Friday, February 26, 2010 

Arrogance or Hypocracy?

Is Vice President Joe Biden arrogant or is he just incompetent?

Biden: 'It's easy being vice president -- you don't have to do anything'...

Not doing anything pretty much sums up Biden's career.

Thursday, February 25, 2010 

Should this be a surprise?

The numbers are out and they are up. It is the first time filers for unemployment. An upswing last week of 490,000 plus. Should this be a surprise to anyone? No not at all. As a matter of fact despite the so called experts being surprised a little at the numbers, it should not be surprising at all. As policies out of Washington come out and screw the economy on a daily basis. These numbers will go up, maybe down a little , but with no real significant change.

Small businesses are not hiring , and big business is laying off. It is all because they have no clue what Washington plans to do to them next. We have an artificially inflated stock market again. Be ready for it to fall soon. Then we have the push of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages. Any one recall how it was really poor business and stupidity by Fannie and Freddie that was the major cause in the housing bubble. So they are pushing these two financial institutes hard for more loans to those who have no business financially getting a loan in the first place.

The biggest factor in the numbers for unemployment that will rise on March 8Th, will be what happens in today's "health care" dog and pony show. Depending on how President Obama spins his plan to oppress our health care system and how the Republicans counter the spin. This will determine whether or not we see 500,000 new filings or not.

Do not be surprised when businesses opt to protect themselves and lay more people off. All in reaction to the new taxes and policies that are going to cripple the economy and ruin this country.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 

Iran? No worries China has them

So talk just does not work now does it President Obama and all your touchy feely liberals. Now you change your tune on position of Iran and its development of nuclear arms. You are worried that the truth of a possible nuclear capable Iran is going to be reality. Something we have seen coming for years and you were warned about.

Well with the no action and worthless state department now utterly controlled with ideologues and people who have no grip on reality. Here do not worry. Even though the united Nations now recognises the fact of the threats posed by a madman in Iran, Russia even beginning to speak out against Iran. We, with contempt have seeded our position as world leader as fast as Obama can run to China.

Iran is now China's problem. But no need to worry because China, unlike the Obama administration will act. China will not run to the United Nations and cry, beg, and plead for permission to act. China will take care of Iran when the time is right for them.


Van Jones a Treasure?

So the NAACP is going to vote the discredited Van Jones as an American Treasure. Why? This man is nothing more then a race baiter, subversive activist, and a hate monger. Is this what America truly values as treasure. All the things we supposedly stand against? A person who with every press conference and public speaking engagement spews forth vile hatred and untruths?

If this is an American treasure then America truly is falling and is in a world of hurt. The NAACP and any other organization that supports such nominations and recognitions are morally lacking and need to be scrutinized as to their motives and agenda. For they must also be racist.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 

How is your Stimulus working out?

So the news is full of "One Year Later Stimulus" reports. If you are watching the one sided networks , one might believe it is doing well. If you are in touch with any real reporting you have seen Fox, or better yet Fox Business Channel. The reports are not quit so cheerful there.

Now if you are really informed you have looked, scoured the Internet and read, studied for yourself the truth of the matter. The stimulus really has done nothing but hike the national debt to record highs and decades of bills to be paid. Now that one year has passed all these so called saved jobs are again running out of money to keep people employed. State and local governments are looking for money to make their payrolls. The same scenario they were in a year ago. So tell me is that stimulus working?

Good old Joe (that's Vice President Joe Biden, but to us he likes to go by Joe), is supposed to be on top of the distribution of stimulus monies. However as each day goes by we find more and more reports of fraud and disappearing money to questionable non existent projects and companies. So Joe, where is the money, or as the peeps say, Show me the money Joe!

The absolute arrogance of the liberals in Washington and the lies being bandied about are getting way to deep. I would advise we all but stock in waders. If the economic policies of this last year are any indication of the strategies that President Obama is going to follow on through this year, it is going to be a long and hard year.

Saturday, February 13, 2010 

Obama pats his back for spending a dollar to save a penny

President Obama once again tries to spin the truth and make us feel good. Lies and miss truths on his economic plans for recovery of his out of control budgets and party. How is it he can look any one in the eye with a straight face and say "I have cut 20 billion from the budget". Then sign a budget that is record setting. It is absurd. This man has no fiscal or economic sense. Let alone that his Constitutional understanding is under scrutiny.

