Tuesday, November 25, 2008 

Mo Money, Mo Money , Mo Money

Here we go again. Another 100 billion dollars to help stimulate the economy, however who are they going to help. This new plan does nothing for those who are needing or who it is said needs the help.

By putting the conditions and restrictions on the new money for loans. The money and credit will only be available to those who do not need it. In other words only if you have a good credit score and money in the bank are you eligible for the money.

Common sense and watching what is happening, it is those who have good credit and money who are not spending. SO why make loans and credit available to those who already can get it? It makes no sense what so ever. Yet the liberals and those who voted for the liberals seem to think this is a good idea. It goes to show how ignorant they are.

The rich have the money an the credit scores. So the call for the rich to pay their share (something of which they already do to excess) Is counter to what they ran on to get elected and what they (liberals) initially voted for.

We are now close to 8 Trillion dollars in pledges and promises in bailout funds and loans from our liberal officials. The most of any nation in history. Is this the change promised us. A return to high inflation, high debt , and little to know incentive to improve ones self. There is no hope for the future generations. This new debt being developed and enacted brings only misery and despair.

We have sen how throwing money at a broken system, the educational system does not fix anything but only breeds contempt. So why are our elected liberal progressive thinkers not thinking. They are not doing anything new or different to solve this problem. All they are doing is throwing money at it in hopes it will go away.

Monday, November 24, 2008 

The Three Amigos

President Elect Obama certainly shows his disdain and lack of wanting to secure this country. His selection for appointment to KEY positions with in our government by the following subversives and anti law supporters of an open boarder demonstrates this.

1) Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Congressman, for Secretary of the Interior.

Grijalava has shown he supports an open boarder and lacks favor for the environment when he lead a group of supporters in their SUV's into a restricted environmental area in order to help ILLEGAL ALIENS cross over into this country in 2007. A member of the radical anti American group MeCHNA while in collage. Raul could care less about America. His only concern is from a racial point of view. Not on of we are a melting pot but one of what can this country give to ILLEGAL ALIENS ONLY.

2) Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano for Secretary of Homeland Security.

This is scary and a travesty to anyone who holds America as a sovereign Nation. Though her signature may be on several bills that on the surface look to be anti ILLEGAL ALIEN, she has gone out of her way to subvert and derail these bills. When faced with a second vote to pass such legislation in Arizona, to save face she signed legislation that would identify those who hire ILLEGALS .

In 2005 she was vocal and against the boarder fence. A stance she continues to maintain. No fence for the boarder. She would rather allow it to remain wide open and easily to cross over. Homeland Security, Not in her book.

3) Fortunately not going to happen. The appointment of New Mexico's governor Bill Richardson as Sec. of State.

This third Amigo in the three stooges is supported by foreign government officials who favor free movement across the boarder from Mexico for ILLEGAL MEXICANS yet demand passports from Americans traveling south. Chihuahua Governor Jose Reyes Baez Terrazas, Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz, Fernando Uriate Zaueta of the CCE business association in Ciudad Juarez. All of which backed his nomination because instead of looking to improve the economy of New Mexico Richardson has looked to promote and develop Mexico's economy at the expense of American Industry.

A much closer examination and vetting process of Obama's nominees and appointments must be done. The press is failing again to expose the anti American sentiment being installed into office.

Friday, November 21, 2008 

FOX doesn't listen

America doesn't listen to well and it seems that neither does FOX news. This morning FOX and FRIENDS leads with how congress stepped up to the plate and didn't hand out bailout money.

Hey FOX roll back the tape and pay attention will you. Congress did no such thing. First Nancy Pelosi took bankruptcy off the table. Wrong move number one. Fox fails to again restate the unions roll in the big three problems, wrong move number two.

Then it was time to go after a perk. The perk of the CEO's and private planes. Playing the woe is me card saying that they don't have private airplanes to fly in. Hey you all are not CEO's either now are you. Wrong move number three.

Now the kicker. This is the part where they can play back any of the elected officials who spoke yesterday and listen to what they said. Each and every one of them said that "we did not have the votes to move forward on this at this time."

Congress is going to give the big three their payoff money for throwing support to the democrats during the elections. That is the bottom line here. Make no mistake about this , money is headed to Detroit, and into the pockets of the unions.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 

America are you listening?

As the market dropped another 444.99 points today, almost 900 points in two days. America are you listening to what your Democrat leaders are saying?

In a "oh poor me" vain of condescending tune from Sen. Reid, Speaker of the House Pelosi, and other (for lack of anything better to call them) morons in our Legislature. Thank goodness the big three auto maker bailout was not passed.

America did you listen to what they said? Did you really hear what they were saying besides the platitudes and same ol yadda, yadda , blah , blah, blah. Each and every one of them confirmed that there will be money given to the big three in a bailout form. It just will not happen until after the new Legislature takes office. The key words spoken by all were as follows:

"At this time we do not have the vote to move forward on this plan."

You hear that America. Not enough votes at the moment. What does this tell you? It tells you that they will and are going to give a free ride to the union wrecked auto manufactures. Whether we like it, or whether it makes good fiscal sense, they are going to give them the money.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelooosa, has taken the only realistic and viable plan of the table. No bankruptcy option. This should tell you that the unions are going to get their political rewards for supporting the democratic party. More money to those who are sitting in the rubber room collecting any where from 80% to 1005 of their wages for doing NOTHING. Now our tax money is going to pay this.

