Monday, April 28, 2008 

Wright, whats left to say

Wow, what a dodge and then what a racist rant if there was one. Wright out of Louis Fairykahns playbook of hate.

Nothing but softballs from the left to ask the racist Jerimy Wright.

After listening to his rant and lack of intellectual answers is there any doubt left that this man is nothing more than a race baiter and a bigot. The man is for lack of anything nicer to say an IDIOT.

No basis of fact or of any information what so ever to conclude that the United States government is behind the aids epidemic. A lack luster comparison to the Tuskegee incident and he expects rational thinking people to conclude that therefore the aids problem is manufactured by the Government of the united States. This man belongs in a room with Ward Churchill in Bellview. The phsyc ward.

Just where do these morons come from, and more importantly what kind of influence does this goofball have over a presidential candidate?

Lets connect the dots a little since he wants to go on nothing but speculation.

One, Rev. Wright traveled to Lybia and visited Ohmar Khadafi with Louis FairyKhan. Two Louey and Wright are buddies. Three Obama is a student and supporter of Wright (this speaks highly about his intelligence considering Wright has thrown down a challenge to him should we be unfortunate to have Barack elected to office). Therefore Obama is a manchurin candidate for the Islamofacist. Wright's logic.

Any one with any common sense can see that Rev. Wright is nothing more than a BLACK RACIST in the same leauge as Louis Farrakhan. With nothing important to say except to toot his own horn.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 

Basketball Fighters??

Just an observation I made this evening before the Nuggets and Lakers. I found it real funny actually. Before the game the lakers, not sure which players it was . But before the game started one tried to warm up like he was boxers instead of b-ball player.

I fell out of my chair laughing at this. Anyone who has seen any fights in the NBA over the last say 5 to 8 years knows what I am talking about or they lived behind a skirt for protection.

Basketball players can't fight. They do not throw punches. What they do is duck and slap at each other like a couple of little girls in an elementary school yard.

For these guys to come out and pretend to be something they obviously are not is hillarious.

Put these bozos on some skates and let a hockey player teach them how to throw a punch. Now that would be interesting.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

Boulder, smoker friendly city.

Well it has been several days and the outrage has been limited. As a matter of fact there has been very little news coverage of any outrage.

What out rage and what does it have to do with Boulder? Simple question. In the city of Boulder, the smoking nazis have over ruled and banned smoking from all but a few private locations, like ones home indoors, not ouside where the second hand smoke may whisp over the fence and be noticed by a antismoke nazi. However in a city that claims to be so health concerned and into the better things has not said anything except praise for the lack of law enforcement this last weekend.

What lack of law enforcement. Well the lack of smoking in public let alone the smoking of an outlawed substance by what some claim to be 10,000 idiots this last weekend.

Boulder a nice quaint city neslted at the base of the flat irons. Bueatiful mountains with lots of trails to hike and bike. A short drive to the majestic rockies and the great outdoors. A city that likes to think that liberalism equates to intellectual thinking. However how does the supporting of breaking the law and smoking majiuanna is healthy and ok.

What a bunch of hypocritcal morons. They obviously have no inteligence at all. When the smoking of pot not only alters ones mind but does the damage of 20 gigaretts to one joint in the lungs.

The pot heads that were interviewed and posed for pictures all thought that they were cute and making a statement. The statement that they made was "hey I am an idiot".

The worse part was the lack of law enforcement by the city and county of Boulder. Here in public you have a bunch of children and left over hippies form the sixties breaking the law. Smoking in public, not to mention it was an illegal substance. But no one was arrested.

I ask where were all the antismoke nazis? Why havent they been up in arms over this? Oh thats right they were right there inhaleing their own joints.

In Boulder it is okay to smoke in public as long as it is a mind altering substance and illegal. But God forbid you light up a cigarette.

Boulder = liberalism = intelligence = not in their case.

Friday, April 18, 2008 

Ken Salzar, Ed Perlmutter

In todays Rocky News Speakout, one of the most assinine letters I have ever read. This one is credited to our own Senator Salzar and Rep. Ed Permutter. These two socialist and open boarder, sanctuary advocates are out there in la la land. In their speakout they try to convince people that the forclosure rate is everyones problem and that the bailout is a good thing for all.

I say no way. It is nothing more then a social welfare program designed to get more money out of the taxpayers wallet.

The first three paragraphs of their plea discloses their socialist agenda and leanings. Here read them:

"Homeownership is not often thought of as a responsibility shared between neighbors. One of the reasons so many Coloradans and Americans dream of owning their own home is precisely because it is their own - a place to live, to raise a family and to build unique and personal experiences.