Think about this people. He claims that the spend as we go plan will save money. Yet he refuses to reign in his own spending at the White house. We could save an easy 2 to 3 hundred million a year alone by getting rid of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL CZARS. Their salaries are a waste to begin with. All they are is an unapproved by the Senate cabinet. Not to mention another look at the 73 million a year that Michelle Obama spends on the largest staff that any First Lady has ever had. Last time I checked , a staff of 23 at that price is over three million a year per member. Why are they being paid so much? Justify this please.

Pay as you go means that there is a cap on spending. If you increase one departments spending another is decreased. So what department is he cutting in monies to increase his social departments? This is an end run to make it sound like he is going to reign in spending. However by law there are certain parts of the government he cannot cut. Yet under this pay as you go he can siphon money from them to pay for others. Thus he has to increase the budget to cover the redistribution of funds. It is a spin to increase taxes and push America further into bankruptcy and indentured servitude of the workforce.

The bottom line other then he (Obama) lies to us, is that as long as the liberals continue to spend, taxes will go up and our net worth will go down.


Colorado follows Washington Healthcare Folly

Warning to all Colorado taxpayers and citizens. Gov. Ritter and the Democrat controlled state House and Senate, plan to follow the trend of fiscal irresponsibility and ram down the throats of the people a health care system we do not want. Only they plan to piece meal this into law.

Gov. Ritter has said that the that national health reform has been "bogged down by partisan gridlock." Once again propagandising a social agenda and blaming common sense from allowing it to pass.

The latest state proposals would:

• Prohibit insurance companies from charging women more than men for individual health coverage. (Why? Is the government saying that all are physically equal and that is one test is good for one sex it is good for another? Men and Women are different and require different care and pre care. The cost of this is not equal at all. You may reduce the cost perhaps, but you cannot equal out across the board the cost of care.)

• Provide incentives, using federal funds and private money, to encourage nurses and doctors to work in rural and undeserved communities. (provide incentives with federal money? Oh like the feds are going to give one state more money over another state? Nebraska and Sen. Nelson sound familiar?)

• Eliminate administrative duplication in the state Medicaid program and more aggressively attack fraud, a plan they said could save millions of dollars each year. (This actually is sensible and reasonable. However the oxymoron in this is that the state is going to investigate. They are the ones who approve and allow the highest level of fraud to accure.)

• Require insurance companies to write policies in "plain English" so consumers know exactly what is covered before purchasing a plan. ( Just who determines what plain English is. Ever sit down and read government language they consider plain?)

• Create an online statewide database that eventually would allow the public to compare physicians' patient outcomes. ( Again another public database that has more potential for abuse and the ability to allow identity theft. Medical records are the number one source for Identity Theft information.)

• Require insurers to cover breast-cancer screening. (Is this not already an option? You have to read your policy and find out if it is covered. If not you can always get it as part of the coverage.)

This is only the beginning. It is all planned out from Chicago. The socialist agenda if not pushed from national levels, will be forced upon the people at local levels. The bottom line in all this is how will it be paid for. I am not against an overhaul of the medical profession. Starting with the insurance companies and followed by TORT reform on all these ridiculous lawsuits. The government is not a better partner in business, health or in our lives. It is the enemy to a free people. Of coarse you have to have a government , but it must be limited in how far it enters into our lives and takes control of free will.

As Colorado falls short on its budget again under Gov. Ritter. Fiscal responsibility is being thrown to the wind. It is a spend, spend , spend mentality that is moving this state closer to California in its economy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 

Deadliest Catch favorite Phil Harris dead at 53

Over the last few years we have become familiar with one of the if not the most dangerous job on the planet, Crab fishing of Alaska. The cable show Deadliest Catch has brought into our homes the stories and lives of the crab fleet. Out of those we have learned about we have become acquainted with the crews , families and Captains of the ships that adorn our tables with crab legs.

