Monday, May 31, 2010 

Is the War about to begin?

Is the Middle East about to explode into the war we have all heard about since we were little? With the fact that the forces against Israel have now aligned and are spinning all they can about how Israel is guilty of trying to defend itself from those who want to eliminate them from the face of the planet. Are we here in a Christian Judea country about to see the the out break of WWIII?

Even the morons in Washington D.C. should be able to clearly see the set up of this false freedom ships to Gaza. That it was nothing more then a ploy by Jew hating groups. A press opportunity to make Israel look bad while trying to stop the influx of arms and supplies to those chickens and goat lovers (in the biblical sense) who are murdering innocents in the name of a pedophile. The original terrorist muhammad. A scorned Jew who thought himself better then other Hebrews and started his own twisted version of the Holy Word.

Will we be dragged into the final conflict. One in which our own government has aided the enemy by allowing them to get weapons and mass weapons of mass destruction. Or will we be caught up in the middle of some civil war here at home trying to defend decency, moral values and FREEDOM.

As the liberal idiots keep saying "we must be progressive and learn to change for tolerance sake". To give up moral values, equality, the Constitution in favor of oppression and tyranny. DO these liberal jackasses have any clue or plan of who they will run to when the enemy comes for them. If America falls as they want it to, just who will defend and protect them and their freedom in the future.

By falling for the propaganda of the Palestinian pro murderers. We will not only get sucked into a war but end up on the wrong side in the end.


There are no atheists in fox holes, so PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION my friend. Soon the knock on your door will not be peaceful.

Saturday, May 29, 2010 

Memorial Day

Yet another year comes and goes. We find ourselves in a State of War. Two if you want to be technical about it. Three if you include the invasion from the South. As families get together and celebrate togetherness, let us not forget the Men and Women who have stepped into the shoes of the American Military. Who have given their lives for this country. Not because they were told to do so, but because they loved this country and all it stands for.

Think of the Men and Women who are now serving over seas. These patriots who find them selves in "Harms Way". Only there because they feel a sense of duty to protect the rest of us from those who want to kill us.

Remember dearly as they walk their posts, go on patrol and make it safe for the rest of us to sleep soundly at night. Only to have their President pass up the time honored ceremony of the Wreath Laying at Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier so that he can have a vacation. A short ceremony that pays respect to those who have fallen. It only takes a few hours, but he does not have time for this. Instead he needs to be in Chicago, family time, and then back to Washington for a party with Sir Paul McCartney.


Colorado invades Citizens Privacy

In the Mile High State there is no longer such a thing as individual privacy. HB 1330, the all Payer Health Care Cost Database has been passed. Sponsored and written by Colorado State Rep John Kefalas. Signed into law by Gov. Ritter on May 26TH. This has to be one of the most intrusive laws ever passed.

This farce of a law and pro nanny ism gives unlimited power to the Executive Director of Health Care and Financing. A mandate to collect all information related to health care by individuals and individual private families, conduct audits and if so chooses to pass on this information. Yes that is right if they feel like it. To pass on this information to THIRD parties without the consent of the individual who's information this is. So much for the Doctor, Patient privacy clause.

The individual rights oppressor Kefalas, after this invasion bill was passed got up and bragged about how great it is. That this is the right thing to do.

"You can't manage what you can't measure" said Kefalas. In other words the State needs to be able to look at your intimate private medical details and decide how best to "manage" your private medical health care for you. Remember you are not smart enough to manage your own life, best to let the government take care of you.

It is the cradle to grave liberal philosophy that has a hold of this country now.

This database that is to be created is going to be funded by unknown sources. These sources will them have control of this date base and be able to access it when ever they want. Now remember that our State government has already out sourced drivers license information to Mexico. This is why they mail your license to you. It comes form Mexico, not a Colorado company. Can any one say State sponsored identity theft?

So just more food for thought. When they promise you that all is secure and private. That no one will be into your private information, think long and hard on how our own government is giving the information out.

Friday, May 28, 2010 

Three Questions Obama will never answer

I want to ask these three questions to President Obama. However he will never answer them do to the fact he is to chicken to be honest.