However, the storm of foreclosures that has pummeled our state and nation over the past two years has shed light on the broader importance of homeownership as a community responsibility. The consequences of the housing bubble and the relationship between the modern-day housing market and the broader economy have demonstrated that, to a significant extent, we are all in this together.

All across America, families are feeling the pain inflicted by the housing crisis. It's not just the families whose homes are being foreclosed upon that are feeling this pain. It is their neighbors, whose home values have declined steeply as a result of foreclosures in the neighborhood. And it's their communities, which are seeing their tax bases depleted and important social services cut back dramatically."

Since when is it the nieghbors responsibility to check on the monetary affiars of their nieghbors? Notice the link to socialism here. How they try to lay guilt and blame on society by mentioning how important social services are cut back. See in the first paragraph how the American dream is twisted in to a false responsibility of community to provide and pay for the dream.

The American dream is for a person and family to work hard, save their money. Be smart with their money and not over extend and expect someone else to pick up the tab.

How twisted is this view. "Here ye, Here Ye. All come out and open your wallets. A new family wants to keep up with the Jones and we need to pay for it!"

The home forclosure rate is not a communities responsibility to prevent or to pay for. It is the communities responsibility to stop the peddlers who came up with these bogus and cheesey morgage loan scams. By warning people and prosecuting those who commit crimes. A community has a responsibility to their fellow neighbors to provide fire, medical, and police services. The community needs to provide schools for the kids. Schools that have qualified teachers and an effective, non-biased politically slanted educational program. But nowhere is a community resposible to pay for, build, and bail out those who cannot afford a home.

It is not the communities fault that people are trying to live beyond their means. How about a little personal fiscal responsibility here.

Paragraph 5 has another spin to it:

"The families suffering as a result are not just families who made poor or shortsighted financial decisions. Many are families who bought or refinanced houses between 2002 and 2006, stayed current on their payments, and hoped to be able to see the value of their homes continue to appreciate."

What? Wait did they say it is not the fault of these families who signed a refinace , or applied and recieved a second morgage on their home. Does not anyopne read fine print any more. So we as tax payers are not only responsible for a first time homeowner getting his house paid for but now we have to pay for the other nieghbor and their second morgage?

Did not any alarms or bells ring on these scam loans? Pay no principle only interst and then a balloon payment in four years that is astronomical. Did no one save up and take, make any future plans? Oh that trip to Cancun was more important I see.

It is not my fault nor my responsibility to prevent people from buying an over inflated price home. A home that in reality is not worth 1/4 the asking price.

Where is the personal responsibility I am screaming! You do not make a decision to buy a $400,000 home on a $32,000 salary. This is STUPID! Especially when the home is not worth that much.

BUYER BEWARE, there are scam artist out there who will take advantage of you. Do your research first. Plan the future and look at just what exactly an ARM morgage is.

Paragraphs 8 and 9 are a pass the buck attempt at letting government off. When it is the local and state agencies who helped overinflate the value of homes in order to increase taxes collected. By spinning the story to it is our fault that prices dropped. When i reality it is our responsibility to demand a fair and equitable value of homes and propereties.

Paragraphs 8 and 9:

"As our neighbors' homes decline in value, so do ours. As more and more loan defaults occur, the harder it is for the rest of us to get credit and for businesses to get the capital they need to invest, create jobs and grow. In the end, we all get hurt.

Government must act responsibly to help families stay in their homes and to stem the tide of foreclosures continuing to serve as a serious drag on our overall economy."

See the socialist spin here. It is your fault that we are loosing funding for all there welfare programs and social services that government created without our permission. (if half the social welfare programs were put on the balot. They would be shut down in a heart beat.)

Let me make this short and sweet here on the forclosure problem. The market has finally made an adjustment for the years of over valuation given to the market. This hickup, though large is a natural correction. As people are finally realiseing that the price they are willing to pay for shoddy homes and sleezy loans are way to high for the average pocket book.

Ken Salazar and Ed Perlmutter are nothing more then a couple of socialist who want you and I to believe we should buy our neighbors homes for them and take responsibility for their bad judgements. It is a socialist agenda they are pushing and not one for Americans. Salazar and Perlmutter want governemnt to run our lives, while we pay for it. They want people to no longer take responsibility for their decisions and actions. After all it takes a Democratic community to do things, right?

Thursday, April 17, 2008 

Pa Dem Debate = A joke

Not even a day later and the left loonies are all upset about questions asked at last nights Democratic debate (if you can call it that).

In my opinion the left refuses, when directly asked, to take a stand on real issues that effect the average citizen.