Out of these ships and crews several have been highlighted and kept under the spot light. The Northwestern, Captained by Sig Hansen. The Time Bandit, crewed and Captained by the fun loving Hillstrand brothers. The Wizard, operated by the Colburn brothers. Then my personal favorite is the Cornelia Marie.

Phil Harris spent the last 18 years at the helm of this ship. A total of 32 years in the industry of bringing crab legs to the dinner table. Long hours behind the helm in conditions that make a salty seaman worried. Phil Harris brought a sense of humor, and respect for the job to the landlocked masses who sat glued to their televisions watching.

Phil Harris suffered a near death experience before the cameras as a blood clot moved from his leg through his heart and lung. After a rouge wave nailed the Cornelia Marie one night, Phil was injured. Thinking it may have been a broken rib, Phil sucked it up for several days before setting sail to port for medical treatment. Proof that his was a job where the individual did take second place to the ship.

Saturday the 30Th of January, Captain Phil suffered a stroke while offloading his catch. Captain Phil hung on to life with his memorable bluntness and persona with telling the doctors and nurses, "Don't f*ck up.", on Feb 3RD. It was not until the 9TH that he passed away.

My personal heart felt condolences go out to the crew of the Cornelia Marie and the Harris family. Your father and Captain will be missed.


Obama is Failing

It would appear that the American voter and citizen is waking up. The pressure being placed upon those elected to office as Representatives of the people is hitting new highs. We are seeing the left fall apart and come unhinged. As the rhetoric becomes more and more insulting and harsh in the battle of ideology. The left is imploding.

The in fighting and blame game is better then any day time soap could ever wish for. Now the blame is being placed on to Rahm Emmanuel. It is his fault for not implementing Obama's plan of socialism. The Democrats have publicly stated that if Rahm had better initiated the wants and ideas of Obama we would have socialised medicine and more debt. That Rahm has miss read the Senate and not fully understood what he was to do.

I am sure that Rahm is not liking this theory of failure from the left at all. I would be careful not to open any newspapers in the future if I were the left. It may be a little fishy and smelly.

Rahm is not the only example of how the left and Obama are failing. A huge vote was made yesterday that fortunately turned out good for the people. The defeat of the labor nomination of union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board by the senate is yet another blow to the left. As Sen. Nelson from Nebraska and Sen. Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas, both Democrats. Voted against their party leaders nominee of a pro union lawyer and supporter of unions over the individual workers rights. This is a major set back in the socialization of America. Now that the individual is being seen as important over the collective. Something that the Socialist do not think is right. The American people are winning.

More failures of this administration are evident in daily operations. For example, let us look at this current snow storm. How can a city or local government, especially one like Washington D.C. not be some what prepared for this. It is reported that 25% of the snow removal equipment is down and was not up before the storm hit. That is 25% or 60 vehicles. A total of 240 snow removal pieces of equipment is not a lot to begin with for a municipality as large as Washington D.C. Now you are asking how does this equate to a failure of President Obama. It does not directly reflect upon him , but at the same time it does.

In the mid west and in the west when these storms hit, the snow removal crews are on a 24 hour shift. Usually 12 on 12 off. A round the clock work force. The mechanics are on call and the blue collar workers are notified prior to the storm so that equipment can be given maintenance to enable it for use. Employees in other sectors put on their winter gear and plunge headlong off to work.

So in Washington we have what I will call the Hickenlooper effect. They stay home. Much like Mayor Hickenlooper told the snow removal crews in Denver a couple years ago to do. Claiming it was too dangerous for them to do their job of snow removal. Costing the Denver taxpayer several hundred thousand dollars in an apology of cookies and hot chocolate, not to mention several months of poor road conditions.

What this demonstrates is a lack of planning and preparedness. Something that one would think if any city in the nation should have is Washington D.C. It does not take a genius to see that if a major snow storm, or a weather event is on the way to prepare for it. It means cowboying up and putting in a little time, sweat , and common sense in planning , prepardness and effort to work through the problem.

You cannot tell me that in Washington, with such a high rate of unemployment there. That there are no daily labor companies. These companies are commonly used in Denver by businesses in snow removal. Yes it is hard work and often lousy conditions as you are outside. However with snow shovels in hand the side walks, walk paths, and other places are cleaned up.

