Thursday, December 31, 2009 

Should Napolitano step down?

Should Sec. Janet Napolitano step down from her position as Sec. of Homeland defense? That is a big question that is being bounced around not only Washington D.C. but reverberated around the Internet. The truth that she should never have gotten the job in the first place has no standing.

In her defense I would have to defend President Obama as well. The fight on unemployment is being fought at the White House. It is the front line. Janet is not only unemployable in the real world but so is half of the current administration. By giving them appointments in government they are not in the handout lines at the welfare office.

This being said I will strive not go off topic. Topic being Janet Napolitano as Sec. of Homeland Defense.

Lets list her pro and cons for the office.

Cons: (the short list)

1) No experience in security.

2) Pro open boarder supporter

3) A serious lack of leadership, demonstrated with her term as Governor

4) No original thinking on any topic, only a mouth piece for those who pull her strings

5) Does not understand the definition of WAR

6) Does not understand the definition of terrorism

7) Unable to use the word terrorism, favors new politically correct definitions of hatred. Misunderstanding, man made disasters

8) Defines Conservatism as evil, extremist, and as real terrorism

9) Favors a one world government designed and shaped with socialism based ideology.

10) Is in favor of profiling American citizens over foreign nationals

Pro's: see list of cons.

So should Janet step down or be fired from her post as Sec. of Homeland Defense? Think about it and you will come to the same conclusion. She is just as qualified as any one else in this administration. If she goes then they all need to go!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 

Pre 9/11 attitude prevails

So the truth is coming out. We not only were warned we (our government ) knew about the Nigerian Christmas bomber and did NOTHING. Where was the breakdown in the system? Where was the performing as planned and competence of our government? They were figuratively in Hawaii with their leader of the Obamanation. The President himself!!!! Out to holiday and not on the job.

This miss thinking and logic of treating terrorism as a criminal act, responding after the fact is mind blowing. It is the same attitude that we had pre 9/11. The first attack on the twin towers, the Oklahoma City bombing, barracks in Saudi Arabia, all treated after the fact it happened. No prevention and aggressive act to stop these acts. It is stupid. These are not criminal acts but acts of war. Do they not understand the difference between criminality and war? Obviously not seeing how Sec. of Homeland Defense thinks we should to protect our boarders and arrest those arbitrarily who break the law. Those who set the stage for acts of WAR. Now Janet is to blame for a lot of this but she does enforce the policies that come from a higher source. The Commander in Chief, Obamanation.

Note the wording used in the first press conference. Allegedly, suspect, what the hell is that. this was not someone picked up on the street for a liquor store robbery. this was an attempt to blow up a plane and kill as many innocent people as possible. An act of war, not an act of greed.

The man was not allegedly attempting to blow up a plane. He set off the BOMB, it just fortunately did not work properly. He is not a suspect, he was CAUGHT literal with his pants down in the act of setting off the bomb. There is NO misconception of what happened here. The fact that the current administration to criminalise terrorist acts is not only WRONG but it is DANGEROUS. How many people will die before this line of thinking is proved to be WRONG again. It cost almost three thousand on 9/11, who is next?


Something being overlooked and ignored

There is something that stinks in Washington and it is not the fish Rahm Emmanuel is wrapping in paper to send to political opponents. It is something that is clearly being overlooked and ignored by many critics and pro transportation advocates. The fact that there is NO RIGHT to fly, and that airlines are private companies governed by federal regulations.

So many people are jumping on board the infringement of personal rights wagon against a security change in the way people are searched before getting on a flight to somewhere. NEWS FLASH airlines are private entities. Yes they have stock for the people but so does IBM. This does not give the average person a RIGHT to sit in on board meetings.

Fact that airlines as a private entity can under the Constitution impose security mandates that are more intrusive then entering a Wal Mart is not a violation of personal rights. Nor is it fascism. My home is a private place. So if I impose a cavity search to enter a private party I am throwing to keep morons and party crashers out, there is nothing to prevent me from doing this.

Airlines carry the public to different destinations, and are based on public use. Thus this does create a higher responsibility to the public then say Ace Hardware. The safety of the traveling public is a huge issue. The airlines have the responsibility to keep the traveling public safe, not only with service to their equipment, trained personnel, but a responsibility from ISLAMIC EXTREMIST from getting on board and crashing the plane.

This means implementing pat downs, body scanners, explosive sniffing dogs, whatever. Airlines are a private company providing a service. You are paying for this service. YOU do not have a RIGHT TO FLY. There are other modes of transportation out there, cars, buses, boats. Hell you can even be a real greener and WALK. You are not required to fly for anything. Flying is a convenience not a right. A privilege not a RIGHT.

So if you go to the airport and the ticket price is a little higher because the Airlines have to pay for more security personnel and equipment, so be it. It is the cost to fly.

Sunday, December 27, 2009 

Christmas bombing attempt was and is preventable

The attempt to blow up a civilian flight to Detroit on Christmas day was and is totally preventable. The only reason it is not stopped at the boarding gate is because LIBERALS refuse to allow the rest of us to be safe. In the name of political correctness how dare we think in terms of prevention and safety. This is their train of thought. Blame the victim and martyr the criminal.

I have never and will not forget a trip I made through Soul in 1988 just before the Olympics. I was on my way home from Okinawa Japan for some leave and liberty. A chance to visit family and friends at this time. Nothing big, except that the Olympics was getting ready to happen in South Korea.

The alert status was higher then normal because students were also protesting in Inchon , Soul, and other parts of Korea. The fear that the North might try something or some other group of morons would act up was a reality.