So let us all panic and make a run on the market. A false, artificial recession and down turn in the market.


I still like the idea of investing in the automakers, because of what they are going to have to eventually do. That is make more gas efficient vehicles. Although I won't invest a penny as long as the UNIONS are running the show.

Saying this there are still good investments out there. Instead of panicking how about doing a little research and once again being a little more responsible with your own money.

I say we the people ( like that? ever hear it before? hint, hint, a certain document in Washington written by the founding fathers), take a little more responsibility and use our power and take charge. Pull your money out of companies that are being poorly ruin and invest smartly.

We have to wake up and LISTEN to those on power and what they are saying. What they are saying and doing is ruining our economy. They haven't the sense to pound sand in a rat hole.

When these officials get up in front of the cameras and spout their diatribe we have to listen to their words. This "we do not have the votes" is just one example of what is going on.

Obviously we did not listen on November 4Th. Just look at who was elected. But it isn't all doom and gloom. Listen and watch then use our power of "WE THE PEOPLE" and take back not only our economy but our way of life.

Friday, November 14, 2008 

Immigration still problem

As the anointed one prepares his new cabinet to take over in Washington. Immigration is still a major priority to many Americans. The fact that jobless rates are going up and with Obama's socialist views on taxes, jobs will become a more vital commodity then any time since the failed Carter administration.

If you listen to the subversives from south of the boarder and their very ANTI AMERICAN position this is what La Raza (the race) has to say about it.

"Losing Jobs to Illegals is Not a Concern of Americans. We are doing the jobs they refuse to do." according to speakers at a panel discussion conducted Thursday in Washington, D.C., by the National Council of La Raza.

These anti law, anti American, racist who are trying their best to ruin this country with hate speech and propaganda. Are doing their best to try and continue to influence our government into submission to their ill will.

As the jobless rate raises to 6% and predictions of 9% to 12% come out for the years 2009 and 2010. A major concern is the loss of jobs to those who BREAK THE LAW and are here ILLEGALLY. For such a cavalier attitude to exist only demonstrates the hate for, and the out of touch with reality these people have in grasping the truth.

As Fred Maxwell of Moultrie, Georgia, wrote in the Observer:


Rich Hispanic culture?

...This is not a benevolent culture of arts and crafts, spicy food, sombreros and guitar music. It is one of revenge, invasion and conquest, which include crime, drug running and an arrogant disregard for U.S. laws and sovereignty, not to mention parasitic consumption of our resources...

He expresses a growing attitude that can no longer be written off. An attitude that is concern for America and the loss of jobs, not to mention our culture.

As long as we maintain an open boarder and amnesty policy to those who would flaunt their law breaking. Racial tensions will rise with the attitudes portrayed by hate groups like La Raza.


Gay isn't very Gay anymore is it.

Gay is defined in the Webster Dictionary as: 1 a: happily excited b: keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits.

That is the first and the traditional meaning of the word. However this word has been hijacked by the homosexual community and now is commonly used to ref ere to these people.

So by using the traditional definition we can easily conclude that the Homosexual community is not GAY. Their very actions dispute this. First they protested and threw a fit in Colorado because they were not allowed a special minority status and allowed to be above most laws. Now in California they are not just upset but are rioting and having physical confrontations with those who do not agree with their, shall we be nice and call it lifestyle.

Video of one gay activist assaulting an old lady who was caring a cross is on you tube and broadcast on most nightly news. Then the trespassing and interruptions of church services, against the churches that supported proposition 8 in California. This is to include Mormon Churches in Utah.

Complete misdirected protesting because the chickens are afraid to confront the real reason their lifestyle was voted down. I am referring to the redefining of marriage. It was the Black and Hispanic vote that defeated their marriage standing. Yes Whites had a part in this but not as much as the fact that it was another minority that said no to them.

So what do these domestic terrorist now do. I use the term domestic terrorist to correctly identify their current tactics of intimidation and threats. They now have sent, although it has not officially been confirmed, letters with a white powder substance to several Church's.

Mormon temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City that were the sites of protests against the church's support of California's gay marriage ban, received letters containing a suspicious white powder Thursday. Coincidence, I think not.

More information on the letters and fortunately no injuries can be found here:


So with physical attacks, letters with white substances, and plain stupidity. It looks to me as if the Gays are not very Gay.

Thursday, November 13, 2008 

Can the Taxpayer afford the bailout?

As the stock market reflects consumer lack of confidence in the economy and especially in the government and the new incoming administration. Can we , the tax payer afford to bailout the economy with stimulus after stimulus package?

The automakers have collected over 25 billion in bailout funds, burned through it in two months, AIG uses the money for bonuses and executive getaways at exclusive locations. The housing market is in a slump, but I have expounded on the reasons to that before. So can the tax payer afford all the money literally being thrown at the problem. One would look at this and think that it is the sagging educational system. We keep throwing money at the problem and it will not go away.

Should we expect the government to fix this? Sec. Paulson has come out and changed the bailout plan now from what was initially approved. A purchase of BAD loans that should never have been made. The premise that it was a bailout of the mortgage industry as the cause for the economic problem. Then it moved to a more of we need to back the banks better. Take over their bad assets. More money out of the $700 billion thrown down the toilet.

American Express, sends out millions of adverts and applications daily trying to give away its worthless credit card in an attempt to sucker in more people into a credit debt. Now they get a preferred banking status and possible bailout funds. In other words in the case of American express we are responsible to pay our bills and refinance their bad decisions as well. A double dip into our pockets from a banking institute.

