Tuesday, June 30, 2009 

Here come the taxes

Well the left and their pocket books must be doing well. Consider how they cheer and demand the new taxes being placed upon the hard working American citizen.

Once again we have a lack of competent representation on Washington D.C. How many of these Congressmen read the latest tax bill? One to maybe a dozen actually know what this bill contains. Waxman and his cronies who wrote this piece of oppression did. They know full well how this bill is going to further stimmy the growth of the struggling economy. They know full well the layoffs and firings that it will bring on. They know full well how intrusive this bill is on individual rights.

The "cap and tax" bill is a another stimulus lie. Once again a vote was made and passed on the idea of good intentions without any study of what they voted on. This bill is nothing more then a move further down the road to a fascist state run government. It has nothing to do with the actual concept of cap and trade. It dose cap income and it does tax all. It taxes the poor , the middle class and the rich all evenly.

While this is being forced upon us. President Obama demonstrates that he is either totally out of his league or that he is INCOMPETENT as not only a thinker but leader as well.

So far Obamanation is on a full court press against American workers who are struggling to get ahead and make a better life for themselves. His no taxes on the middle income and the poor. Here look at your daily expenses and say he told the truth.

1) No drilling for fossil fuels = higher prices at the gas pumps.

2) No drilling = higher home heating prices

3) No new coal plants = higher heating prices and electric bills

4) Taxes on cigarette's = higher expenses for the poor and middle income, they are the ones who smoke

5) $1300 new tax on automobiles = higher monthly payments for anyone who drives a vehicle

6) Stimulus aid = generations of indentured servitude of the masses in this country. No new jobs created (where are the statistics that say jobs created? ) No loans from the banks for those who need it (small businesses, home improvement loans, vacations?)

7) The Climate Control myth = expensive regulations that effect the middle income because they do not qualify for aid in these programs

The list is much longer and it is growing on a daily bases. The truth is out there and the lies from this regime of Obama, Pelosi, Frank, and the left is massive. With health care being the next target of government attack. It is only a matter of time before the American worker gives p and the economy collapses totally because every one is on the dole.

Saturday, June 27, 2009 

Obama cheers Americas downfall

The Marxist push to redistribute American hard earned wealth and freedoms is under the most
forward and destructive offense ever in history.

The lies of how the left are for the little people needs to be reexamined in depth. A determination as to who the little people really are that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid , Barney Frank, and President Obamanation are looking out for. Are the little people those who are in America and in need of help from the oppressive new life styles and taxes being shoved down our throats. Or is it possible that the little people are in other countries and not in favor of anything American.

Lets face reality here. In the six (6) short months that the left have exerted their control on this nation we have indisputable proof that inflation is rising, unemployment is at a 20 year high and getting worse. Net income is on the way down. Cost of living is on the way up and the lies out of Washington have never been more prevalent.

The world is a more dangerous place. North Korea is now threatening Nuclear war if they are opposed. Iran is massacring their own citizens as Washington, once the light on the hill for freedom darkens its beem. Mexico is sending armed troops across our borders to escort drug dealers and their shipments into this country. Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union, while China is economically and militarily on the march.

Claims of "we will be energy independent" are distorted and spun. The limiting of American natural resources and technology on the home front, yet an export of monies and tech are on the go. The environmental left uses and abuses the legal system to dictate lifestyles to the American people, yet they live high on the hog doing what the refuse to let every one else do. LIVE THEIR OWN LIVE.

The latest government grab on our freedom comes with a close vote in which the majority of Congressional Representatives ignored the best interest of the American citizenry, and passed a massive tax bill disguised as a climate (global warming myth) legislation.

President Obama came on television and cheered this boondoggle and praised the effort being made at destroying this country.

This is the hope and change that the left and ill informed, uneducated, slackers voted for. When the bills come due for these welfare and preposterous programs, just who is going to cough up the funds? News flash! It won't be the " evil rich ", but the poor and middle class who front the funds for this.

A big thank you to all those who voted for this mess. It in NO WAY, can be blamed on the past Bush administration. This is Obama's mess. The high unemployment, inflation, threats from foreign interests, and raise in taxes.

Sunday, June 21, 2009 

Hey Left, give it a rest!!!!!

For eight years we listened to the left whine and moan at the false claims of oppression and the destruction of the Constitution. Yet in the last six months we have seen the fastest and largest destruction of the Bill of Rights in history.

Yet the left is still not satisfied with what they are ling to the world about. They still want to attack Conservatives and Republican , especially former President Bush. The lame propaganda of it is the right extremist who are plotting and planning wholesale chaos for this country, just is not so.

