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Saturday, July 30, 2005 

Mental and Physical Equality.

What makes a balanced person? Is balance achieved through academia? Does equality in a persons health mean being in good shape? Well the answer in my opinion is both yes and no.

To have a balance / equilibrim of life I feel one needs to have both. A love to keep learning and ever redefineing personal opinions and striveing to set and accomplish goals. If a goal is set one has to work to achieve it. To achieve it does not mean getting up and running every morning only. There in lies the problem I feel with most people not achieveing a sense of accomplishment within themelves on goals.

A goal is only a wish list. To actually surpass the goal one needs to listen, research and strive to shatter the bar. By listening I mean keeping an open mind to what others are saying and doing. Look listen to their points of veiw and experiances on things. Even though they may be totally off the mark. It may help one learn from their mistakes. To be balanced it is very important to know where one sits before they stand. I used to think certain people were incredibally knowledgable on certain topics untill I researched myself. I then found that I was totally bamboozelled by flash and glitter. That certain people were blowing smoke, a dazzeling color of smoke and mirrors , but no substance of the truth.

Physically if one is not feeling good , or basically is always depressed they are no fun to be around. Ending depression can be as easy as getting up and going outside in the sunshine for a walk. Lookig at the beauty of nature all around. Or it can take years of theropy. I think that goal setting and achievment is the better way of getting rid of depression myself. A lot cheaper then being on an uncomfortable couch in some shrinks office. The sense of achievment is euphoric in my mind. A self realization and satisfaction to knowing hey I did this.

By listening, researching and reevaluating topics/ opinions. Combinding this with certtain personal goals, confidence and self worth will be created and nutured. This leads to a balance and an Equality in Mental and Physical being.
Thats my opinion.

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