Thursday, April 29, 2010 

Congressional Hispanic Caucus

The Hispanic Congressional Caucus has shown it's racial anti American CITIZEN stance. Just what am I talking about? A bill proposed to give medical aid to the 9/11 workers who are suffering from medical problems developed from doing their jobs , saving and recovering lives and bodies. All this done right after the cowardly attack from the goat herders in the middle east known as Al Quieda. This bill would help provide medical and financial assistance to these hero's who need help. Well the Hispanic Caucus has said that they refuse to support and will try to hold this bill up unless. Now this is the kicker. Unless ILLEGAL ALIENS are given free medical as well.

Just what kind of crap is this. How many hospitals have had to close down because they already receive free medical. Houston has lost four or five, southern California has lost the same and there are many more. Is it not bad enough the Obamacare, a lie to begin with now covers ILLEGAL ALIENS. Read the fine print people.

This is outrageous! It is an insult to the American LEGAL CITIZENRY!!

Look I have a heart, but chariety begins at home and not south of the boarder. We MUST take care of our own before we take care of others. Would you place someone you do not know over a family member? This is what it amounts to. Giving stitches to the neighbor while your wife, son, daughter, mother or father lies bleeding to death and waiting for help.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 

Open Boarder hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!

We are once again seeing the hypocrisy of those who undermine and ignore American sovereignty. The radical misinformed and propagandised, not oppressed and ignorant movements that protest IMMIGRATION law. Rear their ugly heads and want to play the race card and the victim card in order to obtain special privileges above the rest of the American citizenry.

By spewing their false accusations and propaganda these people would like the world to believe that the United States is racist and full of bigots. Again nothing but false hoods in this. There is no other country in the world that takes care of people inside its boarders better or more compassionately then The United States of America.

Only in America can anyone walk into a hospital and get medical care. Only in America can foreigners get handouts without being citizens from the government. Handouts like food stamps, a welfare check to help get by, section 8 housing to live in. Having official papers printed in their language because they cannot or will not read English.

In no other civilization on the planet can you get arrested over a dozen times and still be allowed to roam free and get government assistance still. Lets face it you have it better in America if you are not a citizen. No taxes, under the table wages never declared, government handouts , free medical, free education, special programs for higher education affordability ( Colorado and California lead the way in this with tuition fees that are lower then in State residence).

So why is it when the American people, the citizens who foot the bill for this get fed up with those who are praying on society. Breaking into homes, kidnapping, murder, rapes, child molestation, the list goes on and on. When the people get fed up and start to express their frustration with this they are slandered and libeled as racist, bigots, fascist etc.

MeCHNa, La Raza, Reconquista, Atzlan, and many more Hispanic organizations come forth and decry the same old crap. Poor us , we are victims. Yet they fled a nation they supposedly did not like , yet their goal here is to recreate the nation the left. This includes the corruption of officials and support for the cartels. Yes support for the cartels other wise would they protest the arrest of thugs from MS - 13? Or would they be upset when child molesters are captured? No , yet they cry foul and discrimination when these degenerates are arrested for their crimes.

The claim that we have human rights and that boarders are anti human is a crock. Maybe they need to look first to the south and see what real violations of immigration rights and human rights acquire before they fake injustices here.

On Mexico's southern boarder "misplaced migrant workers" are met with the point of a gun from the Mexican Military. Stopping them and forcing them back. In Mexico there is no policy of citizenship by birth. So running across the boarder and dropping a child does not give you the right or even permission to stay in Mexico. Mexico has no policy of dry foot wet foot for the Cuban refuges that flee Cuba. They instead are rounded up and forced back to an oppressive government that will punish them for trying to leave.

Mexico does not have any programs to help out foreigners who want to live in their country. If you want to stay there you have to prove that you have medical insurance, an income, and place to live. Even then they may not grant to you a right to stay. Foreigners are subject to searches at any given time. This does not include the shake downs for bribe money from corrupt officials.