What was my time there? Oh not more then thirty minutes. Most of the time waiting for others to board the connecting flight. My flight landed and I exited the plane and was directed to, as was every one departing the plane. To a security check point. At this check point I was asked if I was passing through or staying in South Korea. My documents in hand I explained to the security officer I was to catch a connecting flight and move on. She was very pleasant and professionally. Pointing me to another short line. I say short because the security personnel at the next stop were efficient in their jobs and moving people right along.

Here they had me place my carry on baggage on a table then step back. One security guard opened my luggage and removed everything. The other guard politely asked if she could touch my person. Having been trained in security check points I knew what was going to happen. Also having trained with and seen the South Koreans in action I knew not to be obnoxious or say no. I did see one Australian tell them no and he was quickly moved to another room and there I am sure he waited a while, isolated and wondering what was up.

Back to me, well the young female officer patted me down. First she waved a wand over me, then a physical touch. Nothing bad in this at all. While this was happening the other officer had unpacked, unfolded, examined , refolded and packed my luggage nicer then I had originally had it.

All this happened in less then ten minutes . I say ten minutes because that includes the time it took me to walk down the concourse and go through a second check point, like the first and board my connecting flight.

Efficient and professional, no delay or invasion of my personal rights. I guarantee that if I was up to no good during this time I would still be in South Korea wondering where I went wrong. This is how you prevent idiot, moronic, Islamic or any other extremist. You do a physical ( physical by meaning touching and looking, examining) people in a proficient and thorough manner. No harm, no foul, yet safe and secure.

I have never had the pleasure of traveling to Israel. However I understand that their security is much the same. Seeing how they are the ones who helped set up and design the process that South Korea used in 88. I also cannot find any incidents of real trouble at the Tel Aviv airport do to non security measures.

So could this bonehead now wasting more American tax money by being in jail and getting an American lawyer , who naturally will bill the government , meaning you and I. In order to represent this piece of vile scum. Could he have been prevented from attempting to murder those innocent passengers? Yes, but the problem is our own government does not see the threat or want to "inconvenience" possible terrorist.

Saturday, December 26, 2009 

Your Government over seas.

This is just great. Our government is not satisfied with embarrassing us at home but over seas as well.

(from Atlas Shrugs: Obama era: Disgusting, Degenerate US Consulate: American Diplomatic Vehicle Tries to Run Over Checkpoint Guard, Lewd and Obscene Gestures at Female Guards )

Israel: U.S. Consulate Car Tried to Run Over Checkpoint Guard

An American diplomatic vehicle allegedly tried to run over an Israeli security guard at a border checkpoint in Israel last month, setting off a diplomatic scuffle that is straining relations between the two nations, the Jerusalem Post reported.

In an episode that was reportedly caught on tape, a five-car U.S. convoy was stopped at the Gilboa border crossing in the northern West Bank on Nov. 13 but refused to identify themselves or open any windows or doors for inspection by Israeli security.

What followed, according to the Post, was recorded in an official report that has kicked up a diplomatic dust storm in Israel.

Drivers in the American convoy blocked the crossing, the report says, tried running over a Defense Ministry security guard and made indecent gestures at female guards, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The incident led to a testy meeting five days later, when U.S. and Israeli officials met in Jerusalem to discuss the case and at least one other involving a Palestinian woman who was found in a U.S. diplomatic car without appropriate documentation.

( what was a Palestinian doing in an American official car?)

The U.S. response, the Post noted, further angered Israeli officials: the chief regional security officer reportedly told his Israeli counterparts that "simple guards" had no authority to inspect senior diplomats.

The alleged incident apparently occurred just two days after the border crossing was opened to vehicular traffic, according to information from the Israeli Defense Ministry.

This behavior and contempt for our Allies is disgusting!


More Government Spin

It is not even the new year yet and the bone heads in Washington are already spinning the facts on the health of the economy. The truth is that the economy is being artificially propped up by lies. Where they say that the GDP has grown by 3.3%, reality check they had to revise the figure twice. It is down to 2.1% and may have grown even less. It depends on if it is a government agency reporting or not.

Now Sec. of the Treasury Geithner spins the job market as "positive job growth" by spring. Who is he trying to convince? That statement is a Homer Simpson "DUUHH". Anyone who thinks about this for an moment will know that jobs increase in the spring and decrease in the fall. It is called seasonal work. Many jobs in the service sector, are only fair weather jobs. You cannot mow the lawn with 6 inches of snow on it. You cannot do sub excavating when he frost line has set in. So many of these jobs are only available in good warmer weather.

For Geithner to make such an absurd spin statement is telling of the desperation of this administration to try and paint a Rosy picture. The truth is that the private sector is dieing and needs government restrictions loosened along with an influx of cash. The government has padded its bank accounts and hired but this does not help the economy overall. It hinders it.
What more lies and spin are we to be bludgeoned with in the coming year?

Friday, December 25, 2009 

Fiscal stupidity?

In general most would agree that the housing meltdown on foreclosures was the key in the economic downturn that created a world wide panic by elitist in the financial world. the fact that government sponsored programs enacted by those with no concept of basic economics, or the ability to balance a check book were at the center of the problem, (Dodd, Frank, Gietner, among other tax cheats in Washington).

Now we know that the lending industry faced a problem in the billions of dollars because bad loans to those who could not afford the loans. Specifically do to policies forced upon the lenders by Washington in the name of political correctness and equality. "It is a right to own a home" attitude by liberals, mixed with poor, or should I say lack of responsible lending practices in order to make a healthy profit. All which combined to create the meltdown of the housing mortgage industry.

Loans that were pay interest only, with massive balloon payments due in future short term years. Owned by those who could not afford these balloon payments even with a second loan, caused the bubble to burst. Experts, real experts are warning that another bubble will burst within the next year as the five year balloon payments come due.

