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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Democrate stands for

Well I have been rather silent and tried to mind my p's and q's over the last assine statments made from Democratic leaders. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

I said assine statments, hmmm thats a little light and probably to tactful a phrase to their apologetic, compromise at ouR cost, lets surrender and give up our pride, cut and run , chicken sh@%, two faced , back stabbing, French loving, terrorist supporting, welfare state loving, hypocritical, low life, holier then thou, wannabe leaders, who couldn't lead/find their way out of a wet paper bag that was laying on its side and with arrows pointing to the wide open end with cheerleaders waving them on.

Howard Dean has to be the biggest idiot in politics at the moment. Is he really this stupid or is there an award somewhere for lunacy he is trying to win. I bet as a child he was always picked on by other kids. Why, because he is an idiot and has no common sense, however more then likely he was the teachers pet as I can see him always brining an apple for him. Yeah Him .... THATS RIGHT, YOU GET WHAT I AM IMPLING. That $%@.

Ok I needed to vent a little over Dean's moronic, traitorious speech. Though John (you got to vote for me because I was in Viet Nam and lied about my service there and betrayed my military breathern) Kerry. You know why he says the stupid things he says here in the states? Its because he knows if he spoke to the military he would be booed and more then likely physically removed from the podeum. "Its a war we can not win." Gee Howard nothing like rooting for the home team eh? Whats next Howard are you going to apologise that we defeated Hitler too? Or hay Howard since you have such little faith in this nation winning a war why don't you sign up , get a taste of reality and be the leader you claim to be by leading the way in harms way protecting this feable military you think we have.

The denocratic socalled leaders are the biggest obstecale we have in the war on terror. The United States Military is the best trained, best equipt and the most motivated in the world when it comes to protecting their own .... meanin you and me the American people. This is a war we can win. It is a war we have to win. It is not just a war of a few radicals wanting polocy change in the middle east it is a war on our way of life. If we loose our children will never know freedom as you and I do. Nor will they have a choice in religion or politics. The term free speach will come to mean say what the government wants.

Military slanderers like Dean and Kerry do not give a rats pitute about you, your children or America. What they want is to sit in the White house and abuse the most powerful position in the world. They do not care about anything other then being called President.

What does democrate stand for? In todays world it stands for far left, self centered intellectually enlightened as@#*!&#.

It is not the party of Truman any more but the party of lunacy. We call on Muslims leaders to denounce the radicals in Islam. Well Democrates its time you DENOUNCED THE RADICALS LEADING YOUR PARTY TO AN END.


Man I couldn't have said that better. Great post....Great blog. You sir are a fine american. Being a former field medic with the Army/Guard I have that patrioit loving blood that flows through all our brothers in arms. I have to believe that general public has enough insight and common sense to see these people for what they are and send them a LOUD message in 2008.
I enjoyed this particular post that I linked to it in my blog. I hope you don't mind. My blog is typically light family adventure stories, but every now and then everyone needs to hear the unabridged truth as you so bluntly put it.
Keep it up.

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