In fact as a foreigner in Mexico you are a second class citizen, without the same rights and protections as the average Mexican. So tell me what is the fuss all about?

American citizens are tired of being robbed , raped, having their children assaulted. Americans are tired of being unemployed. The lie that Americans will not do certain jobs is proven wrong . Just this week a raid was conducted and 300 illegal factory workers were detained and face deportation. With in hours all these jobs were filled with American citizens.

I suggest you read Mexican law and what they think of others in their country.

Ley General De Poblacion, the general law of the population.

Monday, April 26, 2010 

Phil Gordon denies immigration problem

Phil Gordon (D) Mayor of Phoenix denies that there is a problem with illegals. His claim is that enforcing the law against illegals is what is causing violence and crime in Arizona.

The new law , bill 1070 does nothing more then allow law enforcement to better do their jobs, without the hindrance of having to detain and wait for the feds to get off their backsides and do their job.

You know what. let me make it real simple. Seeing how the open boarders and reconquistas do not want to OBEY or RESPECT American law and way of life. Then get the HELL out of the UNITED STATES. Seeing how Mayor Gordon denies his town is ow the Kidnap capital of the world. Let his family become the targets and his bank accounts the answer for the problem.

THANK GOD FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010 

Capitulate and do not insult Muhammad

Muhammad was nothing moire then the first terrorist, a pedephile, and a thug. These are the facts of his life. Marring a 9 year old, killing or forcing submission to Islam, then charging a tax on those who capitulated to Isalm in the middle east. Again these are the facts.

Now we see on a daily basis the capitulation of Christian and Jewish beliefs to submit to Islamic oppression. Death threats to those who under western culture make fun of all religion and politics. Case in point, Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of south park.

Zachary Chesser, a convert to Islam, blogged basically death threats against the creators of South Park and those who produce the show. Yet when asked about it he dismissed it as predicting what could happen to those who make fun of the degenerate Muhammad.

Given a pass on his threats, comedy central caved in and refuses to air any mention of Muhammad. If this is not running scared from a blow hard bully like Zackary and his goat herding friends then there is no acting like scared chickens.

I have news for Zackery and his goat intercoarsing friends. I find you and your understanding of Islam to be a joke. The fact you follow the ideology of a creep like Muhammad and then twist anything in this religion to fit your oppressive demigod beliefs is amazing. Not only should you be ashamed of your selves, but any one who truly has any sense of a religious bone in their body in Islam would denounce your bulling tactics.

You and your punk ways do not scare me nor does your intimidation worry me. What upsets me is that others kowtow to you and your ways.

So if you do not like it here in the west and in America, LEAVE, GET OUT, DO NOT COME BACK. We did not invite you here to change our ways to please you. Christianity and Judism have been around a long time, and will be around a long time to come.


High Praise and about time: 1070 is LAW

Yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another blow against ILLEGAL ALIENS coming here and breaking our laws over and over again. Arizona Governor signs Bill 1070 into Law and does what the Obama administration and Janet "open boarder" Napolitano refuse to do. Bring security and safety to the American citizen.

According to the Sheriffs organization 17% of the illegals have criminal records in America already. Phoenix is the KIDNAP capital of the world! It is far past time that the law is enforced and tightened on those who flaunt their arrogance at America.

Unfortunately I hear that the open boarder crowd is getting ready to cry foul in 3....2.....1

Sunday, April 18, 2010 

How safe do you feel?

So honestly tell me.Just how safe do you feel now? With the knowledge that President Obama is eyeing military cuts in spending, personnel, and projects. There is nothing left in the budget to cut except our security in order to help balance his overall increase in welfare spending.

Our missile shield gone, reduction in nuclear arms and research. Now new tech from his now all but cancelled space program. Just how safe are you feeling in the knowledge that he has left our boarders still wide open to anyone who wants to come on in. Fact that the Mexican military is running security for the drug cartels, Phoenix has undeniable become the kidnapping capitol of the world. Do to the illegal (oops I mean the migrant criminals) who are slowly extending their grip of terror in this country.

