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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 

The Rolling Stones

After all these years it is time for the Stones to hang it up. As with the trend with musicians to make political statements in thier concerts and songs. The new Stones song bashing President Bush is just a Bruce ( i used to be the boss) Springstien.

To come here from another country and then bash this country is bad enough. But to bash a President who is a leader and statesman is too much. Now I do not agree with many of the Bush policies. Matter of fact I did not viote for Bush the Man in both elections, I did vote for the administration he brought to this country. A diverse and talented group of people. Something that we missed for 12 years. Not since Ronald Reagon was in office did we enjoy qualifed personel in positions of authority.

A new song of the Stones "Neo Con" is just downright absurd and insulting. To call the PRESIDENT A HYPOCRITE IN HIS RELIGION WHILE SMOKING their weed and playing adulterer is what is hypocritical. To say one is not a patriot because they believe in national soveriegnty is bogus.

I have never been a huge Stone fan in the first place, feeling that Areosmith, Bad Company, and Deep Purple to be better contibuters to music in general.Now the Stones who once again are talking retirement. Well it is time for them to hang it up.

Thats my opinion, like it or not it is my opinion.

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