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Friday, September 26, 2008 

Part 2 Lack of Leadership

What a major disappointment to hear that John McCain is leaving Washington to go and debate Obama this evening. With the economic problem facing this nation today he disappoints me big time.

It looks like he caved to the childish behavior and taunting of those who created this mess from the left side of the isle. Ignoring warnings and compounding the, for lack of a better term, FRAUDULENT loans.

As the left, excuse me. The Democrats play pointy fingers and try to play politics with the mess THEY CREATED. We have people like the deplorable Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, saying such childish things as " THE PRESIDENT MUST GET HIS REPUBLICAN HOUSE IN ORDER BY GETTING THE HOUSE REPUBLICANS IN LINE AND ASKING SENATOR McCAIN RESPECTFULLY TO LEAVE TOWN, BECAUSE WITHOUT REPUBLICAN COOPERATION WE CANNOT PASS THIS BILL. I YIELD THE FLOOR. "

Wow, whats the matter Chuckie? Is someone opposing your socialist bailout plan? Is there a chance a more reliable and sensible plan may be proposed and voted on. A plan that will not screw the taxpayer over.

These simpletons are the ones who made this mess and allowed it to progress to the level it is now. Are we to sit by and think that they will come up with any sort of plan that is in the favor of the tax payer and will solve this problems? HELL NO!!!!

This years election is so important on so many levels. One that it can help start to clean these imbeciles out of Washington and put them in the unemployment line. Two that we get some fiscal conservatives back in Washington that will have our interests at heart. Three that a significant message be delivered to the left that we are tired of them screwing us over and that socialism has failed every where in the world so why in the hell are they trying so fricken hard to turn this country to socialism.

A political revolution is needed. One that cleans the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer and other morons out of power.

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