Though questions asked were a little more harsh then before they were still softballs. Where are the questions that pertain to real issues? Questions like how do you expect to pay for the new social programs you want to impose? Or say how about real questions on foriegn polocy. Instead of the tired ol song of when will you pull out and surrender in Iraq.

Those on the left think that the questions were to harsh and the questionairs were conservative plants. Conservative plants? LMFAO!!!!!!

There was not a conservative question asked at all last night. Sure they were asked a few questions about charecter issues. Questions we already know they lied or will lie about and not give the real answer to but a pc answer to gain votes.

No real plans were illuminated, only the same old platitudes on topics. How about an answer to the security of the southern boarder and why is it elected officials feel that enforcement of the law is wrong and we need to fix it. The problem is not with the laws but with those who refuse to enforce the law.

The left hammers the issue of charecter as being unfair in this debate. The issue of charecter is already answered. If we apply the same standard used by the left on repugnants both Hillary and Barack fail big time. Guilt by association seems to only apply to those on the right but not to those on the left.

Hillary has more asociates with criminal connections and felony convictions then any one elese in the race . While barack has a very shadowy and deceptive string of connections with America haters, terrorist, and racist then any one else. Not to mention a very questionable background concerning his Islamic beliefs. Something of which he says is not there but evidance keeps turning up saying other wise. (his schooling record in Indonesia, connections to Fairycon, rev Wrights real agenda before his retirement from his activist pulpit.)

The questions that the average voter in middle America wants asked and answered are more substantial then what has been asked to date. Americans want to know why and how we the tax payer will end up paying for others bad decisions on finacial decisions ie: the houseing foreclosures. Americans want to know why fuel prices are on the rise when there is oil we can acces. Why does it take 25 years to build a refinery. A refinery that would help lower the fuel prices.

Americans want to know why they cannot leave their loved ones an estate when they die without the government taking most of it in a death tax.

Americans want to know why we are sending jobs and production to foriegn countries instead of employeeing Americans. This is what the average joe wants to hear about and have solved. Not the bias and support for peaceniks who have no knowledge of the real world outside of their limited circles of nutjobs.

It is time to ask real questions. It is time to get real answers. Afterall one of these candidates will end up having their fingure on the button and be the most powerful person in the world.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 

Hey Bill Maher .. Up Yours!!!!!!

When is someone from the Catholic Church going to confront this IDIOT. Yeppers, thats right Billy boooy! I called you an IDIOT. Not to mention alot of other foul things.

How in the world does this hateful, ignorant man keep a job?

A few facts here.
1) I am not a Catholic.

2) I do not agree with the Catholic Church.

3) I feel that alot of people hiding behind the Catholic Church here in America are criminals and the Church needs to clean house.
(Thats in America though).

4) Overall in America the Catholic Church does not have a very good reputation as of late.

This being said lets look at the assinine comment made by an ass, Bill Maher.

This creton likens the Pope to a cult leader and a pedophilliac. His comments made about how if you have a couple hundred followers who attack children you are a pedophile, but if you have millions they call you the Pope.

This statment obviously got a few laughs from those who have little to no respect for anything with values and morals.

Lets look at a brief outline of the Catholic Churches setup. You have the Pope. The main man. He is in the Vatican (thats in Italy and basicly a country to its self). Then you have the Cardinals, folowed by Bishops on down the line till you get to the Padres. Now there is an hierarchy here. Unfortunatley it is those who are in positions of authority here in the United States that are to blame. Not the Pope. Ultminately the Pope has the say so. However with all beurocracies it takes time for him to get the information and act. Much like if we ask our government to do something. Committies, hearings, stonewalling, ect by elected officials looking to score political points.

Now here in America we grant certain liberties to those of the cloth. Be them Catholic or as far out there as Scientologists. This does not excuse them from criminal penaltes. When a Priest is caught or enough evidance is brought forth this Priest should be arrested and punished.

The falt of the pedophilia in the American Catholic Church is not the Pope but it rests immediately on the shoulders of the law and those immediately reponsible for this sicko.

The Catholic Church is violateing many U.S. laws. harboring fugitives (ILLEGAL ALIENS), protecting sexual predators, ect. Now we as a people of values and morals need to demand that this stop NOW.

But when a Cardinal wants to give sanctuary to an illegal alien or to someone who violates other laws. Does Bill Maher say anything.


(more Crickets)

No he keeps his mouth shut and falls inline with the lefts agenda. But when a man of position and respect. One who holds a position of influence and wealth, (wealth being in control or the billions that the Catholic Church has). Well then Bill jumps all over this man.

Yes the Pope needs to do something about this. Guess what ? He is! Unfortunately like with the legislature and presidency the Pope changes. Then policy changes.
However the LAW does not change.

