Thursday, February 22, 2007 

Cowards/Leftists invade the Military

For all those brave brethernb who have , are , and will wear the uniform of the United States of America's Military. The statements and position of the 1000 disgraceful cowards who think they have certain rights and obligations while under CONTRACT to the U.S. Government are wrong.

When one of thier own free will enlists or signs on the dotted line to join the military there are many things in thier life that changes. One being the fact that certain rights are null and void to an extent while in service.

Marine Sgt. Liam Madden says: "Just because we volunteered for the military doesn't mean we volunteered to put our lives in unnecessary harm and to carry out missions that are illogical and immoral."

I got news for you Sgt. It is your duty to go where and when they tell you. You WILL PACK YOUR GEAR and hit the road on a moments notice 24/7. You enjoy a monthly check, houseing, food, and ammenities. In return you are to jump when they say and ask how high on the way up.

Yes you have the right to question orders that may be unlawful, through your chain of command. However in the case of your deployment to IRAQ it is a lawful order. It was passed by congress and the senate. Your President sent marching orders and you will obey.

No one, let alone myself when I was sent in 90 to Desert Shield and Desert Storm wanted to go knowing full well there would be a chance of being killed. However I packed my gear and went. I had the welfare of my troops to look after. It was my job to go, KILL THE ENEMY, and do my best to bring my boys home ,safe and in one piece. Thank God I was able to do this.

They say they are not disloyal. They say they are not shirking their duty and that they do not oppose war. But over 1,000 active-duty and reserve members of the U.S. military are against the war in Iraq and have said so in an unusually public way -- by petitioning Congress last month. Several of them appear to explain their actions in a Lara Logan report to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday Feb. 25 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The fact the petitioned is one of those grey lines that is a right a member of the service has. However to speak out openly to a bias reporting crew like 60 minutes is not a right that a service member can enjoy. The repercussions of this is disharmony in a unit.

If you are in a situation that your life depends on the man next to you. Then you know that this person disagrees and is not in favor of the situation and shows sympathy towards the enemy. How can you depend upon him to watch your back.

In a firefight you lob a grenade in the window where there is enemy fire coming from. Then you find out that the enemy combnatant was a 17 year old jihadist or communist. As in all situations an afteraction report is filed, your comrade does not approve of th3e use of handgrenades and therfore tries to sell you out. Saying that there was no fire from this place. How would you feel knowing full well you saved this cowards life only to have him try and plunge a knife in your back.

It is every enlisted duty to question an UNLAWFULL ORDER, not to stand there and argue or discuss lawful and direct orders just because they (as a person) disagree with the political reasons behind the order. An example of an unlawfull order would be "I order you to take no prisoneers, to shoot all who wish to surrender". No that is an unlawfull order and needs to be questioned.

Just because you are ordered to go to a foriegn country and fight does not fall under unlawfull at all.

These pukes who enlist and enjoy the G.I. Bill, nice reenlistment bonuses and a steady paycheck, but refuse to uphold thier end of the CONTRACT THAT THEY SIGNED are a DISGRACE AND ARE COWARDS. They are people without honor or respect.

They are showing comfort to the enemy by speaking out publicly against their chain of command. This in any military is never acceptable.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 

Too much Time, TOOOO much MONEY

A break from ILEGALS, and politics lets look at peopole with too much time on thier hands and definately way to much money, oh yeah and common sense.

You have no children, but are looking to have something fill the void in your life. Most people go and get a pet. This is good. I love animals. I have one dog and one cat now. Growing up I had several of each. I loved the little beasts. My husky is my pal. He even loves to watch John Wayne movies (definately a plus in an animal).

However to go out and spend this type of money on an animal who drinks from the toilet when you are not looking, is just a little much.

A jogging stroller for your little human can set you back $200 or even more. Ditto for Fluffy's stroller.

You'll want to tote your little darling around in a front-pack carrier, of course. For Baby, it'll cost around $70. Fluffy's: around $25.

Baby's got to eat. Sippy cups and melamine baby dishes go for under $20. An ergonomically correct dog dish runs you $150.

Fifty dollars -- yikes! -- will buy you a designer baby sweater. But, hold on: Fluffy needs a sweater, too -- and it can set you back $50 to $125. Add in the dog sunglasses, sunscreen, low-carb pet food, mink dog collars and leather bomber jackets.

Hold on but what about his physical being? Well lets have him enrolled in "do-ga" (dog yoga).