1) Why are you destroying the greatest Country on the Planet?

2) Do you sleep well at night, knowing that you are such a LIAR?

3) How often do you pray to Mecca?

Thursday, May 27, 2010 

Obama sends troops to harrass Americans

In a purely political move to try and appease Mexico and open boarder supporters, while making it look like he has plans to secure the southern boarder. President Obamanation has authorised 1200 National Guard troops to move to the Mexico American boarder and act as police officers only. To stem the rise in crime along the boarder.

The flow of automatic weapons from America southward. Well news flash! Anyone who has followed the guns aspect of the boarder knows that the vast majority, over 75 % of the weapons are either stolen nor sold from and by the Mexican Military to the Drug Cartels. The wave of armaments is not from America but from the Mexican government itself. So the new deployment of troops, having their backs turned to the real criminals and watching America is totally worthless. The fact that crossing in to this country by means other then ports of entree is illegal to begin with, is lost on the left and Anti American crowd from further south.

Once again one has to ask what it is bout illegal that they do not understand. So what if it is only a misdemeanor. It is still against the law. Now when they issue a terrorist alert the same week that they announce that American citizens are the problem along the boarder and not the criminals. We have morons in office.

I could go on and on about this but to what avail? The open boarder crowd and the Hispanic anti American movement are getting entrenched to a point that the only thing left will be to adopt Mexico and make its states more United States.

Monday, May 24, 2010 

Not our Fault

So everyone is in agreement. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (not an ocean Napolitano), is not the fault of President Obama and his cronies. This being said it is their problem and their JOB to do something about it.

Instead we get the same old lip service this time from the Jackass Salazar and the incompetent Napolitano who seems to think that the gulf is an ocean. just another glimpse into the incompetence we have running this country unfortunately.

Along with the lack of common sense to enforce laws that are legal and Constitutional. We get to see that if our leaders push the blame and courage to act off on to anyone else, they think that they will be blame free.

We'll guess again you blowhards. YOU ARE TO BLAME IN YOUR FAILURE TO ACT!
By not doing anything you do not absolve yourselves of blame. You only make things worse.

When Governor Bobby Jindahl goes into action in order to save his state he shows leadership. This means taking some blame when and if things do not go right. It also means he gets the credit for doing his job. Something that this current administration does not understand. Lack of leadership does not a leader make.

As oil spreads further and further through the gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, (see Janet the Atlantic is an Ocean). What do are fearless leaders want to do. Instead of putting assests at the call of the Gulf States in need, they want to raise the taxes on each barrel of oil. An additional 24 cents. It does not sound like mush only 245 cents, however we all know that this increase will not stop but increase. An expected 11 billion dollars over ten years. These funds to help pay for as an insurance against such disasters like this oil spill. Yet history demonstrates that this current government of social dreamers will spend this on welfare instead of what its proposed purpose is.

So it is not our fault? Oh yes it is our fault. We allowed ourselves to be lied to and conned by these subversive anti American pukes. We allowed them to take control of our country and pervert our Constitution. We allowed them to attempt and try to destroy our way of life. It is our fault and we must correct this.

The Tea Party movement is only a beginning. These liberals have been exposed and now it is time to investigate and demand justice. It is "We the People" who run this country. It is "We the People" who decide our fate. Now it is time to take fate back into our hands and make this country great again.

Friday, May 21, 2010 

No Law In America

So official word from Washington authorities is that they will not enforce the law. What law and who you ask? Immigration and Naturalization Service for one, along with I.C.E. and the current administration of better then you peons.

The law is Constitutional. It was proposed, made into a bill then ratified and voted on. Then signed by the President of the United States and finally approved by the Supreme Court. This happened in the 1950's. I am talking about the immigration law that Arizona recently decided to enforce them selves and do the job that our Federal Government is supposed to do.

We get lip service from the bleeding heart, anti American establishment who not only insults us as Americans, but is lacking in not only intelligence but in an education in what the Constitution really is.

These Jack Asses are not doing their jobs, which is to protect the American citizenry!!!!!!!!!!

