Saturday, September 18, 2010 

Power Hungry, Repugs and Demrats

As we are wrapping up the primaries we are seeing a great lesson play out. A lesson that needs to be learned and passed on. This is one of sore losers, a loss of power, and one of how we have let go of our basic fundamental rights to those who would steal them from us.

Democrats in Washington are running scared and see how fragile their power over the American people really is. So what are they doing? They are consolidating what power they can, lying about opponents, and stealing the future of this country. Through higher taxes, fees, and other misdirection policies. Rep. Wiener (D) New York is calling for congressional hearings on Gold. Demanding a way to stop people from investing in gold and forcing them to buy T-bills and T-notes only as an alternative to retirement investments.

Obama's pack of Chicago thugs are raking in tax money on bogus positions like food Czar, Pay Czar, and other unconstitutional government positions. A money grab if there ever was one. One where they are not answerable to Congress or the Senate.

We have in just over 20 months the most corrupt, least ethical and unmoral government in our history. This is just on the Democrat side of politics. On the Republican side we see the established RINO's shaking in their shoes.

The loss of authority they see coming has brought out some of the most childish behavior in Washington. RINO's are supporting candidates that are not even close to being moderate but claimed to be conservative. When these candidates lose their primary after mass amounts of RNC funds have been spent on their campaigns, they immediately become independents or throw their support over to the liberal candidate.

The Alaska fiasco is a prime example of this. As Joe Miller won a brilliant grass roots campaign to become the Senatorial candidate, his opponent ( I won't mention her name, because I can not spell it LOL), is a scandal in the fact of poor loser syndrome. The Republican party at first reused to support O'Donnell in Delaware until they feel the heat from the public. Now they give a measly 43 grand to her in support.

Radio talk show hosts, who play off that they are conservative. Ones like Hugh Hewitt want us to support other RINO's no matter what. Forget any other candidate who may be conservative. Do the "democratic party " line and vote party no matter what. Hugh among the the Democratic leadership wants to put an end to our way of life and government. You have the right to vote for who ever you want that is on the ballot. Yet giving much verbal leverage and support for the keep people who are not on the ticket a chance. Hugh Hewitt dismisses the Tea Party, grass roots ability of American politics.

As the American people put action to their beliefs. Third party candidates are winning across this nation in primaries for the two party system and this scars they hell out of the establishment.

Friday, September 17, 2010 

Hugh Hewitt:open mouth insert another foot

Yesterday afternoon, syndicated talk show host Hugh Hewitt opened his mouth and how he was able to insert yet another foot in there I will never know. Yet Hugh is able to insert a fifth and sixth foot into his mouth. Once again Hugh shows his true colors of being a huge supporter of the RINO establishment in the Repugnant party.

Not just dismissing any third party candidate , he insults and smears Colorado's third party candidate Tom Tancredo. Telling us to support another RINO in Meas for Governor. I have said it before and will say it again. Look up the facts, the positions, the history of the candidates for Governor in Colorado. We have three choices.

Choice 1, Hickenlooper. A man who is nothing more then a yes man for the left and the Obama administration.

Choice 2, Dan Maes. A RINO being pushed by the established (must protect our jobs) repugnant party, lead in Colorado by RINO Dick Wadham.

Choice 3, Tom Tancredo. A man with congressional experience, says it like it is and makes no excuses for what he believes.

Tom Tancredo is a moderate at best. Yet he does hold the Constitution and America first. He loves Colorado and has represented Colorado for several terms as a Congressman. You may not like him but he is the best of the three if you love liberty, America, freedom, and our way of life.

So Hugh Hewitt calls him a self absorbed, self centered, grandiosing, want to be in the spot light candidate. Vote for the RINO, or Maes as Hugh calls him. Remember in the last election Hugh also claimed that mail in ballots were tamper proof and the only way to vote as well. He also supports Mitt Romney who at best is left of center for president.

Hugh stay out of Colorado politics. You are a masked RINO, who opens his mouth and exposes your own ignorance on Colorado.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 

Colorado RINO's lead by the nose

What is wrong with the Colorado Republican party? The support for a RINO candidate who not only is a poor choice in the first place is having all sorts of character issues now. Meas is definitely not a good choice for Governor material. Every one I ask about him says "oh yeah he is a good choice", but no one knows his stance or real back ground.