The lies about the Tax Tea protests and the assertion of the public to maintain their rights under the Constitution as written being a race based hatred of Obama is absurd. But the left keep spinning and spewing their vile hatred of common sense and personal responsibility.

These are indeed sad times for this country.


Iranian, Washington Connection?

Is there a connection between Washington, and the Obamanation administration and the oppression that is happening now in Iran with those who are protesting the fascist government of Iran?

This is a serious question. President Obama refused for a week to give any real condemnation to the violence that is going on in Tehran. Now it would seem he has caved to public and political pressure and has asked for a halt to the violence.

(From Ben Smith on POLITICO.COM)

Obama directly addresses the Iranian government for the first time after a day of violence in Iran:

The Iranian government must understand that the world is watching. We mourn each and every innocent life that is lost. We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people. The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights.As I said in Cairo, suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away. The Iranian people will ultimately judge the actions of their own government. If the Iranian government seeks the respect of the international community, it must respect the dignity of its own people and govern through consent, not coercion.Martin Luther King once said - “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” I believe that. The international community believes that. And right now, we are bearing witness to the Iranian peoples’ belief in that truth, and we will continue to bear witness.

Yet has he really given a condemnation to the oppression. These are his words yet his actions speak different. There are reports that the Iranian twitter was shut down or delayed at the behest of Washington. This means Obama. Pamela Geller has information on this at Atlas Shrugs (http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/ Iran Protests: Live)

News being leaked from the violence in Iran is only coming out from the brave protesters standing up to the tyranny of the Isalmofascist. The State run media is reporting happy go lucky people gatherings and minor vandalism from the youth of Iran. However the images being seen on You Tube are quit different in nature.

One is of a young woman bleeding out on the street. She is being hailed as a martyr and Hero of free speech. She gave her life they say for Democracy. Yet in Washington a denial of free speech is being put in place on our own people. A black out of the MSM and Obama droolers who refuse to condem the actions of the police state in Iran.

So if the truth is leaking out even after Washington has conspired with those who would oppress Iranian Freedom. Just who is Obama really backing in the struggle in Iran? He says we should not meddle in Iranian affairs, but he demands concessions of Israel in the fight against Palestinian terrorists. He openly wants top talk with terrorist sponsoring leaders. He blames the past Administration for his own failures (economy, inflation, unemployment, all heading south since the OBAMA stimulus package). Just who is Obama representing now?

Saturday, June 20, 2009 

2010 Census, are the questions legal?

There is a lot of talk about the coming up 2010 census that we can all look forward to having shoved into our faces. Either in the mail box or by some ideologue from ACORN. However the questions on this census deserve some scrutiny.

The census is required in the Constitution ( Article I Section 2) every ten years in order to make sure that there is proper representation in the national Legislature for the people of this country. Yet is the census going a little too far with what the government wants to know.

The census will ask how many people in your home, family members living , dead, etc. So these questions are fine, however if it is illegal for an employer to ask your religion, heritage, political beliefs, and sexual orientation. is it legal for the government to ask these questions in the census?

Does it really matter if you are conservative or liberal for the census to get a number of people in a voting district. How does your sexual orientation relate to how many Representatives we have in government?

What does the amount of money you earn have to do anything regarding the census? Unless those in power want to tax you more or hit you up for election campaign funds. The claim of it helps determine social spending policy is bunk. Ask any one who lives in the West Virginia mining communities.

Why are they going to ask me what type of vehicle I drive or if I have an energy efficient home? This is not their business unless they are paying my bills. Now if they make my car payment and pay for my electrical/gas bill then OK. Otherwise it is none of their business.

If they ask whether or not I own a hand gun , this is not information that I think ACORN should have access to. If they want the information then they can go look it up in the records of fire arms purchases.

I can honestly say that on my census form there will be a lot of none of your business answers along with look it up in your records yourself.

Monday, June 15, 2009 

Not to worry Iran (sarc on)

Good people of the leading nation of Iran. Do not worry President Obama will eventually get around to looking into his friends of the religion of peace election that is questionable at best. Some time in the near future that international statesman known as Jimmy Carter will be sent over to call the party line and declare Amadinjad the winner.

Lets face it once Jimmy boy puts his stamp on it, it has to be valid. After all he has declared no fraud and free elections in Venezuela several times as well in several dictatorships in Africa.

So relax and take a deep breath. Know that you have a friend in Washington who looks out for your interests. He is the anointed one after all.