As responsible adults we have to balance our checkbooks and pay our bills. Yes many times we have unexpected bills that throw a huge monkey wrench into things. Yet we are expected and dragged into court by our creditors in order to pay our bills. Many of us make arrangements to pay off our debt. We balance our checkbooks and make decisions on what we can afford and what we cannot. We do with out and save in order to afford later on. Be It that big screen HDTV , boat, new car , or even that long over do vacation.

We are expected to do this and are responsible for doing this. Yet big business and banks cry foul and ask the government , US, to bail them out when they do not act fiscally responsible.

I do not know about you , but my wallet is getting extremely light. How much longer can we afford to bail these people out. Maybe it is time that we look at letting them fail and moving on with the economy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 

Let's change the plan

Down another 411 points today goes the DOW market. Why. Because Sec. Paulson has changed the plan and the rules on the scam bailout plan.

The original thinking was for the government to buy the bad mortgage loans on the Fannie, Freddie side of things and renegotiate the deals. However after examining the poor way that these loans were written and handing out the money to other poorly managed industries. The government is changing the plan.

I am sorry, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL< gasp HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I just have to laugh. This is so disgusting that I have no idea what to do other then laugh about it.

The consumer is loosing all faith and confidence in not only the market but in the government as well. Why should they invest when the companies are being bailed out for not producing and being poorly run. Then the TAX PAYER is being expected to pick up the bill while being held accountable for their own fiances.

This is so outlandish! Just who is running this show? The problem is there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY going on now. Washington D.C. is a beggars line with corporate executives standing around with their hands out .

The bailout money was handed out and the banks took advantage. Instead of using the money as intended on the handout for loans and credit purposes. The banks took the money and bought out other banks, made mergers and pocketed the funds. Thumbing their noses at the government and the taxpayer. Now we have more poorly run organizations getting special treatment. American Express is the prime example. A company that fewer and fewer places accept as a credit card in any form, now being treated special by Congress.

The automakers are running to Washington with their hands out expecting and looking like we will give them over $75 billion dollars. An astronomical amount of money that will not bail them out but only allow them to keep running to the end of the year. Why, because the unions will receive the vast majority of this money. Is it the tax payers fault and responsibility to subsidise the unions? HELL NO!!!!!

The auto makers made their beds long ago when they allowed the Unions to take over and dictate business to the companies. It is not our (the tax payer) responsibility to pay the Union , their medical, and retirement benefits.

It is no wonder that the market is going down and in trouble. Why should the tax payer invest his or her money when they are not sure how much money they will have because this never ending bailout which was supposed to be only $700,000,000,000.00 is being extended to three and possibly four times the original amount. People are hording their money. It is simple to see. Christmas will be a little gloomy this year.

Yes Mary there is a Santa Clause but he has been mugged by the liberals in Washington D.C.


Atheists launch new attack on Christians

Atheists, disguising themselves under the name and organization The American Humanist Association. Have launched a new attack on Christians and their faith. The claim that many atheists feel left out around the holidays and are oppressed by Christian beliefs at this time of year. Yet they leave out the fact that they also enjoy the time off, the sales, and all other events that happen around this time.

The American Humanist Association has started an add campaign in Washington D.C. "We are trying to reach our audience, and sometimes in order to reach an audience, everybody has to hear you," said Fred Edwords, spokesman for the humanist group. "Our reason for doing it during the holidays is there are an awful lot of agnostics, atheists and other types of non-theists who feel a little alone during the holidays because of its association with traditional religion."

The $40,000.00 campaign has lifted the lyrics from Santa Clause is coming to town and replaced it with lyrics that promote a faithless tune. Why they picked this tune is unknown as it is not a religious song.

The purpose isn't to argue that God doesn't exist or change minds about a deity, although "we are trying to plant a seed of rational thought and critical thinking and questioning in people's minds." said Edwords. To that end, the ads and posters will include a link to a Web site that will seek to connect and organize like-minded thinkers in the D.C. area.

Now if these "atheists" do not believe in God then that is their choice. To publicly announce and parade around at the Holidays is fine. It is their Constitutional right to do so. However to put restrictions and limitations on the 90% plus who do believe in God is wrong and an infringement on our Constitutional rights.


Vicente Fox,correct yet wrong

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, is correct in his assertion yet draws the wrong conclusion. Fox eludes correctly that the United States needs to look closely at the immigration issue and the problem on the boarder. Yet he concludes that we need to resurrect amnesty and a pro open boarder agenda. This is the wrong conclusion.

His conclusion with out a doubt shows his personal bias and lack of understanding the Untied States side of the issue. He thinks that President Elect Obama needs to be more sympathetic to the needs of the Mexican people and the Mexican government. This clearly is not an open mind to this issue.

Even the United Nations has a lack of bias in this issue. They also turn a blind eye and ignore how Mexico itself handles the problem of illegals entering their country yet want the U.S. boarder with Mexico declared a free zone and not patrolled, or as a National boarder enforced.

Mexico has one of the more harsher boarder enforcements in the world. A military that actually shoots those who would ILLEGALLY cross into their country yet expect us to greet people with open arms and wallets.

Facts are that besides the United States struggling financially with an over whelmed welfare system and handouts that favor those who are here illegally, Mexico is facing a crisis of its own. A crisis it has for 200 plus years never bothered to try and solve. That is to take care of its own citizenry.

