. Policies that were supposed to prevent the housing bubble in the first place. Frank and Dodd along with their ilk seem to think that debt is a good thing and that the tax payer should be ready and willing to pick up the bill if it collapses again.

As the two and three year ARMS came due we saw trouble. Now the five year ARMs are coming due and we do not have an answer other then be ready to cough up hard earned money by responsible folk for those who are fiscally negligent.

This roller coaster ride in the stock is just reaching another peak before the downhill slide comes again. As long as we have a redistribution of wealth by socialist in government. A lack of fiscal responsibility by those who think that entitlements are the way and not honest accomplishments. Then the Dow's 10,000 mark is not a plus but a warning of the fall to come.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 

The left and being overbearing

So why is it that if you do not agree with the left and their ideals/motives you are all of a sudden a Nazi, racist, fascist, or just demonised? The left for years has worked in the background trying to force their beliefs and ideals upon everyone. Having entrenched themselves in the educational system, setting themselves up with activist judges (those who legislate from the bench), and changing journalism from reporting to opinion oriented stories. The left is now no longer in the shadows. They are out in the open and enjoying the fruits of their secret agenda.

With an over whelming majority in Congress, the Senate, the President and his newly appointed over reaching Czars. The left are ramming their agenda as fast as they can down the throats of the American people. Demonising all those who still believe in Freedom and conservative values.

Many , as myself at first believed that this was a bad thing. Yet in retrospective this is really a good thing. The left, not liberalism, the left is exposed and out in the open. Their hatred for what has made this country the only true super power and world leader. A country that in a little over 200 years has done more for human rights, the advancement of civilization, and peace then any other country in history (well King Leonidas has to be given much credit with his sacrifice at Thermopylae).

The truth of the matter is "POWER" not fairness or equality. The bottom line of the agenda from the left is a consortium of power and keeping it. The ability to dictate to others what, how and where to live their lives. While they themselves enjoy the fruits of others labor and sweat. It is a grab for authority over what one can do as an individual for themselves and how the individual can produce and be shafted in order to keep the left in the lap of luxury.

History is full of prime examples of how the left seeks control over civilization and free will. Modern examples bound aplenty, Kim Il in North Korea, Castro in Cuba. Name any one of a dozen punk Dictators in Africa. The Russian Politburo. All live lives of the elite while the masses live in squall er. Being driven around in their fancy automobiles, flying in their jets, eating off expensive china food that the masses cannot afford. This is the life the left want and are working hard to achieve.

Look at the people who live under this oppression. The Mullahs refuse to allow women an education. Talk about chauvinistic beliefs, bare foot and pregnant not just one but multiple women to a single male. This is what the left idealise and strive for. Complete control over the masses while they do what they want when they want and how they want. All the while the people are stifled and restricted as individuals in the way that they are allowed to live.

This is the goal of the left and the bottom line. POWER over the people. It is not about hope and change for humanity. A fairness for all. It is about restrictions and oppression on a scale of unimaginable long term suffering. A world in which only the left, those who have seized power are in control and can dictate to others how they can survive.

Our Founding Fathers had the foresight and wisdom to see that people need to be responsible to them selves first , with a respect and mutual consideration for others and what they believe in. That the basic nature of man is to be an individual yet have responsibilities to the community. Not a duty to the community and lack of respect for themselves.

Is it any wonder then that now the left is out in the open that they are so overbearing and insulting? No not at all. It is because they are seeing a chance to end that which stands in their way. Not only common sense but freedom and the individual.

Monday, October 12, 2009 

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, that is the question

OK so I am behind the tech curve a bit. I do not tweet. Why should I? I honestly have a hard time getting responses to my e-mails from friends and business associates. So why should I bother to tweet them?

I really do not understand the tweet crazes as it stands now. I remember when the first cell phones came out. Just look at an old episode of Hawaii 5-O. McGarret had that big phone in his Lincoln town car. Remember? That was cool. One of my brothers kept his portable club (one of the first portable jobs) till about 4 or 5 years ago. Why you ask, because it had better quality in transmission and receiving then modern phones did. My parents hung onto their old portable book phone for the car till a few years ago when it gave up the ghost finally.

I myself used to have a cumbersome cell phone for a while then I switched to a smaller more convenient one. I look back and remember going to school and not having a cell phone. There was a pay phone in the school entrance and by the locker rooms. Then again a call only costed a dime ( that's ten cents). So I dated my self, I remember gas being under a dollar as well.