Dog weddings start at $250 at The Yankee Dog Retreat, whose owner Jennifer Cermak is the author of "The Home Spa Book for Dogs: Nose to Tail Treatments to Soothe the Soul and Age-Proof Your Canine Companion."

Having your dog do yoga, getting married, even Psychologists for your pet. This is just tooooo much.

If your dog needs excersise, go run with him in the park. If he is cold, let them in from outside. Remember he is an animal and you are a human. A human is supposed to be smarter then the animal but I am beginning to have my doubts.


Arizona sellouts fear for lives

American politicians have sunk even further into the socialist fold. First the slowly alter and lower the standards in education. Then they support the rewriten history of those who do not like the facts. Now they fear for thier lives as well as the lives of their families. Why? Because they fail to do thier job and represent the interests of thier constituants.

"I never thought that I would fear for my safety or the safety of my family when I took a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives," said Rep. Bill Konopnicki, a Safford Republican.

"None of us should fear for our safety or of those we love," Konopnicki said during a floor speech. He paused several times during the speech to maintain his composure.

Konopnicki is the second Arizona legislator this year to publicly report receiving threats in connection with immigration and border issues.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, on Jan. 22 said she had received several sexually threatening e-mails in response to her bill that would make armed civil patrols an act of domestic terrorism.

So why are these two now afraid. It is as plain as the nose on your face. These two are main players in support of open boarders and the ILEGAL ALIEN invaders. Though they are looking at the same issue from different perspectives the result is the same for the legal citizens of Arizona and the rest of the nation.

More strain on an already over burdened welfare system and the loss of jobs that Americans WILL DO AND WANT.

Unfortunately some citizens feel the need to make threats upon these traitorous elected officials. The citezenry is fed up with the open, porous boarder and the lack of LAW ENFORCEMENT by thier state government.

Having the will of the populace ignored is bringing many elements together. From racists to those who simpley want the laws of this nation, the state of Arizona, and locally upheld and enforced.

What part of all this is so hard for the open boarder crowd to understand. Trying to rewrite immigration laws and place American Citizens on the back burner in order to appease a vocal, yet subversive minority is down right irresposible.

A revolution is needed and should take place. But it should not move the violant phase. A total recall and grassroots effort is needed now more then ever to rid government of these special interest sympathisers.

If these government officials fear so much for the safety of themselves and thier families, well then maybe. Just thinking out loud here. Maybe they should consider what is best for the state of Arizona and thier voting constituants.

I would venture to say that if they listened to the voters. CLosed the boarder and enforced the laws on the books we now have, then just maybe. Yes possibly the threats would go away.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 

McCain vs Rumsfeld

Sen. John Mc Cain has never liked Donald Rumsfeld. Since day one on the appointment of Rummy to the office as Sec., McCain never liked or agreed with the choice. However McCain does not show good judgment. McCain once favored the disgracful Gen. Clark.

If it were my absolute choice of Rumsfeld over Clark, hands down to Rummy. Remember Clark was relieved of command by Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton did not even like Clarks cut and run leadership in Bosnia. This should give a major insight as to McCains judgment or should I say lack there of.

Friday, February 16, 2007 

Surrender???? NEVER DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

It is now official. The United States government is full of cowards, traitors, leftist backstabbing, useless pieces of chickens^&* bastards.

Murtha is a disgrace to the United States Marine Corps. His vile act of betrayal and cowdice needs to be forever engraved in stone so that those brave men and women who have, are, and will serve this nation may tread upon his name for all time.

Right next to his name in bold letters needs to be a list of all the cowards in the 110th congress. These traitors and kowtowers to all that is evil in this world need to be held in digrace and accountable for the SELLING OUT of not only America and her fine men and women in the military but to all who hold freedom sacred.

It is time for another American revolution. It is time to take this country back from the internationalist who refuse to protect our boarders and favor foriegn law breakers over honest hard working citizens. It is time to stand tall and let those who sit on thier asses in Washington that we as a nation stand for this nation. That we as AMERICANS WILL NOT NOW, OR EVER BOW AT THE FEET OF OPPRESSION. THAT WE WILL NEVER BACK AWAY FROM WHAT IS RIGHT. DESPITE THE EFFORTS OF THOSE WHO HATE AMERICA FROM WITHIN WE AS AMERICANS WILL STAND TALL AND DEFEND NOT ONLY OUR NATION BUT FREEDOM FOR ALL THOSE WHO SEEK IT!


