Wednesday, July 28, 2010 


In the name of social equality I demand to be treated fairly. In other words if ILLEGALS do not have to obey our laws then why must I?

ILLEGALS do not buy auto insurance , yet I have to pay an extra fee in Colorado to cover accidents they are involved in and create.

ILLEGALS do not have to buy health insurance so why must I? I demand the right to be given the same free medical care that they recieve. In other words I demand first rate health care on demand with out the fees.

ILLEGALS hide under the radar from the I.R.S. and do not pay taxes. Thus I refuse to pay taxes anymore. See you in April I.R.S., do not look for my money in this weeks paycheck.

I demand the same favorite school programs in a language of my choosing. The finacial aid at lower then fair or no interest rates.

I refuse to renew my drivers license now. Stop me police.... NO HABLA ENGLISH!

Why in the hell are we as citizens being restricted and oppressed as our Constitutional rights are being given away to those who could care less about this country and the citizens?




When the Government Fails.

When the Government fails to do its job, it is left to those who employed the government in a free society. The PEOPLE are left with the duty and responsibility to do the job. In this case the job is the safety and security of the not only the people but the country itself.

In history one can easily read about how a civilization falls. It falls when the government fails to protect and listen to the people. When corruption corrodes from within as we see happening today in America. The very foundation of freedom crumbles. If it crumbles in America who and where will in this world will it rise again?

There is an all out war being conducted against the free people of the United States of America. This war is being aided by enemies not outside, but from within. This current administration, the State department, the Judicial system (legislation from the bench), and from leftist disguising themselves as liberals. Face the truth. Our country is being systematically disassembled with extreme prejudice.

When a government of the people , by the people, and for the people is removed from the people, all that is left is oppression. It is time the PEOPLE rise up and take back what is ours by right of our forefathers and their blood.

Freedom is never free. A price must be paid in order to keep it. Are you willing to pay that price?

Friday, July 23, 2010 


As the election season heats up the RINO's are out in full force. Thank goodness that they like the liberal left are showing their true colors now.

You may not like former Congressman Tom Tancredo, however you need to listen to what he is saying and look at the evidence he eludes to about the IMPEACHABLE offenses of President Obama. Yet the so called conservative `crowd is calling for all but censorship. A huge side road from conservative principles.

Today on the Hugh Hewitt RINO show. The guest host displayed for all listening her RINO beliefs. A great guest host for the RINO Hewitt. Hugh Hewitt who is a RINO as well claims to be a conservative , yet he displays his liberal leanings as well under the SALEM BROADCASTING umbrella.

Now is not the time for anyone who loves this country to be taken in by these charlatans. Be you a Democrat or a Republican. A Federalist or a Libertarian, now is the time more then ever to inform yourself on the issues and the positions that these people take. You may not like what some say, or love what they say. However if you listen but do not hear, we are in for a third world status as a nation.

Tom Tancredo is right. He may ruffle a few feathers and his tact on a few of his speeches may be lacking. Yet what he says is something to think about hard and long. There is evidence to support his opinion.

For those of us here in Colorado. We must be extra attentive on those running for office. Faced with an Obama idolising Hickenlooper, or the RINO's McGuiness and Maes for Governor. Alternative candidates may be worth looking into. That is if the Republican party itself does not sink the elections. Remember it was they who supported a far left candidate in New York over a true Conservative in the last election. As well as many they are supporting this time around.

As a local radio host show here in Denver says, " I like to know where you sit before you stand on issues." ( Mike Rosen KOA 850 9 to NOON)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 

So we are all Racist

So the strategy now for the incumbents Democrats is to call their opponents racists. A tactic that is not new and is low. As the American people are seeing buyers remorse in their choice of a very poor candidate and elected official , Obama. The Democrats not only in Washington but all over this great country are shaking in their shoes. Their liberal anti American agenda has been exposed.

The truth is leaking out on voter fraud, intimidation and simple theft of our government by liberals. The far left socialist/communist/Marxist, and America hating crowd is being reveled. Black Panthers are being excused by what would appear to be racist in the DOJ. A committee crimes without punishment aura is being projected. Investigations of illegal voting by felons in Minnesota is being ignored by officials. In the Democratic party evidence of voting denial is being scoffed at as fellow Democrats had their voices silenced by Obama supporters.

The November elections are getting closer and the liberals are desperate. When dirty tricks are being stopped the big alternative left to them is to drop the race card on those who oppose their agenda. Anytime that someone speaks out or criticises this administration the "you are a racists" card is being played.

So what does this mean to you and I? It means that we are about to be labeled. A stigma that really only applies to those who are screaming it loud. The real racists are the liberals. They are the ones with a long history of racism. From lack of support for civil rights in the sixties, to non support of emancipation in the 1800's. To even further back as the slave traders in the 1600's.

It is the liberals and their ilk that are truly racists. It is time to stand up and call it like it is. President Obama does not like America, he is racial. As evident by the First Ladies rant at the NAACP. Calling on Blacks to keep fighting the system and the white power structure. Something that like Aztlan is a Myth.

Just remember that if you do not toe the line and goose step with the liberal agenda. You are the racists.

Monday, July 05, 2010 

It is OBAMA's WAR!

Let us be clear on something here. YES it is President wannabe Obama's War. For the last 18 plus months he has been the Commander in Chief, this makes any conflict that this country is in his responsibility. Therefore the "confrontation " in Afghanistan is his war.

The way he has executed the way it has been fought makes it clearly his failure or his victory. So far it is a failure. By sitting back and thinking that a soft approach will win , and that announcing a withdrawal with dates and unit removal will make it disappear is part of the Utopian leftist false reality.

If Obama really wants to take charge and win this fight against a cult of murderers and oppression he will take the kid gloves off and pursue war as it is intended. Plenty of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. This is the bottom line of war. To kill the enemy and bring destruction to the what backs and drives the enemy and it's thinking.

If Obama wants to leave a legacy that is to be favorable to him. A pussy footing of tolerance to those who want to kill us is not the way to achieve a promising legacy. Unless of coarse he wants to be heralded as a supporter of those who fly a crescent moon over the oppression that they bring.

In the first few eeks of the war , back in 92. The United States was very successful by bringing death to those who aligned against us. The early bombing and ground attacks were successful because the politicians stayed out of command decisions of the military. In a few short weeks we not only crippled the Taliban and its allies. We set them on their heals.

No early warnings, no announcements of attacks. Just cold calculated military destruction. This is how war is done. Yet RNC Chairman Michael Steele is condemned for calling it Obama's war. His reasoning is wrong , but the fact it is Obama's war is correct. Micheal Steele concluded and politicised the situation and worded the truth with a biased spin. yet the conclusion 8is correct it is Obama's war. He is the Commander and Chief.

For the Democrats and Obama, along with his leftists colleagues to deny any responsibility and leadership demonstrates their lack of leadership and ability to be in charge.

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