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Friday, November 25, 2005 

Colorado University Sinks Lower

What a national disgrace. The regents at C.U. still can not find the nerve to fire the fraud known as Ward Churchill, but a small group of students now have embarrised the school nationally.

What a show of poor behavior and spoiled sports. It is sad enough that the team is playing for the Big 12 North championship and failed to show up for the game.A poor performance to say the least but for the students to act up like this is just undescribable. For fans to be throwing things down onto the field is wrong and to embaris a team that is being out played on national television is just inexcusable.

Nebraska who does not have a very good team this year has shown up and is putting a whipping on the Buffaloes. While the Buffs who are my team of choice in collage football just look awful.

Having had to work exceptionally hard this year against a biased local press who just goes giddy over Colorado State. Gary Barnett has had to run a looseing P.R. campign over several scandels. First from several women who claimed rape from football team members,while attending unsupervised out of bounds parties. Then the hireing of prostitutes for recruiting partries misused athletic funds. Now On national television, certain studentsa think it appropriet to act like deviants and throw objects onto the field and at the referees.

What a poor and sad display of the student body from Colorado.

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