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Saturday, August 27, 2005 

Latino's don't get it

Congressman speaks out on illegals

Tancredo: Illegal immigration isn't race issue, it's about saving the U.S.

ST. GEORGE - Possible presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. - one of the leading voices in Congress on securing the nation's borders - spoke Thursday afternoon at the St. George Holiday Inn about problems caused by illegal immigration and possible solutions.

Although the packed convention center was filled mostly with white faces, a few members of the Hispanic community showed up to hear the controversial congressman. Among them was Arturo Del Toro, a first- generation immigrant from Mexico, herself a strong voice against illegal immigration.

Del Toro said he came to "answer the bogus question of racism," saying immigration is good when it is done legally. But not all Hispanics support illegal immigration, he said.

"I think there's a misrepresentation of Hispanics," Del Toro said. "Most Hispanics are law-abiding."

Among his first remarks, Tancredo also addressed the issue of alleged racism among those who are fighting against illegal immigration.

"It has nothing to do with race," he said. "It has everything to do with saving our country."

Tancredo said the "bizarre" philosophy of what he calls the "cult of multiculturalism" is hindering the progress against illegal immigration. He said the media is infected with this "cult" and his colleagues are petrified to talk strongly about illegal immigration because it is not politically correct.

He talked about legal immigrants coming to the United States but do not want to become "Americans," resulting in dual citizenships. Tancredo used an example of his grandmother who came to the United States from Italy to become an American, not an Italian-American.

He said there are more than 10 million U.S. citizens with dual citizenships in another country - something he disagrees with. He said many immigrants come into the United States for purely economic reasons, not to become true citizens.

"I don't like dual citizenship," he said. "If you can't figure out what country you belong to, I would rather have you go away and not come back until you want to be an American."

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Governor Tackles Latino Issues In Bay Area Visit

Governor Schwarzenegger stopped in Oakland Thursday to address the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He was there to talk business, but many in the group were thinking about what he's said in the past about immigration. Someone even suggested he owes Latinos an apology.

While Governor Schwarzenegger applauded the accomplishments of Latina businesswomen, he shied away from the touchy subject of immigration. His recent praise of minutemen patrols and support of a declaration of emergency at the border upset some Hispanic voters.

Bernadette Medrano, Santa Ana: "I would be very pleased to see the governor start out addressing the conference with an apology."

While one-third of Latinos supported him in the recall election, the governor did not apologize. His office says today's message in Oakland was tailored for business leaders. Some voters here say he missed an opportunity to gain support on his three initiatives from one of the fastest growing voting blocks in the state.

Steve Guerrero, San Jose: "No, not in this particular instance. I'm there for education, but on the other issues, I can't get behind."

Meanwhile, the state's most powerful Latino politician visited with Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, to ease anger that's been building since Schwarzenegger's border comments. Although he found himself having to explain his own call for a state of emergency, he assured Mexican leaders solutions will be fair.

(FULL STORY BY AND AT By Nannette Miranda http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=politics&id=3382455&ft=p)


Mexico encourages illegal immigration

Mexican government officials have made it clear for many years that, far from attempting to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, they encourage it actively. They do so for a very good reason - in their minds: Mexico's economy is a wreck, in comparison to that of the United States. The more Mexicans who come here illegally to make money and send it home, the less reaction Mexican officials have against bad government there.

All the while, of course, Mexican officials have claimed to share our concern about illegal immigration. But revelations this week demonstrate that any such professions of sympathy are cynical lies.

All along the border between our two countries, Mexico maintains a chain of hundreds of staging areas used by those attempting to sneak into the United States. Marked with blue flags, the areas range from stations where water is made available to more elaborate ones where buildings are used to stockpile supplies and water - and to rendezvous with those who smuggle Mexicans into this country for a price.

Mexican officials claim the stations are there for humanitarian purposes. But they can make no such claim about other aids to illegal emigrants.

The Mexican government has distributed more than a million copies of the 32-page "Guide for the Mexican Migrant," that includes tips on how to dodge U.S. border patrols. And, while the Minuteman project's volunteers were monitoring a section of the border from the United States, the Mexican government was shuttling would-be emigrants to other, less guarded areas. Clearly, the job of curbing illegal immigration is up to Americans - and us alone. Our efforts, then, must be redoubled if there is to be any chance of succcess.


Tancredo said the United States already is a country with a lot of diversity in other ways. He said those different backgrounds separate the citizens enough without having to worry about dual citizenship.

"We need at least one thing that holds us together," he said. "At least the ideal and idea of America should hold us together."

As Tancredo spoke more passionately as his speech progressed, his voice often rose to near-yelling level. But with every strong statement, he was greeted by a burst of applause from the audience and eventually a standing ovation from the crowd when he finished.

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