Look this is white gold on the ground and all Obama needs to do is delegate a little common sense. There are enough landscaping companies there to contract with. Hire them to take their front end loaders, skid loaders and dump trucks to remove this gold. However what do we have. A costly $100,000,000.00 a day to shut the government down. Paying employees to sit on their backsides at home. Not a very good use of man power or money.

Where else is Obama failing at? just take a look at any of the current polls and you will see. Not only is the economy still a problem, spending is out of hand, moral is dropping, and support for Obama is sliding.

Sunday, February 07, 2010 

The Tea Party Revolution

The revolution is brewing, (no pun intended). As the first Tea Party Convention wraps up after the key note speech of the awesome Sarah Palin lays it out in easy to understand terms. The people of this great country are finding their voice and letting those who would usurp the true power of the Constitution from the rightful heirs.

Pundits are trying to tie the tea party movement to being only a group of far right neo cons in the republican party. The truth of the matter is that the Tea Party is not extremist from the right. It is main stream America waking up and voicing their frustration at the lack of representation in Washington D.C.

The "Tea Baggers", as the lame street media calls these people. Are from the Democratic party, the Republican party, and independents. They come from white collar, blue collar, rich, poor, all backgrounds that this country is made of. Their message is not a radical one. It is a message of inalienable rights. Freedoms fought for and won by those who sought a government by the people, of the people, and for the people of this Republic.

This is grass roots America no longer the silent majority. It is grass roots politics waking up and saying enough is enough. Unfortunately this is not what you will here later today on the Sunday morning "news talk" shows form the lame street media. They will propagandise , and spin it as a radical meeting of extremists from the right who are plotting to over throw the government.

The left and mouth pieces for the current administration will try to make you believe that this is a small movement and a little noisy but of no real consequences. A false hood in every word they say and spin.

Let the tea kettle whistle and the word go forth that the American people are going to take their country back.

Friday, February 05, 2010 

Time to DEMAND accountability!

Times may be changing , and hope may yet shine in Washington. However it will only happen if "WE THE PEOPLE" demand accountability of the government.

As President Obama and the Democratic leadership pushes more socialistic policies upon us, the people. It is waaaay past time to demand accountability of those in government and holding any government job. From those who sit on their backsides and surf porno sites on government computers all day. To those who have way to many cocktails with Pelosi on her public funded private jet.

When the Secretary of Transportation makes a "misstatement" and sends a companies stocks downward. Then it is time we find a NEW Sec. of Transportation. The irresponsible act of opening his mouth and purposefully saying harmful untruths that stifle an industries ability to operate is inexcusable.

When we have an advisor to the President who thinks belittling people and using foul language to talk down to those who disagree with him. This is not a person who should be in charge or advising anyone on anything. Rahm Emmanuel is a perfect example of a wannabe manager that lacks the ability to manage. Time for accountability and sending him a pink slip.

If we have government workers who congregate around the coffee pot while the citizenry has to take a number and wait to be called. It is time to hand out more pink slips. This is unacceptable service. You do not tolerate this from a fast food place when you are watching the clock and have to get back to work. You demand service now, and you get service now.

You take a few extra minutes at lunch to go to a government office and find it closed because they are at lunch. No, this does not cut it. Demand accountability. They had best be open for their clientele, us, the people. We as the TAXPAYER/EMPLOYER have the right to demand accountability of our employees.

They are trying to change the rules of the game, yet they remain the same. It is Us the People who are in charge and hold the POWER. It is time we use it and make these bureaucrats jump through the hoops, along with our other ELECTED employees!!!!!


Kudo's to Sen Franken

Despite the fact I think Senator Al Franken fraudulently was elected, and that I disagree with his politics. Sen Al Franken being so left field and lacking common sense in most issues from the economy to foreign policy. In my opinion. I have to say way to go Al for his stand in going after the lame dictatorial administration.

Shortly after President Obama gave his rah rah speech and lets continue down the path of ruin to fellow democrats in their meeting Wednesday. In the closed door panel discussion afterwards with key members of the Obama politburo. Al Franken unleashed his anger, specifically at David Axlerod.

