Tuesday, October 26, 2010 


This blog and blogger whole hearted throw its support for the only candidate that makes sense for Colorado. Tom Tancredo.

I vote common sense, pro Colorado, pro law, pro jobs, pro balanced budget. The only candidate that supports this is Tancredo.

A vote for anyone else is a vote for disaster.


Make your VOTE COUNT

I can not say this enough. YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE! Do not mail in or submit an absentee ballot. This is a vote for the left if you do. IT IS NOT ONLY YOUR RIGHT BUT IT IS YOUR CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY TO VOTE!!!!!!!!

Why is it important to show up in person and cast your ballot? Just look at what is making the news now. The voter fraud that is occurring. Nevada ballots are already filled out for Sen. Harry Reid before the ballot is given to the voter. School districts are holding classes on how to fill out the ballot to students, having them fill it out for the democrat candidate then busing the students with their filled out leftist ballot to the poll to be cast. An already filled out under duress vote.

Not only is this going to be the most contested election but the cheating and fraud will be like no other in our history.

Above all else this next Tuesday the 2ND of November, GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010 

Voter Fraud = October to November 3RD Surprise

I asked this question before as to what will be the October Political surprise that we may or may not see. Now Michele Malkin exposes a real surprise ...... not really. Yes it may be surprising to some of you that there is voter fraud occurring, Holy Ballot Batman! This is really not a surprise. the surprise will come Wednesday morning the 3RD of November when we see the result5s of this fraud.

A big thank you should be given to Michele for exposing what is happening here in Colorado, however it is common knowledge for those of us who have been paying attention for years. The fact that Mi Famila Vota is involved with the SEIU is not new either. One can easily connect these non transparent dots to what is going on. The left knows that they are in jeopardy of losing what they have spent decades working for. Control over our lives in the name of social justice.

Colorado politics has been relatively quiet and moderate in the mud slinging of the past. Though in recent years it has become a hot spot nationally for the left who have been systematically ruining our state.

The appointment of Salazar to Sec of the Interior, waging a war on oil and gas here at home, closing off public lands and behind land grabs for natural resources. Perlmutter, Bennet, Markey, Hickenlooper and support for sanctuary policies. Just to name a few and their causes.

The last time Colorado had this many crooks in office was under Governor Evens and his dealings for the land of Mt. Evens and the land around it.

With RINO's like Hugh Hewitt spewing about one must vote early and by absent ballot/mail in are only aiding and adding to the fraud and abuse that is happening. The only way we have at the moment to stop voter fraud is to sit in and watch the precinct judges check off the names and make sure that they are doing so. That any questionable votes be noted and followed up on. This means going to the poll and voting in person, then stay there to watch.

Foe the last three national elections this is what I have done and plan to do again. I am one of the first ten voters every time then I hang around and drink up the coffee. I bring a tape measure and make sure all political signs are over 100 feet away from the poll, other wise I MOVE THEM. Fortunately in my little polling spot it is small and there is not a lot on the rolls. SO it is rather easy to watch.

So do not be surprised if the left wins in November. The voting fraud is occurring now and will until they count enough votes for them to win. Only way to stop this is to participate in person and not by mail.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 


I wrote about this several years ago when the evidence was clear at the time. The fact that listening posts and observation posts manned by Mexican Military personnel and Cartel thugs where in the United States. Many miles north of the border in Arizona, New Mexico and in Arizona.

The recent debate over the now denied document by sister no nothing Napolitano, the joke of homeland security. Our government, even in the last administration of Bush knew that this was happening. That this country was on the verge and is now being invaded from the southern border.

Over 30,000 people have been murdered. This is on the Mexican side of the border. The count of Americans being threatened and sighted in for Murder is only beginning. Have we heard anything from the open border activists who claim humanitarian causes? No! NOT a damn thing about the crime and threat of more violence. They only want to blame this country for the actions of thugs, punks, child molesters, sexual deviants and the resulting crime on AMERICANS. When in fact it is coming from south of the border.

The Zetas, a pro military group who sold out their own country after getting the best training possible from America in order to be better soldiers for Mexico, are now a powerful force in the act of crimes in Mexico. So where is our government in all of this? Passively hiding away in Washington and on the golf courses there within.

I have been saying this, and trying to warn America since I started this blog. We are being invaded not by those who seek a better way of life, but by those who want to kill us and pollute our society. Those who seek power and control over our SOVEREIGN NATION.