Mexico has a corrupt and LAZY government that is only interested in lining the pockets of elected officials with more and more bribe money. A country that is rich in natural resources but refuses to develop them. A country that could be productive and move into a first world status in a matter of a few short years with some proper management.

Instead they look to the simple and corrupt answer. That is to say export its people to the north and expect someone else to take care of them.

Vicente Fox is running his mouth off, crying about the immigration problem and how the Mexican government cannot take care of its own people instead of looking inward at how to correct this problem and move forward. Like so many of the Mexican elected officials who have for years failed to solve their own problems want the United States to solve the problems.

The assertion of an immigration problem is correct yet the conclusion is wrong. Mexico cannot look to the United States to solve its problems. It needs to look at itself to do this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 

RNC chairman

The change is now under way. The conservative movement is beginning to look at who is a Conservative and who is a RINO. With the two leading candidates for the RNC being Michael Steele from Maryland and Newt Gingrich. Both of which are not about to give in to the left. It does look however that Michael Steele will be the one running with Newts support. This I feel is a good choice and the right direction. Not that Newt wouldn't be awesome but that he brings to much baggage. This would hinder the RNC from getting any sort of real coverage from the MSM on any issue presented. The press would instead go after Newts past.

As we have seen with out any hesitation this year the press refused to look at the issues from the Republicans but at stories and innuendos. This would be their focus under Newt. Now Micheal Steele will not get a free ride either. The press is already chomping at the bit to go after him on any and every thing that is personal and conspiratorial. however Michael does not carry the baggage of the Republican revolution of the nineties. Not that there is any thing bad there but the press seems to think that there is.

Micheal is a step in the right direction and with him at the helm, newt backing him up. A Palin / Jindal ticket possible in 2012 we have the making of a truer conservative party. Not one full of those who would try and take us further down the liberal road.

Friday, November 07, 2008 

Adult oriented adds

Could this be the beginning of the lefts attack on the right blog sphere? Michelle Malkins among several other right leaning blogs have been posting ads that seem to be adult oriented. Although I do not personally see them as being presently to obnoxious. I do see that there is a fine line being walked at the moment.

I have gone top several minor right leaning blogs in my travels today and noticed that their adverts seem to be a little more adult themed or left leaning. I do not advertise here as I do this blog as a release in my daily frustration to get my voice heard. Many others advertise as to help fiance themselves.

My friend the Avenger over on his new blog is advertising. I mentioned to him about his averts and told him that they seem to be leaning to the left with democrat this and democrat that. His response was " Money is green and not conservative or liberal. As long as there is no smut I do not worry."

A positive capitalist attitude there. The Avenger has a posting on his theory of why the ads on certain blogs are this way. I ask you the reader to go and read his theory.



Oprah .." I have been set free!"

So now Oprah thinks she has been set free and can speak her mind on politics. In what world has she been hiding in. For anyone to think that she has been neutral on any topic is to lie to ones self.

Oprah's show has and always will be a liberal bastion of propaganda and unfair, one sided, discussion of feel good not think first issues. For her to now claim she can openly support one candidate over another is such a smoke screen. Her bias and lack of being any where fair and having a Republican on her show during this past campaign shows how she was in her own way censoring opposing views. She never had and still does not intend to be fair and give an opposing view a fair shake on her show. Nor will she ever. Should she cave in to s fraction of her viewers and invite Gov. Sarah Palin to come on her show, i predict it will be short of ambush talk.

Never trust Oprah for she is just another liberal trying to hide behind a smoke screen of being moderate in belief.


Chris Mathews, delusional or plain ignorant?

Chris Mathews, a self proclaimed journelist has exposed himself for being ignorant of what a journelist is supposed to be. He claimed in an interview recently that his "job" as a journelist is to make the Obama Presidency go smoothly and be pro Obama in his coverage.

This is not what a journalist does. this is what a public relations person does. Mathews must have never read a definition of a journalist. If this is what he thinks his job is to be he is wrong. Well that is a fact we all know that he is wrong on many things. So should this statement surprise us? Yes it should. We look to the media to show some sort of neutral standing. However in the last two years we have been pounded with bias and one sided coverage on issues.

The so labeled fair coverage of events is nothing more then opening up then op/ed columns in the paper. This is what journalism has fallen to. There is no more reporting of news stories, but opinionated pieces of news related stories.

We should actually thank Chris Mathews for coming forth and exposing this lack of true journalistic integrity and misleading bias.


Political Payback, it begins

We new it would happen with a LIBERAL majority in the Senate and in the House. Witch hunts against conservatives and on those who would give opposing decent against the new socialist policies and agenda.

Sen. Harry Reid begins with the attacks. Only he begins with cleaning his own house. The elimination of any power or possible decent from Sen. Lieberman. It is Sen. Lieberman's Constitutional right to support and express his opinion on who he thinks would be a better candidate for President. Not to mention it is his responsibility in a Democratic Republic government to represent his constituents the best way he can.

Harry Reid wants to remove Sen. Liebermans senior positions on several committees. This is nothing more then political payback for not towing the party liberal line. Reid has had it in for Sen. Lieberman since Lieberman threw his support for the war. This was unacceptable by the liberals and they have looked for the opportunity ever since to punish Lieberman for this.

Although Sen. Lieberman votes the party line on domestic issues, he at least has had the good sense to be a hawk on national security issues.

