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Monday, August 29, 2005 

Should I be upset?

Wow amazing news ( sarcasticly said), yet another shooting in the world of rap. Suge Knight was shot in the leg while attending a party for the MTV awards. Does this actually denote worthyness of being news? I do not think so. Look at the culture rap music and Suge Knight lead and promote. A world of violance, hatred and bigotry. Racism abounds and sexism toward women. Should i shed a tear for a man who may be involved in the murder of Notoriouse B.I.G.? Or for the man who self admits to gang associastions. A parole violater and simple thug.

Once again the news reaches for stories in my opinion. The fact he was shot is news , but the fact of who it was should not be a surprise. Let me explain my opinion of rap music other then it sucks. Here is a form of music that has a chance to be something instead it turns into simple plain NOISE. The use of the same bass rythem over and over and over again . Then any origionality goes to the artists who have their music scratched on and stolen. I find very little origionality to rap. No talent in standing on stage with a mike and stringing along a verbal assult on the human ear with curse words and sexual inuendo's. Flagrent racial epitates and advocation of violance. That being said, should I be upset that Suge Knight was shot. Not in the least. Chances are with the crowd that hangs around and makes up mythical grievances in this so called musical word it was bound to happen sooner or later. I predict that one of these so called rap artists will some day actually knock him off.

This would be to bad in the big picture because there is a lot of talent out there in the so called rap world. The ability behind the scenes to produce is astonishing. Too bad their talents and efforts go to this base vile, and joke of music.

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