(sarcasm off)

Sunday, June 14, 2009 

Who is the bigger threat?

So who is the bigger threat to the safety of the United States? Is it the religion of peace that calls for the genocidal removal of the Jews? The killing of innocents because they are not Islamic? It is possible that they are.

Or could it be North Korea, who seems to flaunt their nuclear capabilities in the face of the world. Testing and retesting their capabilities to launch an atomic weapon as far as the western shores of California. Calling for a declaration of war on any country that stops one of their sea fairing smuggling operations of exporting weapons of mass destruction to any one who is willing to pay. Putting an end to the armistice that has lasted since 1953, forcing a military buildup along the DMZ that has not been seen since 1951. Making South Korea very nervous.

Could the number one threat come from China. A country that for the last 5 years has been readily flexing its military muscle and saber rattling. A country that our own government seems fit to turn over our economy to. The selling of bonds and private companies in order to move forward a leftist agenda of oppression on the American people. The likes of which we have never seen.

Or could the real threat to America, its citizens and the future of this great country come from a place much closer to home. A place we once trusted with leadership and responsibility. Washington D.C. and specifically the White House. With an incompetent President who seems to say one thing and do another. Blaming the past administrations for their own short comings. An increase in unemployment while raising taxes. Redefining the role of government into such an intrusion into the daily life of the citizenry that the average person is afraid to peak their mind.

An inexperienced administration that is clueless on issues of national security and foreign policy. Restraining the military in operations with lunacy orders that hamper operations. Demoralising the military by telling them that those they fight have more rights under the AMERICAN Constitution then they do. An administration that will not use our natural resources or explore the possibility of nuclear energy , because they deem it not safe. Yet turn around and give 200 billion to a foreign (United Arab Emirates) to develop nuclear energy. Just who's side is Washington on?

So where is the bigger threat coming from. Where can we turn for leadership as the world becomes more threatening then it has been since the October Cuban Missile crisis. Something to think about. Is there still hope for any change that is meaningful?

Saturday, June 13, 2009 

Who needs Enemies, we have Judges

We might as well run the white flag up the old flag pole right now. If this current trend of "hope and change" are what we can look forward to. Now an ignorant, moronic, S.O.B. Federal Judge has said that terrorist/war criminals (which is what a terrorist is, a criminal and violator of the rules and regulations of war), has the right to sue the Federal Government and the lawyers who helped to set policy.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White of San Francisco is the first Leftist Judge to say a government lawyer may be held potentially liable for the abuse of detainees. Of coarse this guy would be from San Francisco. He obviously has never served in the Military or even bothered to read the laws of war.

This asinine ruling has opened the door along with the craziness of reading prisoners their "Miranda " rights on the battle field, to removing any effectual capture of an enemy. Basically what I am getting to is this. The Military will not take prisoners now. It will be kill them where you find them. Thus now Intel from captured enemy personnel.

What is next? The families of killed in action enemy combatants suing our military for killing their son or daughter in a bombing run?

This ruling is based on the Jose Padilla case. A case in which this punk is not being treated as he should be. Meaning he needs to be taken out and shot for treason. Instead he is being paraded around by the left in a legal circus in order to handicap our military in their pursuit of our freedoms and security.

A clear and still unjustifiable Bush Hatred Syndrome is in effect with this moron. If this is supported by President Obama , and it more then likely is. We do not have any hope and the change is allot worse then expected.

Friday, June 12, 2009 

U.S. MIlitary now world police.

Yes that is correct. With the socialist President and left wing progressive Congress, the American military has now achieved the butt of the old joke about United Nations legal enforcement of international law.

With a midnight, behind closed door order. President Obamanation has instructed the military to read Miranda rights to prisoners being taken in combat, specifically terrorist in Afghanistan. This is incredible. Undeniably a clear move to a world government where non American citizens are granted more protection then American citizens.

There are in place a set of rights and protections to legal combatants in war. There are clear rules as to how illegal combatants are to be treated and what rights they have. Terrorists have few rights as they are gutless murderers of innocents on a battle field. By giving them civil rights under the American Constitution we have condoned their actions. This is not just a mistake but an insult to any one who has, is, and will serve in uniform. It is a threat to the safety of citizens every where in the world.

It is not possible to put a C.S.I. unit in the field while mortars and enemy fire is coming in. So how will the prosecution collect evidence when some shyster lawyer will claim fabrication and lack of hard evidence under civilian law practice. It basically is giving a free ride to these thugs.