Bill with all of his false indignation needs to look closer to home and go after the local, state, and federal officials who fail to do anything about these sicko sexual deviants.

So I say to Billy Boy. You moronic, ignorant, elitist snob. Get your head out of your backside. If you want to make an issue of things learn the facts before you jump allover the Pope. It is your leftist buddies who are not doing enough to protect children from repete sexual offenders. Not the Pope.

Monday, April 14, 2008 

Jimmy Carter: A Statesman???

Oh for crying out loud. Any one who was alive during the 70's knows full well what a failure the Carter Presidency was.

Jimmy Carter is one of if not the worst President this country has ever had the misfortune to elect.

The myth that he had anything to do with peace in the middle east is just that. A myth. All the Carter administration did was host the talks. Provideing neither advice or counsil worth a spit. However I did find out that the refreashments were highly complimented.

Jimmy Carters lack of foriegn policy and decision making in the middle east lead to the problems we have today. It also lead to Americans being held hostage for 444 plus days at the hands of Islamofacist terrorists.

Carters lack of support for either the Shah or for those who were riseing up against the Shah has formed hateful feelings in the mideast to the American people.

By not supporting either in the struggle that accured and then opening the door for the Shah to enter the Unted States after he was determined to have cancer has lead to the revolutionary putzs in Iran to hate us.

Now Jimmyboy wants to say he will negotiate with Hammas on ours and Isreals behalf. After letting slip his personal dislike and distrust for the Hebrew race. The continual twisting of reality to fit his version of history. Does any one really expect to believe this bonehead?

Then the Obama factor. Denial of supporting Jimmy and his trip to talk with wanted criminals, a.k.a. islamofaciost who want the genocide of the Jewish Race. Will Obama be giving Jimmyboy a seat on his administration? Or will Barack do a snob job and dis Jimmy because he a Christian who is mislead into believing the lies of the Palestinian political game?

Only time will tell. I am sure though that many on the left do support Jimmy and his support of known criminals.

As for him being a statesman? That is the joke of the day.


Another racial Republican????

Oh boy the thin skin, hypersensitive hypocrites should have a field day with this one.

While on the left you can have people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Rev Wright all say ethnic slurs about white people. You can bet your last doughnut that should a white man say something that can be misconscrewed they will spin it bigger then all get out.

U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis, a republican (of coarse) opened his mouth and DID NOT INSERT FOOT. But rather in the words of Barrack may have had a poor choice of words.

Rep Davis said in his remarks at a recent GOP dinner that he also recently participated in a "highly classified, national security simulation" with Obama.

"I'm going to tell you something: That boy's finger does not need to be on the button," Davis said. "He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country."

The problem with this statement is two fold. One he used the word boy. We all know that this word in certain context may be considered derogetory to those of an African persuasion. Although like the "n" word they can freely say it without critisism or the implication of any racial bias.

The second is telling people that he was in a top secrete exercise. This does not need to be public knowledge.

All ready on the sensitive blogs from the left they are decrying how Rep Davis is a typical racist republican. HA! HA!

They need to reexamine Barack and who he associates with. A look in the mirror for them may be more revealing on the hunt for racist, then spinning a comment.

Saturday, April 12, 2008 

Talent = Total Stupidity

Yet another talented musician demonstrates that talent does not equate to intelligence.

Over the last 6 years we have been plagued with rock and roll stars, country music icons and other various talented singers/song writers demonstrate that talent does not equal common sense. Nor does it show that talent equals any sign of intelligence.

The latest in this growing list of misunderstood idiots turns out to be Alicia Keys.
The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter cmes out of nowhere with this lunacy bid at conspirocy and blame the man idiocy.

Keys, 27, said she's read several Black Panther autobiographies and wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck "to symbolize strength, power and killing 'em dead," according to an interview in Blender magazine. She goes on to say the following mind blowing racial crap:

"'Gangsta rap' was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. 'Gangsta rap' didn't exist." That the bicoastal feud between slain rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. was fueled "by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing."

So according to Alicia, gangsta rap and fued between immature wannabe talents is the government trying to keep the black man down. How absurd is this. Or should I say how stupid is this.

Taking her cue from known racist and bigot, such as the late Black Panther Huey Newton. Alicia claims that rap music would be global if it already isnt polluting the airwaves as is.

Alicia Keys deserves the moron award for stupidity and conspirocy lunacy.

It is a real shame when these talents open their mouths and show the world that there is no brain inside that talented head. It makes one truely wonder as to who they may have stolen their hits from as it can't be possible for an idiot to keep scoreing it big on luck. As luck must be what got their songs. No way could any intelligence exisist in that void of a head.

