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Sunday, August 14, 2005 

Society is falling

A very interesting read in the American Daily by columnist Dave Gibson. He makes some interesting observations. Al though I do not agree with a few of his points on the alcohlism and drug use. Especially when meth is the drug of choice and rampid in urban white nieghborhoods. Drug use is more a problem in white society I believe then in the minorites. More easily available perhaps in the inner city but more of a problem in white America.
The last few paragrphs are profound and follow:

We are constantly bombarded by the liberal news media claiming that 'diversity is our strength', and attempts by black racists such as Cornell West and Jesse Jackson to shame white Americans and equate violence with meaningful protest.

How do we respond? We allow the subversive ACLU and racist NAACP to dictate police policy. It is no longer lawful for police to use ethnicity as a part of 'criminal profiles.' This is most evident in our airports. Do you feel safer when you see a 90 year-old Jewish lady strip-searched?

As the Islamo-fascists try to destroy this nation, I feel they are wasting their time. If they had any sense of history, they would simply sit by and watch this country implode. Based on current trends--we will destroy ourselves.

http://www.americandaily.com/article/8715 ]

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