So what did our Washington experts do? They injected monies that have no backing into a busted system in order to support poor decisions for greed and political purposes of being reelected by gullible voters who thought that they were being given a present financially.

Other factors contributed and will contribute as local administrations at county levels add to the absurdity of the housing bubble. They do this to raise their tax base. By artificially inflating the value of properties two and three times higher then the true worth of a property. They are able to charge more in taxes. This leads to banks and others to make loans appraisals artificially inflated on a value that is not true. With the support of the federal government in this scam. The policies that allow this to happen. The government then condemns the banks for aiming the loans to high for the average family to afford. Hypocritical condemnation by those who caused it.

A vicious cycle of greed lead by liberal thinking. If you own something at a higher value then it is worth, then you have more in assets and are worth more. Artificial wealth at the cost of reality.

This being said we know that loans are being made to those who cannot afford the over priced homes, so the government tells the lending institutes that they must loan the money. Again where is this money coming from? The same place that all money is currently coming from. Thin air with a value of nothing more then the paper it is printed on. Backed with an artificial value.

So what does the Obamanation administration do. They are calling upon the two biggest fraudulent lenders to loan more mismanaged money to those who cannot afford it. By removing the $400 billion cap on the backing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The creation of a new and more debt sponsored breakdown in the economy is assured.

At a time when "TAX AND SPEND" policy seems to be the plan of action on a debt ridden economy. Does it not seem stupid to continue to spend when you do not have the money?

I suppose one can always answer the phone with a debt collector by saying not to worry, Obama is paying for it.


Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas

A little blurry, eggnog does that.
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 

So how is that hope and change for Christmas working for you?

With unemployment at a decades high. Well over the official 10% on government propaganda news. Many are struggling to figure out just how to buy that Christmas toy for little Bobby and Suzy. So what does our government do? Well the F.A.A. throws a 5 million dollar party in Atlanta. President Obama will delay his tax payer paid for trip to Hawaii for a day. Then there is Congress who has already gone home to be with their families.

Our Senate will make a mad dash for the door after 9 A.M. Christmas Eve in order to catch that flight to their families. All this while many are hoping that they can work on Christmas day. They have bills to pay and worry where the next dollar is coming from.

Case in point. I will not mention the small company or the name of its owner. The reason is he is my friend and salt of the earth. His pride is huge , and his work ethic is deep. However this has not been a very good year for him. He has been shafted by several local contractors who have been more then unethical and lacking in their payment for services and material.

My friends family has traveled from Oregon to Colorado to see him on the holidays, his daughter and her live in boyfriend are visiting as is his mother. What does my friend hope to do for them this Christmas? He hopes to take them to dinner at Denny's or LePeeps. Not much of a Christmas for him and his family.

Yes I have invited them to join me and my family but he has refused. This is just one example of how the economy is in the tank. I have spoken to many who are having to work under the table at any job that they can get. Not because they want to double dip into unemployment funds or to augment an already small income, but because it is the only way that they can find work. By working under the table they are not covered even by workmans compensation should they be injured. Yet this is the only way tat they can get employment and compete with ILLEGALS who have brought down the hourly wages and are more then happy to work under the table. Knowing full well that with the passage of this new health care debacle they will get even more free benefits off the American taxpayer.

Now this does not shed a very kind light on employers, not my intention. I have talked to many of them in my local community and the main reason that they are not "hiring" is that they are scarred. they are not sure that they will be able to keep their business after the start of the year because of possible new taxes that will sink them. Some of coarse are only looking at profits and the fact that by paying under the table they save money in payroll and are able to still charge customers a high price. Pocketing the profits for them selves and hedging their retirement in Cancun. Still some are not without heart and are trying their best to keep local workers afloat by spreading what work they can find to those who need it and are willing to work.

In my local community I see on a daily basis people I grew up with standing around near Home Depot looking for a job even loading and unloading customers shopping carts for them. Some are even digging in the snow banks for recycle items that they can turn in. One local who is a welder has been entrepreneurial. Seeing how many who used to hire him for his skills as a welder are not doing so. He has turned to hauling scrape metal junk for what ever he can get Fagen Scrape Metals to pay him for it. Not much money in it but he is surviving.

There is an acronym here for our Socialist President. Locals refer to him as D.A.N., you can figure out what the letters stand for. We are not to pleased with what is happening. Here we are willing to give a hand up to those in need. We are not happy with being forced to give handouts because we are told to do so.

So how is that hope and change working here locally? Hope is fading and the change is not for the good.

Monday, December 21, 2009 

Sen. Whitehouse YOU'RE FIRED PAL!

Sen. Whitehouse you PUTZ! You dare have the nerve to claim anyone who has a dissenting opinion of your socialised idea of government to be implied a racist and loon. You ARROGANT S.O.B.! As with the rest of your elitist self serving compatriot traitors in office. You all ARE FIRED!!! PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE. DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR BACKSIDE ON THE WAY OUT!!!!!

How dare you spew your vile inflammatory language when less then three years ago you had the gaul to stand behind Shrillery Clinton and say the "dissent is patriotic". Now dissent is racism? You hypocritical mofo's. I am sick and tired of your one way ideological B.S. being shoved on to this country. Not only you Sen. Whinhouse (yes whine house), but the rest of your colleagues are a disgrace to the offices you hold and the hollowed halls we the PEOPLE allow you to walk.

I dare you! No I double red dog dare you to have the cajoles to call me a racist to my face. Look me in the eyes Senator and say that. Be what you claim to be, a man and say that to me in person. You slanderous cur!