Friday, April 11, 2008 

Baltimore schools = TROUBLE

What in the world is wrong with kids these days. More importantly what is wrong with school administrators?

In a Baltimore High School, art teacher Jolita Berry was beaten in an attack that was recorded on a cell phone camera and posted to the Internet. Berry says the attack began when she told a female student to sit down and behave. Now Berry is afraid to go back into the classroom for fear of reprisals.

Why should she be afraid? Simple. The kids are out of hand and lack any sort of respect and dicipline. How dare a student decide to attack and hit a teacher. It does not matter that most teachers today are unqualified and teach propaganda from the socialist left. The fact is that they are the authority in the classroom.

I for one am SICK AND TIRED of hearing these punks, both boys and girls talking about getting no respect. That they use this lame excuse as a means to act like heathens. Respect is earned not given. These little punks have not earned the level of respect that they think they deserve.

Berry is afraid to return to the classroom for two simple reasons. One she was suspended for defending herself, and secondly the student who attacked her did not get suspended for several days afterwards.

Now this speaks volumns against the system. The student should have been immediately suspended and charged with assualt. The teacher should have been the one that took a couple days to determine if a suspension was neccessary. With this attack being videoed by cell phone the evidance was right there to crack the whip on the student and EXPELL THEM.

Childrens advocates and all the other huggy touchy feely morons have turned the asylum over to the lunitics. By not immediately clamping down on these thugs they promote the culture of misbehaving and self deluded importance of these IMMATURE KIDS.

Another scary fact coming to light is this. Teacher's union president Marietta English said her office receives two or three complaints a day of assaults on teachers.

Three complaints per day? What is going on? Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon said the problem is getting out of hand and stern discipline is needed. State Schools Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick called for increased character education, community partnerships and parental responsibility.

Problem out of hand, character education? What nonense is this. How about some more realistic plans. Oh say like expulsions. Suspensions, detentions, criminal charges. Holding the students and their parents responsible for the actions.

If the punk of a student breaks something, then the responsible person like their parents should have to pay for the fixing or replacement of said item. If the student punk assaults someone then they should be charged appropriately.

Being held responsible for ones actions. WOW what a novel idea.

Thursday, April 10, 2008 

Mexico doesn't even want its citizens

Here is a telling report about the arrogance of the Mexican government to its own people.

Mexico Complains Of Too Many Repatriated Mexicans:

Judicial Watch Blog:

The U.S. border state leading the battle against illegal immigration with unprecedented tough laws has received complaints from Mexico’s government that too many Mexicans have been repatriated and the country is overwhelmed with demands for housing, jobs and schools.

Fed up with the devastating effect of illegal immigration, Arizona has enacted the nation’s toughest laws to curb the problem and evidently its working. State legislators have passed laws barring illegal immigrants from receiving government services, posting bail for serious crimes and winning punitive damages in lawsuits. This year a new law makes it illegal for businesses to hire undocumented workers and those that do can be shut down.

The state legislator who sponsored the work bill, Representative Russell Pearce, says the law’s undeniably positive effects include smaller class sizes, shorter emergency room waits and an overall huge savings to taxpayers. The Republican congressman drafted the bill because studies revealed that illegal immigration cost Arizona taxpayers over $2 billion annually, not including the toll of crime and destruction.

It turns out that enough illegal immigrants have either fled the U.S. or been deported that officials in the Mexican state of Sonora, which shares an extensive border with Arizona, have complained that too many of their fellow countrymen have returned. They miss the remittances sent from the U.S. as well as smaller class sizes in local schools.

Mexican government officials knew Arizona’s tough employment verification law would become their worst nightmare, which explains why they tried blocking it. Earlier this year a delegation of nine legislators from Sonora toured Tucson and held a news conference to say that their beloved state cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools resulting from illegal Mexican workers returning home.

One baffled Mexican legislator, Leticia Amparano Gamez, asked in Spanish “how can they pass a law like this?” She went on to explain that Mexico is not prepared for the “tremendous problems” it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and sending money to their families return to hometowns in Sonora without jobs. Another member of the Mexican delegation, Representative Florencio Diaz Armenta, asked “what do we do with the repatriated?”

Note how the Mexican officials complaign about the lack of money coming in from money wires. How they complaign about not being able to provide for THIER OWN CITIZENS.

Then the stupidest comment of the day by Representative Florenico Diaz Armenta. "what do we do with the repatriated?"

Gosh lets see. Your their elected official of THIER OWN COUNTRY. Why don't you work to provide a civil enviorment that provides jobs, a good living, and some sort of care for YOUR OWN COUNTRYMEN. How hard is this to understand.

