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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

Naive Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is a dove trying to portray himself as a hawk. Though his opinions on most things appear to be conservative he misleads well. When it comes to the war on terrorism, like many of the so called conservative talkers. He fails to see the big picture. Allowing himself to be fooled by so called Islamic Moderates ( an oxymoron in itself) He condems the idea of bombing Mecca.
Ok maybe Mecca is not a good place to bomb. So tell me what is? The whole notion of terrorists useing a nuke here in America is very plausable. But does Hugh and other arm chair generals think that a nuke will not destroy historical locations, hospitals, and churches. Oh yeah thats right when we dropped the hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima it left the buddist temples alone. Yeah right. I have been to both Hiroshima and to Nagasaki. The "bomb" was not discriminate on what and who it destroyed. It cleaned house in a big way. Now that was a hydrogen bomb not nearly as powerful as tactical nukes are.
In a war, and this is a war we can not hold back our punches. This is not a fight being held to the Queen of Marqesburry rules. It is a winner take all, knock down drag out fight. The rules are clear, however the terrorist do not play by the geneva convention. They have altered the rules. In this type of game we need to adapt and play by their rules. Yes this sounds extreme and cruel. Let me remind you of the screams of the poor hostages who were beheaded and video taped. The last thing their families and friends remember of them is their screams of pain as their heads are severed from their bodies. How hostages are beaten and cruelly treated.
When Black Jack Persion was in charge of the military in the Philippeans he had an insurection to handle. How did he set the rebels back for close to 60 years? He adapted their behavior and gave them a taste of their own medicine. Yes I am talking about his execution of 49 out of 50 prisoners. Leaving the 50th alive to tell the other rebels what their fate was if they did not cool their actions down. Need I remind you once again of Vlad the Impailer. How the church sanctioned him to defend Christianity in eastern Europe? Impailing 100,000 muslims. Treating them as they treated Christians.
If the so called moderate Muslims realize that if they do not do something themselves about the radical Islamofacists they too are going to suffer. It takes a messages of extreme proportion to answer an extreme measure. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. This is what the radicals believe. So let them understand that a nuke which again is not discriminating in what it destroys, will beget a nuke.


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