For over thirty years you and your ilk have tried very hard to dumb down this nation. Lowering educational standards in favor of social equality bunk lessons. Guess what, it has not worked to well. you will find that despite the efforts of the left Americans are still fairly well educated. The truth be told we are educating ourselves better on things now. With home schooling and charter schools. Your time in office has come to an end.

Even though the damage to this country will be immense, from the electing of President Obama. It has done this country a world of good. It has exposed you and your brethren in destruction. It has exposed the true racist and supremacist. It has exposed the Democratic party for the ideological thugs that you truly are.

And for all those others in Washington who have betrayed our (the people) trust. You ARE FIRED AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Kitchen heat too hot for Rep. Grayson

So Rep Grayson wants the FEC to investigate dissenters. Specifically one that is trying to raise money to help remove this sorry excuse for an elected official from office. If you go to , you can see that there is an active person who wants to see Grayson not reelected.

Is there anything wrong with this? Hell no, and Grayson needs to remember that. That there are others who have a different opinion than his. That it is THE RIGHT of the PEOPLE to actively support or not support elected officials. That just because you (GRAYSON) were once elected does not give you the job for life nor does it entitle you to force your opinions o your constituents.

This web site documents Graysons more outlandish leftist views. It clearly depicts Graysons absurd values and vitrol hatred for conservatism and any Republican be them RINO or not.

Bottom line: Hey Grayson. You opened your mouth and shoved your foot deep down your own throat. Do not think you can run over all your constituents. There are some who still believe in Freedom and Liberty despite your objections to it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009 

60 Votes killed a Nation

It looks like a sure thing for the nanny state as Senator Ben Nelson (D) of Nebraska has agreed to the over reaching, intrusive, over priced, and destructive health care Obamanation. It is amazing that the lives of over 300 million people will be destroyed by the votes of just 60 self centered, looking for fifteen minutes of fame elected bureaucrats.

As Sen. Nelson has made a massive back room deal that will force the nation to pay for Nebraska's health bill. Adding additional taxes in order to supplement Nebraska's portion of its state medicaid/medicare bills. We the people are, for lack of any other way to say it, SCREWED.

The "nanny" state is now not just talk but a reality as we can look for ward to food police, exercise police, the p.c. police entering our lives as never before. Telling us just how to live and when to die.Individual choice as to what we do and want to do will no longer be allowed in the name of social justice. Even though the social justice is a perverted, guilt ridden politically correct version of reality.

The concept of entitlement, rights, responsibility, will be forever blurred into a mass of government will take care of you. the call for do not worry about it should ring loud and clear now. The idea of responsibility and rights are no longer debatable. It is a right to have with no responsibility for consequences of the action.

The fact that the law currently prevents ANYONE from being denied health care does not matter. What is important, according to the progressives in congress is that the rich pay for it. That those who once strive for achievement are punished for believing that they can better their lives on their own with out the aid of a social based agenda. How dare you improve your lot in life with out improving the slackers who do not care if their lives improve or not. It is your responsibility to work and toil for others and not yourself and immediate family.

It is now your responsibility to support the state over your self and family. The many must be taken care of before the few. Individualism is bad. Independent thought must be eliminated. Personal responsibility falls away in order to promote perverted social justice for others. The indisputable fact that in nature man is not equal no longer will be recognised, but replaced with you are no better then anyone else. The self confidence of ego must be replaced with servitude and slavery.

This country was established, and suffered on the concept of individual responsibility with concern for our fellow man. Now it is replaced with collective indentured servitude to a collective goal that punishes the individual based upon race, social economic status, and individual thought.

Is it time for a second revolution? Would our founding father if alive allow this without discourse? We may be passed any chance of saving ourselves as the oxymoron of progressive liberalism oppresses the once free people of the United States of America, all with just 60 votes.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 

Pelosi Gloats, Obama Mopes, Dean is right

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi gloats about the passing of more inappropriate spending. Spending that was supposedly taken care of in the stimulus package. Fact that the shovel to pavement jobs were not there and this new spending plan is more unsupervised spending and political payoffs is par for coarse in this corrupt liberal government.

Meanwhile President Obama mopes, he decries the truth and spins his spending plan as the only way to get out of debt. By refusing to use basic simple economic principles. Those like if you do not have the money you can not spend it. President Obama wants to spends and barrow even more money then the tax payer has. His claims of Social Security and Medicaid going broke are true. Yet his plan to expand these programs and increase spending on them makes no sense at all on fiscal responsibility. His whining of a poor economy is not about him. No never about him, but how others are preventing him from spending this country into a state that we will never get out of.

Like a broken clock, which is right twice a day. Howard Dean is right about stopping this health care debacle. Unfortunately his reasoning is all wrong. As Dean, a product of spend , spend, spend idiocy, thinks that this health care does not spend enough, nor intrude into private lives enough.

What will 2010 hold for this country as we sink further into stupidity?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 

Clean Water Act/ government grab!!

What is the controversy about the new improved, revised edition to the Clean Water Act? Not much other then with the removal of a few words and semantics in interpretation nothing more then control over your private well.

Clean Water Restoration Act (Introduced in Senate)
S 787

( )

This Act may be cited as the `Clean Water Restoration Act'.

The purposes of this Act are--

(1) to reaffirm the original intent of Congress in enacting the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 (Public Law 92-500; 86 Stat. 816) to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the waters of the United States;

(2) to clearly define the waters of the United States that are subject to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.); and

(3) to provide protection to the waters of the United States to the maximum extent of the legislative authority of Congress under the Constitution.


