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Sunday, August 21, 2005 

Whats happened to America?

Do you remember as a child you could walk down the streets in your home town. There would be people sitting on the front stoop or poarch waving at you. The American flag would be hanging in front of thre out of four homes. Someone would be in the drive way washing their car. Spraying down their child, parent , loved one with a garden hose.
The block you lived on was diverse yet we all spoke English. You had the Wagoners from Germany, the Cooks from England, Browns ( who were a black family) and the Martinezes. You knew that if you needed help anyone would come running to your aid. Mr. Brown would help you father clean the leaves out of the gutter, as you dad helped the Martinez family fix their car engine. Mrs. Wagoner would always be baking some special treat of cookies for all the block. We were Americans and proud!

Now you go down that same block trhe Browns have moved away, the Wagoners have steel bars on the windows. Mr Martinez no longer lives here he passed away several years ago and his family moved, now the Rodriguezes don't speak english at all and gang members hang out in the front yard.
The Browns home now owned by the Jacksons sells crack from the side window as an armed man stands in the front doorway with the screen door hanging by one hinge. You don't dare to walk the stret you played on as a child or speak out about the drug dealers. Marie Rodriguez has sharp ears as she stands on the corner displaying her attributes. The Cooks tried to bring attentioon to the problem and they were found dead after the fire department had put out the flames. Not much was said about it except for the last paragraph in the paper hinting at foul play due to the fact the cooks were all in the same room and one seemed to may have been shot in the head.

So what is wrong with this. Many of the so called intellectual elite would have you believe times have changed. People change. Ok that is a good hypothosis but did they have to change for the worst?

What happened to the melting pot we learned about as children in school? Now it is about diversity. Celebrating other cultures instead of what these cultures have brout together to form one unique culture. The Culture known as American. Recall how the Sato's who ran the local garden shop was always entertaining the children your friends with his fanciful tales of the orient. The polite way Mrs. Sato always bowed after you purchased some flowers. (you always giggled at that and she would wink to you).

Every fourth of July all would be present flying the American flag, singing patriotic songs and celebrating being an American. Now you go to the county fair and you will see other countries flags flying, other languages being spoken, and the ACLU(the American Communist Liberation Unit)making sure that the American flag is not flown and that you dare not say anything about not being able to understand the insults spit at you from those who are not legal in this Country.

Now the streets are full of gangs and drugs. Prostitues from other countries bringing thier illnesses to this country. People are afraid to walk the streets during the day let alone the night.

What has happened to America?

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