Mark my words that this is only the beginning of the oppression and silencing of opposing views.

Thursday, November 06, 2008 

DOW drops again

Hmmm, does anyone else see a trend perhaps. Today the DOW dropped another 436 points. This with reports of more layoffs and downsizing to come out tomorrow. This means a higher unemployment rate.

Pelosi leaks plans of a possible fraud in her plan to take over YOUR 401 retirement plan. So how will we do tomorrow? I am thinking yet as predicted another drop in the DOW.

you still think that a redistribution of wealth was worth it? You (uniformed voters) voted for him and this. It can not be laid on the door step of the republicans . This mess was created by the likes of Barney Frank, Schummer, Ried, and Pelosi.

Who will suffer? The American will suffer and our children's grandchildren are going to still be paying for this mess.


To Soon, To Fast, wrong direction

President elect Obama has not even been sworn in yet and there are groups on the right calling for his impeachment already. Now this is just absurd and stupid. Claims of unconstitutional programs are sited as reasons for this. Obama has not implemented any of these policies as of yet.

The focus of these groups is wrong at the moment. Now after Obama takes office and implements his redistribution of wealth, then maybe they will be justified. However now there is not any proof of this.

If these groups want to start the rhetoric of anti Obama claims. Maybe they should start with demanding a fair background check into Obama's associations, a release of his real birth certificate, and a clarification of his policies.

Before they cry unfair and unconstitutional, an outline of what exactly he proposes needs to be seen. We have a very good indication that he is a socialist and has plans to lead from a position of feeling then of thinking. Yet he has not done so as yet because he has not been officially placed into office.

There are too many things about Barack Obama that need to be examined before a cry of impeachment is called for. All these groups are doing is to add cannon fodder to the left MSM in their attempt to categorise all of us on the right as nut jobs.


RINO's blame Palin

What a joke! Now that the election is over the RINO's are showing themselves big time, and they are doing it by trying to be secretive about their backstabbing.

After running a failed campaign these RINO's are trying to push the blame off on Gov. Sarah Palin for a lack luster, poorly run p.r. and strategy. There poor sports and poor strategist want to put the blame on the only shinning spot in the election for the Republicans.

Blaming Sarah Palin is like blaming the sun for providing light. Not only is it wrong but demonstrates their cavalier attitude and left leaning bias. Although Sen. John McCain is strong on national defense his polices domestically leaned left. Sarah Palin and her charisma and beliefs are definitely reflective of the Conservative ideas.

The ploy of portraying her as being ignorant, and difficult to deal with is not only misleading and wrong. It smacks of lies and deceit. What is going on here is a rush to the left and an attempt to try and gain favor with the left MSM, as well as possible employers from the left in the future.

One can look deeply at the campaign and come to the conclusion that these staffers from McCain were actually plants that were working for the Democratic party to sabotage the McCain/Palin ticket. Something that is definitely arguable as to what was happening. An inside movement to hamper and sabotage the Republican ticket.

Gov. Sarah Palin was and is a breath of fresh air to the Republican party in years. She needs to be accepted and brought to the front now as a leader and someone we can get behind and support. With her, Michael Steele, and Bobby Jindal the Republican party can bring back conservative values and ideas.

This myth of moderates leading the party as a winning plan has got to be exposed for the failure it is and the RINO's must be forced into the party they truly follow. The Democratic party can have them and keep them.

As to the little "leaked" rumors and spiteful stories need to be taken with a grain of salt. They need to be seen for what they are. Attempts by those on the left and those who failed trying to hinder the conservative movement and cover their backsides for their short comings.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 

Market Predictions follow up

Well it is only one day after the election. Guess what. The market closed over 480 points down. I believe it was actually 486 points , but either way it was a down trend.

I listened and read the pundits say it was still a follow through of the current crisis we are in. I do not believe that for a moment. Yes the market is going to fluctuate some but the trend will be down because of fears of the Obama money redistribution grab.

The Election and The Market, Prediction.

It is in the archieves, read it.


The smell of weakness

The smell of weakness is in the air. Our enemies can almost taste it now. The 2008 Presidential elections have put the scent of cowardice on the breeze. Make no mistake that this is what is being perceived and realised by those who have hated America and Freedom.

Russia is making the first move now as President Medvedev moves missiles to the boarder of the Baltic sea, and free nations.

Russia to deploy missiles near NATO border
Medvedev says move is response to U.S. plan for defense shield in Europe


This is in no way a protective strategic move on Medvedev's part. When he invaded Georgia it was not in defense but aggression. The world supported Barack Obama because they know he is weak. This is how the world looks upon us as a nation now. No longer with a backbone but full of appeasement.

Who is next in making their move upon the free world?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 

A new blog

I just wanted to welcome a new blogger. The Avenger. This guy seems to have a good sense of humor despite what happened tonight in the election. He sounds very positive that the left will not last long in office.

Check out his blog:



The Final Waltz has played

The final waltz has played, and the music softly fades away. The fat lady has sung her song and the light upon the hill flickers, about to go out.

Jack Murtha insults the base and calls them racist , bigots, and REDNECKS. Pelosi promises to correct the culture of corruption yet more corruption is entrenched in Washington under her. The lowest Congressional approval ratings in history, but the Dem's gain a larger majority.

Political correctness and equality (quotas) are promised by a Marxist. President elect Barack Obama. A man who we know nothing about. Why , because we were not allowed to ask about his past. Calls for an armed civilian security force, and a reduction in the military. Are the thugs we saw today in Philly. Members of the racist cult Black Panthers, a group that calls for the extermination of the white race by any means possible. Are they what will be the make up of this new civilian security force?