America, time to grow up

For the last 20 plus years this great country. Once the leading Nation in the world. Am place that people looked to to lead the way not only in individual freedoms, but in integrity and truth. A place where one can look t themselves and improve their life through hard work , the sweat and blood of their own achievements. This country has taken a not just one step backwards but has simply turned and started to walk backwards and away from achieving the pursuit of life liberty and happiness.

America has become a country where the squeaky wheel not only gets the grease but the benefits of others who are still willing to try and improve their standard of living and take care of their own family. Now a few have to provide for the many and lazy. The concept of someone else will provide and take care of me is prevalent . While the proven track record of hard work and self satisfaction no longer is the rule of thought.

The have nots have wormed their way into main stream politics, society in general and are demanding that those who are sensible and willing to work provide for their lazy, non work ethic, wantings. Where as haves as being assaulted for earning, and achieving a better life.

Let me say that a big part of this problem goes to the lack of any true educational system in this country. Instead of being educated, children are being indoctrinated by the have nots who 9 out of 10 times have never held any job including flipping burgers as a teenager to make spending money. What passes for teachers today are members of unions. Unions which are nothing more then bullies who take from others and line their pockets. In what field can you receive tenure and never be fired for a lack of knowledge in the field you are being paid to be knowledgeable in.

We have a government run brainwashing, tax payer funded propaganda system. One in which the true facts and realization of all topics are being ignored in favor of what is politically correct. The removal of the true facts in history are being twisted and taught instead of what really happened. Look at the twisted history being taught about the American Civil war. In short the truth is that this war was fought over the Federal versus State rights. Even though SLAVERY became a factor in the latter part of the war. One of which needed to be addressed as it is repugnant. Yet it was not the main reason for the war. In fact we are facing a similar situation today with the overstepping grab by the Federal government on State rights.

Next look at the lies about the cold war ending. In truth it was Ronald Wilson Regan who spent the Soviet Union into bankruptcy. The advancement of the American military industry and achievements in research and development forced the Soviets into loosing the cold war. It was credit to PRESIDENT RONALD REGAN, not Gorbachev in the ending of this arms race. However ask any High School student today and they will give you a 180 degree turn around of the truth and tell you it was to Gorbachev praise that the war ended.

The lack of basic mathematics is being taught in favor of feel good idiocy. I am sorry but 2 plus 2 no matter how you add it only comes out to four, not five or three.

Those who claim to be educating our youth are doing no such thing by being politically correct. The false claims of rights and independent thinking imposed upon those who are not mature enough by evolution are hurting this country. The bogus idea of not to worry big brother will take care of you is killing this country. It is a cancer from deep with in that is solidifying into tumors that cannot be removed. The thinking that all is fair and equal is causing massive problems in the real world. Once out of school these non educated people are now finding a rude awakening in life.

Life ids not fair nor are all people created equal. Under the law, and the foresight of our founding fathers we tried to create a equal playing field. A starting place for everyone to move from. Yet these progressive crybabies want equality through out life. This is just not in the human nature. People are not created equal if so then everyone would be the same height and weight. Same color eyes and abilities. This is clearly not the case. Some people can run further, lift more, think quicker then others. Some have an aptitude for math or science. While others have a non liner ability to think.

The idea of you do not have to do it if you do not want to is a false hope and dream. Face it some days you just have to get up and go to work. You cannot stay home and expect to be paid to lay around and do nothing. However this is what we have created with the welfare state today. Many, way to many well able people sit around waiting on a check from those who bust their chops to barely keep their heads afloat while being forced to give to the lazy.

Nothing in life is for free with two exceptions. Death is free and the great equalizer. While taxes are freely imposed by governments.

It is time to grow up America. You CANNOT EXPECT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. If you are to provide a service but do not. Do not think you can collect monetary funds for not living up to your end of the agreement. You have to give in order to receive.

Friday, June 05, 2009 

Obama still doesn't worry you?

Despite President Obamabi's pretense and faux paw statement of false condolences to the families of the DOMESTIC TERRORIST attack by Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad. A recent convert to the mythical peace loving religion of Islam. Any real or imaginary heart felt sympathy is out the window after the B.S. lie laced speech he gave in Cairo.

First lets look at his false statement of we are a large Muslim nation. Since when does less then 2.5% of a population denote a majority? It does not. The figures he has lied about are extremely high at 7 million Muslims in America. If this is the case we know that just last year we went over 300 million people in this country. Even I can figure out the math on this one. It comes out to 2.333333% as being Muslim. By far not a domination of Islamic belief here. Yet President Obama said we were a large nation of Muslims. Fact that there is only 2 to 3 million and a much smaller percentage of Islamic followers in this country does not matter to the anointed one.