The world still sees America as a western movie. A country with bandits and outlaws riding into the sunset with stolen goods. Well we are now becoming that belief. As our border is being ignored, our laws not enforced , and our government out to lunch on the 19Th green.

Arizona is only the starting point for the up coming violence. The Sheriffs of Arizona need and must have our support in this war. Believe me if we do not get a handle on this it will be a war. One like that being waged in Mexico and previously in Columbia with the cartels.

It is imperative that the AMERICAN people act now to stop this. Any and all information on activities , movement, and identities of these criminals be turned over to responsible authorities. Not the department of Homeland security, as I said RESPONSIBLE AUTHORITY. Help out the local Sheriff departments.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 


If wikileaks is an American site then are not their activities treason. If they are a foreign entity then are they not with the leaking of classified information an act of war? In either case should not their activities be shut down permanently, and with extreme prejudice?


Legalize Pot? A few Questions

OK I want to know if the pot heads and stoners get their way and have pot legalized, are they then going to get a pass or will they be treated like cigarette smokers. I mean will they have to go outside and stand in the foul weather to feed their addiction? Or are they going to be allowed to get high where and when they want?

Will their insurance be raised because they smoke pot at home? Will they be pulled over and given a ticket in Boulder Colorado because they have a doobie in their mouths and a child in the backseat?

Smoke is smoke, so will there be a huge outcry about the second hand smoke from a joint causing cancer in lab rats? Or will they be given a free pass and not treated as a second class citizen and stigmatised like a tobacco user?

Friday, October 08, 2010 

What is the real number?

Just announced the unemployment rate is 9.6%. However polls and other economic analysis are saying it is 10.1 %. Lead story on Drudge this morning. Underemployment is being touted as 18 plus %. Almost one in five not working. o in the bizzaro world that Obama is living in the economy is fine.

What exactly is going on? Simple answer. Ask your neighbor is he working? Are you working? How many in your family are employed. Looks like there are a lot of people who need a job.

So once again I beg to ask, how is that hope and change working out for you?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 

Colorado race for Governor

As we get closer to crunch time, it becomes more evident that the Colorado Repugnant Party refuses to admit that they support yet another candidate of loser qualities. Dick Wadhams has let his personal dislike for Tom Tancredo to ensure a republican loss in this election cycle. A loss that will not only aid in putting an OBAMA yes man into office but hurt future republican fund raising and candidate options.

There is only one candidate out there that will aid and benefit Colorado. As I have said weeks ago. Tom Tancredo is the man for this job. Although I highly disagree with his position on legalizing drugs, I support just about every thing else about this man and you will to. All you have to do is look at his record and what he stands for. A man of principle, character, and backbone. Not afraid to speak his mind and stand for his convictions. This is the leadership we need and deserve. With Tom Tancredo there will be no next day surprises. We know what we will get with him before and after he is elected..

As you read this Tancredo is gaining in the polls and Meas is dropping, Hickenlooper is beginning to sweat. This is good. This is what we need, support and send your monetary campaign donations to Tancredo. Help him get his word out and the truth about both Hickenlooper and Meas.

When you go into the booth to cast your vote. Think hard. There is no time limit in the voting booth, so if you have to pull out your notes on the issues and the candidates do so. Study up and find out what the small print is, who the candidate really is, and how it will all effect you.


Kagen a no show

SO it was so very important that the Obama administration get Justice Kagen on to the Supreme Court. As it now turns out she has recused herself from over half of the first 50 plus cases up for review. Some say that this is no big deal but It is a huge deal. If she cannot participate in review of cases brought to the Supreme Court just what good is she on the bench. Never mind her lack of credentials to be there in the first place. That she has no judicial experience, and is lacking in legal status. She has no taken a place on the bench that will not participate in our rule of law.

This is a disgrace!!!


October Surprise?

So in the year 2010, just what will this election year bring in the way of a surprise for this country? It is hard to say from what direction it will come. Will it be another terrorist attack? Allowed to happen by a weak and nonexistent secure southern border. Could it be more bad economic news. Rising unemployment rates do to poor policies and lies from the White House. As stimulus projects end and union workers, those who were really the only benefactors from stimulus run out of work. As the season changes and seasonal workers find themselves out of work, all heading for unemployment assistance.

Will there be more light shown on the racially biased Department of Justice and the way they are supporting voter intimidation and fraud. Or will there be some election rule changes or postponed voting?

I wonder if the October surprise will be nothing more then there is no surprise.

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