(important to look at the wording of A and C )

(8) this Act will treat, as `waters of the United States', those features that were treated as such pursuant to the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Corps of Engineers in existence before the dates of the decisions referred to in paragraph (10), including--

(A) all waters which are subject to the ebb and flow of the tide;

(B) all interstate waters, including interstate wetlands;

(C) all other waters, such as intrastate lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, or natural ponds;

(D) all impoundments of waters of the United States;

(E) tributaries of the aforementioned waters;

(F) the territorial seas; and

(G) wetlands adjacent to the aforementioned waters;

(10) the ability to meet the national objective described in paragraph (3) has been undermined by the decisions of the United States Supreme Court in Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. United States Army Corps of Engineers, 531 U.S. 159 (January 9, 2001) and Rapanos v. United States, 547 U.S. 715 (June 19, 2006), which have resulted in confusion, permitting delays, increased costs, litigation, and reduced protections for waters of the United States described in paragraph (8); (this is where they plan to take over control of your private wells.)

(11) to restore original protections, Congress is the only entity that can reaffirm the geographical scope of waters that are protected under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act;

(12) the intent of Congress with the enactment of this Act is to restore geographical jurisdiction of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to that which was in existence before the dates of the decisions referred to in paragraph (10);

(13)(A) as set forth in section 6, nothing in this Act modifies or otherwise affects the amendments made by the Clean Water Act of 1977 (Public Law 95-217; 91 Stat. 1566) to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act that exempted certain activities, such as farming, silviculture, and ranching activities, as well as agricultural stormwater discharges and return flows from oil, gas, and mining operations and irrigated agriculture, from particular permitting requirements;


( the key of the takeover and restricting of your individual rights)

`(25) WATERS OF THE UNITED STATES- The term `waters of the United States' means all waters subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, the territorial seas, and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds, and all impoundments of the foregoing, to the fullest extent that these waters, or activities affecting these waters, are subject to the legislative power of Congress under the Constitution.'.


The Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.) is amended--

(1) by striking `navigable waters of the United States' each place it appears and inserting `waters of the United States';

(2) in section 304(l)(1) by striking `NAVIGABLE WATERS' in the heading and inserting `WATERS OF THE UNITED STATES'; and

(3) by striking `navigable waters' each place it appears and inserting `waters of the United States'.

The EPA is supposed to be put in charge of all this. We know from their current actions that they are power hungry and are threatening to void the Constitution and Congress to move forward on an environmental extreme green agenda. One that restricts productivity and advancement of a better way of life.

We have extremist in Washington, who are power hungry and literally stealing our country.


Chicago Thugs get Terrorist Neighbors

In American politics it once was thought that Texas was ruff and tumble. President Johnson and stuffed ballot boxes, missing votes, etc. However these lessons learned were noting that Chicago had not already been dealing with for years. With the likes of Al Capone running the south side and paying off Judges and police precincts to leave his crime syndicate, bootleggers alone.

Mayor Daley made it OK to accept votes from the dear departed. Helping keep his criminal enterprise in elected office. His son continues the family tradition. Look we have evidence that the Obama's are tied in with Blogovich and the attempted selling of his senate seat. SO crime is nothing new to Illinois or Chicago. Yet how fitting is it then that the terrorist from Gitmo will soon be moved to Thompson prison outside Chicago?

It seems that certain bed fellows , like bed bugs are hard to get rid of.

Despite the vast objections, and common sense when it comes to housing those who wish to kill us. President Obamanation is moving ahead and bringing his fellow "Islamic Extremist" to American soil. We have active training camps for Islamic TERRORIST currently on American soil. The largest population of Muslims is in Michigan, with growing Islam in the Great lakes area. Supported by our government with the importing of Somalian Islamist.

We cannot even secure our borders from rift raft that ILLEGALLY cross over. How are we to secure known TERRORIST form active American and west hating ideologues? We can't!

The questions are numerous again. As the New York 5 will be held here as well. How long until there is an attempt to free these killers. Where will they strike once they are free to run amok in this country?

Just why in the hell are we giving Constitutional rights to those who do not under the GENEVA convention rate more then an execution. ( combatants caught out of uniform are to be considered spies ).

This is just or evidence that the current administration is either ignorant, or that they truly hate this country.

Friday, December 11, 2009 

How extreme are Global Warming nuts?

In an amazingly genocidal column, global warming advocate calls for world wide genocidal programs based on the one child policy of China. The reasons and FUZZY math spewed forth by this nut bag is scary. You have to read the full column.

( )

Titled, The real inconvenient truth, The whole world needs to adopt China's one-child policy. Writer Diane Francis, concludes with the following absurdities.

China has proven that birth restriction is smart policy. Its middle class grows, all its citizens have housing, health care, education and food, and the one out of five human beings who live there are not overpopulating the planet.

She fails to mention the population numbers of the poor and their dismal standards of living in China. Nor does she talk about how good the elites have it in China.

For those who balk at the notion that governments should control family sizes, just wait until the growing human population turns twice as much pastureland into desert as is now the case, or when the Amazon is gone, the elephants disappear for good and wars erupt over water, scarce resources and spatial needs.

Again she fails to mention how the environmentalists have created a desert in California by having water shut off to the Farmers. She does not mention how a farmer in Colorado has gone to jail for using wells on his own land. ( Stealing water lands Fort Morgan farmer in jail ) These are problems created not inherited by those earth first wackos.

The point is that Copenhagen's talking points are beside the point.
The only fix is if all countries drastically reduce their populations, clean up their messes and impose mandatory conservation measures.

Her fuzzy math comes from her comments on the article. Here she states that 16,000 children die from abuse and from malnutrition in China everyday. Her math goes on to conclude that by only by aborting children can we reduce global warming and environmental problems. However her math by abortion does not add up to the deaths by other means she claims just in China.

These are the people in Copenhagen now. The same ones that President Obama has as Czars in his cabinet. If nothing else has scared you yet. The Nazi plan of genocidal elimination had better wake you up with cold sweats in the middle of the night.