Next in four months this man has appointed more Czars to political offices and circumvented the process of appointing a cabinet that does the same thing. There's a drug czar, a U.S. border czar, an urban czar, a regulatory czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an Iran czar, a Middle East czar, and a czar for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, which in Washington-speak has been lumped together into a policy area called Af-Pak. Also the Health Czar, the Pay Czar, Cyber-security. In total there are plans for at least 20 Czars to be appointed and make Washington even more bureaucracy inflated. All of these POLITICAL APPOINTEES, are nothing more political payback and an end run around the Constitution.

These Czars have no legitimate authority yet are not answerable to anyone other then President Obama. This is scary as they can command an up and down vote without debate from the House and Senate. Now this is a thumbing of the nose at the Law of this country in which open political debate once was expected and the way things were done. However Obama and his cronies are slowly and surely removing this option and replacing it with a fascist state of rule.

The World apology tour continued. No President in our history has ever gone and down graded this country as much as this man has. His lack of understanding , or simple ignorance of the truth is mystifying. He has no concept of the reality of many things that have gone on before him and during his life. A clear example of this is how his family seems to be the only ones who did anything during WWII. First discredited was the story of his uncle liberating a concentration camp. This story was widely disproved. Mainly from his Uncle denying the story full heatedly. Now it seems his Grandmother was the only one who inspected new aircraft for the military. Next I suppose we will hear how it was another ancestor of his that was shot in Boston that started the revolution.

Why was it that we were not allowed to mention his Muslim connections during the election but now he promotes the connections proudly and loudly to the Islamic world. his father a devote Muslim, even though we know his father was a devote Marxist and womanizer. One in which we know he did not regularly attend the a Mosque. His step father adopted him and in Indonesia he was a leading student of Islamic studies.

Are you paying attention to the economy. President Obama tells us along with his wife Michelle. That we must tighten our belts and live with in our means. Why then do they flaunt themselves. A trip to a Broadway show that cost in excess of $300,000.00 dollars and forced others in attendance to wait while he made his grand entrance. The dinner date trip to Chicago that cost another $300,000.00. Now a second 747 jet to fly Michelle and the kids to Paris France so that they can meet up with Barrack. The sending of this jet back to the states EMPTY. Is this being frugal? No not even close to it. This man is out of control and a snob.

His Wednesday evening dinners that are supposed to bring the people closer to the White House. Laughable!!!!!!!!!!!! Those that attend these dinners are beltway insiders. There are no common people in attendance. If they wanted to be closer then they would pull people out of the tourist line and have them attend these dinners.

We are into deficit spending as never seen in history. He DID NOT INHERIT THIS MESS, IT IS OF HIS OWN CREATION. Jobless reports are still massively in 6 figures per month. The unemployment rate is at a 25 year high, and where are the new jobs he supposedly was to create? The expansion of government is at an unprecedented rate. The welfare state is on the rise and an American work ethic is rapidly disappearing.

The world is laughing at the United States and Obama seems to think it is with him , unfortunately it is at him and us at the same time. Hugo Chavez has even come out and said that he (Hugo) is to the right of Obama politically. A fascist oppressor like Chavez to the right of Obama? My goodness his is unreal.

The UNCONSTITUTIONAL take over and nationalization of American businesses. The auto industry, the finical sector. A proposed takeover and removal of any legitimate health care by nationalising the whole system why political elites receive quality care. Leaving you and I to suffer with services that will deny medical procedures that will save lives. Is this the change people voted for? Unfortunately there are those out there who's brains are so corrupted with liberal propaganda who say yes it is.

Now Obambi and his cronies claim Osama Bin Laden is not a real threat to this country. Yet I recall his campaign promise that he would find this man. hell Obambi refuses to even acknowledged domestic Islamofascist who KILL, (Arkansas recruiter shooting).

If these first four months are any indication of his leadership and what we have to expect. You better be worried my friends. Not just worried but scared.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009 

Where is the OUTRAGE Obama?

Where is the condemnation and outrage at the murder and attempted murder of two American Soldiers in Arkansas? Tell me Mr. wannabe President Obambi?

Why are you silent on this?

Why have you not spoken out about this man, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, AKA Carlos Bledsoe, not representing your religion of peace Obama.

