Friday, January 28, 2011 

Disgraceful, Jim Moran a putz.

Jim Moran, (D) Va., is nothing more then a disgrace. Why? His recent interview with a foreign news agency is why. It is not that he gave time to this network, it is what he said that is disgraceful and disgusting. The people of Virginia need to not only recall this putz but never allow him to be in public office again.

In his interview not only did he call all of America racist, but he specifically called his own constituents racists. All because we do not agree with the socialist policies of the left. He is entitled to have this opinion , however the disgusting and disgraceful act was to voice this internationally. As an elected member of this country you should give time for some foreign interviews. Promote this country and our form of Democracy. Yet this does not mean that you stand there and degrade and insinuate falsehoods.

The old saying of keeping things in house has no meaning anymore to those on the left when it comes to their agenda. It is really disgraceful. One can talk to friends and family about family problems but you do not get on a soap box with a blow horn and announce it to the neighborhood.

I suppose these lies and twisting of the truth is all part of the lefts call for civility in the new p.c. game they want to play.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 

Obama isolated?

This has to be one of the biggest spins coming out of the propaganda wing of the White house ever. The claim by Valerie Jarret and others that President Obama has not been able to get out and talk to the average person.

This President has been on more talk shows, given over 250 interviews, made 901 speeches, and taken 46 vacations in just two years.

You break down the number of speeches and it is 1 1/2 a day, that's if you average it out and say he gave speeches on the golf course. This man has done nothing but campaign since the 2008 election. Actually since 2006, he never stopped campaigning.

Now this evening we are going to be given another rah rah speech instead of a report on things. The State of the Union speech is pretty self explanatory. It is a speech/report on how the Union (the nation) is doing. It is not, as it currently is. A campaigning and rah rah report. For good or bad it should say how the economy, foreign affairs, domestic policies have effected this country over the last 365 days. Hence the "State of the Union" speech.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 

2 years of nothing to go

With two more years to go before we can get a chance to elect real leadership in Washington. We are about to see the Senate go RINO. A call for bipartisanship seating has come forth from Mark Udall (D) Colorado, and RINO (I am going for payback) Murakowski of Alaska, for intermingled sitting during the State of the Union address. This is nothing more then a show for the propaganda wing 4Th State (commonly known as the press) to a make massive spin of a united Senate and Congress in support of a socialist President.

The democrats (progressives, socialist, Marxist, anti American jacka$%#@) in Washington want to try and pull more wool over the populaces eyes. By fogging the lines of applause for the President during his lie filled speech. Yes I said lied filled speech. He is going to tell us the economy is better when it is not. That he has created or saved (saved what the F%^& is that supposed to mean?) jobs.

Look it is simple. Congress is now controlled by moderates posing as conservatives. Only Time will prove them to be one thing or another. The Senate is still controlled by boot licking Obama brown nosers. The two are opposed theoretically on political principles. Those with common sense and those who are abscessed with power. In other words we are looking at getting nothing accomplished over the next two years in Washington.

Friday, January 14, 2011 

I owe what? How much?

New reports have come out claiming that the American tax payer now owes $45,000.00 to the national debt. I ask why? How the hell do I owe that much when I did not spend. I have no problem paying for what the Constitution and the Supreme Court has determined is my fair share. Things like National Defense, highways, reasonable wages for government and elected officials. However to say I owe money for massive spending that I never was asked about. To tell me I have to support higher education for non citizens over AMERICAN CITIZENS. I got news for you pally.

This is not only just absurd , but it is a shake down, blackmail, theft by a government gone crazy with fiscal negligence. This government also wants to prolong paying back the loans we make to it over the coarse of a year in what has been termed taxes. Yes I did say loans. This is exactly what any overpayment in taxes is. A loan to the government at no interest.

With a debt of over 14 TRILLION dollars, my share of their spend , spend , spend aproach to governing is now $45,000.00. If I have to budget my money to make it through the week then by GOD the Federal and State governments had best start doing so as well.

Monday, January 10, 2011 

Here we go AGAIN

Less then a week later after the tragic shooting by a LEFT WING nut in Arizona. The left and the anti Constitutional nut jobs are calling for a ban on those of us who purchase HANDGUNS LEGALLY.