Colorado Dems follow National leaders in money grab

Democrat state Rep. Joel Judd, follows the leadership of national democrats. He wants to ignore Colorado law, specifically TABOR, and go after businesses and their money.

“The question is: Do we provide education for children or do we get to go to a salon without paying a tax?” Judd told the Colorado Independent. “Nobody is going to feel good about it, but are we going to weigh the pain? Because it’s either cutting schools or making people pay that tax.” ( )

A clear swipe at the Colorado tax payer is the plan. Instead of reigning in careless spending and reckless increases in programs that are lacking on accountability and supervision. Rep. Judd wants to paint a picture of turning children out on to the streets and not providing education for them. A failing school system in Colorado that is lacking in the education department as it stands now, has nothing to do with this money grab. It is an excuse for piss poor fiscal responsibity.


Basically it says that Colorado government cannot increase taxes or spending if we are in a downturn in the economy. So the Dems want to increase taxes and increase spending by claiming if it only helps the children. An age old call from the liberals and progressives. This is how they skirt the law and steal our money. All the while increasing spending of our money with little to no oversight and caps on their credit line. That is to say the taxpayers pocket book.


What is Joe Biden doing?

Vice President Joe Biden was put in charge of the stimulus monies. Any one else remember how he said that he would account for every penny? Then in his speech earlier this week President Obamanation said that they were accounting for this money and Joe was doing a great job. That even though it was going to take another year and more money. They were accounting for every dime.

If this is the case,how come they haven't filed for bankruptcy yet? It is obvious that they can not handle monies of any type. How many millions have gone missing? Yes missing. Given to congressional districts that do not exist. Is this accountability? No not really. Technically you could say they know where the money is. So why has it not been taken back? That is where Joe has FAILED BIG TIME. Not to mention all the bogus monies that have been poured out to non stimulus programs that have nothing to do with helping the economy.

In fact just yesterday Barney "dancing queen" Frank has just approved 6 billion more dollars to go out to millionaires at air America. The failing radio stations who gambled on liberal talk and lost have used the Black Caucus to force the government into giving them money to support programs no one listens to. ( )

SO why has not Joe "I am on top of this" Biden said anything? Why has this not been stopped as a waste of OUR tax money?

More questions on the accountability of money being passed out like Ecstasy at a rave, remain unanswered.

We were told that there was numerous shovel to pavement programs ready to be funded. SO where are they?

Why have states like Colorado who had projects slated but not funded, diverted the funds planned for these projects accepted monies and then held up these projects till their original start dates? This is not shovel to pavement ready?

Why can't small businesses get funding, or awarded the contracts for work? These contracts are being set aside for UNION shops. Where is the fairness in this? Tell me Joe just what do you have to say about this?

Why do we need a second stimulus package when it is obvious that the first has been abused and not even all used up. With billions still waiting to be handed out to Obama's union buddies and other corrupt organizations (acorn ). Why is it necessary that more money be coughed up from the tax payer?

If Joe Biden can not even account for the money that is being handed out to who knows who. Just what exactly is Joey doing?

There are so many questions and not enough answers.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 

Obama LIES!!!! and poorly too!!!!

This is amazing. How in the world can a grown man go on national television and lie like he is. This is just breath taking.

President Obamanation is making his lies about the economy and jobs to the nation. He talks about being FISCALLY responsible, yet in the same sentence wants to spend , spend, spend. If he wants to gain any credibility then maybe he should take this extra tarp money and paying down the debt. Is this fiscally responsible? HELL YES it is. As a matter of fact this was a huge stipulation in even getting the tarp money in the first place. However being a typical progressive this is not an option for this bozo. Yes I said it. A bozo as in clown. I lack any respect for Obama. I will respect the office but the joke of a man in office has no respect for my country. So I refuse to respect this communist.

Lets take a hard look at some facts people. First, it was 2006 that the democrats took control of the House and the Senate. Low and behold that it was in late 2007 and 2008 that the economy started having trouble. Hmmm, a dot connection, dems in control and the economy starting to go south.

Next in 2008 Obama is elected to a House and Senate that is controlled by more progressive libtards. It has been 11 months now under a complete liberal progressive government. What have they done. A 787 Billion stimulus package that we find out money is going to NONEXISTENT CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS (just who's pocket huh?). We have a proposed 2 trillion dollar spending plan on health care that will only insure an additional 16 million. It still leaves people uninsured. This is not what they are promising.

We have the highest unemployment rate in thirty years with more unemployed on the way. The highest tax rate in the business world. You say not true, well we are second right now but under the new proposed taxes we will be Number 1.

President Obamanation tried to blame the Republican party for not jumping on his proposals, saying that they are obstructionist. The fact they are fiscally responsible and do not want to sigh on to his irresponsible plans does not make them obstructionist. It makes them SMARTER then he is.

Bottom line on all this. The economy has been having trouble since 2007. The democrats are the ones who have been in charge. 1 plus 1 equals two. If we continue to go along with the LIES of Obama and his cohort demorats. This country is going to be a third world nation. We are losing our triple A rating in the financial game. All do to the fact of an ever increasing debt. One that we need to take extra funds from tarp and the stimulus and pay down., not spend on feel good bogus welfare programs.

Monday, December 07, 2009 

Cap and Tax, Co2, Nanny State

Here it comes. Life as we know it is about to change dramatically for America and her sons and daughters. As our President jet sets to Copenhagen to schmooze with world propagandist on the mythical global warming. (by the way it is only 9F here right now!!!!!) The EPA is pushing Co2 control on this country. By the way is anyone out there really knowledgeable about what this proposal will do. Not only is it counter HUMAN by declaring the fact that Co2 is bad to the environment. Something that nature needs as plants breath Co2 to survive and exhale oxygen. But declaring the fact that we as human beings are killing the environment by just living.