Thursday, February 15, 2007 

Calling the press

I have called all of the press outlets here tonight to make the following announcement. Do to the promiscuety of Miss Anna Nicole Smith. I have to stand in line here tonight and unequivically say that with the birth of her daughter. Read my lips please. I AM NOT THE FATHER OF THIS CHILD.

I wish the youngster all the best in what is sure to be a turbulent life. I just hope and pray that she does not get hanger ons like her mother had. Again I say that I am not the father of this child.



Withdrawl funds

It is time that all Americans start to stand up and shout ... "No more lawbreaking without consequences". The Bank of America along with Wells Fargo and Citibank , who are looking into issueing credit cards to more ILEGAL ALIENS. Have to be held accountable to the country in which they base thier buisnesses.

Why is it that we as American taxpaying citizens, need to worry about our credit rating and ability to pay back loans if we are going to be burdened by those that don't. It is a fact that many of these ilegals that come here run up God awful expenses that the American taxpayer has to pay back. For instance look at the increase in hospitols that are now closeing do to unpaid bills leading to bankrupcy.

These banks need to be exercised and hurt by the withdrawl of LEGAL citizens accounts and placed into reputable fiscal establishments. The American Citizen has got to let their voice now be heard not only in this dispicable action by big corporate institutes but in Washington as well.

Where is the funds for the wall along the boarder with Mexico? Why are our boarder patrol agents being treated as terrorists and thugs by our government for doing thier job?

Election time is only 20 months away and we are being railroaded by corruption within our own government. A government that seems to care more about the welfare of foriegn nationals then the hard working electorate that put them into office.

Now is the time to close your accounts with Bank of America, force them to either close their doors, move to another country or place American Legal Citizens first.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 

Presidential Ticket???

A very interesting crew of wannabe Presidential candidates this year. Wow, this year. Are they starting a little early or what. It is obviouse that this country has really swung to the left as you look at the socalled moderates in the race.

Moderates in reality but called conservatives by the MSM.

A very interseting combination comes to the front and needs to be looked at by the GOP. What would a Presidential ticket of Rommeny and Guilliani be like.

Mitt has proven he is a fiscal conservative as he turned a failling economy of Massaschutets around and made it profietable. He is pro American which is always preferable to the antiAmerican democratic congress and senate we now have.

Rudy has proven his leadership and managment skills above and beyond any who are declareing thier intent. The job he did with 911 was exactly what a leader needed to do ..... YOU LISTENING NEW ORLEANS. Rudy although liberal on social and domestic issues, is conservative on foriegn polocy.

This is what Ronald Reagon did for this country. Made you feel good to be an American. A sense of self pride, national pride. I think that the ticket of Romney and Guiliani can do the same.

Monday, February 12, 2007 

Hickenlooper Fails in Gang Enforcement

Denver's Mayor defends city's response to gang fighting, and he fails miserably.
Some state and city officials want Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper to lead a more public charge against the city's gang violence.

"All I said to the mayor was, 'I really think we need some visible, vocal leadership on the issue of gangs.' And as chief executive of the city, he needs to stand up and say, 'Enough is enough, not on my watch,"' said state Sen. Peter Groff, D-Denver. Groff said Saturday that he made the point during a Friday meeting of Denver and state officials.

Hickenlooper said the city has added 140 police officers and a youth- mentoring program, among other things. A mentoring program. Another progresive thinking failure. Lots of nonaction by the Denver administration. Instead of arresting and holding the young wannabe gang bangers responsible for thier damage to private property. Lets sit down and talk to the kids and say "Please stop this. It is a bad thing to do."

"If the perception out there in the community is that the city is not responding, then we need to find ways to tell them what we're doing, without provoking gang recruiting or other negative consequences," Hickenlooper said.

Without provoking? Is he suggesting he get the permission of these punks first before he goes after them? Who does he think he is, John Kerry fighting the war on terrorism?

Councilwoman Kathleen Mac Kenzie defended Hickenlooper's performance.
"I don't share the view that he's been unresponsive," MacKenzie said. "He has addressed all the public safety concerns the council has raised."

The problem is the council is not raiseing the right questions and asking those who are suffering not only finacially but emmotionally and mentally from the threats and actions of these punks.

Councilman Doug Linkhart said that after talking to experts, he thinks the city's gang problems have escalated. And you know what? He is RIGHT!

