Thursday, August 26, 2010 

A harsh economic winter

Why this fall and winter will be a harsh one has nothing to do with the weather itself. It has to do with bad policy, a lack of caring and piss poor leadership out of elected officials across this nation. Not only is there blame in Washington but all across this country in local and state legislatures as well. With liberals mouthing the same old lines being sent from Washington as speaking points, there is no economic strategy being put forth to solve the problems.

Unemployment numbers are on the rise yet again. They are only going to go up. Why you ask, simple. It is that time of the year again where seasonal workers jobs will be ending. This always brings unemployment numbers up. Just like in the spring they go down a little bit. However the big increase in the unemployment is going to come from the small and medium sized businesses who are having to adjust for the "health care" debacle that is beginning to be implemented.

As White Castle restaurants have announced. That they are going to have to lay off employees in order to pay for the new taxes being imposed. Other restaurant chains will soon be doing the same. It should come as no surprise that medical manufacturing companies are doing the same. As a specific section of the health care bill called for the oppressive taxing of these companies. Declaring that they should not be able to make profit on the back of those who need their equipment.

So what does our elected officials have to say about this? NOTHING. The democrats (liberals), all fall in line with the Obamanation line of "nothing is wrong and we are going in the right direction" bull. The RINO's just say no. Only a couple of Repugnants have offered any public option to the oppression of the current liberal establishment.

So as the mid term elections , only 68 days away happen. We will see more and more people filing for unemployment do to the above mentioned factors. Multiply this by a lame congress who will push poor policy through legislation. Be it as a way to screw those who voted them out or as a celebration of voter fraud in keeping their own skins employed. This winter of 2011 will be bleak on the economic front.

Monday, August 16, 2010 

Illegal Immigration is not a one position problem

Illegal immigration is far more then just people crossing the border. It has many facets. From creating a new under class of poverty to economic drains. It has lead to the bankruptcy of many hospitals, and is ruining our health care system. Not that Obama care is not going to do that as well. High unemployment is another factor from illegal immigration. No it is far more then just the agricultural point.

Many seasonal jobs and part time jobs that once were a mainstay of income for the school class (16 to 24 year old) is no longer there. American youth looking to earn money for school can not find jobs because there are none. Being filled by those who are here illegally. Remember when you went to a fast food stand and could order in English?

What about the local kid who mowed your lawn. He is gone replaced by illegals in many cases. It is rare not to see a Hispanic hanging off the back end of a trash truck. Sounds bad but in the back of many a mind the thought "is he legal" is there.

Identification Theft is up as illegals look for ways to legitimise themselves. This ruining lives with their theft of social security numbers. Wrecking credit for American Citizens who have worked hard to establish good credit. I have personal knowledge of one person who was admitted into a hospital then arrested for using his own social security number. Charges were never filed but the hassle of having to prove he was who he said he was, because someone else had been in the hospital using his social security number. The answer from the police. Live with it. You do the foot work in finding this person and then we might arrest them. Political favoritism for criminals over citizens. This person had to have family bring in his birth certificate to prove he was born here. Bring in his social security issued card. Then wait for the police to run a check with social security to confirm he was issued said number. Now he has to request a new number.

Another person I know had to request the same after identity theft. No she has two numbers and social security refuses to correct their mistake. All the while multiple people are no using the first number while she is having to continue the fight to correct her credit because of this.

These are only two examples. The drain on the economy is multi layered from handouts in the welfare system, to federal programs that aid illegals over American citizens who are hurting during these bad times. Education programs that citizens do not qualify for and have to pay higher fees for.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is far more then a single issue problem. Reform is not an answer. Enforcing the law, protecting and providing for Citizens is the answer.


It is an INVASION, War is declared.

American sovereignty is being ceded by our yellow belly Washington liberals. The southern boarder with Mexico is being redrawn and America is loosing territory while our fellow citizens are being terrorized.

Mexican punks and criminals are running ramp id and taking over parts of New Mexico and Arizona while our elected officials turn a cowardly back on the situation and place warning signs of a danger that has been preventable. A lack of leadership and commitment by leftist world order and open boarder sedition supporters ignore the problem.

Being removed in their tax payer paid for offices they refuse to listen to those who are in harms way. The Illegal ALIEN ISSUE is much more then a few "displaced migrant workers" looking to improve their status in life. It is a war on our society and way of life. As human smuggling and drug transportation, along with increased violent crime is being forced upon this country.

Cochise county is covered in signs warning Americans not to go and travel in our own country. Instead of sending federal agents, or even the military in to remove with extreme prejudice, criminals. Our fearless Obama lead government retreats and takes the cowards way out. Moving in reverse and ignoring the problem. Pulling ICE and BORDER patrol agents away from the problem. A Hickenlooper tactic, "it is too dangerous to perform their job." (referance to his sending snow plows home instead of plowing the roads).