Instead of leaching off the United States. Get a little inititive and take care of your own.

Mexico is rich in natural resources. Workers for one. A lush enviorment that is ripe for development. All we hear is how the Mexicans are hard working industrial people. Well then put them to work there. Making a better place to live in their own country. Stable buisnesses not drug trafficing.

Seeing how we are always told they wil do the jobs Americans won't. I bet some of those jobs are in the construction industry of mexico. Put al those repatriated construction workers to work building houseing thatmeets some sort of code. NAFTA provides a lopsided buisness deal for companies to export manufacturing to Mexico. So get them to do so.

These Mexican officials would rather complaign that the United States is unfair to Mexican citizens whenin fact it is they who will not take car eof their own people.


Colorado's right to work in Danger

The Rocky opinion page once again tries to spin the Colorado stance of a workers right to work versus union shops as bad for workers. Giving credence to the union ploy of closed shops are better for workers over all.

Unions are findin very favorable support from Govenor Bill Ritter and Sentor Ken Salazar. Both of which support unions, closed shops and sanctuary for illegal aliens.

How do illegals enter into this? Simple. The largest growing group of union memebers is that of ILLEGALS. Getting yet another foothold in this country.

Unions are no longer there to protect workers or their rights. What they have turned into is a buisness that is interested in making money, and being a political power house of control for a socialist agenda.

The unions, socialist, and progressive groups behind the anti-business proposals are claiming that the right-to-work measure is forceing their hand. Manny Gonzales of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 - which filed five ballot measures in late March - told the Rocky the union initiatives would simply "protect" workers who would otherwise "suffer under the right-to-work effort." What, suffer, how so. He gives no explinationother thenthey would suffer.

The amendment would outlaw all-union shops; employees at a unionized workplace could not be compelled to pay dues. But Colorado's Labor Peace Act has made what amounts to closed shops a rarity anyway among private employers. The law - unique to Colorado - requires a union to get approval twice before it establishes an all-union workplace. And to win that second election, the union must get the endorsement of at least half of all workers (not just union members) or 75 percent of votes cast, whichever is higher.

Ah ha, prevent the mandatory collection of union dues. Lack of forced collections to the coffers of the union. Yet what Many does not get into is that unions are wanting to have the law changed and force small buisness to accept unions.

What about public employees? Teachers in Colorado public schools that form a bargaining unit cannot compel membership. Yet if a teacher is non union the likely hood of getting tenure is nothing more then a dream. Ritter's executive order on "employee partnerships" forbids closed shops at state departments. But what it does is open the door real wide allowing unions a huge foothold in the shop and giving them a major say in how things will run.

To give Ritter any credit in preventing the loss of right to work is nonsense. What Ritter is doing is moving this state closer to a closed shop state leaving the little guy. A nonunion memebr out in the cold.

This is the first step in eliminateing right to work laws. Just look at the under the table, back room deals to bring the DNC to town by both Ritter and Hickenlooper. Leaving out the little man in favor of unions.

For years one of the key arguments of unions is that it makes it harder for buisness to fire employees. Therefore protecting the worker. This is the biggest spin on workers rights to ever come forth. What a union does is protect the nonproductive worker from being fired. By tieing the hands of the employers and giving a nonqualified employee a continuous paycheck while not doing anything to earn this money. Prime example is in teachers unions, and the tenure procedure. One can also look at any governement unions the same way. Lots of dead weight that cannot be removed, but has to be paid.

Who will pay the ultimate price on this. Why of coarse it is the consumer. As the consumer picks up the tab on every thing. Higher prices for less service and product.

Ritter, Hickenlooper, and Salazar are not for the average joe as they claim. Like most liberals. They are lineing their pockets and screwing the public over.


Obama and foriegn polocy

After doing several in depth researches online trying to find some sort of background on the senator. there just is none. The only real thing one can locate is a few quotes he fired off towards Hillary Clinton on experiance.

‘‘I spent four years living overseas when I was a child living in Southeast Asia,’’ said Obama, who was born in Hawaii and spent four years in Indonesia. Then back to Hawaii and the most prestigance private school in that state.

‘‘A lot of my knowledge about foreign affairs is not what I just studied in school. It’s actually having the knowledge of how ordinary people in these other countries live.’’

Obama contrasted that with tightly controlled congressional trips overseas.

‘‘You get picked up at the airport by a state convoy and a security detail. They drive you over to the ambassador’s house and you get lunch. Then you go take a tour of some factory or some school. Children do a native dance.’’

Obama said foreign policy decisions are rooted in an understanding of foreign cultures, and he argued he has a much keener perception than his rivals. But no credentials to justify his claim of perception. No where in his back ground does he prove he has had anything other then the limo pick up and special dinners himself.