Linkhart, Hickenlooper and Councilman Rick Garcia said the city should find more resources for youth employment and after-school programs. Garcia said there is a correlation between diminished resources for youth programs and gang problems. However leaving out the age old fact that if you do not punish someone for doing harm to another or wronging a person on purpose, they are rewarding the behavior.

Then seeking new resources only means a new tax for a new failure in social programming. What needs to be done is arrest these punks. Lock them up for a little while and hold them FINACIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they do. If the youthful perp is unable to pay for the damage created then hold his or her family responsible. Do not force the community to pay a tax and clean up after these punks.

Then agsain maybe we here in Denver are learning a repeted lesson. Voting into office a progressive thinker only hurts the law abiding citizens pockets.


Minumum Wage = Unemployment

Well the figures are coming out now and we are findsing that not only are Americans being shut out of at work by ILEGALS but are now being laid off do to this increase in minum wages.

Economics 101 shows that capitolism is the best for an open economy, however the socialists we have in congress, and do not fool yourself there are very few fiscal conservatives in congress. Are trying to dictate how private buisnesses should and will operate.

We can go back thirty years to the Carter failed administration and his socialist adgenda. It was bad for America. Double digit unemployment, high interest rates, gas lines. People being laid off and crime rates on the rise. A direct parrell can be drawn from then to now and what is going on. President Ronald Reagon fortunately was elected and proved that by lowering taxes and deregulating buisness was good for the economy. We saw unemployment drop. More money put into the pockets of the tax payer. Small buisnesses grew and offorded more oppertunities for teenagers to enter the work force.

Now it is a repete of bad history. This socalled living wage (minum wage) is being perverted by the left and starting to slow the economy, while making more and more dependant on government handouts.

Read this artical at the following web address:

New wage boost puts squeeze on teenage workers across Arizona


Grammy Politics

Oh what a sham the grammies were last night. The Dixie Chicks who were shut out at the Country music awards for not having a country album, were given a grammy for country music. Now if the CMA does not recognise the album as being country how is it that the grammies do? Simple ... POLITICS.

Ever since Natile Manes opened her big mouth and refused t accept responsibility for what she said about President Bush. She has felt that there has been a conspirocy to keep her and her two friends down. How far from the truth. The truth is simple. The Dixie Chicks are very talented musicians, and I enjoyed listening to their music. When it was country music that is. This latest album is far from being country. It does demonstrate the range of talent they have in thier abilities. But this is not country.

When Jimmy Carter gets a Grammy for a fraudulant and racist book as being best spoken word. You have to come to the conclusion that the grammies are run by those on the far left and like to toot thier own horn. A patting on the back for thier obnoxiouse behavior and vocabulary. As Natile herself had said she has a big mouth.

The grammies this year by far do not reflect the true enjoyment of music but offer a political alternative in what the left think is good and what catagory it is. Again it has to be said if the Dixie Chicks were best in country music then why were they not nominated by the Country Music Association for any award. No it was not do to lack of talent but the fact they did not produce a country music album.

Sunday, February 11, 2007 

LockDown: National Geographic

This is an eye opener of a show. If you haven't seen it yet make tome on sunday evenings to view. It brings to reality, the fact these people behind bars are criminals and not trustworthy.

Tonights episode delt with Salinas and the racial problems between the mexicans and the whites. As anyone who has read the headlines of late you know that the prisons are overrun with mexicans. Most of which are ILEGALS and a vast community of gangbangers.

Long story short. Riots, stabbings and living conditions that are uncomfortable. Well uncomfortable for those who OBEY THE LAW. However for these people they still have it fairly nice. Seeing how they want to act and live like animals, and should therefore be treted as such.

A good program, National Geographics Lockdown. Watch it .

Friday, February 09, 2007 

Guardians Council

For 27 years we here in the United States have had to listen to the pratteling and rants of a bunch of camel jockies. A so called religious ordewr who claim to hold the best interests of the human race at heart.

However the rhetorisc and whinning by these ISLAMOFACISTS is getting louder and louder. More and more evidance is coming forth on a daily basis as to the underhanded and dirty tricks being played by the Iranian facists. Subversion, coehersion, and brainwashing of shiite and sunnis into conflict against their own religion and country. All in the name of Islam.

Now these towel wearing crietens are making bolder and more direct threats to America and the west. Or shall I say any who do not kowtow to Islam and believe in Judiasm, Christianity, and any other more peaceful and TOLERANT religion.

This Guardian Council is part of the higher echelon that supports, trains, and backs in every way Osamma and other leading terrorist thugs.