Now the Colorado Repugnants are refusing to listen to the growing anti Meas movement from within. As many are now donating their time and money to Tom Tancredo. A more well known and sound candidate. Even though RINO's and the lame stream media are in the tank against Tancredo, because of his tough stance on ILLEGAL ALIENS. RINO's are still trying to convince Coloradoans that a vote for another RINO is the only way to go.

Dick Wadhams, the head of the CGOP, refuses to allow Tancredo to enter into debate that the state GOP sponsors. Why? Because of a personal dislike to Tancredo. Filling lawsuits to prevent Tancredo from appearing on this November ballot, is only one left wing tactic being adopted by RINO's. All in order to maintain their strangle hold on the Colorado voter.

As this election is so important to the future of our State and nation. We really have no choice in who to vote for. Dan Meas has to many character flaws and lack of honesty to be elected. Hickenlooper supports sanctuary polices for ILLEGAL ALIENS, cap and tax policies, card check and pro union policies, health care tax increases, any thing that Washington dictates. Hickenlooper is a yes man to the left and the Obama administration. Not a good choice after seeing the destructive ideas and stance of Washington. This leaves only third party candidates, out of which Tom Tancredo leads the way on being the best choice.


Obama shuffle

So now that the mid term elections are almost upon us, we see the President shift gears and pretend to take the car out of the ditch (to spin his own phrase). A proposal of reducing taxes on small business is a falsehood that our President wants us to believe he is for. The truth in the matter is that this is a shuffle game to try and win support for the left.

Fact: small businesses are facing 80 to 90% increase in health care fees.

Fact: small businesses gross more then $250,000.00 a year.

Fact: small businesses fall into the administrations definition of rich.

Fact: small businesses net far less then $250,000.00 a year, after expenses and payroll.

Fact: under the health care act small businesses cannot write off half of the expenses they did before.

Over all small businesses are seeing and increase in fees (new taxes) while they are being told that they need to increase payroll. Simple economics tells us you cannot hire when you do not have the money.

President Obama would like us to believe that he is for small business yet he promotes contracts for union companies over nonunion companies. In the rewarding of stimulus monies we see the evidence of this. His pro union stance is defined by those he has appointed to oversee the stimulus and other certain positions in government. A pro union lawyer who is to over see union nonunion grievances, a push for card check and the removal of secrete ballots, helping the subversive act of putting the SEIU into private homes in Illinois.

Any one who has a clear mind can see that it is unions who are destroying businesses in this country. After a clear run of defending workers rights they now are in full mode to destroy business. Look at the auto industry, the educational system in any state (the fight in New Jersey). Unions are greedy and destructive. This is what President Obama supports. A destruction of the private sector of this countries economy. To control it from a central location by those who are anti capitalist.

Wake up America, it is a shell game. Look at this hand while the other steals your wallet.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 

They are offended? So what.

SO the religion of peace and tolerance is offended by the possibility of a Koran burning. The FACT that in Saudi Arabia it is law to burn the Bible on site when found. That Christianity is outlawed does not matter. That in Islamic countries Christians are persecuted for no other reason then being a Christian. Oh my these are not offend able actions.

The fact that the Koran dictates the treating of non Muslims as trash, at best second class citizens who are extorted at every turn in their lives. No once again this is not offensive. That in Africa we have genocide being committed against Christian faiths.

So a few people here in America would like to exercise their Constitutional right of the first amendment is offend able. So friken what. We allow jerks too burn and defecate on the American flag and protect these offend able acts as freedom of expression. So why did President Obama send the F.B.I. down to chat with the pastor who started all of this?

To intimidate him into not burning the Koran this is why. To censor his first amendment rights under the system we have. Yet Obama is offended and calls the act disgraceful, but supports the insensitive act of building a masque near ground zero with funding from questionable sources.

Note that Imam's and goat intercoursers from around the world are up in arms about this. Not a word of outrage about the subjugation , burning, and oppression of anything from the Christian faiths. A one way street in acts and beliefs here is it not?

What about the things they do that offend us? The forcing of sharia law upon us. Not allowing people to bring alcohol, unopened even into cabs. Demanding that they be paid while they take their prayer breaks that interfere with businesses business operation. Demanding that Christians not where any symbols of their faith while working with these pompous pious blowhards.

When they chant death to America and Christians, it is offensive. So if they can dish it out , should they not only be able to take it as well? Obvioously they can not.