‘‘It’s very hard for you to make good foreign policy decisions. Foreign policy is all about judgment,’’ said Obama. ‘‘It’s understanding what the world looks like from the outside.’’

If this is his claim to foriegn polocy then I am WAY MORE qualified then he. Spending 5 years in the orient and one in the middle east. I have a much better understanding of foriegn culutres and the way people live then Obama does. Visiting 43 other nations, only one of which is first world. I spent my time there as an adult, not in the protected enviorment of private religous schools either. But mingleing with the average citizen of the countries I visited.

Barack takes a swipe at Hillary and her state sponsered trips that like any elected official gets. The red carpet treatment and the p.r scene. Saying that the little culture that is provided shows nothing of the true state of the country visited. Of which I find puzzeling. He decrys a visit to the Ambasadors home not informative. Does this mean he agrees that Ambassadorships are nothing more then political paybacks to unqualified people. If an Ambassador does not know what is going on in the country he is representing the United State in then he has no purpose of being there.

Well I ask then in his adult life where has he gone that he was not given the Sean Penn treatment of red carpet? Just what does he really know about these countries that is not biased from his relatives and living there. Or for that matter is not biased from his religous upbringing he denies. Any one else recall the flap over his wearing of traditional costumes in Kenya? Does this not smack of the children danceing and not representing what is accuring there?

Obama lives in the liberal reality of faslehoods that thinks by sitting down and talking to those who will show two faces to this country he will get a fair discussion on international problems. This is like sitting down with the school yard bully, giving them your milk and cookies then expecting him not to hit you the next day and taking your milk and cookies.

A nice thought in a dream world but not practical.

Obama has no experiance in foriegn polocy. As a matter of fact he lacks experiance all the way around. Not even finishing out his first term as a Senator he expects to take control of the Country and set the tone for world polocy and reason.

Bottom line .... Barack is a joke.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008 

What Have I been Saying?

For close to a year now. I have been reiterateing the stance of Islam towards those who are not Muslim. That if a crime is commited against nonmuslims it is no crime as in the Islamic faith only crimes against another Muslim is a crime.

Well out of England off of Islam Watch. A web site dedicated to exposeing the radical beliefs of islamofacists. This report and interview comes out.

Imam Abdul Makin, a west hateing anti christian islamofacist, has said the following.

"Non-Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet," the Imam says. "If you don't believe me, here is the legal authority, the top Muslim lawyer of Britain."

Refering to the lawyer, Anjem Choudary. Choudary backs up the Imam's position, saying that all Muslims are innocent.

"You are innocent if you are a Muslim," Choudary tells the BBC. "Then you are innocent in the eyes of God. If you are not a Muslim, then you are guilty of not believing in God."

Choudary said he would not condemn a Muslim for any action.

"As a Muslim, I must support my Muslim brothers and sisters," Choudary said. "I must have hatred to everything that is not Muslim."

Thedrefore Allah could tell Muslims to kill and rape innocent non-Muslims, including their wives and daughters. Why, because it is not a crime and it is commited against non-muslims. It is ok to do so in the eyes of these facists.

So when you are listening to how this is a religion of peace. Think hard on what this socalled leader of this religion and his legal counsil have said. They support the murder, rape, theft from, or any crime commited in the name of a false prophet and of Allah. As long as the crime is commited against a non-kowtowing free person.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008 

More blogsphere confusion

No surprise here. Another attack on the blogsphere, more specific. Another attack on those from the "journelistic" sphere against those who actually report the news.

Jason Salzman of the Rocky Mountain news wants to point out that blogers are not journelist. Well duh, in most cases. The blogsphere is a way for the general public to get their opinions heard. Or for people to FIND AND DISCUSS TOPICS that they are interested in. Hence so many blogs on such a wide variety of blogs.

Not all blogs jump on politics. Many deal with hobbies. Just go to and look at the variety of blogs.

Jason Salzman would like all blogers to expose themselves and state their political views, their party affiliation, and personal information.

Salzman says in his op/ed:

"Most bloggers, like most people who write on paper, aren't journalists. So their work shouldn't be held to the same journalistic standards that Denver's daily newspapers should meet - standards such as basic fairness, accountability, independence and others, as articulated, for example, by the Society of Professional Journalists.

But whether bloggers think they are practicing journalism or not, their blogs should inform people about the information they're getting.

Who's behind the blog? What's the purpose? Does the blogger have a political bias? Is the blogger trying to practice journalism? If so, what are his or her standards?"