It has only been since Obama was elected that the blatant hatred for this country has come out of the closet. Not even former President Jimmy Carter and his hatred for this country had the nerve to do what these cretins are doing. To invite a leader from another country and allow him to belittle our law and way of life while he and his country conduct policy that is harsher then what we even would like to have enforced.

Those liberals in congress who stood and applauded for President Calderon from Mexico not only need to be ousted from office but banned from ever serving again. The embarrassment and total disregard for not only protocol (which calls for standing up for your country) , but basic decency for those whom they serve ( the American People).

Every American needs to understand that our government has been taken from us and replaced with pompous bureaucrats.

If they refuse to enforce the law and do their jobs then what options are left? Is this a clear call for vigilantism? For the good , decent people of this country to take matters into their own hands and enforce the laws on the books. Not to mention protecting themselves from an invasion and its supporters?

For those who are on the front lines, that is along the southern boarder. It is all to real. Murder, rape , theft is common there. In the one country where people should not only feel safe but be safe from all this. Instead you have local law enforcement telling the people of their districts to arm themselves, (Hudspeth county Texas). Where an American city is fighting for the number one spot on the list of lawlessness and kidnappings, (Phoenix). What a tragedy the last two years of this socialistic anti American agenda driven administration and Congress has been.

When the citizenry has to ban together and protect their neighbors and their families from not only law breakers but from those who are supposed to be enforcing the laws. It turns all that the founding Fathers fought for and believed. However it is also what they feared and provided guidance for in their writings and in the Constitution.

An armed and informed populace is the only thing that stands between tyranny and oppression.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 

The election spin

So now that certain states have held their primaries. The left spin is in. A prime example is that of Sestak in Penn. On Fox this morning the blame Bush game is still going on. A clear misdirection and spin.

Trying to claim that the enormous debt run up by the current government and it's bad fiscal policies are all Bushes fault. That Bush grew the debt by three times over eight years may be a fact. Yet the fact as to why with two wars to pay for contributed to this majorly. Obama and his socialist have increased this debt by a factor of four in less then two years. That's four times larger then that of the all time high of the Bush administration.

There is the spin. Forget what Obama has done blame Bush still and those who believe in fiscal responsibility.

Blumenthal pulls a John Kerry and lies about his service record. No apologetic about his so called misquote. Blumenthal says that he stands by his record. Well he lied about being swim team captain, he lied about where he served. Not in Country or a combat zone. So what else will he lie about?

Let the games begin.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 

Somethings have to be said

If you are a political correct freak then read no further because you will be offended!

Some things just have to be said and political correctness be damned.

The rudest people on the road or in a store are those with Obama/Hope bumper stickers.

We now have the most ignorant administration in our history.

Those who call the new Arizona law Unconstitutional and have not read it are the real bigots and racist.

If you fall for the gimmick of an A.P.R. home loan on the new plan, then you are a fool. (It was A.P.R.'s with the balloon payments that added to the housing bubble mess)

If you think that we as a country are fascist, then you have never traveled to a third world nation.

If you think that we do not have enough in the way of welfare handouts. Then you have never traveled outside of the United States.

If you think that we as a nation have race problems. Then you do not pay attention to what is currently happening in South Africa.

If you think that the American Southwest is occupied stolen land, then not only are you an idiot. You have no concept of history and a little thing called the Mexican American War along with the treaty signed and payment of millions made to Mexico after they lost the war. (read the treaty)

If you are a tree hugger and love the environment, along with supporting open boarders. Then get your butt down to the southern boarder and clean up the trash left by the ILLEGALS.

If you think that the economy is getting better, wait for the upcoming tax bill for 2010.

When you blame the Oil Companies for making a profit on you back. Then think about the four times as much more that the U.S. Government has made on your back for fuel.

The American work ethic is not lost. It has been subverted by the welfare state. Those who cannot find a job need to call the I.N.S.

I understand ILLEGAL, you don't.

I support enforcement of the law, this is not Racism. is full of lies.

If there is global warming, why are the Rockies still covered in snow?

I drive a big truck. Two by Fours just won't fit in to my Toyota.

If DDT and other pesticides are bad for us and banned in the States. Why are we trucking in food grown with these banned substances from other countries while American farmers are going bankrupt?

