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Sunday, August 07, 2005 

Where are all the Good Women?

I find it funny that you always here where are all the good men. Yet the question is totally backwards. It should be where are all the good Women. You ask a woman what she wants and she will say a good man, looks are not that important. A man who is careing, sensitive, morally strong. Yet what they really seek is the opposite. Well in my misfortune of experiance.

I have found that women mean the opposite of what they say. When they tell you they are looking for a good/nice man I guarentee if you go out to a bar and see them they are crawling all over some creep who is abuseive. He genuinely is a typical player who will use and leave them. So why then do these women run right back for this type of man? Then go crying that they can not find a nice guy. I have had the misfortune of dating some real loosers of womanhood. Guess I hung out in the wrong circles. I was taught that you treat a woman with some repsect. Treat her like a lady. However I keep attracting woman who lie to me. They say one thing then whisper to their friends the opposite of what they ask or tell me. I conclude all women are liberals. Meaning they have no common sense.

I was recently contacted by a woman ( I will not say a lady as she turned out to be not that. Slut would be more in line but I shouldn't say that.) Any way she wanted to know how I was doing and what was going on. I told her I had moved on and was doing fine. Guess one should never tell the truth. Her reply was snotty and mean. I actually had to laugh at her, which Yes I know not nice. But she was hysterical. Because I moved on this was wrong. Because I was happy , I was wrong. This does not seem right at all. Should I have been miserable because she lied, and tried to use me. I don't think so. Matter of fact I think that this was a good reason to move on, don't you?

This brings me to yet another woman I used to know. the first time we met she said and I quote " I am not looking for anything other then a friend to pal around with." I took her for her word. I never made a pass at her or tried to kiss her even. Hey I am a gentleman. We palled around for close to 7 months, when I then found out she was telling people I was a stalker , and gay. Now because I didnt make a play at her and respected what she first said does this make me gay? I don't thiink so and niether do some women who, shall we say enjoyed my company. Maybe I am a little demanding when it comes to common courtesy. You call if you are running late, or return the call if things change. Knock on the door , do not let yourself in. You return e-mails ,snail mail, and pleasentries. Ok so I am a romantic, I do think that female friends, should get flowers on their b-days. Hell I still send the ex wife flowers on hers. Does this make me a stalker? It wasn't me who would call after midnight to see if I was in bed and alone. What my friends do by themselves or with their dates is their buisness. If I am not romanticly envolved it is non of my buisness.

I won't lie to my friends or lead them on. If I am interested I will say so. If not do not expect something that won't happen. I am choosy about who I am with.

I say this. I have charectrer. I am honest , fairly good looking. Athletic, working out four times a week, lifting, martial arts. I am a gentleman when I am out. I understand when and where to use what language. I enjoy fine wine, good shows, a good book in front of a roaring winter fire. I love to eat popcorn while cuddled on the couch watching a classic movie. I am a good listener, and have a very passionate rommantic side.

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