He makes several good points here but breaks his own moral standard. First thatmost journelist are not journelist. Next The Society of Professional Journelist is by far not a standard in reporting. The fact they do not state their own political bias and left leaning slant on things is just one observation. When they claim to show ethics and values but fail to follow through with reporting and chastiseing those on the left side of the isle.

The questions posed are good ones. Who is behind the blog, their leanings, are they trying to be a journelist or not.

Valid points. Questions that are always thrown out to and about certain blogs. Whos you ask. Well those who are actually reporting the news. Many Milbloggers are questioned. Micheal Yan for one. A man who has shown he is able to get and report the truth from the front lines in Iraq.Yet he is often discredited by the MSm because he shows what is really happening and not what a political ideology wants reported. Michelle Malkin, a woman who definately is right leaning but reports the facts and then a submation of her thoughts. This done on her blog. Yet she is an excellent journelist because she does her research. She is discredited as being Racist and biased. Why, because she digs to the bottom of the story and holds people accountable for their actions. Captians Quarters, was another very good journelistic blog. Breaking several key stories on the Canadian Government. There are others. These are the blogs that Salzman wants to bring into doubt. Why?

Answer is simple he is not a journelist. He is an opinion writer for the left. He never states his leanings, but any one who reads his column can see where he sits and tries to disguise his bias.

Many so called journelist and news outlets are mad that the blogsphere is getting more readership then they are. Newspaper circulation is way down and falling. The new media is now the internet. A fact reported by the MSM themselves.

The left is mad at FOX news because they offer better coverage then the left controled MSM, and on cable to boot. No longer is the public masses being propagandised by only one side of a story. People are smarter and seeking the other side of the story in order to make an educated decision and opinion on topics.

Jason Salman informs us he did some research. "In a random sample, I found that four of 10 left-leaning blogs in Colorado and seven of 10 conservative ones posted no information about who they are and what they're doing."

Well if you look at these blogs he looked into. Something he never follows up on. No where is there mention of any of these socalled blogs he looked at. What were the blogs Jason? The majority of the left blogs come across as journelistic endevors. While those on the right are more of opinion and discussion blogs. Just do a google of Colorado blogs and check them out for yourself. I have.

Why do they not print their personal information. Simple. The left is more violent then the right. Look at the eco terrorist. Those who would kill scientits who do research. The animal right nutjobs who firebomb families. The list goes on and on. Believe it or not I have even recieved some intersting e-mails. Why, because i am not in favor of an open boarder and I SUPORT THE MILITARY.

So where does this blog fall into the mix. Well if you have read this blog from the beginning you would know. I do not claim to be a journelist. This is my OPINION. Topics here are of interest to me and I comment on them. If there is any sense of journelistic credentials here it would be compared to an op/ed piece.

Most blogs and postings are, somewhere noted as to where information comes from. I link or give the address to where I found this information. Then I expound upon the topic from my point of view. As do many blogs. It is done so that others may see where the blog is getting this information.

Salzman goes on to show his openess on the public opinion to news stories. Refereing to a conversation he had with Tina Griego.

"Rocky Mountain News columnist Tina Griego, who's been the object of many an ugly comment online, has never posted a comment under her articles on the Rocky Web site, she told me. In fact, she's stopped reading them.

She told me her comment section was dominated week after week by the same people, who were mostly negative and "mostly bullies."

But the e-mails she gets from readers are "95 percent positive," and she responds to most of them, she said.

I told her that journalists, including news reporters, should try to respond to online comments under their articles.

I think this would elevate the debate there, add credibility to the forums and bring in more people, especially the shy and thoughtful variety.

Griego told me she could see my point."

Well Tina is not a journelist. She writes editorials in the Rocky. All of which show her racial bias. Then she complains that she gets hateful bulling e-mail from the readers. Gee thats tooooo bad. She is an editorialist. One that writes from a specific point of view. Not one who reports the news.

Reporting the news. This seems to be the basis of Jason Salzmans artical. Yet he to writes an op/ed piece. Not news. This is part of the problem with the media. They do not seem to undfderstand that reporting the news is not the same as an op/ed piece. However those socalled journelist want us to believe that their opinion is the news.

Blogs are a great resource for information. That is if you understand where the blog comes from. Sure there are many out there that try to pass themselves off as reporting the news. The Daily Kos for one. However for example. A great one that gives you an inside look into the radio and broadcast industry is The Radio Equalizer. Writen by an insider of the industry.

So here if Jason Salzman ever quotes this blog, here is another disclaimer. THIS BLOG IS MY OPINION AND MY VIEWS ON TOPICS.

If Salzman does not like it, tooooo bad. America is about different opinions coming together in order to achieve a common goal that is fair and balanced for all.

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