A call for higher taxes. Be patriotic and share your wealth. Even if the people you share with refuse to get off their fat butts and work. It is selfish not to give to them. Remember it is easier to continue to give a man a fish then to teach him to fish for himself. Socialism and dependency on the government to take care of you.

Standing up for your CHRISTIAN beliefs is hateful and oppressive. America is an imperialistic country despite the fact we have freed more people in history them any other country or combination of countries in history. America is bad and evil.

How dare you think that by using our natural resources. It is evil and killing the planet. Health care is a human right and not a responsibility. Soon it will be a human right to be supported and cared for by the few instead of ones self. Responsibility be damned! You are not responsible for your actions because there is someone with deeper pockets as you can blame for your lack of common sense and intelligence.

Several truisms are going to come from this election. One the world will test us and see for the first time the Untied States turn tail and run. Two, that for a few Americans, clinging to their religion and their guns will be all they have left.

The witch hunts will begin. There is no other way to describe what will happen under this leftist government YOU voted for. Conservatives are going to be prosecuted for thinking that being self sufficient and wanting to better themselves is a good thing. An end to opposing views as the Fairness in Broadcasting (censorship) will be jammed down our throats.

Truly a SAD, SAD, SAD day for America and the WORLD.




All the hands seem to be out, give me, give me, give me. It is not fair that others work to better themselves. I demand a cut of their success. This is what America has voted for.

Colorado seems to be right in the mix of it as well. Voting for INCOMPETENCE and INEXPERIENCE in leadership.

A return to higher inflation, higher taxes, higher unemployment. It is the FAILED Jimmy Carter Presidency all over again as democrats jump for joy.

This false belief that spread the wealth, a redistribution of wealth is going to ruin this country. this is what the third world has been trying for decades and failing at. Only in countries that reward honest hard work are improving their living standard and national ratings.

Joe Biden is correct there will be an international challenge to this country like never before. The question is from which direction will Obama back down from first. Will it be when North Korea attacks South Korea, will it be when Iran over runs Iraq and sets back their freedom and imposes sharia law? Or will the threat come from Russia and its allies in Latin America and South America who do not respect Obama and this nation, but see a weak leader who will kowtow to them because he loathes this country.

Remember all of you illegal war koolaid drinkers thought that Iran was illegal. What about Obama's plan to go into another sovereign country that has definitely not attacked us, Pakistan. Then he will send what few military forces we have there into Pakistan to go after Osama. What about that you hypocrites?

People voted for this man and his blind left followers. More attention should have been paid to what he said and not the feel good bad polices he has promoted as his platform. our energy bills will rise as he punishes falsely with the mythical Global Warming alarms the Energy industry, namely coal and natural gas.

Are you ready for higher gas prices? Well Do not believe Obama is going to pay for your gas. He can't. Admittedly by the voters we do not have the oil reserves. So how will he get you lower prices? He won't. The middle east is going to rake us over the coals literally on this and make us pay out the nose for it.

America has lost its way in the name of political correctness. In the lefts effort to create a solidified power stance and false picture of equality. The masses of this country have resorted to sitting on their backsides and expected others to take care of them. the lazy have made their voice heard and those who work are going to pay a heavy price for it.

The small business man cannot afford higher wages and a universal full coverage of health care. Yet this will be imposed upon them by the leftist in Washington D.C. Look for layoffs and with layoffs come higher unemployment. This means more government handouts at a time when the government does not have money. Also look to more outsourcing of larger businesses. there is no incentive to stay in America if we already pay high corporate taxes with even higher taxes on the way. It is cheaper and smarter to move somewhere else. This means again higher unemployment and more government handouts. More families finding no or much lower income having to pay higher prices everywhere. this leads to more applications for welfare, food stamps, subsides. Just where do these leftists think they will get money to pay for all of this? From you the tax payer. You believe the tax rates will stop at incomes of $120,00, that figure will change to combined household income increase those who will be forced to pay.


Colorado looks to the incompetent. With an already incompetent democratic controlled state Legislature and Governor. The support goes to Mark Udall. Mark Udall the only one more incompetent than this man would be if we brought back Pat Schroeder, or Gary Hart.

The biggest factor and events that prove we have achieved the third world status is the fact we have THUGS and RACIST intimidating voters at the polls. Black Panthers, an organization that makes the KKK seem pacifistic in their beliefs. Standing outside of polls armed with clubs. This is what happens in Bolivia, and in Venezuela. Rwanda and the Congo, not in America. Yet it happened today.

A look at the future. When a man calls for the reduction of the military and a disarmament of our national forces but calls for a well armed civilian security force just as well finaced, armed and trained as the military. This is a coup. A stage set for oppresion and civil conflict. A third world way of living.

Remember you voted for him. As Martha Stuart sais "SUCK IT UP!"

Monday, November 03, 2008 

The Election and The Market, Prediction.

Well I for fun am going to make my market predictions for Wednesday morning. Will it open up or will it open down. this is a good question.

