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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 


With the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the Hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima, it is outlandish that political correct apologists are working overtime to rewrite history still. That Truman was a murderer by dropping not one but two bombs on the innocent Japanese.

Well news to you revisionists, IT ENDED THE WAR MORONS! The facts are there to read for now. But you had better hurry as history books are leaving the truth of the war out. Claioms of the Japanese only attacked a military target (Pearl Harbor). Well the truth is they also attacked and slaughter 100,000 Chinese in Manchuria. Does the Name Nankin ring a bell. Does the murder of P.O.W., and slave labour ring any bells (Bataan death march and death camps).

We hear of the slaughter of Jews in Europe by the Germans but very little is ever told about the atrocities in the Pacific. Philippena's used as sex slaves, slave labor of prisoners in the orient. Fact that it was not untill 1988 when the world history society finnaly got Japan to admit and change its history books, that it was Japan who fired the first shot at the United States, ( although we did fire upon one of their attack submarines and a couple airplanes as they came in on Pearl Harbor first. A debatable point who fired the first shot at Pearl).

The matter of wether we should have or have not dropped the bomb is always going to be debated by peaceniks and antiAmerican nuts. What we should remember and for those who have been to Japan can see first hand. Is that if not for the bomb a much larger tradjedy would have acured. Japan had decentralized its industry and moved it into the populace centers of the country. Huge factories were now disassembled and seperated in nieghborhoods. The Japanese frame of mind was very nationalistic. Meaning that they would die without question for Emperor Hirohito. An invasion of Japanese mainland would have cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Millions when you count the allies and civilians who would be killed in this attempt. Okinawa turned out to be the bloddiest battle in the Pacific when you count the suicide cliffs and the propaganda that the Imperial Japanese imposed on the civilian population there.If the civilians were committed suicide instead of surrender there what would be the cost in Japan proper.

A plan to force the Emporer into surrendering was needed desperatly. Hence enter the Bomb. The bomb truely convinced the Emporer and his staff that the war should end. Without it, Japan would be destroyed over a period of time systematically and culturaly.

The actual decision of dropping the bomb in the long run saved lives. As was acknowledged by the Japanese themselves after the war. Even though bitter with looseing it was the Japanese and not the Allied occupational forces of MacArthur that removed power from the Emporer and dismantled the military.

Get to the history books now before the truth is politically censored by the apologists and politically correct/wrong crowd.

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