The Cap and Tax dictatorship presently being drawn up by congress is the end all to end all on freedom for the small business man and industry in this country. As the fraud of carbon credits, a ponzi scheme, is pushed by the alter of Gore worshipers. The door to nanny ism will be blocked open. DO you realise that this B.S. will effect not only how we work, by limiting job options, jobs in general, but our private lives as well. In California they are taking this to dictate what televisions we are allowed to purchase and watch in our homes. There is talk about what light bulbs we can use. There is even a proposal to mandate the green police and give the the right to ignore the 4Th amendment and enter our homes and fine us for not being green enough.

The food we eat is already being artificially priced above and beyond what it should be. Why, because in California they have shut the water off to the farms that grow the produce. This is done to protect a fish over humans.

They screamed about pesticides being used , so here in America we adapted and changed, yet by shutting this water off they are encouraging the import of foods grown and covered with American banned pesticides. Does this make any sense. We are not allowed to use these chemicals but then again we are not being allowed to grow our own food while other countries say screw you on the pesticide ban and sell their crops to us at inflated import prices.

They are going to force us into driving their eco cars while they still jet around the world. Then punish us for their polluting. They are working hard on being food police claiming that American children are over weight, yet they will not let children be children. How dare we let kids run at recess, they may fall and skin their knees. Physical education is out because some children are not athletic. Gosh I wonder why kids gain weight then?

It is now time if there was ever a time for us, WE THE PEOPLE, to get involved. WE THE PEOPLE have to take back our country and reinforce the principle of a government of the people , by the people, and for the people.

Thursday, December 03, 2009 

Why Concealed Carry Permit is a must

Why is it so important to protect and hold the Second Amendment sacred? Well as the Sec. of Homeland Defense, Janet Napolitano, now refers to those domestic man made incidents as influenced domestic terrorism. It becomes more important then ever that the American citizen is allowed to defend themselves. How does the citizen do this? You go out and get a CCW, that is a permit to carry a concealed weapon. You get the training and practice.

As we see more and more of these terrorist are being allowed entrance and even imported by our government into this country. I refer to the Somalians who are being brought whole sale at over 1200 a month into this country yet are not bothering to assimilate to our ways, practice overtly sharia law over the Constitution and even travel back to their country to participate in terrorist acts of violence. Just one example to think about. Do not get me started on the open boarders , both north and south. Recall how the millinum bomber came down from Canada.

We have the wannabe terrorist bomber who was a bus driver out at Denver International Airport. A Somalian from Canada who was found dead in a Denver hotel room just before the DNC nomination of Obama with cyanide. The shooter at Ft. Hood, who was a Major in the United States Army, Maj. Nadal Hasan. There are on a quick google search over 20 active terrorist training camps in the United States right now. There was the shoot out with federal agents in Michigan by Islamic wannabe militants. Mostly converts from the prison system.

Does this raise the hair on your neck yet? It damn well should. Our fore fathers knew and had the fore sight to write into our Constitution a way for the citizenry to protect themselves, not just from an oppressive government but from criminals as well. This includes terrorists. It is and remains the second amendment. The right to keep and bare arms.

Thomas Jefferson said something to the effect that when the citizenry fears the government it is called tyranny. When the government fears the people it is called freedom. This applies to crime as well. When the people fear for their safety from criminals it is a form of terrorism. If criminals fear repercussions from the citizenry it is called justice.

A criminal is less likely to commit a crime if he or she knows that they will face justice. that is being punished for the crime. If a terrorist is thinking of taking a weapon and opening up on the public. The chances that the next one will not do it when he sees that the first was blown away by a little blue haired grandmother with a .44 magnum.

Think about it. If you are with your children would you rather wait around for someone else to protect them from a moron terrorist, or would you throw your body over your children and shoot the bastard terrorist yourself?


The Job Summit Farce

Why is the so called job summit taking place today, nothing more then a dog and pony show. In essence it is a farce , with nothing productive going to be established from it. Well to be blunt there is only one side of the issue being represented here. The government and big labor unions. Not anyone who represents small business where jobs are created.

The majority of jobs created are from small businesses. That is businesses that have less then 500 employees. These are the companies that are the backbone to this country. They are the ones who pay the majority of taxes and are hit hardest by new taxes and this health care scam being jammed down our throats. If these businesses cannot hire then the unemployment level will rise and the economy will fall.

As this current administration pays off their union buddies with rewards of increased power and monies to support their corrupt oppression of the working class. Those who do not belong to a union are being forced out of work and onto government welfare in order to survive. Working two and three jobs to maintain a living standard and raise a family.

This job summit is nothing more then a meet and greet four the unions and government. Unions want to control and dictate business i this country. We do not have to look any further then the auto industry debacle to see that unions have no clue as to how business works. What we have learned is that unions are the reason the auto industry has failed. When GM and Chrysler were forced to accept bailout monies the unions stepped in and these companies are no better off now then they were before the bailout. The only difference is that the private investor was cheated out of their investments in these companies while big unions and pro labor forces were paid for votes for socialist leaning officials.

A huge employer in the economy is being ignored. This is the space industry. Not only NASA but those companies that invest and enhance our lives by developing tech that not only is for space exploration but raises the living standard world wide. ( example is the transistor that lead to the micro chip. you would not have a cell phone or a flat screen television with out the space industry)

This entire section of the economy is not even represented in this job summit. Hundreds of thousands of employees are involved here. Boeing, Locked Martin, Sun strand, Ball industry, just to name a few off the top of my head. These companies not only work with the government but are private and employee thousands and thousands. Should they not be heard as well. Should not the government instead of cutting the space exploration budget encourage it some more. Also these companies contribute hugely to the military as well. A large employer in its self.