The market trends so much on politics and policies. Look at what will happen to GM and Chrysler now that the current administration is refusing to bail them out with tax payer monies like they did for wall street. It should only be fair, seeing how the bail out has helped several banks buy out other banks and profit from tax payers generosity. GM and Chrysler are looking at possibly bankruptcy. Why, well bad products and over pricing is what comes to mind first off. Then comes poor management. A lack of reinvestment into the company and way over payed salaries from the line worker up to the top floor. However I still have faith in this company and what they can provide for the future in the way of transportation. Oh and NO I DO NOT DRIVE A CHEVY. I am a ford man.

As for the markets. I am looking at the proposed policies coming from both camps.What do I see. Well I see the smart move would be if Obama is elected to take your money and run. Run far and fast. Do this before Obama can redistribute your monies and nail you with out of this world taxes. Capitol gains, increase in payroll taxes, and reintroducing the death tax. All of which are to steal your money from you. Yes I did say steal. That is what will happen with Obama policies. A theft by the government and a redistribution of YOUR wealth.

Under a McCain win I think a move of some of your money would be wise and a good hedge to the financial crisis that Pelosi and other Democrats will continue to try and artificially create. A move to safer investments like certificates of deposit in credit unions, ones that insurance covers and not a dime more.

A lower yet upbeat tempo to the market with the knowledge of returns coming back to the investor instead of being siphoned off to those who are considered needy. In other words redistribution.

SO my predictions are as follows:

An Obama win, the market opens low and falls lower in a pullout of funds in order to preserve ones investment monies before new taxes cause a loss of invested funds. the market goes down under Obama. A low of around 6000 to possibly 4500 with the new taxes to come. A slow to backward moving economy. Higher interest rates, higher inflation, and much much higher unemployment rates and bankruptcies.

A McCain win, the market opens down 100 to 150 points but moves up. As people look at it as an opportunity to reinvest and make money for their future. A possible high again of 10,000 by March.

Sunday, November 02, 2008 


Jeff Schreiber, who writes the America's Right blog has finally gotten the questionable Sarah Onyango Obama, paternal grandmother of Barack Obama, and African Press tapes, along with sworn affidavits of those who questioned her about Baracks birth. The audio tapes (file) and copies of these affidavits can be read and heard at http://www.americasright.com/.

Now during the whole time that these tapes and the Phillip Berg civil case has been in the news. Jeff Schreiber has tried to maintain plausible tangibility of accusations of bias. He has reported and left judgement to those who read.

His recent denial shows a lack of understanding however when it comes to the third world and intimidation of those living there. Rightfully so he still questions the authenticity of said tapes and the legitimacy of Bergs grounds for filling his lawsuit. The recent posting of these affidavits and tapes only brings to the for front more questions as to the nature of "WHY OBAMA WILL NOT RELEASE HIS CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH. Which is now sealed by the state of Hawaii.

There are too many unanswered questions to the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship to leave unanswered now. The tapes only confirm that an answer needs to be found. Though they DO NOT IN THEM SELVES conclude any foreign birth, yet the do give pause to being born ion the United States of America.


Rise to Power

Barack Obama's rise to power reads as an almost duplicate rise to power of Adolf Hitler, with the only exception. That Adolf Hitler served only eight months of his five-year term for treason.

Economic upheaval generally breeds political upheaval, and today's political cycle bears this out. As a relative unknown from out of no where delivers emotional and scripted speeches to captivated his audience. Through word of mouth, donations pour into the party's coffers, and subsequent mass meetings attract hundreds eager to hear the young, forceful and hypnotic leader.

Early in his political career he penned an autobiographical book (although filled with glorified inaccuracies, self-serving half-truths and outright revisionism) which also detailed his views on the believed inherent racism of the Constitution. There were several targets of the vicious diatribes in the book, such as Republicans, Capitalist, and anti Socialist. The book went on to the best seller list before it was vetted and found to be inaccurate and possibly ghost written.

This candidate supports socialism and a change in our way of life. Definitions of his policies are described as socialistic. As a form of government, National Socialism is totalitarian in character aiming at the total control of all politics, economy, social relationships and thought, by a small group which claims to understand how to cope with all aspects of human existence.

It is scary how the previous three paragraphs describe both Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama. Words their critics, supporters, and historians both use almost verbatim.

The following extracts are taken from the Nazi Party Organization Book (1940), and when examined and compared to Obama's speeches and policies read very close to the same ideas.

Duties of the Party Comrade The National Socialist commandments:

The Führer is always right!
Barack Obama is always right.

Never go against discipline!
Never question Obama and his policies.

Don't waste your time in idle chatter or in self-satisfying criticism, but take hold and do your work!
Do not waste your time siting idly by, get in the faces of the Republicans. Do not question our methods and goals but go and achieve them.

Be proud but not arrogant! Let the program be your dogma. It demands of you the greatest devotion to the movement.
Be proud and loud. Let Obama's policies be your dogma. Demand of yourself blind devotion to Obama's,and the lefts cause.

You are a representative of the party; control your bearing and your manner accordingly!
You are a democrat, a socialist with false faces; control your actions and focus on our goal, and only our goal.

Let loyalty and unselfishness be your highest precepts!
Do not think of the truth, one must not be selfish and be giving to the whole versus themselves. Never question the party or the goal.

Do notPractice true comradeship and you will be a true socialist!
Do not practice true bipartianship, be true to liberals only and you will be a socialist.

Treat your racial comrades as you wish to be treated by them!
Do not question me other wise be labeled a racist, full of hate speech and bigotry.

Spirit is not unruliness!
Spirit is not unruliness, it is social and civil unrest in the pursuit of equality for the left.