Thier latest threat is more interesting and alarming then the rest of thier chatter. As they get closer and closer to developing a nuclear weapon of thier own, and more then likely haveing purchased/stolen several from the former Soviet Union. Here they are hinting that America itself is within thier grubby little dirty unwashed hands.

The Guardians as theyn like to think and call themselves needs to be considered a terrorist organization and treated as such. Once Again I call upon the U.S. Government to let the military take the gloves off and deal with these punks as they should be delt with. On their level, with complete and total prejudice. No mery or quarter given to these sandbandits as they are unwilling to play by any civil rules or conduct from their part. Therefore they are not entitled to any.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

Illegals Laugh

Denver's channel 7 news asks the question ... Are Illegals Mocking Legal System?
Well thats an easy answer .... HELL YES!!!!!! From the gang bangers to those sponging off the system, stealing the "jobs Americans WILL AND WANT to do".

7NEWS Confronts Unlicensed, Uninsured Drivers

POSTED: 2:07 pm MST February 6, 2007

DENVER -- There's an untold number of drivers ignoring the laws and a legal system that's allowing it to happen.

David Leigh received physical injuries and financial liabilities when he was involved in a crash with an illegal immigrant.

"I was hit by an uninsured, unlicensed driver," he said. "The lady that was driving didn't speak any English."

Police reports show that the other driver had no insurance and no valid license.

"Really, the only three things she was able to say was, 'I'm sorry. I have no license. I have no insurance,'" Leigh said.

Leigh was left holding the medical bills, paying the car repair bills and wondering how many other drivers are out there who are in a similar situation.

Looking inside Denver's traffic court, 7NEWS learned that the answer is many and while many illegal immigrants are hard working and simply trying to support their families, the city of Denver and state of Colorado have no real systems in place to help in this scenario. Under the current systems, illegal immigrants have no simple way to get driver's licenses or insurance so they are left with a difficult choice and others are left with little recourse in the event of an accident.

"You are charged with driving without a license, driving without insurance. Charges are a three-point deduction. No valid driver's license," the magistrate explained to Jorge De La Cruz in court.

De La Cruz has offended three different times, and on the day that he was in court, he pleaded guilty.

Court records show De La Cruz was driving without a license and insurance in May 2004, driving without a license and insurance in February 2006 and driving without a license in October 2006.

Minutes after he pleaded guilty in court, he was once again behind the wheel.

When 7NEWS Investigator Tony Kovaleski confronted De La Cruz as he was about to drive away from the courthouse, De La Cruz admitted he doesn't have a license to drive in Colorado.

"I have the Mexican license," De La Cruz said.

Kovaleski: "You were just in the courtroom."

De La Cruz: "I was in the courtroom."

Kovaleski: "You told the judge that you don't have a license. And you're driving?"

De La Cruz nodded his head.

Kovaleski: "So the rules don't matter?"

De La Cruz: "No. Yeah, yeah! I need to -- "

And then he drove away without a license and without a license plate.

"You told the officer you'd lived here six years, so how do you plead to the charge of driving without a valid license?" the magistrate asked another defendant, Israel Gonzalez.

Gonzalez responded, "Guilty."

Gonzalez's record includes driving without a license twice in 2006. Minutes after he left the courtroom, 7NEWS found him in the driver's seat.

That was the same situation with Urbano Bustos. In court he pleaded guilty to driving without a license. It was his second conviction.

Bustos told the magistrate that he has driven for five years without a license and without insurance. A few minutes later, he is behind the wheel again and when asked about why he was driving when he didn't have a Colorado license, he shrugged.

"It's very disturbing," said Denver police Detective Nick Rogers. "They are not being held accountable."

"They are obviously ignoring the system," said Denver County Courts' presiding Judge Andy Armatas. "I think anybody who comes to court and drives away, regardless of where they are from, if you want to categorize it as mocking, I guess they are mocking."

Ernesto Franco was in court, admitting that he was driving without a license. It was his third time. And yet he, too, drove away from the courthouse.

"So when you drive off, you're going to break the law," Kovaleski said, confronting Franco.

"Probably, yes. Thank you, sir," Franco said.

"Somebody needs to take this as a serious problem and they need to deal with it," Rogers said.

So what is the solution?

Armatas said one option available for multiple offenders is jail time, but he said there is not enough room in Denver's jails.

Some states, like California, are examining options for immigrants to obtain driver's licenses and insurance, so everyone is protected. Colorado has no such system in place, as of now.

