Thursday, August 18, 2011 

Beware the White Man? Anti terrorism warning

According to the department of homeland security, it is the average middle class American White Male who is the real threat to this country. According to Big Sis Napolitano it is the fact that white males go to gun shops and plot while purchasing weapons and talking about subverting the already perverted version of the Constitution that the current administration has.

However is the single white male really a threat? Responses by Big Sis include Waco (David Karesh white), Oklahoma City (white males), recent attacks in Europe done by labeled right wing extremists. Proof that only white males are a threat to security.

What is this administration coming to and just what the hell are they thinking?

This is nothing more then propaganda, a new attack on racial lines to divide this country even further, and simple lies being perpetrated by radicals in Washington.

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