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Thursday, September 28, 2006 

Gun reform NOW!!!

When will enough be enough. Yesterday some idiot goes into the Platte Canyon High School in Baliey and ends up murdering a young girl before chickening out and killing himself. Now today in Florida a madman shoots two deputies and a k-9 officer. This has got to stop.

As a passionate gun lover and shooter. I am licensed to carry and I DO CARRY!. I take pride in my shooting abilities and safty. So far I still have all my toes and fingures.

I am a firm believer in gun control. To me that means sight alignment and sight picture. Round on target. That is gun control!.

I look at what is going on around this nation and I am shocked. An Aurora Colorado police office is shot in his car. Murdered,why because the assailant didn't like the way he looked at him. This is creepy.

I suggest whole heartedly that it become mandatory for all CITIZENS (LEGAL CITIZENS) have to posses and carry a firearm. I propose that it become public policy that a citizen has the responsibility to take action when one of these crazed individuals pulls off one of these murders. I say that it is every citizens duty and responsibility to execute this trash on the spot. Pull out your .32, sig saur, your colt, or .45 and get rid of these worthless scum on the spot.

Yes there has to be gun reform now. Not taking away of ones right to protect themselves but put the criminal element on alert. Let them now that citizens are packing and ready to defend and stop them DEAD in thier tracks.

your an idiot. If everyone owned a gun, theft of firearms would go up. It would saturate the black market with new firearms for distribution to the criminal element.

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