Just a few things that need to be said. If you do not like it. Tough!

Friday, May 14, 2010 

Just wondering

So if it is not politically correct to refer to terrorist as radical islamist. Does this mean we should also now refer to murderers as extremely annoyed persons with anger management issues?

Just wondering.


He hasn't read the bill

So what else is new. Eric Holder the Attorney General has not taken the time to read Arizona's S.B. 1010. Should this be a surprise to anyone? Not really when here we have a man who side steps and goes out of his way not to use the term Islamic Radicals or Radical Islam in referring to terrorists. Oops I mean man made disaster participants.

As so many in Washington lack the fortitude to even familiarise themselves with current proposed laws that they will vote on. Should it be any different when the Attorney General does not take the time to read a bill before he declares it Unconstitutional.


What would you do?

In the small and sparsely populated county of Hudspeth Texas. Citizens , police and the boarder patrol themselves are out manned , out gunned and without federal support. Armed thugs cross the boarder nightly bringing drugs and conned immigrants to the United States.

The Sheriffs department with only 17 members tries its best to patrol and stem the tied of these law breakers but they just do not have the man power. Finding themselves limited not only on backup but being armed without any night vision equipment and only 9mm ammunition.

Residents have taken up caring arms and turning their homes into make shift frontier forts to protect their families and possessions. Something not seen since the days of the cattle drives in the old west. Protecting themselves from the modern day bandits who raid, pillage and destroy American property and lives.

Sheriff Arvin West has been quoted as saying to those who travel and live there to " arm themselves".

So if you lived in the constant fear of being robbed, having the women rapped, or being killed. just what would you do? Knowing full well that our own government is not doing a damn thing to help its own people. To do the job they are hired to do. That is to PROTECT AMERICA AND ITS CITIZENS!

Would you turn to vigilantism? Would you support an armed militia to patrol the boarder? With the local law enforcement borrowing equipment from the ranchers and farmers in order to perform their jobs. Would you invite taking the law into your own hands. All in order to prevent the murder of a family member or a neighbor?

Is it not time to act. Time to force the government of appeasement by Obama and his cronies to defend this country. The answer is clearly yes. It is time for the government to act before the people do.

The unfortunate part of this mess is that so many innocents are caught. Only breaking the law of ILLEGALLY entering this country. It is the drug runners and the human traffickers that need to be weeded out like dandelions in your garden.

( Francisco Canseco, , open season on boarder residents )

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 

Unanswered questions

The questions that will remain unanswered will more then likely be pushed off as "racists". However these questions are important and need at least discussion.

1) If one is so proud of their Hispanic heritage, then why do they not read the treaty of Hildago Guadalupe?

2) Why are racist tenured and allowed to teach propaganda history that is not true?

3) How is it that no one is willing to stand p from Mexico and other Latin American countries and decry the human right violations that a CORRUPT Mexican government is committing?

4) What part of ILLEGAL is lost in not only the English language but in translation to Spanish?

5) Why is it insulting to display and show pride in the United States of America's flag? The flag that represents the country that allows the freedom to show pride in your own heritage no matter where you are from.

Five simple questions that the open boarder and racist of LaRaza will not and cannot answer. Something to think about for the rest of us.

Friday, May 07, 2010 

Let's Talk America

It is 24 hours after May 5TH. A day that many Hispanics in America celebrate a small military happening that ac cured in the the town of Puebla Mexico. A holiday that in Mexico is for the most part IGNORED by Mexicans and their government. SO in the United States it has become some mythical Holiday that is deserving of celebration above the Fourth of July.

Well let me clue you in on a couple of things that have happened because of political correctness in this country. One in San Fransisco a Hispanic school administrator is offended by the American Flag and suspends five students. Then in Texas at the Klien Collins high school. The Mexican flag was flown prominently over the American flag. Now this is outrageous to say the least. It in my book is calling for the firing of what ever administrators and teachers who were behind it.

First of all it is proof that these so called educators are lacking in basic edict and knowledge. The American flag is never ever flown below another countries colors ever!!!! It may be flown on an equal footing, meaning a separate flag pole of equal height. You do not fly the American flag under any one else's.