How safe in your own home do you feel with the fact that Obama has turned the Telecommunications listening act inwards on Americans instead of out ward like the Bush Administration did on those who want to kill us. Instead American citizens are being spied upon if they do not agree with his political agenda?

How safe so you feel knowing that your opinion , if it is decent against socialist views is considered to be hateful and radical? That when the shoe was on the other foot it was proclaimed as patriotic by Hillary Clinton , yet now it is hate speech and undermines the government?

How safe do you feel knowing that our traditional allies are now alienated and feel distant. That our only ally in the middle east is being treated as thugs and international criminals when they defend themselves from terrorist attacks. that Israel is standing alone for liberty and freedom?

Do you feel safe in the knowledge that terrorist captured on the battle field are given Constitutional rights and treated better then our own military who is dying to protect us. That the men and women in the armed forces are held to strict regulations under the military code of justice while terrorist get a much more liberal and forgiving civilian legal system for their atrocities.

How safe do you feel knowing full well that Iran will have a nuclear bomb and supports those who wish to kill us. That the dictators in Latin and South America are making plans with Iran and are being supported by the United Nations and President Obama in their call to disarm, derogate, dismantle , and subjugate the United States of America?

I do not know about you but as long as the Constitution is still the law of the land and the Bill of Rights still holds. I will cling to the second amendment and sleep OK. That is until they try to take away my Constitution and the second of November.

Friday, April 16, 2010 

Obama is not radical

Maybe I have been one of those who have claimed that President Obama is radical in his methods and political belief. I have reexamined this at length. President Obama is not radical at all. In fact he is mainstream. A very clear mainstream in his actions. He is without a doubt mainstream MARXIST.

President Obama has embraced and been embraced by Marxists world wide. He has sat there and been chastised by Hugo Chavez, then given him a hug. Bowed on several occasions to China's leaders. He has gone out of his way to support racist leaders from Brazil, and Uruguay. Obama and his plans are mainstream Marxist. Straight out of Carl Marx's outline of a race society. The redistribution of wealth, all the while creating a Politburo (Czars) just like the old Soviet Union.

President Obama is not radical at all. This man is anti American and pro Marxist. This is all there is to it. So if you believe in sloth and conventing your neighbor then go ahead and support this man. I on the other hand do not believe in these philosophies. I believe in hard work and a sense of accomplishment. I believe in striving for a better future of my own. I do not look to others for a hand out, but I am willing to give a hand up to those in need.

These are ideas a Marxist hates. They would rather live a life of sloth on the hard work of others. Slavery is what they support. Indentured servitude to the state. Punishment for those who work hard to earn a living. This is Obama.

It is not a radical political belief, but an opposite belief that ignores human nature and plays upon human weakness.


Russian Adoption Flap

So what is up with this woman who sends her son back to Russia? I have no idea. Is it wrong? Yes, but then again the child was not the only one who was let down by the system. The adopted mother was a s well.

This being said I find it sickening and totally despicable that there is such a concern about Russia closing its doors to American adoptions. It is en Vogue for families to run off and adopt children from Russia, Africa, China and other parts of the world. WHY? There are thousands upon thousands of children here in the United States who are in need of loving families and a safe environment to grow up in. However the mad rush to keep up with the stars and other trend setters is to adopt foreign.

It is hypocritical and shows how a society falls apart. Charity starts at home not in the neighbors back yard. If a society cannot take care of its own then it cannot take care of anyone elses. This is what we have now. A mad, desperate rush to take care of others while ignoring our own.

It is unfortunate and wrong that here in America we have children being ignored in favor of children some where else. Children in America are deserving of love, families and a home too. This however just is not good enough for the wannabe crowd.