As Sheriff Joe Arpaio leads the fight against these criminals, other Sheriffs are not backing down along the border. Recall in Texas where the sheriff told the citizens of his county to arm themselves. Thank GOD for the second amendment.

California took the first step by improving the fence along the Tijuana San Diego border. However the Tijuana cartels are receiving aid from Real Estate agents, Bankers, and Lawyers from the ACLU who want the fence tore down. Selling land adjacent to the border allowing tunnels to be dug, hiding and laundering drug and human trafficking monies, and most seditious of all suing the government for Protecting Americans.

Governor Brewer of Arizona has taken the next step and said Arizona will enforce the National Law if the feds refuse to. For her stance she now has to ask for donations for a legal defense fund of the Federal LAW. Texas Governor Perry is raising the issue along his border and has threatened cession from the union. However Governor Richardson in New Mexico seems to think all is fine and that there is no problem except on the American side of the border caused by America.

Make no mistake there is a war and it has been going on for years. It is about to explode into shooting on the American side. In fact it already has. With gang banging punks and thugs in major cities arbitrarily killing innocent people to control drug neighborhoods. El Paso has had the city hall hit with bullets. A price has been put on the head of America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The lack of backbone by our Obama lead cowardly government is only embolden these degenerate punks. Knowing that they will not be asked immigration status, prosecuted as criminals and treated with kid gloves by policy from Washington enforced by the American Communist Liberation Unit (the ACLU). Is causing terror along the boarder towns.

If the federal government refuses to do its job. That is to protect the citizenry and territories of the United States. If State governments are being judicially hamstrung by seditonist. Then it falls to those who are the real power in this country. The last group who the power is given from and controls the the power in this country. It is time for the PEOPLE to take matters into their own hands and defend this country.

Saturday, August 14, 2010 

Coloradoans do not understand/Colorado Tea Party a sham

I am proud to claim my Colorado heritage. Except for my time in the military I have spent my life here in the Mile High State, the gateway to the Rockies. It amazes me on the political scene just how either stupid or naive Coloradoans are.

In this years clamour to claim Tea Party support and reclaim conservatism, the spin and ignorance is showing without any thought. Colorado is jumping on so called Conservative candidates who are really nothing more then the same old same old. A RINO is nothing more then a liberal in disguise.

Yet it appears that RINO's are the choice of the "informed" voter. This is intolerable. The claim by Tea Party activist is information and well rounded thought on issues that have been perverted and made to walk the fine grey line of unconstitutionality.

The out pouring of Ken Buck support over Norton for the Republican Senatorial nomination is a prime example of lack of informed voters knee jerk reaction to political commercials. Ken Buck is nothing more then a Cintonite and soon to be Obama supporter. His past history clearly shows his disregard for the voter and a pushing of a liberal protectionist agenda.

Dan Maes, a no body is heralded as the next Governor of the State by Tea Party activists. Yet when one tries to ask about this man the only answer is that "oh he is a great business man". OK so what are his positions on the issues? Where does he stand on the sanctuary status that Gov Ritter and Mayor Hickenlooper have in placed. What about the over reaching budget that is penalising the Colorado small business man and tax payer? There is no answer. A quick google search reveals non answers as answers.

The latest Rasmussen survey has declared Colorado a Democrat state for this November election. With Hickenlooper in a double digit lead over Maes. Even Sen. Bennett a clear Obama bootlicker is leading Buck in the polls. You may want to look at the recent voting record of the Mass Senator who took Kennedy's seat. He won on a wave of change and Tea Party support, yet is no better then another Kennedy when it comes to voting.

While the Tea Party in Colorado spouts its support for candidates with a left liberal and non conservative history. It looks like the Liberals may pull out a win and keep Colorado under the thumb of increasing oppression to the Tax Payer.

It is evident that RINO is the ideal conservative for Colorado as real conservative candidates were dismissed early in the primaries.

Also the outrage over certain actions by the left and fake outrage over things said and done are the act of the day by the established RINO commentators against yet another candidate, Tom Tancredo.

Nationally Hugh Hewitt, of which I have met and worked with on several occasions. Is leading the charge against Tancredo. A total hypocritical stance with Hugh's comments about things. Congressman Tancredo did an excellent job as an elected official representing Colorado over the years. With reelection after reelection. Yet no that he has spoken out against the Obama administration and pointed out many acts that boarder on illegal activity, impeachable, and offensive to any Constitutional loving American. Tom is being harangued as some far right wacko. In reality He did not support the War in Iraq or Afghanistan. He supports the legalization of medicinal marijuana, very left leaning positions.

What Tancredo is being accused of is racism. A total lie. All because out of any candidate in Colorado today. Tancredo is the only one who has any sort of plan to secure this state against the invasion of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Something that is not politically correct even to RINO's like Hugh Hewitt.