What would help stop unemployment? Well if this current administration would take a basic economic class and learn what supply and demand is would be a good start. An understanding that raising taxes on corporations which includes small business, because they are taxed on gross income not net, is hampering not helping.

By picking on corporations and raising taxes on them they force these companies to out source and move over seas. This in no way aids in our economy and unemployment problems now does it.If a company moves then the jobs here disappear, right? You betcha.

In summation, this P.R. meeting today at the White House is a farce and benefits no one that matters.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 

Very easy to Criticise

It is very easy to criticise and use 20/20 hind sight. Many sit and ask, wonder what would I do then if I were in charge. I sit here and criticise how the left and President Obama in my opinion are bungling the war effort on terror. So what would I do?

I have given this a lot of thought.

First a reminder must be made that this is a war and in war terrible things happen and people die. This must be made clear and understood. No misconception as to the horrors of war.

Secondly the trust and support of the military must be regained. A show that they are supported and will receive the man power and supplies that they need will be given.

The rules of war under the international Geneva convention would be reinstated and the political correct nonsense removed. A hands off approach by the Elected numbskull's in Washington D.C. must be instated.

An overall assault by the military using the American military might will be used. All the power, pride, resourcefulness, and determination of the greatest military in the world will be unleashed.

A clear goal and objective would be set and not changed. That goal is to win and defeat those who attack us. A warning to the world that America will not be attacked and those who hide and aid our enemies are our enemies.

The actual plan and implementation of the war would be left to those competent, ie: Generals. A suggested use of Air power followed by an all out ground offensive would be supported.

There would be no other higher priority then the WINNING OF THE WAR.

A ramping up of the war industry would help the economy by creating jobs and lowering unemployment. This would also give many health insurance offered by employment. Encouragement of new technologies that not only aid in the safety of military personnel but enhance our lives would be promoted. A reorganization of National Security priorities that include securing the boarder, prosecuting crimes under proper guidelines (meaning terrorist under military law, subversives under war crimes law, and spies facing the death penalty) would be a must.

This is how I would run the war. You asked I told.


Officially Obama and the lefts war now

There can be no deny it now. this is Obama's and the lefts war. One that looks to be another failure by leadership and play calling from politicians instead of Military Generals.

As President Obama tried to look presidential by speaking at West Point, he talked about the end game without mentioning the most important part. The winning of the game. Instead this poser spoke of an increase in personnel and then the withdrawal of military personnel and equipment. All the while he hinted and tried to blame the previous administration for problems he has exasperated and compounded to no end.

A quadrupling of the debt, increased without reason spending, increased unemployment do to lack of economic understanding and the forced make believe health care problems.

This new plan for the war on TERRORISM (Afghanistan) is nothing but a projection to the enemy. The enemy by the way who plots and schemes bidding their time and waiting. A timeline in which they can go and hide , regroup, resupply, reorganise, and prepare.

What would the German Marshalls who planned and executed the Blitzkrieg of WWII have done if Churchill, FDR and STALIN had set dates and time lines , then published them to the world? I am sure Europe would be speaking German today along with most of Africa.

The fear of another Viet Nam is looking more like a reality and repeat of history as leftist politicians and ideological buffoons ( Possibly Obama, just saying if the shoe fits) try to inject their thinking into a subject they do not understand nor support. By having politicians run and call the shots, placing limitations on rules of engagement, the handicaps are unbelievable. is it any wonder that the moral is dropping in the military.

The hypocritical cry from Obama and the left about how to pay for this war while they plunder this countries economic future is amazing. It should be front page news. The fact that while they do not want to spend on national defense , yet want to increase porkulus and welfare spending is the leading story. As Obama and his cronies spin this country with mistruths and flat out lies. We are at war.

Make no mistake about this. There is an enemy out there who will kill us. Just as the sun comes up in the east every morning, Islam will do what it can to change our lives. Not for the better either.

A little off topic but I defy any one to show me an Islamic country that leads the word in any thing from science to standards in living. You can not because there is not one out there. They are all back water oppressive states.

President Obama took this war on as his during the campaign leading to the 2008 election. He campaigned on it and talked about how he had strategies for it. Then after the election in March 2009 he said again he had a plan for it as well. Now December of 2009 he talks about a surge. A surge he did not support but was effective in Iraq. He misleads when he hints that this is not a surge and that we are to increase as we decrease our military presence in Afghanistan. Double talk that by changing a few words could be the same for his economic plan for this country. We must stop deficit spending while we spend more money.

2012 can not come soon enough to remove this failed President from office.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 

Shed no tears: Maurice Clemmons DEAD

I would not shed any tears over the Seattle P.D. shooting and killing this thug. Remember that Maurice brutally and savagely attacked and executed four police officers. In an ambush he walked into a coffee shop and shot the officers killing three and fighting with before killing the fourth.

Maurice Clemmons was nothing more then a low life career criminal. Clemmons’ criminal history includes at least five felony convictions in Arkansas and at least eight felony charges in Washington. His step up or down in the murdering of Police officers just exemplifies his nonredeemable ability to fit into a civil society.

Clemmons family and friends appear to have helped keep this POS o the lamb. This is not the first time they have protected and hid this thug from the law. As it stands this morning three others are under arrest for aiding this man in his attempt to evade the law.

There should be rallies for the law enforcement in Seattle for their saving the tax payer thousands of dollars in a trial for this man. however I am sure that the ACLU and race baiters are burning up the email and phone lines getting ready to sully the reputation of the law for apprehending this murderer dead or alive, dead in this case.

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