I have looked and read the twitter page , information sites and asked this question to others. What is so good and tech savvy about twittering? The big answer is instantaneous communication as to what someone is up to. Hmmm, a phone call does that as well does it not? But with twitter you can get the word out to millions if they are all following you on your account. Why? Don't people have any thing better to do then sit around waiting for the next tweet to come across their phone.

I have enough problems with unsolicited phone sales calls. If I tweet will I be bombarded with sales pitches? Hell knows I get enough text messages now on affordable rents and car deals. Things I never asked for.

So when people ask if I tweet, the answer is NO!

Sunday, October 11, 2009 

A laughable leftist

*******Parental Warning due to graphic language from the left****************

On Atlas Shrugs there is a despicable picture of how the left have abused, trashed and totally disrespected the American Flag. The title of the posting is "Not a Photoshop". I will not post a picture of this disgusting picture but I will not censor your viewing of it. Just follow the link to see it.

What it is is a simple bastardization of the American flag , replacing the field of stars with a picture of Obama and then flying it as a national flag. No real threat but definitely a lack of respect and proper flag edict and a infraction of the law when it comes to the American flag.

Yes an infraction of the law.

The Flag Code Title 4 United States Code:§ 8. Respect for Flag(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

Now what is a real joke is the moron named Marco. Now this guy goes above and beyond the reply and support of the bastard flag argument.

Here are some of his threats and rantings:

Hey Kenny Solomon, You stupid inbred son of a bitch!!!! I have a flag just like that with Obamas face on it... COME TRACK MY ASS DOWN YOU FUCKING RIGHT WING LUNATIC!!! GO AHEAD. I'm waiting with a loaded shotgun; Come try to citizens arrest me you wingnut and I'll blow your fucking head off!!!
I bet you're flying that yellow "don't tread on me" bullshit flag.. YELLOW STANDS FOR THE PIECE OF SHIT COWARD THAT YOU ARE...
if not , come right ahead.... citizens arrest by a right winger!!! that'll be the fucking day.

I'll even give you my address you dickless son of a bitch....
I'm going to start mailing U.S. flags around with Obamas face on it just to piss you fuckers off!!! ... Anything to see a conservative sweat... you might even have a fucking heart attack when you find out you can't do dick about it....
BTW , we're going to elect Obama again in 2012 !... You might as well go ahead and off yourself now you miserable fucks...

By the way : You've already sealed the fate of the GOP... We have your asses on tape CHEERING alongside the taliban when the U.S. lost olympic bid. We have you booing along side the taliban when Obama won the nobel...
You are recorded for posterity for the backstabbing losers you are. You hate obama so bad you'd have the United States fail just to spite him, you racist inbred idiots. Well guess what, It's going to bite you in the ass! Majority rules. We might just decide to kick your seditious asses out of our country!
What you going to do about it , ya dumb rednecks?
You make all sorts of threats (revolutionary) .... You even quote people like Bob Dylan in your blogs (someone who despises you for the lying backstabbing creeps that you are .... PROOVE THAT YOU AREN'T JUST ALL TALK.... so far you've just proven yourselves to be a bunch of pussies.... I SAY BRING IT ON . WE NEED TO PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE. (which is 10 feet under if you try anything)


I didn't threated your life you stupid fucks... I PROMISED YOU if a right wing citizen came and tried to force some "citizens" arrest over some political hatred of obama, I would fucking blow your head off!!! Now you better show me where the money is bitch.... I'm sick of you terrorists, its about time you see some of your own medicine; right between your fucking eyeballs
now come on down bitch. I have the flag waiting to shove in your fucking face
(and something else waiting on you if you try to force you evil will on me)
8726 Monte Cristo DrEverett, WA 98208
bring your pussy seal faggots with you.


This Marco character is just that a character. A laughable one at that. Yet the threats he makes are exactly the mind set of the left. "We can do what we want and you can only do what we tell you to do" It is a one way street with them and they do not even realize it. That in their minds eye only their opinion and beliefs are correct and any opposition is wrong. A tragic commentary on the state of decay in this country.

Oh by the way Marco. Should you think of threatening more people I would be cautious. You may end up biting off much more then you can chew. Lets face it. You are not the only nut job out there.

Friday, October 09, 2009 

Nobel What????

So a man who has done nothing in the way of peace is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Someone tell me, explain to me just why we pay attention to this mythical award anymore.

There was a time when this was a real award and truly marked an accomplishment of sorts. However lately it is nothing more then a political prestige snub towards those who do not follow a global leftist agenda.

I am not saying that Obama may one day do something that is note worthy other then ruin the United States of America. He may actually do something that is positive in the name of democracy. However to date this man has done ABSOLUTELY nothing to have been considered for such an honor.

The Nobel Peace Prize, yeah right.

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