Now the jackass in California who was offended by American students who wished to show their patriotism by wearing t-shirts with the American colors on the 5Th of May is not only insulting , but down right DISRESPECTFUL to America. Even though we tolerate the noise, the trash, the closing of streets so that the Hispanic community may celebrate their "holiday". Is it not possible that their flaunting of the Mexican colors is also insulting. That it is found to be disrespectful and offensive. Yet here in Denver we have the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world.

Moving on to this absurd idiocy of President Obama, the leftist Liberals and all open boarder supporters. You know what I am PROUD TO SAY THAT I SUPPORT THE LAW! If this makes me a racists, then I am PROUD of that too!

The Federal Law requires all immigrants who are not citizens of this country to have on their person, either the visa , or their immigration card (green card). This is FEDERAL LAW! All that Arizona has done is to say that they will now help enforce the Federal law. So if that unquestionable Constitutional law instructor Obama thinks Arizona is UN Constitutional then he needs to look at the federal law first. Or more importantly , he needs to back to school and learn what he thinks he knows.

No one, and I say again . No one has ever said that those from south of the boarder can not come here to live, and or work. However what is being said is that they do it legally and through the system of ports of entry. We have these for health reasons, financial reasons, and criminal reasons.

A health check up before they may bring diseases into this country. To make sure that they will not be a financial burden on our society. Something that seems to be an attraction to ILLEGALS as they are aided by government handouts that OUR OWN CITIZENS PAY FOR BUT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR!

Then there is also the criminal element. What more can be said. Phoenix kidnap Capital of the World. The pedophiles who make up over 50% of the child abuse , rape cases. The drug runners and Cartels.

It is time to bring America back to the front, put law and order in place. Then elect some true leadership that does not worry about themselves, their status, or how they present themselves. It is time to elect those who sill represent and carry out the will of the people.

Sunday, May 02, 2010 

Demands for Mexico: Or else a Boycott!!!!!!!

It is far past time for the LEGAL American citizens to stand up and make demands upon the Mexican government. Seeing how we are flooded with all these "displaced migrant workers" from south of the boarder. Those who along with the bleeding heart,brainwashed open boarder crowd. Here is a list of demands for them. Until they meet these demands a boycott of Mexico in entirety needs to be employed.

1) seeing how we are all Americans, the Mexican government must start to give financial aid to those who enter their country.

2) The Mexican government must help with aid for public education that INCLUDES COLLEGE!!

3) Mexico must ensure the safety from the government supported drug cartels.

4) Mexico must stop their human right violations along their southern boarder and allow free movement of other misplaced migrant workers from Central and South America into their country.

5) Mexico must change their judicial system and reform their prisons to allow for human treatment of prisoners.

6) Housing assistance must be given to those who do not have full time employment in the country of Mexico.

7) A food stamp or food assistance program must be developed to give food at below market prices to other then Mexican citizens i.e. displaced migrant workers.

8) job priority must be given to displaced migrant workers above Mexican citizens.

9) Mexico must place a higher tax upon its citizens in order to pay for all of this without asking for help from the United States tax payer.

10) Equal rights under Mexican law must be fairly applied to those who are not Mexican, including notification within 12 hours consulates of arrested persons countries, free legal defense, and interpreters.

11) Yes mandatory health care for all, especially for non legal Mexican residence!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just the beginning of demands that Mexico must meet before we even consider reforming the immigration laws in the United States. Until these demands are met a full out boycott must be called for and acted upon of this tyrannical government south of the boarder.

Saturday, May 01, 2010 

Second worst day of the year

Commies unite it is May First. Today signals the second worst day of idiocy we have in this country. The first being April 14TH where we have to give money to the spend , spend ,and spend some more elected egomaniacs in Washington.

As many will have to change their plans and schedules to travel around those who are ignorant of the truth and the reality of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and the support for mass murderers like Che Guerra. A man who despite the spin of Hollywood is still known as a back shooting Marxist who would just as likely kill you as talk to you.

So once again American citizens will have to take a back seat to those who do not support this country, want handouts for nothing, and demand civil rights above and beyond those of the legal citizens of this country.

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