While no one other then Tancredo is bringing forth the sanctuary and incompetence of Hickenlooper on this topic. Hickenlooper is gaining support. It would seem that Coloradoans have short memories. It was not so long ago that the city of Denver ousted Mayor McNickels because of a lack of snow removal capabilities. However a pass is being given to Hickenlopper who sent home the snow plow drivers because "the conditions were to dangerous". to be out of the roads. A clear lack of brain power on that. As a former state employee who did plow the roads. This is when the plows are supposed to be on the roads. Not parked in the yards waiting for the next sunny day. So Hickenlooper wastes tax payers money and throws a sledding and hot chocolate day for his lack of judgment.

Do not let us forget how Hickenlooper employed ILLEGALS to work in his businesses and restaurants. One of which became famous for the execution of a off duty Denver Police officer. Hickenloopers support for the dropping of the death penalty in order to prosecute this thug , punk was totally wrong.

Under Hickenloopers leadership Denver is over budget, over taxed, lacks civic pride by its workers. As well noted every time you see city workers standing around and ignoring the tax payer whom they are to serve. You have had phallic symbols in civic park, nudist riding bikes through the streets, and an over whelming increase in crime. Crime which the city has tried to cover up and not tell the citizenry about. Recall the roving band of thugs who attack Hispanic and single white males on the streets. Yet do to political correctness these punks have not been charged with hate crimes.

The resurfacing of Colorado Conservatism is a reality, however it is being corrupted by those who are spinning and ignoring the problems that this state is facing. By supporting RINO's. It is a loose loose situation, or a win win if you are a pot smoking hand out receiving , lack of personal fortitude and work ethic Boulderite.

With only eighty days left to the election, the time to get informed if you are a voter is almost over. The real spin and distortion of records and positions is beginning. National and International money is going to be coming in to support candidates and put out commercials that do not tell the whole truth.

Do not rely on a friend in the Tea Party to inform you on things. You had best go to the source and ask questions, take notes and get informed.

Friday, August 06, 2010 

Why Kagen's appointment is wrong.

The main reason that Kagen as a Supreme Court Justice is all wrong is the legislation from the bench factor. Overall a balance of Conservative and Liberal beliefs are a good thing. The balance helps bring about what should be fair and balanced CONSTITUTIONAL decisions. However with a person like Kagen the Constitution does not matter.

The outlandish decision in California this week over turning the will of the people on prop 8 by an activist judge is only the beginning. Now with a person (Kagen) who has no bench experience, argues that one must decide from the heart and take international law decisions and apply them here. Makes for a scary, very scary scenario.

Just think about it. You are assaulted or robbed but in the name of social justice there is no prosecution. Well there is, you. Not only are you the victim but then they charge you with racism or some other B.S. P.C. concept. This all in the name of some fantasy of reality.

This is what Kagen brings to the bench. Judgement from the heart and a far far far left perspective. One that ignores the CONSTITUTION and recognises European Law over American law.

Congress has done the American people no favors with this appointment.

Monday, August 02, 2010 

Mexican Drug Cartels are Stupido, no brains.

When I first read this I was a little upset. Then I had to laugh. As a matter of fact I am still laughing at the stupidity of the Mexican Drug Cartels. Just what is so funny? Well it seems that these cowards on the other side of the boarder have p[laced a million dollar bounty on the head of America's favorite Sheriff, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona.

Now at first, like I said this upset me and made me mad. How dare they even contemplate assassination of an American officer of the Law let alone a U.S. citizen. This in my book changes the rules. It means that all is fair in retaliation on these punks. In plain terms their homes , their families, their dogs and cats. All are targets of extreme prejudice.

After having reread the article ( Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts A Price On Arizona Sheriff's Head, MyFoxNews Phoenix ) I have to laugh at the stupidity of this possible move. Do the Drug Cartels actually think that even President Obama would be allowed to ignore this. We all know he would try but the American people would never allow that.

For an outside entity, even a criminal organization of thugs and murderers like the cartels, to ever come after American citizens or officials is just getting a little big for their own britches. In honesty do they believe that hiding below the boarder would protect them? Anyone ever associated with or had dealings with the cartels in any form would be open targets for not only the law but every American citizen who supports Sheriff Joe. Now that is millions of Americans who do. There would be no safe place north of the boarder for them to even think about doing business in. Then I am willing to place money on it that many Arizonans would be attempting or willing to ignore the boarder like the Mexicans do and go south after the punks.

Hell I would be willing to go on a snipe hunt south of the boarder should they attempt to hurt Sheriff Joe. It is the principle of the act. The act of coming in to Our Country and trying to dictate to us our laws. Hell we have a big enough problem with this President and Congress ignoring the law. However it is an internal (family) problem. When it comes to outsiders. Remember the bombing of Afghanistan. As Toby Kieth correctly said. "We'll put a boot in your ass."

So if the cartels are really being this stupid, remember you reap what you sow and the whirlwind is bigger and more devastating then the breeze.

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