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Friday, August 12, 2005 

Another Sept 11?

Certain intel reports are out that hint at the possibility of another September 11th attack in the making.

Thu Aug 11 2005 22:15:46 ET

A group of FBI counterterrorism analysts warned this week of possible terrorist attacks in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago around Sept. 11, the NEW YORK TIMES is planning to report on Friday, but officials cautioned that they were skeptical about the seriousness of the threat.

The warning grew out of intelligence developed from an overseas source indicating that terrorists might seek to steal fuel tanker trucks in order to inflict "mass casualties" by staging an anniversary attack, officials said.

The information led FBI joint terrorism task forces in Los Angeles and Newark, N.J., to alert other government and law enforcement officials privately this week about the threat, law enforcement officials said. Several government officials in Washington who were briefed on the threat said it was described as credible and specific enough to warrant attention.

With such an open society as we enjoy here in America the plausable idea is a real threat. Once again the Citizens of America need to be vigilant as the aid to these middle eastern camel jockey's is rampant from illegal alien activists and left wing extremists. MS 13 gang support in the smuggeling of these Islamofacists into this country. The American Communist Liberation Unit (ACLU)seeking to legally protect the rights of terrorists under the Constitution. All I can say is if we do not get a handle on these wacko's the terrorists will have a free ride to attempt such a plan.

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