If they are offended by this, gee that is too bad. Today marks the tenth aniversary of the cowardly attack on innocent people. So if burning a Koran is how some people wish to remember this act of WAR. Then burn the book by all means burn as many as you can get your hands on. I plan to!

Friday, September 10, 2010 

Let's be real

Let's be real here. A new report from the intelligence community states that we are looking at new threats. New threats that are of a home grown nature. OK, duuuh. It was only a matter of time before this was to become reality.

The scoop is supposedly that disgruntled Muslim youth, an oxymoron there. That disgruntled Muslim youth are being targeted as new jihadist by the American hating Islamic, ooops. That is the anti American faction of the religion of peace. The attempt to radicalise them and turn the into bombers, murderers, and what ever else that they can is the plan. The goal to strike at American hearts with more fear and bulling tactics to force us into capitulation to a theocracy of oppression and doom.

Now those who have any idea of how to handle this situation are being pushed to the back of the room and ignored. While incompetence and ignorance are being promoted and put in charge of homeland security, among other federal agencies.

Let's face some reality here. Most if not all disgruntled Muslim youth are immigrants that our ever so wise government has brought in to this country on resettlement programs. They are not home grown. What they are are low self esteemed youth that are being brainwashed and denied freedom by a tyrannical so called religion of peace.

What should the average person do? One get involved in your community and pay attention politically as to what the left is doing to this country. Second be observant and watch what is going on around you. Third, get trainned and carry. It is your right to defend yourself. Be ready, be observant, and prepared.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010 

Obama stil lacks creditability.

Once again President Obama has interrupted the airwaves in an attempt to gain the trust of the American people. The result, not working. With a feeble attempt to take credit for strategies and policies that worked from the Bush administration on the wars. Obama still wants to ignore the truth. That the death toll in the military conflicts is higher under his failing policies, the enemy is growing stronger, and those who oppose freedom beginning to knock at the door.

No mention of the lies about security on the southern border. No mention of the truth in unemployment's rise. No truth in his talk of economic recovery that is not happening. Only more of the blame Bush rhetoric. Though it was veiled some what this time it was still there.

One huge reason that President Obama lacks creditability is what the left and RINO's have declared the "birthers". The next is his uncertain religious affiliation. Obama still says he was born in America and that is that. Yet many questions remain with information that he was truly born in Kenya Africa. His birth certificate is under lock and key in Hawaii. By Governor decree it is sealed and not open for the public to see. Why? Just release it and the birthers will go away. As for his religion, well where is Obama on Fridays?. Why has he not, like past Presidents gone to church on a regular basis? How is it that when ever he spoke on the campaign trail any religious article of Christianity was removed from the area?

How is it that any time he has met with Islamic leaders he is submissive and respectful, yet who has he met from the Christian beliefs?

Lets face the truth. Obama lacks creditability all around.


Another Look at Tancredo

Why another look at Governor candidate Tom Tancredo? Simple he has a known track record and experience over the other candidates. When compared to Mayor Hickenlooper the difference in judgment is one sided. Where as Hickenlooper has hired illegals and then denies it, sends snow plows to the barn during a snow storm, then spends tax payer money in an effort to by forgiveness.

Hickenlooper's fiscal responsibility in Denver has lead to deficits and a higher attempt to bring in income to the city. Although there has not been a real hike in "taxes". There has been a jump in fees that are paid and a hike in fines levied on the citizens of Denver.

Mayor Hickenlooper has implemented and continued with sanctuary polices that he now conveniently says he was unaware of. Policies that hurt law enforcement in their daily attempts to do their duty of "to serve and protect".

Many scream and cry foul. The race card is being played with bottom of the deck dealing. The local press refuses to mention or hint at any of Hickenlooper's flaws and lack of leadership in the mile high city. Yet they want to lambaste Tancredo for hiring illegals on a remodel and yard work. The truth is that Tancredo hired a company that hired illegals , not directly hiring illegals himself. Where as Hickenlooper directly hired illegal assassins of Denver police to work for his businesses.

The claim that Tancredo is a one issue candidate is a huge falsehood. In fact when one looks at the subject of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, one finds it effects jobs, social services, law enforcement, health care and several other major issues. Rallying for enforcement of the law is not a single issue.

Looking at Tancredo's election website ( we find a sound and responsible plan for the state of Colorado. With the recent endorsement of America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the choice for Governor is coming clearer. Think Tancredo for Governor in November.

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