Every day , every hour we are undaunted with commercials about poor Maria who lives in squaller of the Philippines so give money. Where is the mention of little Bobby and Sarah who live here and do not get three meals a day or have proper clothing? None what so ever. This is a crime.

If you are looking into adoption or feel you need to donate money. Think about America first and the children here. If we do not have a stable society for our own , then how can we provide for others.

Monday, April 05, 2010 

Doors open, "com'on in"!

Well has President Obama gone over the line and put this country at a higher risk or has he simply full filled his promise to disarm this nation? That is the question that needs an answer too right now. Above health care, more important than the economy, it will affect jobs and whether or not we can sleep sound at night.

just what am I on to this time you ask. Simple, this new policy of refusing to use nuclear arms for any reason. Be it another cowardly attack by a rouge group or Islamofascists or a nation feeling its oats and wanting to take a swipe at the big kid on the block.


White House officials said the new strategy would include the option of reconsidering the use of nuclear retaliation against a biological attack, if the development of such weapons reached a level that made the United States vulnerable to a devastating strike.

It may not be a popular fact but it is still a fact. The threat of a nuclear retaliatory strike against those who want to kill us and destroy this country has prevented more then one can count acts of violence against this nation. Now President Obama would take that away and leave us open to those who do not fear normal conventional measures. This includes Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Russia, China, the Middle East and most of the members of the United Nations.

Friday, April 02, 2010 

Employment Number Spin

While the news and Washingtonians are spinning a growth in the economy and that the unemployment numbers are looking better, are spinning the good news from the truth. Lets look at a fact. This is an undeniable job fact that acures every year about this time. It is called seasonal workers.

Every spring, starting in late March going into April employment increases for 5 months. This is do to seasonal jobs. Seasonal jobs are those like landscaping help, outdoor weather related jobs. Working for the local parks district or lawn sprinkler companies. These jobs go away every fall around late September. Sometimes they may last into October and maybe into November if we have a warm fall.

This always scews the employment numbers. Giving good reviews in the spring and bad numbers just before elections. It is a factor that is said not to be included into the federal labor reports. This is a lie. As we look at the numbers released today it is obvious they are once again included.

If there was a real increase in employing and a creation of jobs then why are we holding a 9.7 unemployed number nation wide? As people are dropped from the rolls to no longer be counted as unemployed, and the government is hiring more we should see the unemployment numbers go down. Say to 7. Yet we are holding steady. This tells the average person that jobs are still being lost at an alarming rate.

The real numbers will come out this fall and the truth of unemployment will be seen. Those hired as census workers will be out of work again and so will seasonal laborers. This does not look good for Obama and the Democrats who are touting good news.


Thursday, April 01, 2010 

Spartacus not enough

As Michelle Malkin calls for American CEO's to come forth and bring charts, graphs, memo's etc to Rep. Waksman's witch hunt. It is not enough! CEO's and share holders should be demanding that Waxman make sure he himself in all of his pompous, self righteous, leftist better then the peons be there and wide awake.

Big business and small businesses need to march on Waxman and not only bring charts, graphs, all memo's concerning this fascist health care debacle, but bring copies of this health care law outlined in huge yellow markers showing this joke of a Representative that what they are doing in what is required by this law and announcing the profit losses that they are now going to have.

Small business owners need to march on Waxman and show him exactly how many will either have to close shop or lay off many in their small work forces. That this mandatory un Constitutional mandate is going to kill the economy and is going to kill the American entrepreneur.

It is far past time that the American get in the faces of these leftist and put the truth and the facts in play. For far to long we have listened to the lies by the left. As a matter of fact yesterday President Obama tried to convince this nation he plans to drill for oil. However if you had listened to his words and not his rhetoric you would know that this is yet another lie. he plans to explore for oil in areas we already know where the oil is. He and his peon Salazar, have closed off huge oil reserves from Alaska and the Dakotas from drilling.

We have to confront these liars with the truth of their destructive ways. We have to have real hope and come November begin real change. A change that brings real prosperity and not tryanny to our country.

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