I am very upset and hacked off that this jack-n-apes in the White House is silent a s a church mouse when some jihadist schmuck does something. Or a convert to this mythical religion of peace acts out their hatred for all that is good in the world. You would think that the progressive liberals would be in an uproar at the Muslim acts of intolerance. Instead they are mute.

With the way the NAGS and other organizations speak out on human , civil, and female rights. They would be first in line to condemn then oppression of Islamic beliefs. However they are just as bad as the Islamists. By their silence, they are saying go ahead and continue the oppression.

Obama , as President, should have already publicly sent his condolences to the families of the victims, and he should have already in a loud clear voice. He should have condemned this punk. If Obama thinks that Islam is a religion of peace then this domestic TERRORIST does not represent Obama's friends in Islam.

Next the MSM is another silent co conspirator in this befriending our enemies. Instead of stating the truth about this shooting . They are white washing it into a domestic violence attack of religious differences. In other words just another shooting in America.

All this is sickening and disgusting. This wannabe jihadist needs to be publicly executed and left to rot on a pike with an Internet video feed running 24/7 showing him turning ripe. This way those who want to kill us will see what should happen to them if they attack us.

Will any of this happen? No it won't. Why, because Obambi is sympathetic to those who hate America and he will not speak out against them.

Monday, June 01, 2009 

North Korea: Just a thought

I was arguing with my father about what the American response needs to be to this little tyrant. Should we prevent them from furthering their nuclear capabilities by bombing the hell out of them or. Or taking the diplomatic United Nations response of shaking our heads and saying "now, now, you guys need to stop this and behave" approach.

Well I personally think a Military act of some sort needs to be done. Something that says "if you want to run with the big dawgs you have to get off the porch". You know, are you really ready to step up to the big league boys.

My thought is to covertly take out their launch sites while they have a missile ready to launch. Make it look like it is their fault and but they know it was someone else. However my father had an idea that left me rolling on the floor laughing. It is one that sends a message and asks North Korea if they are ready to play. This idea is military in nature but peaceful enough that no one should be hurt.

We launch several wings of the B-2 stealth bombers. They fly in low and over all of North Korea. Instead of dropping bombs we hit the North with a propaganda sting. They drop American flags and leaflets. These leaflets would explain what the North's government is up to, and the American Flags would let Kim Il Jong or Jong Il Kim whatever know we are watching. Of coarse the government there would deny it to their people but the message would be sent.


Remember what Obama said?

Does anyone recall what President Obamantion said just after he took office, concerning the auto industries? It was at the time quit the big deal. We held Congressional hearings about the auto industry. Remember the flack that the auto execs caught because they flew in private jets to Washington. (side note: it was wrong because they were not elected and president going out with the wife on a date. $24,000.00 of tax payers money and inconvenience for all those who waited as the Broadway show was held up 45 minutes for Obama to make his grand entrance.)

President Obama said "bankruptcy is not an option". Remember that one? yet here we are billions of dollars later and what is happening, bankruptcy. Something that most people knew would happen and were advising not to bail G.M.C. out.

I admit that I was in support of Gm at the time and wanted them to succeed and restructure financially. I suggested buying their stock to help prop them up. However if you were to pay me today to buy their stock, I WOULD NOT!

Obama has gotten his Chicago fingers into the running of this company through unions and the unions were the MAJOR PROBLEM to begin with. The brands under GM that are profitable are being sold or disbanded., Saturn, Pontiac, Hummer, all these are making money. Yet Obama and the "green movement" are going to dictate to GM what they can produce whether the consumer wants it or not. Stock holders are getting screwed on with pennies on the dollar for their investments while the so called fat cats on Wall Street are, with secured bonds going to get a full share dollar for dollar return. Then you add the fact that the union in bed with the Government will run this "new GM" I wouldn't drive someone elses let alone purchase a GM product ever again.

People need to listen to the lies and double talk that lip servicing Obamanation is giving the American people. The auto industry is only the beginning. Banks and financial institutes are next on the hit list , followed by utilities. This socialist/Marxist is trying to remake America in the wrong image. He is ruining this economy. His other big LIE is that he inherited this mess.

He may have inherited some problems yet he has quadrupled the national debt, a new historical high. He has compounded unemployment with his restructure and increased the size of government. Not to mention that the other liberals have taken this opportunity to increase the size and dependency of the welfare state.

We have to hold this man (Obama) accountable above all others. You can pretty much guarantee that if he says one thing he means another. Remember what he says. Listen closely to todays speech and see if he mentions the fact he said that "BANKRUPTCY IS NOT AN OPTION" and now he is for it.

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