7NEWS asked Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper to review 7NEWS' investigation and address the issues. If you want changes, 7NEWS invites you to call or e-mail the mayor. His e-mail is You can reach him by calling 311.


note: the sent home comment refers to the fact Mayor Hickenlooper sent snow plow drivers home in december during a snow storm. hence the reason the Denver streets were covered in 6 inches of ice untill the recent weather melted it.


Articulate? an insult/stereotype?

Sticks and stones you morons. For crying out loud, enough already. Since when is the word articulate an insult or in any way a stereotyping of a person? Articulte describes ones ability of a venacular edicate. It is the ability to use a diverse and intellectual knowledge of a language.

For these so called racial experts to come on television and say that calling an african American articulate is insulting and degradeing is plain assine. It is a complement on a personal level to the one being spoken to or about. It is to the credit of a person and thier education when having someone call them articulate. It is a sign that the person is not of the street (meaning lazy in the useage of thier vocabulary).

To all those who claim it is not right to say this or that person is articulate I say GET A LIFE. Quit your bitching.

Monday, February 05, 2007 

The Democratic Future

John Edwards at least is being honest. He says taxes have to be raised to fund his liberal adgenda. As a matter of fact he does not want the average joe to put money in his pocket. Tax and spend, tax and spend, the call of the liberal.

In order to pay for his (Edwards) universal health care the repeal of taxes and the increase or placement of a new tax must be placed on the American worker. Well to answer this call I propose this to all those in favor of a Universal health care system. Instead of letting hospitols go bankrupt do to ILLEGAL ALIENS clogging up the system and not paying for the services. How about chargeing them on a pay first or pay something basis.

I am sure that in the boarder states where hospitols and other health care services are having to close thier doors do to lack of payment by those abuseing the systyem. This type of strategy may be a viable option.

At the cost of several billion dollars a year to give away free medical services to those who in no way whatso ever support the system. Charge them and let the hard working CITIZENS enjoy a little break in the bills for a change before you up the taxes again and again on us.


Arkin needs an A$%kicking

NBC reporter/commentator/ideolog prick, William Arkin who writes for the Washington Post as well is a far left idiot. What more can be said. Well alot can be said and alot more profanity as well.

This William Arkin makes me sick, on the verge of pukeing. This S.O.B. tries to still draw parrells of mercinaries and what they do to the American Military. Such a far stretch of not only the imagination but of reality. Is Arkin awear of the law in this country concerning mercianries. I suggest to Arkin he do a little fact fionding on this topic.

I also suggest to this wannabe player in the far left antiwar crowd he stay the hell away from me. As I just migfht put my mercinary boot so far up his backside he will have to see a dentist to remove it!!!

To those who call it freedom of speech is pushing the limit. I say then I should be allowed to yell fire in a movie theatre then. Isnt this free speech as well? Why should I be stiffled in yelling fire? Common sense and respectability is why. Sure you can say anything you want but as the Dixie Chicks learned, you have to take responsibility for what you say.

William Arkin needs to be held accountable for what he has said. It is slanderous. It is liable , and it is disgusting. For this prick to say what he has said and then depend ... YES DEPEND UPON THE MILITARY to defend his right to have diarheia of the mouth is remarkable.

I say treat Arkin like he wants the troops to be treated. For those who have the displeasure of running into this poor excuse of an American ... call him what he is. A WHORE, hired by the left for money to say and do things. He wants the soldiers to be spit on , well spit back.

He wants to lie about the truth, then if he wants to talk to you lie to him. Instead of saying you do not want to speak to him tell him you need "a buisness card first".

Do not give him and the left the time of day.


Predictable Super Bowl

All day long I have had to listen to the same stick. "Oh Payton Manning is the greatest."

This is the same thing that has been said for the last couple years and finally he got his superbowl win. I watched the game and to be totally honest, just what exactly has Payton Manning do to make himself so great?

Was his stats anywhere near record performance levals? NO. Did he really distinguse his leadership skills during this game? NO, unlike other MVP's in the past.

Yes the colts statistically ran circles around the Bears. Unfortunately the Bears forgot to bring thier offense to the game. However in the Bears defense I ask this question. How could there be no single holding call made against the colts offense all game?

Overall the game was far ffom outstanding, and it was truely predictable if you listen to all the hype from the start of the season. But com'on there is no way that Manning rates as high as he is given credit for. He just is not that good.

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