SO when the left goes bonkers those that obey the law and believe in the CONSTITUTION have to be punished. More gun laws that they will never enforce, except against the law abiding citizen.

Protect those who abuse and break the law, yet punish those who obey. What a crock.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011 

More threats from the Government

A very disturbing fact has come to my attention. This new American Survey questionnaire, a supposedly census continuation, is being pushed to find out more on who we are. As I have stated before it asks questions that is none of their business.

Now people who have not returned this are getting phone calls from someone demanding that they fill it out. One of these people has discussed this with me. A phone call was received from someone with a heavy accent saying that it is the law to fill this out and that they could face fines and jail time if it was not returned. That a select number of people , 250,000 have been chosen to answer this questionnaire.

This smells fishy to me. One all that is required by the Constitution is a head count. No information about your income is required , or about mortgages, or the cars in your drive way and their use. Thes questions are smelly. If the quack and walk like an invasion of privacy then perhaps they are.

So if being a good American you already returned the original census, you fulfilled the requirement of the law. So is it double jeopardy of sorts, or is it just another intrusion into our lives?


A possible conspiracy?

Is this a conspiracy, or just another attempt by the left to run our lives? This comes from linking some future dots to what certain groups on the left want and our doing. Now we have pushed into law the removal of Edison light bulbs. Starting at the end of this month , 100 watt bulbs will no longer be available. Meaning you have to by the MERCURY filled (?) environmentally friendly curly fries ones.

Now it is fact that the EPA and other organizations have gotten outlawed certain products do to the level of MERCURY in them. So why is there no out cry as to these new light bulbs and the hazards that they produce? Several incidents have already occurred that required medical treatment and haz mat teams to conduct clean ups of these MERCURY filled light bulbs. In a Home Depot several boxes broke and fumes caused several people to seek emergency aid. Why because these bulbs pose a threat.

Now if by law we are required over the period of months to change Edison light bulbs to these new ones what happens when they break. Already there have been proposed that a green friendly inspector to come to homes and make sure we are using these bulbs. Will he be given certain authority to enter our homes without our permission?

The conspiracy theory of invading our lives comes here. An end run on the 4TH Amendment of the Bill of Rights, illegal searches and entry into our homes. Once inside will they snoop or out right search our homes as to what we have, and our doing there? All this under the guise of providing for our safety over a mandated hazard. Stating that we now must have a haz mat team dispose of these MERCURY filled bulbs and seeing that we have installed them in all of our lighting appliances.

Once inside the front door how do we prevent them from snooping. Not that we may doing anything. Yet the fact that they need to open cabinets, closets, look into all rooms for outlets that may have a nite light in them. A clear infraction of the 4TH amendment that is supposed to protect us from such things.

Now you say that they cannot do this. That we have rights. Well they do not seem to care with TSA at the airports now do they. Citizens are subject to humiliation while we under Janet Napolitano gives expedited passes for foreigners through security lines.

Something to think about now isn't it?

Monday, January 03, 2011 

Constitution 101

I think it is time for basic introduction to the Constitution of the United States. In this line of thinking let us examine the Constitution and just exactly what it says.

The Preamble:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

So what does this mean? Let's take a closer look.

"We the People", this is simple. We, us, I , you are the people. The Citizens of the United States of America, that is who "We the People" are.

"To form a more perfect Union", a union of what? A union is the coming together of several different or similar things. In this case the individual States, at the time the Thirteen Colonies. They joined together in a union to form a greater state. This being a Country.

"establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the Common Defense", to bring order and a sense of equality across the union in a fair, yet equal outline from a centralised federal government. This government is to protect the individual States equally by providing a military made up of the separate yet combined states.

"Promote the General Welfare", to see that no one singular state or person is lording over another in morals or in economic viability. To ensure that every one has the same chance to better them selves without favor to one over another.

"secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity", to protect and continue without hindrance the ability to stay free and protect it for future generations. Prosperity in this case would be the future generations.

"do Ordain and establish this Constitution", this is meaning to recognise an established document we know as the Constitution of the United States, as the legitimate document in which the powers, authority, and outline of operations is written.

This is the Preamble of the Constitution, not to be confused with the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

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