That which promotes the movement, Germany, and your people, is right!
That which promotes our just cause in equality, of our people, is right.

If you act according to these commandments, you are a true soldier of your Führer.
If you follow blindly and fail to listen to what I say, we can seize power and reshape the world in our image.

The state is born out of the necessity of ordering the community of the Volk (folk) in accordance with certain laws. Its characteristic attribute is power over every branch of the community. The state has the right to demand of every racial comrade [Volksgenosse] that he live according to the law. Whoever violates the laws of the state will be punished. The state has officials to execute its laws and regulations. The constitution of the state is the basis for its legislation. The state embodies power! In the state men of different opinions and different outlook can live beside each other. The state cannot demand that all men be of the same opinion. It can, however, demand that all men observe its laws.

Obama would change the makeup of the Supreme court. A makeup of ideology that legislates feeling instead of interpreting the Constitution and its true meaning. By changing SCOTUS, he would essentially change the Constitution and the law of the land. We already see a bias and one sided following of the law now. Personal privacy is only afforded to those who follow liberal ideas. Joe the plumber and others who question this will be investigated illegally. If this happens to them and those who claim to be for free speech (the ACLU) will not protect them now. What chance of free speech stands for opposing views in the future under an Obama government? Though the state cannot prevent free thinking, it can and will prevent free living and the act of free speech.

In contrast to the state, the party is the community of men of like opinion. It is born out of the struggle for an ideology. In order to survive this struggle, it gathered together all men who were prepared to fight for this ideology. The ideology is the basis of the order in accordance with which men live within the party. While in the state laws are considered as pressure, obstacles, and difficulties by many citizens, the laws of the party are no burden but rather signify the will of the community. In the state the characteristic is the must; in the party the I will.

In contrast to the state, we shall form a party which shall be considered the community of same opinion. The new laws and ideology of the state of community, considered a burden shall only be a burden to those who oppose the parties ideas and progressive thought.

Therefore it does not suffice for the party to be an elite, a minority which is bound together in unity. The party has rather the task of accomplishing the political education and the political unification of the people. It accordingly is charged also with the leadership of its associated organizations. In the course of this leadership the party fulfills its primary task: the ideological conquest of the American way, and the creation of the "Organization of the People." The state is a technical instrument to assist in the creation of this community of the people. It is the instrument for the realization of the ideology. The party is, therefore, the primary which constantly redefines life and the will of the people.

Hitler consolidated his authority through the destruction of all other political parties, "coordination" of all aspects of German life, and the liquidation of dissent among Nazis and conservatives. This tactic can be said to being used by the Obama campaign right now.
A consolidation of the democratic party, moveon.org liberals, and radicals left over from the sixties who hold dear the socialistic agenda. The liquidation is in the form of censorship and the false accusations and then labeling of critics.

The censorship is in the form of denial of published quotes and refusal of interviews to explain positions on these quotes. The labeling as in selfish, unpatriotic , and bigotry for not supporting Obama's vision and plans. If a publication questions or vents an opposing view they are denied access to the Obama campaign, an example is the news organizations removed from the Obama plane.

The Nazis stepped up their harassment of their political opponents, and the March 5 election was held in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Polling 44 percent of the votes, the Nazis won 288 seats in the Reichstag. The same is happening with those who support candidates of the Republican party. Galaxa, where a campaign office was attacked with mace by two Obama supporters. Florida where automobiles are keyed and graffiti with KKK lettering. Election signs stolen by Obama supporters who disagree with free thinking of their neighbors. A clear pattern of intimidation for those who are on the political right.

A literal in your face campaign of attacks. The publishing of home address of Republican supporters in Seattle. Putting families in the bulls eye of extremist unhinged radicals from the left. A practice that would be condemned if done to a liberal.

The scariest and what should be plastered all over the news is the comments and idea of a National Civilian Security force. A force in which Obama proposes to be "just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2yGzHfy7s). This smacks of Hitlers brown shirts who later turned into the Gestapo.

Though the Constitution allows for a civilian security force. It is called a Militia. Easily found in the Second Amendment. However is not the government sponsor of a public Militia contrary to what the Founding Fathers conceived as a Militia?

Hamilton wrote in the Federalist papers: http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_29.html

It would be as absurd to doubt, that a right to pass all laws NECESSARY AND PROPER to execute its declared powers, would include that of requiring the assistance of the citizens to the officers who may be intrusted with the execution of those laws, as it would be to believe, that a right to enact laws necessary and proper for the imposition and collection of taxes would involve that of varying the rules of descent and of the alienation of landed property, or of abolishing the trial by jury in cases relating to it. It being therefore evident that the supposition of a want of power to require the aid of the POSSE COMITATUS is entirely destitute of color, it will follow, that the conclusion which has been drawn from it, in its application to the authority of the federal government over the militia, is as uncandid as it is illogical. What reason could there be to infer, that force was intended to be the sole instrument of authority, merely because there is a power to make use of it when necessary? What shall we think of the motives which could induce men of sense to reason in this manner? How shall we prevent a conflict between charity and judgment?

A conclusion of thought. The difference between what Obama considers charity and what is a redistribution of wealth, and judgment or ideological opposition.

The similarities of Hitlers rise to power and of Obama's are spine chilling. Not to mention that for the most part the same tactics have been used by Stalin, Lenin, PolPot, Mao Tse Tung, and Hugo Chavez.

Something more to think about when it comes to blindly believing in the Democratic Messiah.

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