Demanding some instructions and leadership on how the democratic members of the Senate need to move forward on their socialist agenda to pass a health care debacle. Sen. Franken was visibly mad and disgusted with the talk absent the walk from President Obama and his immediate minions.

Fastly becoming one of the most outspoken and aggressive Senators in Washington Al gets a kudos for at least showing some emotion in the attempt to legislate.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010 

Pelosi and the culture of corruption

So what is up with Nancy Peloosa and her battle against the culture of corruption? Was it only a battle against those on the other side of the isle? this is what it would appear to be as we have very little movement in the ethics committee on those of Nancy's party.

Tax cheats beginning with Charlie Rangel,and Tim Geightner, not to even go further into the Cabinet members.

Ethic questions of Dodd, Frank, Reid on real estate ventures and questionable mortgages.

Yet the hypocrisy of these are nothing compared to the absolute arrogance of Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House herself. The miss use of an Air Force Jet for travel. An unprecedented bill to the tax payers of over $101,000.00 dollars in food and booze. Yes that's right BOOZE!

Sure there are some perks to being Speaker of the House but I find it inconceivable that this includes premium Scotch and high end Vodka. An occasional bottle and entertainment of political hoitie toities can be forgiven when the bill is under $1000.00. However the abuse of over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in two years. that's over $1,000,000.00 a year cannot be overlooked.

With her transporting of family and friends on the tax payers dime in the tax payers jet that the Air Force uses is yet another abuse we can not overlook. Who is going to investigate the ethics violations here. Those that Nancy said she was going to expose and stop.

Let us face the hard truth here. The liberals in power are not only literally drunk on the perks of their positions, but with the power that we have loaned to them.


Obama: Tighten your belts

So our economy is not doing to well. So says the President of the United States Barack Obama. Yet as this man goes about chastising those who may travel to Las Vegas (yet again, downgrades Vegas as a place to go) President Obama increases spending of the government.

We still have to see if our President is going to tighten his belt. Will he still have date night on the tax payer. Will he hold up a Broadway play for 45 minutes. How much money did that cost the other patrons of the night in lost reservations after the play. Will he continue to hold gala's in the white house while the tax payer picks up the tab for the democratic elite who attend?

Let's face this head on. Obama may give good lip service and placate on the do right idea. yet is he himself going to reign in expenses and lead by example? I seriously doubt it.


Are you related to Obama?

OK so it is a few days old but it is still as ridiculous today as when the story first came out. Among others of note, now Sen. Scott Brown is related to President Obama. This time the genealogist went back to the 1600's to find the connection. It would seem that on their mothers sides ( Brown's and Obama's) they are cousins.

The New England genealogy experts report that Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and Brown's mother, Judith Ann Rugg, both descended from Richard Singletary of Haverhill, Mass. He died in 1687 at 102.Obama descends from Singletary's eldest son, Jonathan, who later changed his last name to Dunham. Brown descends from Singletary's other son, Nathaniel.

Wow what a press stopper this story is. Not only did Brown ride the "Obama"wave into office they are related. Do we dare say that nepotism is running amok in Washington then?

Give me a fricken break here. I do not know about you but I could really care less on this. I am willing to bet that if you sit down and sort out all the family linage you will find that we all are related to Obambi. The ego centered stories that the press dig up to promote this man (Obambi) is obnoxious.

Not only are we deluged with speeches that are full of me and I, by Obambi. The papers are filled in the back section with self centered stories touted as news about this man. When will we get a story about the man that is not fluff about the man. When will the real questions on his policies and actions. His true history and not a puff piece on his history be written? News worthy pieces like why his biological father was run out of office for his Marxist economics in Kenya. Why his biological father left his mother. How about the truth about how his mother was able to afford trips overseas before she was pregnant and during her pregnancy with Barack.

Who paid for these trips? Why did she go? Some real insight into Obama's history. Information that covers more in depth truth of his Islamic upbringing. Now this would be news worthy, not who he is related to through a search that scours centuries to find a connection.

I bet that if they really want to they could find a connection to Mao and Stalin, along with Churchill and Patton. How about going back far enough to find the connection to Gen. Sherman, or even the connection to his brother who lives in a shack in Kenya still.

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